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"We will see." It was as if I couldn't even speak at that moment. My mouth was refusing to open so I just nodded my head, and he just stormed out. What happens when you find out that your boss isn't really whom you had imagined to be? What happens when you find out he has a dark past? What happens when you find out about his family? What happens when you find out that he's the MOST WANTED MAFIA LEADER...? Join the journey of Lilly as she comes across a different side of her boss. What will happen when she realised Branden's truth? What will she do when she finds out William is a mafia leader? Would she leave him out of fear? Read on to find out what happens...

Romance / Mystery
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1. The Challenge

I could hear faint noises of people chatting near me, and one of the voices sounded very recognisable. It felt like I was on a bed, really comfy bed may I add. I really wanted to open my eyes but I couldn’t, I just felt so weak. I felt like all the energy from my body had been drained out, I just couldn’t seem to gather the strength to open my eyes, but soon I gave up and decided to stop struggling and let myself rest for a while. However, the moment I relaxed the flashback of the attack came back to me in a speed of a lightening.


“Pass the injection.” The similar voice spoke up again with devilish eyes. When he moved his eyes from me to the other guy to receive the injection from him, and I realised that this was my only chance to call for help before they make me fall unconscious. With the speed of a lightening I grabbed his hand and bit on it as hard as could while squeezing my eyes shut. He cried out in pain for a second but managed to supress it by swearing under his breath after removing his hand from my mouth. Taking the opportunity in my hands I screamed as loud as I can for help and hoped that he would manage to hear me.



“NOO!!” Forcefully snapping my eyes open I started to look around and saw that I was in a huge room, and when I say that it was huge it’s an understatement. On each side of the king sized bed were tables, to my right in the far end was an enormous wardrobe and it was near a wide window, to my left was a dressing table that was against the wall and had perfumes and make up’s on top. It seemed to be a woman’s room by the look of it. Finally, opposite the bed was the door to heaven. Exaggerating a lot? yes probably, but I seriously wanted to get out of there and go to find Mr Stock. He was the only person that I could trust at that moment. Shocking? Yep, I know. Honestly, no matter how much of a bastard he may be he still had humanity and would save me. Getting out of the thought of him I came across many unanswerable questions, such as:

How did I reach here? What Happened? Am I kidnapped?

The last question made panic to rise within me. Adrenaline was rushing through my veins leading my heart beat to pick up the pace. Whilst breathing heavily, I frantically started to look around the room I was in.

The kidnapper must be rich by the looks of just a room. I wondered and jumped out of the bed and heading towards the door very carefully while running my fingers through my hair.

Without wasting anymore time I prepared myself to defend in case there’s the kidnapper outside the door and is ready to attack me the minute I open it. Slowly and carefully I turned the door knob and pulled on it, but it didn’t budge. It was locked!

Running my fingers through my hair again I groaned in frustration and stepped back towards the bed and started to pace across the room several times. Stumping my way towards the door I started to bang on it while yelling from top of my lungs, hoping someone would hear me.

“Get me out of here!!” I shouted while banging on the door with my right hand. “Is someone out there? Get me out of here!” This time I was using both of my hands, but unable to continue because of weakness I slowly took couple of steps backwards in helplessness. Just when I was going to give up completely, my eyes fell on the window on the other side of the room causing my to sprint towards it. However, soon all my hopes were washed away because the window was locked. Not knowing what to do at that moment I just leaned against the window with tearful eyes.

If only I didn’t agree to go with that Bastard then all this wouldn’t have occurred. How long have I been here? I wondered to myself, and the question was about to be answered because the door knob was being turned by someone from the other side of the door. It was most likely the kidnapper so I ran to the dressing table and picked up a perfume bottle to hit him with it when they enter. Tip toeing near the door I used both of my hands to keep the bottle on top of my head, and when the door was being opened I bought the bottle forward and was about to hit it on their head but stopped halfway after seeing who it was. It was shocking!

“M-Mr Stock?” I asked dumbfounded and immediately placed the bottle down where it came from before I was punished for the little stunt.

“Miss Livingston?” He mimicked me while raising his brow.

“What’s going on? Have they kidnapped you as well?” I asked stupidly and this caused him to release a chuckle, obviously he was finding this funny but I was totally confused.

“No, I haven’t been kidnapped. In fact, this is my house.” He replied with amusement and went towards the dressing table and picked up the bottle that I had in my hands, and this caused me to gulp. “So... You were gonna use this to hit me?” He asked while inspecting the bottle with clear amusement.

“Leave that. I thought I was kidnapped? I am so confused! What’s going on?!” I groaned and slummed myself down on the bed in exhaustion and irritation.

I heard him release a big sign and sit near me on the bed while I still had my head down and while my face was covered by my hands. “Look, I know you’re confused and it’s new to you but...” This caused me to snap my eyes towards his in confusion.

“What do you mean by ‘new’?” I asked while giving him full attention this time.

“I can’t tell you anything more than that, so just rest for a while and I’ll send your breakfast up here.” He responded after rubbing his forehead with his finger and thumb.

