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Lost under the sea

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11th March 2011 a day everything changed for her , for me and for many other people . People tell that when you wish while seeing a shooting star you wish become true . But he realised that day that people tell lies too . 11th March 2005 , a meteor crashed on the city of Akai Ito and everything changed for her for him and for many other people . But it was still a mistery for him to solve , of what happened to her . To find out the hidden secrets about the shooting star he sets on a journey to the lost city of Akai Ito . A city where the red strings of his fate were attached , where everything started , where he met her . And soon , the reality seemed like a fantasy to him .

Romance / Fantasy
Z. S. Ocean
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11th March 2011, a day when an earthquake attacked japan wake by a tsunami in Sendai . Many lives were lost , everything was destroyed . People were frightened to see such an act of nature .

But apart from this , something bizarre took place in a small unknown city of Akai Ito only known to people who saw it with their own eyes like me . That night A large burning meteor or a shooting star had crashed on the city .

People say if you wish something when you see a shooting star it becomes true . So I wished while I saw it , because that was the only thing I could do .

But soon The nine year old me realised that people tell lies .

It was believed that no one died as everyone were evacuated before the meteor hit the surface .

But it was all a lie . And they believed in those lies.

Because She didn't come back running towards me with a smile on her face as her short black hairs followed her behind with wind. I prayed so hard for her to be alive somewhere in there but nothing was found .

Soon a lake was formed there , reason - unknown . It was banned to go near the lake due to high unfamiliar radiations .

That night I saw something magical but I lost the only thing I had ;her.

Or so I thought . That nine year old me - Akito kobayashi - didn't had a clue about what was going to happen in his future.
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