City of Angels

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“For God did not spare even the angels who sinned. He threw them into hell, in gloomy pits of darkness, where they are being held until the day of judgment.” ~ 2 Peter 2:4 Asmodeus is a Fallen Angel, cast out of heaven during the rebellion. She was the second Angel to fall, right behind Lucifer, making her the Queen of Hell and turning her into half of a Demon. After centuries of torturing souls, she becomes bored. One day she decides to break the one rule that Fallen Angels abide by, never leave Hell unless permitted. Asmodeus reinvents herself in New York before she moves to Los Angeles, the City of Angels. In a little more than a year Asmodeus changed to Ruth, is a successful billionaire. Ruth owns a successful night/strip club that goes by the name of Wings. One day Ruth finds five dead bodies hanging from her ceiling in her penthouse. Agitated that her ceiling was ruined she calls the police and meets a charming detective, Darius. However, she starts playing a game with them, seeing who could find the killer first which means that she grows closer to her human friend. Deciding that being a detective is fun, she teams up with Darius, despite his protests. With each passing case, threats, that are supernatural, get closer and closer to Ruth and Darius. Adding to everything, Darius doesn't know what Ruth is.

Romance / Mystery
Molly Stegall
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Ruth whistled as she stepped into the elevator, raising her infused vermouth to her lips. When the doors of the elevator opened Ruth took a step forward and took another sip of her drink. Her feet came to a complete stop and a small amount of her drink spilled from her mouth and over her hand and cup. She lowered the cup more and continued to stare at the scene in front of her.

Five bodies hung from the ceiling, each being held by a chain. The chain was drilled into the ceiling, wrapped around each persons waist and chest a few times before it went back into the ceiling. Each person had their throats slit and giant pools of blood were on the ground, beneath them.

A loud sigh escaped her mouth as she chugged the rest of her drink. Pulling out her phone she began to walk around, going off to the right of the elevator. Walking up five stairs she made it to a small one-half floor, that housed her personal mini bar and kitchen, it went out about ten feet from the wall and took up the entire right side of the room. The fridge, oven, microwave, and stoves were all pushed back into the cement wall. Sitting down on the black cushioned bar stool she poured herself some whiskey, into the same cup she had previously drunken from. Spinning it around she looked at her now 'destroyed' house.

The railing that was for the one-half floor was glass, with metal rods every couple of feet, creating a new section of glass. To the left of the one-half floor, and in the middle of the wall, was the elevator. The elevator was outlined by a blue neon light, and the doors were silver with designs engraved in them.

In front of the elevator, and in the middle of the room, were light grey leather chairs, that were very low to the ground. There was a dark brown cocktail table that was in the middle of the four chairs, only coming a foot or so off the ground as well and not having any legs, the chairs were only a few inches higher.

Past the multitude of chairs was a giant window that was the entire back wall. In the center of the window was a sliding door with a silver, engraved handle. Going past the door and window was a concrete balcony that only went from a few feet from the left side of the door, all the way to the end of the mini bar, which also had access to the balcony, that had to go up five feet as well. The railing for the balcony glass and only went up to Ruth's waist. The glass wall and balcony allowed for the view of L.A. to be on full display. All the buildings around the five-story building were only about one or two stories, allowing for the view to be larger.

Back inside of the penthouse, and to the left of the balcony door, were two light grey couches near the corner. One couch was facing the view while the other was facing the cement wall that made up the entire left side of the house. There was a giant flat screen T.V. on the cement wall that the couch was facing. Between the balcony door and the couches was open space, in both inside and outside, allowing the view to be on full display. In the middle of the cement wall was a modern fireplace. On each side of the fireplace were carved out cement shelves that had glass over them and blue lights and drinks on the inside, serving as an extra refrigerator. There was another small table a few feet in front of the fireplace and a chair was on either side of the table.

A few feet to the left of the elevator was a stairwell. Each step came out of the wall and it wasn't connected to another. A blue light was on the front of each step, illuminating the one below it. The baluster was glass and once it made it to the second floor it turned into a railing. The second floor started out as a large balcony, that only went out to the middle of the open space on the window and first floor. In the center of the balcony was an opening, that turned into a small hallway, which led into the bedroom. The actual floor was dark brown wood.

The only thing that Ruth didn't like where the five dead bodies hanging from her ceiling!

Finally opening her phone she dialed 911 and leaned the small of her back against the counter.

"911 what's your emergency?" The operator asked.

"Yeah, hi, someone has destroyed my ceiling."

"Did this person take anything?"

"No, they only drilled holes in my ceiling." There was silence on the other end. "And there are five dead bodies hanging from it!"

"I'm sorry could you repeat-"

"The-re... a-re... fi-ve... dea-d... bo-dies!" Ruth said, more than agitated.

"An officer will be there shortly."

"Wait, no."


"I'm extremely busy right now, can you get detectives to come by early tomorrow morning?"

"Ma'me... if there are dead people in your house then I'm sending officers now."

"Don't-" Ruth was cut off when the operator hung up. "Freaking hell," Ruth mumbled as she stood up and walked behind the mini bar.