“But I have the right to know since I’m in this matter too.” I said with equal amount of stubbornness.

“When I say that I can’t tell you, It means I can’t tell you.” He replied with a calm but stern voice that was filled with anger. This made be shut up right there, but not for long. One way or the other I was surely going to find out the truth.

He made a ‘U’ turn and went towards the door, but gave me a quick glance and said, “Don’t step out of this house even by mistake. It’s still not safe out there.” He closed the door but this time he didn’t lock it.

Walking around the room I inspected the objects that were placed there. It actually looked really expensive. Without any more time since my stomach was growling in hunger, I looked through the wardrobe to find something to change into since I didn’t have my own clothes. When I opened it I was shocked. It was filled with all sorts of clothes. From shorts and tops to dresses, there was everything there. Carefully getting jeans and a top I went towards the bathroom that was attached to the room. I’ve always wanted something like that. My own suit.

Turning the bathroom door knob I stepped and in and let my hazel eyes wonder around in amazement. There was an enormous round bath along with a shower in the corner that had glass walls around it in squared shape. There was toilet and a sink there as well that looked really clean, It must be cleaned everyday to be really clean like that. It was so damn huge!

He has everything. No wonder he’s so arrogant.

Mumbling nonsense to myself I stepped in to have a shower. The warm water stung on my forehead a little, there’s most likely a scar or a cut. Other than that It was really relaxing, and for a second it made my worries and headache go away. I could stay in the shower for ages but at the same time my stomach needed to be filled up with food as it was growling for a long time. Stepping out of the shower I changed into the new clothes.

When I entered the room again it was cleaned already, I was surprised but didn’t wonder about it for too long.

I was too busy thinking about what Eva and Sof might be doing that I didn’t realise that there was someone entering the room with a tray of food, that was until they were standing next to me.

“Sir has sent this breakfast.” She said while looking down. She seemed to be dressed in a sort of uniform.

“Thank you.” I replied while taking the tray with a smile, and placed it on the small table. She was about to leave but I stopped her.

“What’s your name?” I asked while walking towards her.

“Capilika, ma’am.” She said while keeping her head low.

“Pfft. Stop saying ma’am. No need to be so formal.” I said with a little wave.

“But, I’m sure sir wouldn’t appreciate it.” She said while still keeping her head low.

“Why are you keeping your head low? Why aren’t you looking at me?” I asked with creased brows. I really was curious in general, but I also wanted to get all the informations from her. I really wanted to know more about him. I really wanted to know why would a mafia group be after him.

Instead of answering she continued to look at the floor and wonder her eyes looking for words. Deciding to get to the point I asked her, “By the way, by any chance do you know what’s going on? Why there was a gang after us?” I asked and then sat down on the bed while placing a piece of pancake in my mouth. What? I’m hungry alright.

“I’m sorry but I’m not allowed to disclose anything.” She replied while slightly disappointing me but I wouldn’t give up just yet.

“C’mon! Nothing’s gonna happen. I swear I wouldn’t mention anything about you. Please, it’s important for me to know coz even I am involved in this issue.” I pleaded while placing the fork down on the tray that was on my lap.

She turned her head towards the door and when she saw that there was no one there she spoke up. “I would tell you but please don’t tell anyone.”

“I swear I wouldn’t!” I immediately answered while paying even more attention.

“Well, the thing is that there’s a mafia...”

“Did you just say mafia?!” I semi-yelled while stomping up from the bed.

“Sshh! There isn’t only one Mafia group that’s after him, there are many out there who are his enemies. There’s always danger lurking around him. But, he’s really caring....”

“Caring?” I asked cutting her off again in disbelief while easing my brow and attempting hard to not to laugh.

“He may seem cold hearted but it’s been many years since I’m here and I’ve seen his really nature. He’s actually really caring.” She replied with a smile while finally looking up.

“B-but why would a fucking mafia group be after him though?!” I exclaimed in desperation to receive an answer completely oblivious.

“You know that he’s a - ”

“What’s going on here?!” Just then a aggressive voice boomed across the room making me jump on my spot and turn around hastily.

“I-I was a-about t-to leave, S-sir. I-I...” Wow! I thought I was the only one that stammered a lot in front of him. Looks like I was wrong.

“Leave!” He yelled while pointing towards the door. Poor girl was terrified and immediately left without any second glance. But as soon as the door closed behind her, my eyes snapped back to him in fear.

“I told you before, and I am telling you now. You don’t need to know more than what I tell you! Get that?” He asked with anger in his voice. Not only that, the anger was even clearly visible in his eyes that were staring deep into my own that held fear.

However, refusing to show my fear I stepped forward with equal determination and replied; “Mr. Stock, I am equally stubborn as you, so I would get to the bottom of this and know what I want to know.”

“We will see.”

It was as if I couldn’t even speak at that moment. My mouth was refusing to open to I just nodded my head. He stormed out while slamming the door behind him, he actually finally left! I let out a deep breath while closing my eyes and holding my chest which was rising and falling in panic.

“I challenged him alright, but how will I find out?”

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