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2. Miss Pathogen

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

The past 2 hours felt like minutes. I was too engaged with thinking about the reasons to why the mafia might be after him that I didn’t realise the time. There was complete silence, except for the sudden yells by Mr Stock and the clock ticking in the room.

Tick! Tock! Tick! Tock!

I was continuously pacing across the room while the clock was ticking away in the background. For some odd reason, the ticking of the clock calmed down my nerves. I was biting my nails while still in deep thoughts when a loud noise of door being opened killed the silence. There stood none other than the bastard himself making me gulp in fear, wondering what I might have done now since I was in the room for basically the whole day I continued to stare at him in fear.

“Come down and have dinner.” He spoke with the usual cold tone but there was something dangerous in his tone today, something that was telling me not to mess with him right now so I obeyed without questioning.

He was walking a bit ahead of me and I took the opportunity to lift my gaze and look around and observe the surrounding. My eye balls were coming out of their sockets. The room that I was in was big but I never got to see the whole house, and just the mare sight of the hallway made me gasp. This place was fucking huge!

He was walking in his pace down the staircase, whereas, I was still standing on top admiring every inch of this hous-, mansion. From where I was standing I could see the way to the kitchen very clearly, to my right were the couches and t.v, and to my left was the main door. I suspected that all the rooms were upstairs since that’s where I came from.

I was still admiring the place when Mr Stock realised that I wasn’t following and turned around with a questioning gaze.

“I hope you’re not planning on staying there the whole day.” There was a hint of amusement in his voice this time, and this made me wonder if he was bi-polar or something. No seriously, what do you expect me to think? just then he seemed to be in a mad mood that screamed ‘do-not-mess-with-me-or-you’re-dead’ , and now he’s speaking with so much amusement.

Instead of replying anything back to him I just plastered a obvious fake smile and made my way down the stairs leaving him behind, but since my stupid brain didn’t think about the fact that I didn’t know the direction to the dinner room, I had to stop on my tracks.

“What’s wrong?” Popping up beside me, he asked with fake concern. Seriously, how obvious can he be?

Keeping my head high I replied, “Well, how on earth do you expect me to know the way when I never ever came here?” Don’t ask where did the confidence come from since I don’t know the answer to the question myself. But, thankfully he didn’t take it that seriously and just walked off. Letting out a huge breath and followed behind him, half speed walking and half running behind him.

Why do men have long legs?! I groaned internally.

Stumbling behind him I realised that we entered the kitchen, there were couple of chef’s in the kitchen which was quite impressive. I would just love to have my own chef’s to make delicious food for me everyday.

My confusion to why we had entered the kitchen soon cleared out when we went further into the kitchen and made an entrance into the dinner room through the glass double doors.

If it wasn’t my boss’s house, I would love to stay here for the rest of my life.

That bastard just had to snap his fingers in front of my face and get me back to reality. Too busy admiring the place, I didn’t realise that there were other people in the room as well.

“Miss Livingston, they are- they are my friends.” He gestured towards the men and women that were in the room. There were 3 men and a woman.

That took a while to say. ‘They are my friends’ honestly? Who takes that long to state a fact?!

I turned my head a smiled at them. They actually seemed really friendly and ‘easy-to-get-along-with’ type, unlike someone I knew.

“This is James.” He pointed towards a guy with a lot of rings on his fingers, he had a ring on his bottom lip. He seemed to be the dangerous type that screamed ‘stay-away-from-me’ so I just sent a small smile his way, getting none in return. Totally rude.

Definitely not getting along with him. I Wondered.

“This is Liam.” This guy was kind of short. I don’t want to be rude, but still he was short. He seemed to be ‘funny’ type. I could see my best buddy just there.

“Hi” He beamed and waved his hand my way.

“Hi” I replied back with the confidence that I could master up.

“This is Sabastian.” William said while gesturing towards the tallest guy in the room. He had sunglasses on. I wanted to ask why on earth he had sunglasses on when he’s inside, but I went against it and just smiled his way.

“You might wanna say something, cause he can’t really see your little smile there.” Spoke up a lady who had diva curls and a lot of make up caked up on her face.

“Hey, don’t mind her. She’s a little grumpy.” Sabastian said with a smile making his dimples obvious on the right said of face, in between his chin and the corner of his lip. It was really mesmerising, to be honest. The way he spoke made him seem like a really sweet guy.

“Hey--” Just when I was greeting Sabastian back I was rudely cut off by the same person.

“I am not grumpy.” She said and dug back into her salad. How can anyone have so much salad and not have proper food on their plate.

“Millie is always like this, but she’s good at heart.” Someone from behind spoke making me jump on my spot. I heard William chuckle beside me making me immediately look up to him. I feel like I am going to see a different side to him while staying here, and I am not complaining. Not complaining at all. William cleared his throat and bought me back to reality, making me blink couple of times.

“And last but not the least, Andrew. He’s my-- my best friend.” He introduced while looking at him. I looked at Andrew and William, it seemed as if they were trying to communicate with eachother. I kept on glancing at both of the men until Andrew’s eyes fell on me.

“Just call me Drew.” He smiled and I returned the smile.

