Marrying The CEO

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Chapter 5

The driver parked the car just outside of a small church. I was about to open the door but the driver beat me to it.

I was about to get out when a masculine hand appeared in front of me. Looking up, my eyes locked with Brenton’s, who was leaning down, his hand outstretched.

Precariously holding on to his hand, I got out of the car. As soon as I was steady, I removed my hand from Brenton’s.

“Thank you,” I said softly.

Brenton nodded, then turned towards the entrance of the church. “Come, my brother is waiting for you,” he stated.

“Wait, where is my brother?” I asked worriedly. Nico had been driven away in another car. Brenton told me that my brother would arrive at the church before me for God knows what reason.

“He is already inside, come we don’t want to be late,” Brenton told me.

Gathering some of the flowy material of my wedding gown—so I wouldn’t trip and fall—I began to slowly walk inside the church, ready to get married, with Brenton slowly walking beside me.

Brenton was Gideon’s and Kieran’s youngest brother. He was the one who had come to take me to church. Throughout the ride, Brenton hardly spoke to me; other than the usual one or two word answers, Brenton had remained fairly silent—a trait I believed, did not suit him.

As I reached the threshold of the church, Nico came bounding to me, beaming while looking adorable and handsome in his suit. Running my eyes over him, I prayed to God to let me see my brother grow up and look handsome in tuxedos and suits as he married the woman of his dreams.

Without a word, Nico offered me his arm. Smiling at him while preventing tears from escaping my eyes, I gently took hold of his arm.

Brenton squeezed Nico’s shoulder before walking ahead of us towards where Gideon, Kieran and Mr. Maslow stood next to the priest.

“Come on, Alice, I’m going to give you away,” Nico said to me, smiling. I had a feeling not many ten year olds got to say those words to their elder sisters.

With a quick nod, Nico and I slowly began walking to where Gideon stood, looking totally sexy in a suit, with Kieran and Brenton standing next to him, while Mr. Maslow stood on the other side of where my husband to be stood.

I had no flowers in my hands; no bridesmaids to walk ahead of me; no ring bearer or flower girl; just me and my brother.

In a couple of minutes, I was standing in front of Gideon, who stretched out his hand for me to take. Closing my eyes, I took Gideon’s hand, and was standing in front of him, while the priest stood in the middle of us.

“Shall we begin?” The priest asked Gideon, who nodded.

I closed my eyes as the white robed priest said the usual words. Talking about love and marriage being sacred and whatnot. Twice my conscious nagged at me to run away and not to get married to a total stranger, but feeling my brother’s presence next to me was what kept me in place.

The priest asked us if we would like to say the standard vows or whether we had our own. Gideon opted for the standard vows. Smart man.

Soon the time came for me to say “I do.” It would’ve been easier if I were saying the vows to the love of my life instead of to a random millionaire. However, I signed a contract, and it might sound crazy, but I believed I married Gideon as soon as I had signed my name on the piece of paper, this marriage in front of the priest was just a formality, Gideon and I had already signed an agreement.

After a bland “I do” from the both of us, then the exchanging of rings, the priest gave Gideon permission to kiss me. Gideon bent his head and softly kissed me. His kiss had butterflies fluttering in my belly, but those butterflies died the moment his lips left mine, which was after a few seconds. Gideon’s kiss held no emotion, yet it awoke butterflies in my stomach that I didn’t even know existed.

The only person who hooted was Kieran; the others merely congratulated Gideon and I. After the congratulating part was over, Gideon led me out of the church—which proved to be slightly difficult for me as my puffy gown was became a pain in the arse. The man did not even help carry the puffy, flowy material, some gentleman he was!

There stood a sleek, silver Aston Martin, just as we stepped out of the church. The driver’s door opened, and a uniformed chauffeur stepped out. Tipping his chauffeur cap in Gideon’s direction, the chauffeur opened the back door.

“After you,” Gideon said to me.

Nodding, I slid inside the sleek car, Gideon following soon after me. Just as the door closed with a soft—almost inaudible—thud, my heart sank.

“Where is Nico?”

“You do know we are married right?” Gideon asked. I sensed he meant it as rhetorical question, but I was confused why he even asked that.

“What?” I was really dumb.

“We are married now, which means I’m your first priority now, not your brother or anyone else, me, get that through your head, little fairy,” Gideon responded bluntly.

“ brother.” I really needed to know where he was. If Gideon would just tell me where he was I would relax. I knew we were married, but I just can’t not worry about my brother—who had known me far longer than Gideon did.

