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6. The unforgettable moment

Not being able to digest the information that was given to me, I just sat there in the chair wondering if it was true or not. Honestly, why would he love me? He always hated me. He always hated whatever I did or said. He despises me! Many questions were running around in my mind but none were answered.

Deciding to go out of the room, I timidly opened the door an made my way downstairs.

I walked past a room which was locked. My feet froze; it was as if they were stopped by an unknown force. Unknowingly, I made my way towards the room. I know it was a very stupid decision to make but it was like I had no control over what I was doing anymore.

“Where do you think you’re going!” Startled at the voice i turned around immediately to find him standing there with hands balled up in a fist. His eyes were pinned to mine; they were blood shot red.

I took the opportunity to sprint towards to stairs and escape through the main door downstairs, but i wasn’t fast enough. He grabbed onto my hair making me scream in pain. I was screaming in agony. I made many attempts to escape from the grip, however nothing worked. Eventually, he managed to drag me into the same dark room and pushed me inside, causing me to fall on the floor and scrape my knees.

He closed the door and left me to suffer in pain and agony. My shaky hands immediately grabbed onto my head where my scalp was burning. Warm tears were streaming down my face continuously. I crawled into ball at the corner of the room where darkness was filled within it, just like my life. When i was a child, i was carefree and i was happy. But, when i look at myself right now i really miss my childhood.

Little cries were filled in the room but no one was there to make me feel better; no one was there for comfort me. I was alone; completely lonely.


Shooting my head up at the closed door i began to shake in fear. Gradually, with the support of the wall behind me i stood up and stayed there.


I recalled how brutal Brandon is. I recalled how he dragged me by my hair and threw me in the room. My mind wondered back to William and recalled how he never even touched me, let alone abuse me like Branden. There was a massive difference between them.


My hair were all over the place like a birds nest; my lips were trembling. Even more tears began to run down my cheeks, i was wondering if this was it, if this was the last day of my life.

Was Branden going to kill me?

This question was soon going to be answered soon as the door to my room was opened and a shadow appeared in-front of me.

“Lillian..?” That voice; I know that voice. I squinted my eyes in order to be able to see the face but i was unsuccessful, until the shadow stepped forward. It was William. A wave of relief washed over me. Without giving in a second thought i sprinted towards him and laced my arms around him, and engulfed him in a hug. I was still breathing heavily. He still had his hands beside him, but i didn’t care and I continued to hug him. What? It’s not my fault. I thought i was going to meet my death but surprisingly it turned out to be him. Relief; thats what i felt at that moment.

I felt something on my back. He was returning the hug. He was hugging be back. I was too lost in the moment to comprehend what i was doing or what he was doing. However, i came back to my senses when Branden was standing opposite me, near the door. I held William tighter than before in fear, causing his shirt to crunch up in my fist. I tried to speak but i couldn’t even open my mouth. Branden was pointing gun at him.
Adrenaline rushing through my veins made me pull William with him as soon as Branden pulled the trigger. I fell on the floor and he landed on top of me; his head was on my shoulder blade.

There were noises coming from downstairs. “Oh crap! He bought back up. Run everyone!” Branden yelled while probably running down the stairs as his voice was fading away gradually. I was too busy trying ti figure out what was going on downstairs that I didn’t realise when he was staring at me. At my eyes to be precise. Bringing my eyes back to him my heart skipped a beat.

Stop it Lilly. What are you doing!

No matter what my mind told me to do, my heart eventually won over my mind.

My hands were still on his shoulder and one of his hand was on my hip, while the other was making its way towards my hair. Neither me or him dared to move our eyes away from each other. He moved few strands away from near my lips; his hands lightly touched my pink lips causing me to shiver. His touch made me feel like i was in heaven.

What is this feeling? Why am i feeling like this?

I don’t know. But at that moment I didn’t want to know. All i knew was that it felt right.

I didn’t realise when he began to lean closer towards me. His eyes were gradually closing. I knew what was going to happen. Did i want to stop? I don’t think so. I flattered my own eyes closed as well. Our lips were only few inches away from touching each other. I couldn’t explain the incredible feeling that was at the pit of my stomach.
His lips gently brushed against mine. I couldn’t take the slow torture anymore and i pulled him closer to me and devoured his mouth. There was the equal amount of energy. I was surprised to say the least when he was kissing me back. It felt as if my heart would jump put of my chest any second. I couldn’t believe the fact that it was actually happening. I thought his lips would be rough but they were completely opposite. They were so soft that I didn’t want to stop. Not now, not ever.

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