“Lillian, nice to meet you.” I grinned.

“Right!” We were rudely Interrupted by William. “We should be getting started with the meal, now that the introduction is all done.” He made his way towards the dinner table when a very disturbing voice echoed in the room.

“That’s what I was saying all this time.” Millie beamed making me shut my eyes and wing at the sound. Seriously, it’s not really my fault that she made a bad first impression. Anyway, there’s a saying, first impression is the last impression. Although, It really wasn’t applicable in my life I somewhat still believed in it.

“Lilly...” William started off completely shocking me at first but then disappointment took over. “I mean Lillian, do I have to give you a separate invitation?” He started take hold of his folk and knife while I awkwardly stepped towards the tale that was filled with various amount of foods. I was drooling by just gazing upon them. Just when I pulled a chair near Liam I was stopped. “Come and sit over here, near me.” He took a bit from his folk while I just stood there and looked at Liam, expecting some sort of help since I didn’t want to sit next to him and especially opposite Millie, I would disappear in no time under her intense gaze. But, he just passed on an apologetic look.

Sighing, I went up to his end and pulled out the chair and sat down, completely avoiding her burning gaze.

Jeez! I have a feeling this short stay would turn out to be a long one.

“So, Lillian right?” I was grateful that Sebastian broke the silence. I didn’t know about others, but for me it was turning a bit awkward.

“Yepp” I replied while popping the ‘p’ and popped another piece of chicken in my mouth.

“Is William harsh with you?” He chuckled making me glance his way and release one myself as well. I quickly glanced his way and realised that he was still having his food but was still paying attention to what was happening.

“I guess Mr Stock can be--” I was shook when he cut me off.

“This is not office so there’s no need to be so formal. Just call me by my first name.” It kind of shook me to know that he was allowing me to call him by his first name, but I was glad because I was tired of saying his second name 24/7.

I nodded at him and turned my head towards Sebastian and replied, “He’s alright, I guess...” and bit into my last piece of chicken.

“C’mon! We all know that he isn’t easy so don’t have to hide. Don’t worry, he wouldn’t say anything. Remember what he said himself, ‘this is not office.’ So just go ahead.” He laughed. I released a chuckle and looked at William with the corner of my eyes. He was paying full attention but was showing that he wasn’t bothered by still taking small bites of his food.

“He’s actually alright. But, I guess he can be very demanding and too... strict?” I was thinking of the right words to use, but couldn’t actually think of any because the only words that perfectly described him were ‘arrogant’ and ‘bastard’.

“What did you just say?!”

Oops! I said that out loud. I had forgotten that Millie was still there. But, the most surprising thing was that William didn’t even react the way I had expected him to react. He just looked my way for a few seconds and went back to eating. I thought he would cause a chaos but he didn’t even react, it was as if he had heard it before and wasn’t shocked to hear it coming from me. My heart was still racing; It wasn’t calming down. I didn’t dare to look up to him so I kept my head low and continued with the food.

A laughter erupted from the other end of the table. I looked up and realised that it was Liam and then soon Sebastian joined in with him.

“I’m... I’m sorry.” Liam said in between his laughter, it forced laughter to push out of my own lips. I just couldn’t help it. Come on, it was sort of funny. We were dying out of laughter when someone unexpected joined in as well, James. I was quite surprised at first since he didn’t seem like the type of guy that would make jocks or laugh. I could feel William burning holes at the back of my head with his intense gaze, so I just composed myself and try to suppress my laughter.

“C’mon. You can stop laughing now. It wasn’t even that funny.” and then awkwardly turned towards William who was some what watching the whole thing. “I’m sorry, I--”

“No need to apologise.” He cut me off. I was starting to wonder if there’s some kind of magic in this house that made his mood switch into a positive one. Oh well, who cares as long as I’m not in trouble.

He got up got up while wiping his hand with napkin and went out after greeting everyone ‘bye’.

“Wow! That was surprising. I’m still in shock.” Andrew exclaimed making me look at him.

“What?” I asked, oblivious about what he was talking about.

“If anyone else was in your place they would’ve been killed by now, literally.” This time Liam screamed in my ear.

Jeez! why do men have deep voices? Men!

“I was lucky then that he was in a good mood.” I replied back not knowing what else to say.

“But--” This time James spoke up but he was interrupted by Miss Pathogen. Don’t ask why I gave that nickname, just said the first thing that came into my head.

“She’s nothing special. He was just being kind. no big deal.” She rolled her eyes making me lose my patients. I fisted my hands beside me and closed my eyes for a second to calm my nerves down. Normally I am successful but I don’t know why it didn’t work this time. I slammed my fists on the table, startling people on the table. Miss Pathogen jumped on her seat, which made me happy to see the effect on her.

“No one talks to me like that! Who the hell are you to talk to me like that?!” I was fuming, absolutely fuming at that moment. I pointed my finger at her and continued, “I would watch that little mouth if I were you.” Taking a deep breath I gave a huge fake smile her way, who was still shocked by what I had said.

“WOW!” Exclaimed all of the men on the table at once, making me smirk and turn on my heels and walk away in confidence.

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