Gideon sighed irritably. “He is in the other car with my dad and brothers,” he answered briskly.

“Thank you,” I muttered softly.

“You need to set your priorities straight, Alice, I hope you understand what I’m trying to say,” Gideon told me.

Nodding my head, I turned away from Gideon to look out of the window, watching as the trees and buildings blurred away as we moved forward.

I understood exactly what Gideon was trying to say. He wanted me to make him my first priority, something that was easier said than done. Maybe, with time, Gideon would become my first priority; but I doubted it since we were going to be married for only a year then we would go our separate ways. Maybe, after Nico’s surgery, I might be able to make Gideon my first priority. But I would not tell him that, I had to try my best to let Gideon know that he was my first priority. This marriage might be fake or arranged, but I made a vow in front of God to love and cherish Gideon, and stay with him through the good and bad times. And I might not be able to love him, but I would cherish him and take care of him and would stand next to him through good and bad times.

All too soon the car stopped. I blinked my eyes to come back to Earth. Turning my head to look at the front, my eyes widened when I saw a stone castle. It was gigantic and was built similar to the medieval castles in the previous centuries.

“You live here?” I asked Gideon, appalled at the giant structure.

“We are going to live here,” he replied, getting out of the car.

Live here?! In this gigantic castle?! Was he for real?! He was going to make me live here like a princess?! Whoa, talk about Cinderella coming to life!

Still staring at the lofty castle, I shuffled out of the car. Once my feet were firmly planted on the ground, I bunched up the poofy material of my gown and begun walking with Gideon towards the castle that was going to be my new home—for a year.

“Nico is going to live with us, right?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking.

“Yes, but he will come here after two weeks,” Gideon answered, making me stop dead in my tracks.

“What? Why?” I asked, nearly shouting, jogging to catch up to him.

“Because we are going to get to know each other in two weeks; plus I need to make sure you stay quiet while we have sex, don’t want to scar the poor fella at such a young age,” Gideon muttered.

“What do you mean, are the walls not sound proof?” I enquired.

“They are, but girls just can’t keep their lungs in check when I have sex with them, it’s like somebody inserted a loud speaker or a blow horn in the place of their voice box, their screams shake the walls up,” he replied.

“Wow, rich and cocky, a terrible combination,” I told him.

“I’m just stating facts.” Gideon continued walking. The castle was pretty far away from where the car stopped; I only realized it when I had to walk all the way to it.

“So you don’t like screamers?” I questioned, surprised at the ridiculous conversation we were having.

“I have no issue with screamers, but I prefer whimpers and erotic breathers,” he responded as if telling his sexual preferences was an everyday conversation.

“Can I ask you a question?” I asked.

“After asking so many, now you’re asking for permission?” This man had an uncanny ability from shifting from being nice to being a total tosser.

“Why do you want your wife to be a virgin?” I asked anyway.

“Because a virgin has a higher chance of becoming pregnant then a woman who is not a virgin,” he answered.

“That’s not true,” I argued.

“Maybe not, but I believe so,” he stated.

“A woman who is not a virgin has an equal chance of becoming pregnant.” I was not going to let this go.

“I do not agree with you. Yes, a woman who is not a virgin would have a chance of becoming pregnant, but a virgin has a higher chance,” he responded.

“Does not,” I countered.

“How about we agree to disagree?” Gideon stopped in front of a huge wooden door, that had a metal knocker in the shape of a lion.

Taking hold of the knocker, Gideon slammed the knocker against the door a couple of times. Before I could turn my head to appreciate the beauty surrounding me, the door opened. Gideon strolled inside, leaving me standing, gaping like an idiot.

Sensing that I wasn’t next to him, Gideon turned, looking at me with questioning eyes. “Are you coming?”

“Are you not going to carry me over the threshold?” I queried. The man talked about me making him my first priority, while he couldn’t even carry me over the bloody threshold. Unbelievable!

“You’re right,” Gideon said, coming towards me, scooping me up effortlessly in his arms. “The sooner I carry you our bedroom the sooner we can consummate our marriage.”

Say what now?!

Before, my heart was thumping when Brenton came to pick me up for my wedding, but now my heart was thumping for a whole different reason.

I was going to have sex with Gideon.

Gideon had swiftly carried me up the stairs, not pausing to let me admire my new home, and to our bedroom. He gently put me down, telling me to get out of my clothes and make myself comfortable on the bed.

