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Story of a love which is Forbidden. I ran into the living room and there were six mans standing in suits. And one man who was looking different from them, having extremely dangerous aura with tall beast like body wearing an expensive leather jacket, blue jeans with boots. He was holding a gun which he was pointing towards my father's head. I screamed " NO! " All eyes are on me and the guy with the gun looked towards me with his piercing green eyes and kept staring at me. I was crying by now tears were kissing my cheeks. My father looked towards me and yelled. " GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW! " That guy averted his from me to my father and said in his deep voice. "Since you don't have the money to pay me back. I will take this girls of yours" ****************************************** Alizey a 21 year old girl who is a university student,and lives happily with her family. She is a hijjabi and a practicing Muslimah. For her, her family is everything,and she can do anything for them. Alexander, the don of the under world, known as Alex.He is ruthless,stone hearted man. What happened when he lays his eyes on a girl, who can never be his. What will he do to get her. READ TO FIND OUT.

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Chapter 1

Today is my last day of fourth semester. I’m studying physical therapy education which is of 4 Years. Well my name is Alizey, I’m 20 years old. I live with my parents and little brother. My best friend is Sarah and Anna. They are just like my sisters. In our friend circle we have me ,Sarah,Anna, Amir and Malik. We all are good friends.

Sarah is beautiful chubby girl with hazel eyes and black hair. Where as Anna is hot and smart with blue eyes and blonde hairs. Malik on the other hand is topper of the class he’s handsome with hazel eyes, brown hair and strong body.

As it is our last day of fourth semester we planed to go for rides in the new park near our university. And decided that we will all meet at the park. After my classes I head out towards the bus stop. I was waiting for like 10 minutes but the bus wasn’t coming so I decided to walk there. It will take about 15 to 20 minutes. It was a great weather today.

When I reached there, I only saw Amir . When he saw me coming he asked. “Where are the others.”

I smiled at his annoyed face because he hate waiting. “They will be here in 15 minutes. Malik just texted me .”

Amir and I became friends in my first week after admission. I was having problems in finding my new class cause nobody was telling me where it is instead they started making fun of me by saying false stuff and calling me names. At that time Amir came,he helped me and warned everyone to stay away from me. He was famous guy in the university because of his good looks. He’s probably 6ft 2 inches and his body is that of an athlete. His eyes are of light honey colour his features are beautiful, sharp jawline with trimmed subtle. Often I have to face hatred from his fan girls (But who cares...)

We were also in the same class he is always there for me when ever I needed him like an elder brother. That’s how he became one of the most important person in my life. Its been two years since we became friends.

After some time Anna , Sarah and Malik arrived so we moved towards the rides . I wanted to ride the roller coaster I was so excited ” hey guys let’s ride that roller coaster.”

Anna was afraid of heights she started shaking her head in negative ” No way ! I won’t ride that thing.”

Malik started laughing. “oh so our little tigress is scared of something. ”

Anna made an annoyed face. ” shut up you’ll go I’ll stay here.” She sat there and we went on the ride I sat with Sarah while Amir and Malik sat together.

Amir was hesitant in riding but malik forced him to ride while taunting. ” don’t behave like a girl bro.” But Amir defended his self by saying “oh like you are behaving.”

I had enough of them “come on guys stop taunting each other” and the ride started we enjoyed a lot except Amir he was screaming like a kid making us burst in to a laughter.

Then we called Anna and we all go in different rides and Amir gave us a treat because his team won the football match in university. After that we all said our goodbyes.

It was almost 4 pm. So to catch the bus towards my house I was crossing the road to go on the bus stop. The traffic light shows the signal to walk I was fixing my hijab . I was crossing the road while securing the pin of my hijab. Out of no where I heard a screeching sound of wheels and the second moment I was laying on road my forehead hit the road and my knee was badly bleeding. I was still aware of my surrounding. And was in my senses.

I checked the traffic light it was still on walk. That made me furious I was boiling with anger. I stood up with pain in my knee. I stormed towards the driver seat of that black beautiful Bugatti veyron the windows and all the glasses of the car were tainted black. I can’t see who was sitting inside but one thing was clear that who ever it is will be going to regret this. I knocked on the window of the driver seat no response, what the hell ” come out you MR!!! ” I practically yelled the last part no response.

I was fuming with anger I will kill this person. Oh Allah give me sabr ( patience ).” MR.” I started banging on the window. My bag and stuff was still on the road in front of his car. The blood from my knee was covering my cloths. ” Come out you COWARD. YOU PIECE OF ”
Abruptly the door opened pushing me little back then someone threw some money at me and that person close the door, what the hell.

I always put a hammer in my bag ohhh please don’t ask why well it is for my safety you can say. I also put pepper spray. I took the hammer out of my bag and hit the front of the car with it.

The man came out of the driver seat and man he was huge muscular about 6 ft 3 inches might be. He was tall man and wearing sun glasses and a mask covering his mouth and nose so I can’t see his face properly and he was not looking like a normal man I prefer hulk or beast his jaw was clenched showing he is angry (Oh man now he’s angry..)

He had an extremely scary aura around him he seems to be really dominant, but I hit the car once again and it left an excellent mark.He growled ” WOMAN!!!!! ”

He stormed towards me I picked his money which he had threw on me and I threw that on his face and said ” Well keep the change.”

He was raging with anger and I was scared would be an understatement I was terrified but damn me if I show him any weakness. He snatched the hammer from me and threw it away he took a step forward standing in my personal bubble so I took a step back .
He immediately hold my right arm in a tight grip. It scared the hell out of me. I started struggling ” let go.”

But nothing he was just staring at me his face was emotionless I can’t see him properly. He hold my other arm also and pulled me closer. What the hell is he psycho or what i was struggling hard but he is so strong he didn’t even move. Then he came closer my heart was beating at a Marathon race. As if it will come out of my chest. And he started sniffing my hijab near my ear. Tears started to form in my eyes ” LET GO OF ME!!!!! ” I yelled and he let me go as if he came out of his trance then he moved towards the car and looked at me last time and rode away. I was trying not to cry. I put my hand on my heart to slow it down. I collected my stuff and went home on a cab.

Mama was angry and shouting at me for not being attentive on road baba was worried about my wounds but I was fine now my mother treated me I had a small bandage on my forehead and on my knee my brother was also worried. ” I’m sorry mom but I’m fine now don’t worry. And I’m hungry please give me food. ”

But mama said.” no food for you.And also I made biryani in dinner today.”

Ohhh yayyyy biryani I loved it.“Mama please I love you so much don’t worry common papa and Ali let’s eat. And now please cheer up change your moods .Because my stomach is punching me for food.. ” my father gave a heartly laugh followed by Ali and mama.

After dinner I went to my room I did Ablution for prayer and did my Isha prayer and read Quran. After that I make dua to Allah. ” YA ALLAH always keep my family and friends blessed and happy. Keep them in your protection. And help the poor and needy, Give me strength and power to protect my self AMEEN. ”

After that I took shower when I saw my self in the mirror there was bruise on my right arm from where that beast hold me. Oh Allah please forgive me I let him touch me. I never wanted to see that man again in my life I don’t even know his face but his hands and neck was covered in tattoos. (Ughhhh why I’m thinking about him... ) I changed into my pajamas and lay on the bed and immediately driffted to sleep.

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