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Chapter two

A/N: The whole book is in Toni’s point of view.
At 6:00 A.M., my alarm went off. I looked for my phone in the dark trying to turn the alarm off. When I did, I got up and went to the bathroom to get ready for school.
I went back to my room and picked out my outfit. A cropped black Adidas hoodie, light blue jeggings, and gray Adidas shoes. Then, I pulled my hair into a ponytail and went downstairs.
I saw my dad. But, I didn’t see my mom.
“Where is Mom?” I asked my dad.
“No ‘hi’?” He asked smiling.
I rolled my eyes. “Where is Mom?” I repeated.
“Your mom had to leave for work early,” he answered.
“Yeah. What do you want to eat?” He asked.
“Pancakes. But, I can fix it,” I said reaching for the pancake mix.
After I ate, I grabbed my bag, my phone, and my earbuds.
“Bye dad,” I said heading out the door.
“Bye,” he said.
As I walked to school, I couldn’t stop thinking about Jayden. I’ve only known him for a day and I already have him on my mind.
I saw the school building and walked in. I immediately walked to my locker trying to escape from the large crowd of students coming in. I slid my back down the wall in the corner, pulled my notebook out, and wrote in it.
“What are you writing?” I heard a familiar voice from above me. I looked up and saw Jayden smiling down at me.
“Oh, just random stuff,” I answered.
“Can I read it?” He asked sitting down next to me.
“Sure. One sec,” I said flipping back a few pages to a random short story I’m writing about a popular girl who is hiding a huge secret from everybody but, she meets a boy who understands her because he has a secret, too.
Before Jayden showed up I was writing about my secret.
I handed my notebook to him. He read it and looked up at me.
“It’s really good,” he said.
“No, it’s not,” I said taking my notebook back from him.
“Yes, it is,” he said.
“If you say so,” I said putting my notebook back in my bag.
“I hope this short story becomes a book because I love it!” He said.
“Thanks. I’ll see if it becomes a book or not,” I said.
“Good. Um, I drew something yesterday. Do you wanna see it?” He asked me.
“Yeah,” I said. He pulled out his sketchbook and flipped through the pages, then stopped, and handed it to me. I looked at it. It was a drawing of the ocean, but it was dark and gloomy. There was no color.
“Cool. I like it,” I smiled at him.
“Thanks. You can flip through the pages and look at my other drawings if you want,” he said. I did and most of his drawings were based on nature. The ocean and the jungle mostly.
“Wow. It’s really good,” I said giving his sketchbook back.
“Thanks,” he said.
“You’re welcome.”
“Um, Toni. Do you wanna hang out after school?” He asked me.
“Sure! Where?” I asked him.
“I don’t know!” He said.
“Okay. Then, when?” I asked.
“At 5:00,” he answered.
“Okay! Cool!” I smiled.
“Great. See you...” Jayden was cut off by the school bell.
“Well, we’re in the same homeroom, so we can talk more about this then,” I said.
“Sure,” He said.
In class
Jayden and I sat next to each other. Before the teacher started speaking Jayden whispered to me “Where are we gonna hang out, T?”
“The park?” I suggested.
“Sure!” He said smiling. Then, the teacher started speaking.
Jayden texted me.
J: I’m bored already!
T: you just got here!
J: I know... I just wanna get outta here.
T: Jayden!
J: what?
T: wanna ditch?
J: yes! But, how are we gonna get outta here?
T: I don’t know.
J: Well, let’s talk about what we’re gonna do at the park.
T: I really don’t know. I guess we just gotta wait.
J: fine.
We continued texting until class was over. When the bell rang, I threw my bag over my shoulder and walked out. Then, I saw Kenya and walked up to her.
“Hi, Kenya,” I said. She turned toward me.
“Hi. How was your homeroom?” She asked me.
“Good. How was yours?” I asked.
“Okay. I guess,” she said.
“Are you sure you’re okay?” I asked her. I really am getting worried about Kenya. She is never this quiet. Unless, something bad happened. Maybe she really is nervous about high school and I’m just overreacting.
“Yeah, Toni. I’m just a little nervous. Like I said yesterday! I’m fine! Trust me!” She said coldly.
“Okay! Okay! I’m sorry,” I said.
“It’s okay. I’ll text you later, T,” she said walking away.
Then, I saw Erica. She walked up to me and said, “hey.”
“What’s up?” I said.
“Nothin’ much. How was your homeroom?” She asked me.
“Good. How was yours?” I asked her.
“Boring,” she answered.
“Okay,” I said.
“I’ll catch ya later,” she said walking away.
Then, the bell rang and went to my next class, which is math.
In class
I sat in the back, pulled out my notebook, and began writing about my secret.
“Toni!” I heard a male voice say. I picked my head up and saw the teacher staring at me.
“Would you like to share with the class what you’re doing?” He asked sarcastically. I looked down at what I was writing, then looked back up at him.