Like what in the bloody hell?

Did the man forget I was a virgin? How could I make myself comfortable on the bed? How could I be expected to be perfectly okay with the fact that I was going to have sex for the first time?

I had a feeling Gideon was not right in the head.

“You’re still dressed,” Gideon stated, coming out of the bathroom, in nothing but his boxers.

A blush colored my cheeks as I stared at my husband. The man was drool worthy, with corded arms and a defined chest. No wonder women screamed while they had sex with him; I had a feeling that he nearly crushed those poor females under him, causing them to scream like banshees.

“Uh...yeah...” I finally found my voice.

Shaking his head with a small smile, Gideon strode over to me and quickly undid the buttons holding my dress together. Once all the buttons were undone, Gideon slipped the wedding gown off me, leaving me wearing nothing but my underwear, while I stood frozen.

Turning me around, Gideon took hold of my shoulders, then gently guided me to bed. Pushing me down, Gideon positioned me so my head was on the pillow, my body under his.

“You’re scared,” he stated, caressing my cheeks.

I was too scared to respond, the words lodged in my throat. Never in a million years did I picture this moment—me, married, having sex for the first time with my husband, all of this made me feel as if I was in an alternate universe.

“Don’t worry, just close your eyes, I won’t hurt you.” And he did it again, going back from being a tosser to being utterly sweet.

Too nervous to argue, I did as he said, closing my eyes I tried to find comfort in darkness, but did not succeed; Gideon’s scent invaded my nostrils, making me realize just how close he was to me, his body warmth seeping into me.

Gideon captured my lips in a slow sensual kiss. Running his hand on my bare skin, he quickly stripped me off my bra and panties leaving me completely naked.

My body started heating up as Gideon deepened the kiss, spearing my lips with tongue, invading my mouth. I felt something moist in between my legs.

He continued running his hands on my bare skin, leaving a trail of electric fire. I thought he would stop touching me after he stripped me off, but his hands didn’t stop, they continued their journey south, until they reached my sex which was dripping with liquid heat.

I jerked when Gideon slipped a finger inside me, but his weight kept me in place. Leaving my lips and kissing my neck, Gideon slowly pumped his finger in and out of me, making me feel pleasure like no other.

Removing his finger from my core, Gideon positioned himself over me. My mind was hazy due to what he did, my eyes heavy, I felt drunk on lust. Without a word, Gideon slid inside me, making me arch my back at the sudden fullness, my insides stretching to accommodate his length and girth.

“Aah, stop, take it out,” I cried. Had he already broken my hymen? I did not know, but I did know that it hurt.

“Ssh, little fairy, relax, just relax,” Gideon cooed, running his fingers through my hair, calming me.

Breathing heavily, I did my best to relax; trusting Gideon not to hurt me. Closing my eyes, I did my best to relax my muscles.

“Good girl, now this is going to hurt.”

Wait, there was more?

With a swift thrust, Gideon pushed inside me, making me arch my back once again as pain ripped through me, making me scream.

“Son of a bitch!” The pain was horrible, burning me from the inside. I cursed all the romance novels I read that said that the first time was pleasurable.

“Ssh, relax, the pain will go away in a little while, just relax, little dove,” Gideon murmured softly, kissing me, holding me close to him.

Just as he said, the pain abated after a little while. I breathed a sigh of relief. Sensing this, Gideon begun moving, slowly, pumping in and out of me in a rhythmic pace.

Now, my body was tingling with a weird sensation. It started of like a warm ball in the put of my stomach, which kept on growing and growing until I wanted to be bathed in the warmth.

Soon that ball grew and grew and finally exploded. I arched my back as pleasure ripped through me, showering me with golden warmth, as my body trembled.

Was this what the females in the novels meant about sex being pleasurable? Was this what an orgasm felt like? Was this the nirvana that women talked about reaching as they kissed their significant others with passion? Was this the reason females were addicted to sex?

The sound of a grunt brought me back to reality. I blinked my eyes to see Gideon stilling on top of me as he spilled himself inside me. After a minute, Gideon let out a heavy breath and got up from on top of me.

“Get some sleep now, you must be exhausted,” Gideon said, lying down next to me. Pulling me to him, Gideon wrapped a corded arm around me, securing me to him.

I was too lost in the feeling of post coital bliss to argue with Gideon. So I closed my eyes with a small smile on my face, falling in the deep depths of sleep, feeling sated.

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