My Two Loves

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The Dragon Lady

“Where’s Joseph?” Ria always calls Joey by his full name; it drives him mad, yet another thing he has never told her. She's by far the rudest person I have ever had the misfortune to know, no hello, or beautiful weather we’ve been having, no just a “Where’s Joseph?” She is such an infuriating woman I can’t be in her company for extended periods. Otherwise, I get an overwhelming urge to throw something at her, preferably something sharp.

“He had to go to work, urgent business.” Lie, he’s a spineless worm who can’t face you because he has a roaster of a hangover.

“Really and he sent you.” She replies, Mrs Tiggles her rat in dogs clothing is shoved under her arm like a yappy semi hairy growth. The piercing yapping sound emitting from its tiny body is grating on my brain, not suitable for my thumping headache. I have to resist the urge to stuff something in its mouth.

“I offered.” Another blatant lie and she knows it, she hates me, and I hate her so there is no way in hell I would willingly offer to pick her up.

“What exactly is the nature of your relationship with Joseph?”

“We’re just friends.” This woman needs to learn what boundaries are, it’s not up to me to teach a grown woman how to act.

“I see, and who is that?” She asks, pointing at Joel, wondered how long it would be before she noticed him and made an enquiry as to who he is in that grand inquisitor manner she has.

“That is Joel.” Offering no other information than that, she scowls, I smile sweetly.

“I see you are opening yet another one of those places you run.” Places I run she makes it sound like I run a brothel, which she no doubt considers nightclubs are on a par with. “And this time my Joseph is involved.”

“Yes, and what is it to you if he is?”

“Anything to do with my son has to do with me.”

“Mrs Peters, my business is my business, and if Joey happens to have decided he sees this as a good business opportunity, then that is his choice. He may allow you meddle in his affairs do not think you can do the same with mine.”

“When it involves you and my Joseph I will most certainly meddle, I will not have you or any other little whore like you hurting him.” Hurt him, the only person who ever hurts him is her with her obsessive controlling ways.

“How is Joshua?” I ask concerning her rather young butler who does more than serve her drinks and answer the door. She ignores the question instead barks out an order to her assistant. Poor Miss Dickinson, a five-foot-six waif with brown hair and brown eyes, is going to be left to haul her titanic sized luggage out to the car. Not while I am around, I signal to Joel, who quickly lifts them and heads towards the car much to the protestation of Miss Dickinson. She will no doubt get a tongue lashing for dereliction of duty.

“I want to see my son.” I want two words, and they sum her up perfectly. I want, absolutely no consideration for anyone else.

“You can’t he’s busy with meetings all day.” Lie number 3; I have no idea if he is busy or not he could be sitting relaxing in his office doing nothing for all I know. I enjoy telling her no seeing that annoyed expression form on her face.

“Too busy to see his own mother.”

“Yes Mrs Peters, he is trying to run a business, and is far too busy for social engagements even with you.”

“I have never been so insulted in all my life, take me to him now.” She says pouting, the power of the Ria pout has no control of me.

Bundling her into the backseat Miss Dickinson behind her, I reply. “No, I won’t.” Climbing into the front with Joel, I have no wish to sit and carry on idle chit chat with her. “Take Mrs Peters home.”

“Yes, Miss de Winter.” He replies as he fastens his seat belt, Ria still pouting in the backseat Miss Dickinson looks like she is about to hyperventilate, this is going to be an interesting journey.

“I will not stand for this; I want to see my son.”

“You think she’ll shut up before we get her home.” Joel whispers to me; she is persistent I will give her that.

“Highly unlikely thank goodness for the partition window.” Pressing the button I grin as the tinted glass window rises the look on Ria’s face is magnificent, her protests are nothing more than a muffled hum now. A triumphant sigh escapes me, Joel giggles as he turns the volume of the radio up, appropriately it’s playing we are the champions.

After dropping a none too amused Ria and the assistant home, I give Joel the rest of the day off there is no way I am going to work now I’ve had enough of this day. I slink back into the house. Pearse is lying snoring on the sofa I kiss him on the forehead and make my way upstairs Tabitha in toe crawling under the duvet. “Am I such a bad person that I don’t deserve to be happy too.” I say to Tabitha; she meows in reply and rubs against my face before snuggling under the duvet with me.

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