“No, sir,” I said quietly.
“Then, put the notebook away!” He demanded. I did what he told me to do.
After class
I rushed to my locker and slid my back down the wall trying to escape the large crowd of students. Then, I saw Jayden in the crowd. He saw me and squeezed through the crowd of students.
“Hey,” He said sitting next to me.
“Hi,” I replied.
“Are you trying to escape from this crowd?” He asked me. I nodded my head in response.
“Same,” He said as I reached for my phone and earbuds in my bag. I plugged my earbuds in my phone and turned on my playlist.
“What are you listening to?” I read Jayden’s lips. I took my earbuds out and put it in his. One Last Time by Ariana Grande was playing. He quietly sang along. He smiled at me and sang a little louder. I sang along with him. Before we knew it the hallway was empty. We didn’t care. We just sang along to the song. Jayden sounds really good.
At the end of the song, Jayden pulled me close and looked in my dark brown eyes. He quickly came back to reality and pulled away.
“I’m so sorry!” He said panicking a bit.
I frowned a bit. I kinda liked it, though.
“Oh. It’s okay,” I said.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” he said.
“Jayden. Don’t worry. Songs like that will do that to you!” I said. He started laughing, so did I.
“By the way, you sound so good! Like an angel,” Jayden said.
Then, we saw the principal. Jayden pulled me close again and pushed me into the janitor’s closet. He shut the door.
“That was close!” He whispered.
“Why’d you push me?” I asked.
“Um, did you see the principal right there?!” He said. I looked down.
“I didn’t wanna get you in trouble, T,” he said.
“We skipped class, J. I think we already are!” I said.
He chuckled. “Yeah.”
“We’re in so much trouble!” I said.
“What? Are you scared?” He asked.
“Of my parents!” I said.
“Oh,” he said.
“Yeah,” I looked up at him.
He let out a sigh. “Do you need a hug?” He asked me.
I smiled and nodded my head.
He wrapped his arms around me.
“You’re okay,” he whispered in my ear. Chills went down my spine when he said that.
“I just have fun hanging out with you,” he said breaking the hug.
“I do, too,” I said smiling. Then, I door handle started to jingle. I started to panic as the door began to open. It was the principal! My heart began to race like crazy. I looked over at Jayden, who is looked down nervously.
“So, we’re skipping class now?” He asked. We said nothing.
“In my office,” he said leading us into his office.
In the principal’s office
We sat down and the principal sat in front of us.
“Now, tell me why y’all were skipping class?” He asked us.
“Um, we were singing a song, we got lost in it, and we didn’t realize the hallway was empty until the song was over,” Jayden explained.
“Y’all know you’re still getting detention, right?” He asked us sarcastically. I stopped listening after that.
A few minutes later, Jayden nudged me.
“Time to go,” He said quietly. I followed him out.
In the hallway, I banged my head against a locker and sighed.
“What’s wrong?” Jayden asked me leaning against the locker next to me.
“Just scared about what my parents gonna do,” I answered.
“Same,” He said quietly.
“Okay then.” I said. Then, he grabbed my shoulders and spun me toward him.
“It’s gon’ be okay, T,” he said, calming me down a bit.
“Thanks, J,” I said. Then, the bell rang and students came rushing out of their classes.
“I’ve got an idea,” Jayden said taking his hands off my shoulders.
“What?” I asked him.
“We could sneak outta detention and go to park,” He answered.
“I like it,” I said.
“So, we’re sneaking out of detention?” He asked. I nodded my head in response.
“Cool,” He said quietly.
Skip to lunch
I saw Erica and Kenya. They saw me and gestured me over to their seats. I walked over and sat down.
“Hey,” Erica said.
“Hey,” I said.
“Hi,” Kenya said.
“How was y’all day so far?” I asked them.
“Good,” Kenya answered.
“Same,” Erica said.
“Anything fun happened today for y’all?” Kenya asked.
“I don’t think so,” Erica said.
“Well, any tea?” Kenya asked. This is girl is on a need to know! But, I can’t let them know I got detention.
“Nah,” I lie.
“Nope,” Erica said.
“Y’all are so boring!” Kenya groaned.
“Hey, it’s not our fault this school is boring as heck!” I said. We all started laughing.
End of lunch
There four more periods until the end of the school day. Time flew by so fast.
At the end of the school day, I saw Jayden drawing in his sketchbook on the floor by the lockers and I walked over to him. I sat next to him.
“Hey,” He said.
“Hi,” I said.
“Now, how are we sneaking out of detention?” I asked him.
“I don’t know. It really depends on what room we’re in,” he said.
“True,” I said. Then, we saw the principal. He looked at us and gestured us in his direction. We walked over to him.
“Come with me,” he said leading us into an empty classroom.
He told us to sit down far away from each other and not talk. There was a window in the room that leads to outside. We could climb out that window and head to the park.
