At The Altar

By Evelyn Shade All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


Emily Rodgers, an ordinary human of twenty-five, had started her life anew and that meant; new place, new job and no love life. After a major glitch in the past which had torn her into millions of pieces, Emily had sworn to never let any human take control of that beating organ inside of her. Oh, she didn't mention werewolves, now, did she? Soon enough, she found herself stuck inside an unknown alley she had never planned to step into. She had fallen head over heels in love with Eric Saunders; the man whose sarcasm and honesty melted away the walls built around her heart. He became her golden light; overpowering the darkness who had been a resident for quite a long time. To love and to be loved back by the same person is what we all dream of. Emily was beyond happy; for she was going to marry the love of her life. Destiny had played its role in bringing them together for eternity. She was anxiously waiting for the magical words that would gracefully intertwine them for the rest of their lives. What she hadn't expected was a mere short sentence. Five words to be exact. "This marriage cannot take place." Will she leave the altar happily married? Let's find out.


At The Altar


“And, hereby, I pronounce you-”

A wrinkled old man dressed in white and black halted when a shout echoed in the hall’s backside and looked around to see the cause of interruption in such a sacred ceremony.

If one would follow the gaze of his old grey eyes that soon pointed in the same direction the guests had turned their heads to, the sight of a beautiful woman would be fairly visible. Amber hair in long curls enveloped her being as if she had worn a beautiful cape that elegantly reached the half of her back. She was clad in a light pink dress that hugged her curves perfectly and ran down her waist flowing like waves of an ocean; sparkling under the hall’s massive lighting. Green orbs of hers had darkened a little, probably due to something that had been bothering her for quite a while now. Pale feet with shiny white heels seemed to glide above the floor as she rushed down the aisle with firm steps, towards the front.

“This marriage cannot take place.” The words were out when her eyes came in contact with the priest. The rising commotion in the hall died down suddenly.

“What’s wrong?” The bride nudged the groom’s arm, her voice doing justice to the bewilderment she and everyone in the hall felt.

“She... she is my mate.” He replied in a whisper which despite being barely audible, could be heard easily in utter silence.


Halt - Stop

Amber - Honey yellow colour with a tint of red

Enveloped - Surround/wrap

Cape - Cloak/shawl

Bewilderment - Confusion

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