Reaching down to the very bottom of the bar she pushed in a piece of wood and slid it to the side. Reaching her middle and pointer finger in she managed to grab a small roll-up of money. She tucked it in her waistband and grabbed her cup again. Walking to the elevator she pressed the button, and the door immediately opened. Walking into the elevator the door closed behind her, she pressed a button, and it began its descent.

When the elevator made it to the second floor the doors opened and she was met with blaring music and blinding colorful, neon lights. Stepping out onto the floor a huge smile hit her face and she naturally licked her lips. Walking to the bar she felt as several pairs of eyes followed her. She knew it was partly due to her outfit.

She was wearing black booty shorts that had rips on the front. Bright red hightop sneakers were on her feet with gold outlines. A black crop top stopped at the bottom of her ribs and lace outlined the bottom of the shirt. Diamond body jewelry was clipped to the bottom of the lace before it went down an inch or so, broke apart into two pieces and wrapped around her stomach. In the center of the piece was a little pendant that looked like a belly piercing.

Glancing up from her outfit she was met with a guy. He looked barely old enough to be let into the club. Ruth roughly wrapped her arm around him, causing him to bend down to her short height.

"I got what you need, but we need to go on a little field trip," Ruth said as she pulled him closer to her. He nodded his head at a rapid pace. A smile lit up her face again and she let him stand up fully. Turning around she saw a gorgeous man that she had left sitting in one of the chairs. He looked up and she motioned with her finger for him to come, he got up and walked to her, wrapping his arm around her waist they all walked into the elevator.

Once down to the first floor they walked to the back and through an 'employee only' door. Once through they were met with a giant garage that had multiple cars, all of which were new and extremely expensive. They got into the Dodge Charger and drove off into the night.

The detectives pulled up to the club and were blinded by a blue light that read Wings.Getting out of their car a valet quickly snatched the keys out of the driver's hand before he could protest or stop him.

A huge line of people were waiting on the side of the building and a security guard was standing in front of the door. Both of the men walked up to the guard, who held out his hand to stop them from entering.

"L.A.P.D." The detective with light brown hair and blue eyes said as he flashed his badge. He was wearing light jeans and a burgundy shirt. His jawline was strong and his cheekbones were evident in certain light. His light brown hair was styled in a messy quiff, making it look like he hadn't had time to style it.

"Do you have a reservation?" The guard asked.

"No, we got a call about dead bodies and we are here to investigate." The blue-eyed detective said.

"Sorry, the boss isn't here right now."

"Look, pall, you need to let us in before we arrest your ass," the detective with dark brown hair and eyes said. He was wearing blue jeans, a grey shirt, and a leather jacket. His hair was cut shorter and was slightly pushed up in the front.

"You can't arrest me," the guard said. Both of the detectives sighed. Suddenly loud music became evident behind them. Turning around they saw a Dodge Charger pull up. A woman was driving and a man was sitting in the passenger seat. They both got out and a small cloud of smoke followed.

The woman raised a beer to her lips as she laughed. The man faintly stumbled and had to lean on the woman for support. The guard stepped to the side and allowed them to enter.

"Now, you can go in," The guard said. Both the detectives walked into the building and were surprised that it wasn't a circus. A group of people were in line at a desk in the middle of the room. Once their hands were stamped then they walked to an elevator to the right. There was an elevator to the left that was labeled VIP.

Both the detectives walked to the VIP and hit the second-floor button. Once the doors opened they were met with what they had previously expected, a party.

"I'll go ask the bartender who the owner is," the dark brown hair detective said as he walked away. The light brown haired detective stayed put as people shoved past him as he took in the club.

The wall in front of the elevator was all glass, allowing for a view of the city. The bar was to the right of the elevator and it occupied the entire wall. In the center of the room were five circular dipped down lounging areas, four surrounding one. A round white couch was in each one and a pole was in the very center, with blue light illuminating it.

On the very left side of the room was raised platforms that had 'dancers' dancing away on them, crazy, changing color lights were above each station. More lounging areas were spread out across the room.

Stairs were at all four corners leading up to the second floor. A dancing station and couch were stationed in each corner. A tall glass railing was around the entire balcony, which was the second floor. In the middle of each side was a catwalk to a square area in the middle of both rooms. The floors were concrete.

"Ok, so evidently the boss is in the middle thing." He pointed to the middle dipped down lounging area.

They both walked up to the area and saw the same girl and guy that had gotten out of the car. The man had his arm wrapped around the girl and he was kissing her neck.

"Excuse me, sir, do you own this place?" The man with the light brown hair asked. The man continued to kiss the girl.

"Are you two stripers?" The girl asked.

"No, we are detectives." The girl rolled her eyes before she shoved the man off of her.

"Follow me," she said.

"We are here to talk to the owner."

"Yeah, naw dip Sherlock, I'm the owner. Now do you wanna see the dead bodies or leave." Both the detectives stood there in slight shock before they motioned for her to lead the way.

She turned around and walked into the elevator, they followed.

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