The principal left us alone and locked the door. When he did, he immediately got up and went to the window.
“Okay, so how are we gonna do this?” Jayden asked me. I wasn’t tall enough to reach the window, but Jayden was. He’s a few inches taller than me.
“Give me a boost,” I said. He picked me by the waist, so I could reach the window. I climbed through and jumped out. Then, it was Jayden’s turn. He jumped out and started walking.
“Come on, T,” he said. I followed behind him.
At the park
I sat under a tree and Jayden sat next me.
“So, you just came here to sit?” He asked me.
I chuckled. “Nah. But, we did just walk two miles to get here,” I said.
“Oh, yeah. But, don’t you wanna do something?” He asked me.
“Yes. But, what?”
“We could swim in the lake over there,” he said pointing a lake.
“Um, I’ll sit by the lake,” I said.
“You don’t like it swim?” He asked curiously.
“No,” I answered.
“Oh. Well, you can watch me swim, then,” he said.
He walked to the lake as I followed behind him. I sat beside the lake. Jayden was about to jump in when he stopped.
“What?” I asked.
“Hold my shirt,” he said taking his shirt off. Then, he jumped in. I put his shirt next to me.
“Wanna play a game?” He asked.
“Come in the water first,” He said.
“I’m good,” I insisted. Jayden groaned, then he pulled me in! I came the surface and pushed Jayden’s head under water. I held his head under water for two minutes until he came rushing to the surface gasping for air. I chuckled.
“What the heck?!” He asked with anger in his voice.
“I’m sorry. I was mad,” I said holding back laughter.
“I couldn’t breathe, Toni!” He shouted.
“I’m sorry, Jayden,” I said looking into his eyes. I saw pure anger. No mercy. I looked down. Now, I felt bad. I got out of the water and just sat by the lake not saying a word. I looked over at Jayden and now I saw hurt in his eyes. He sighed and climbed out of the water.
“I’m sorry, Toni. I didn’t mean scare you,” he said. I was silent. He didn’t scare me, I just feel bad for making him so angry.
“Toni,” He said.
I looked at him. “You didn’t scare me, Jayden. I just felt bad for making you so angry,” I explained.
“Oh, I’m sorry though. Sometimes, my anger get the best of me.”
“It’s okay,” I said.
“You sure?”
“Yeah. I’m sure.”
“Um, did you wanna watch something?” He asked.
“Like what?”
“Netflix?” He suggested.
“Sure,” I said.
“How ‘bout we watch The Umbrella Academy?” He asked.
“Yes!” I said.
We watched all of season one.
“We have to find out what the release date is for season two!” I said.
“Yes, we do!”
Three hour later
It was 6:00 in the afternoon.
“Well, I’m now damp,” Jayden said.
“And I’m cold,” I said. Jayden then got up, started looking in his backpack, and pulled out his hoodie.
“What do you have a hoodie?” I asked him.
“My mom,” he answered.
“You said you were cold,” he said throwing it over me.
“Thanks,” I said putting my arms through the sleeves.
“No problem,” he said.
“Now, what now?” I asked. Jayden shrugged his shoulders.
“Seriously?” I said.
“You wanna watch a movie?” Jayden asked me.
“What movie?” I asked.
“Dismissed?” He suggested.
After the movie, I was extremely tired. I yawned.
“Sleepy?” I heard Jayden ask. I nodded my head in response.
“Want me to take you home?” He asked.
“You can. But, don’t knock on the door,” I said quietly.
“My parents will freak out if a boy is bringing me home,” I explained.
“I can take you there halfway,” He suggested.
“Sure.” Jayden grabbed his shirt and put in on.
“Get up,” He said.
“I’m too tired,” I said. He sighed, then grabbed my hand and helped me to my feet.
“Now, I’m not carrying you two miles to your house,” he said.
“Three,” I corrected.
I rubbed my eyes. “School is one mile away from our school. Since in took two miles to get here, add that one mile, that makes three miles,” I said.
“Oh okay,” he said.
“Now, I am tired to walk,” I said.
“I can tell,” Jayden said. “Go to sleep, I’ll wake you up in a few hours,” he said.
“Where am I s’pposed to sleep?” I asked. He sat down under a tree.
“Sit,” he patted on the grass. I sat next to him.
When I did, he threw his arm around me, I put my head on his shoulder, and I just fell asleep.
I woke up about six hours later. That means it’s 2 A.M.! Jayden was asleep, too. I took my head off his shoulder. He groaned when I did.
“What time is it?” He asked groggily.
“2 A.M.,” I answered. He got up and threw his bag over his shoulder.
“I’ll see you later, T,” he said.
“Don’t you want your hoodie back?” I asked.
“Give it to me Monday!” He said.
“Okay. See you later, Jayden,” I said walking away.
At home
I snuck in through my back window. I climbed in and slowly got in bed. I took my shoes. Then, I fell asleep.

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