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Chapter four

My alarm went off at 6:00 A.M. I laid there for 14 minutes before I got out of bed. I went to the bathroom and got ready for school.
I went back to my room and got dressed. I put on a white and blue striped t-shirt, light blue jeans, and Adidas.
Then, I went downstairs and noticed that my parents weren’t there. They must’ve left for work early. I grabbed a granola bar and headed outside to walk to school. As I walked to school, I thought about Kenya. I’m worried about her. I can’t lose her. But, she said that she’s afraid of losing herself. I gotta talk to her about it.
At school
There weren’t many people there. I went to my locker and pulled my notebook out of my bag.
Then, I saw Kenya. “Kenya!” I called. She looked at me and walked over.
“Yes?” she said.
“We need to talk,” I said.
“About?” She asked.
“What you said in your texts,” I said.
She sighed. “I-,” she stopped and looked down.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her.
“Promise you won’t tell?”
“Promise,” I said.
“M-my parents have been fighting a lot lately. One night, over the summer they were screaming and throwing things at each other... my mom then let out a scream. Then, there was silence. I slowly walked out of my room and saw my mom laying on the floor. She was dead. My dad had killed her. He stabbed her. He’s now on trial. He facing life in prison. Now, I’m probably gon’ have to live with my aunt and uncle and they hate me!” She explained as she broke down crying. I just hugged her. She cried into my shoulder.
“I got you,” I whispered in her ear
After 13 minutes of this, Kenya let go of me. Her eyes were red and puffy. She was silent.
“Yeah?” she said.
“You can always live with me. My parents wouldn’t mind,” I suggested.
“I’d love to!” She said smiling a bit.
“Great! Just let me talk to my parents first.”
“Thank you, Toni.” She hugged me again.
“Hey, you’re my friend. I’d do anything for you.” I smiled at her.
“Okay... well, I’ll text you later.” She walked away.
I sighed. Then, I saw Jayden.
“Hey,” he said walking over to me.
“Did you talk to her?” He asked me. I nodded my head as an answer.
“Is she okay?” he asked.
“Yeah,” I lied.
“So, you were worried about nothing!” he said. I shrugged my shoulders.
“Are you okay?” he asked.
“I’m fine,” I lied again.
“Okay. Um, do you wanna hang out again after school?” He asked me.
“And do what?” I asked. I honestly don’t wanna hang out with him today! I’m too worried about Kenya. But, of course, I’m gonna say yes!
“I don’t know. Where do you wanna go?” He asked me.
“I don’t know. Do you wanna go to the same place we went last time?” I asked.
“Sure. When?”
“After sunset.”
“Why?” he asked leaning against the lockers.
“It’s more fun,” I smiled at him.
“Cool.” He smiled. Then, the bell rang.
In class
I was sat in my usual spot. Jayden sat next to me. As always.
“What do you wanna at the park, T?” Jayden asked me.
“I honestly don’t know!” I said.
“Well, when is after sunset?”
“I don’t know. Let’s just go there at 10:00,” I said.
“Okay. Cool.” Of course, I’m going to go there early because I just wanna be alone and think.
After class
I saw Erica. I walked over to her. She saw me and said, “Hey.”
“What’s up?”
“Nothing much. How ‘bout you?” She asked me.
“Same old, same old,” I said.
“But, I’ll catch you later,” I said walking away.
Skip to lunch
I sat in the far back of the lunchroom. Then, I saw Kenya. She saw me and walked over.
“Hi, T,” she said sitting down across from me.
“Are sure it’s okay if I come to stay with you?” She asked me.
“Of course. My parents love you,” I said.
“Yeah, but they’re gonna want an explanation,” she said.
“And if we tell them... they’re probably gonna make you live with your aunt and uncle.”
“But, they hate me!” she said.
“Well, what do they do to you?” I asked her.
“They’re always putting me down,” she answered.
“Oh... do they did anything else?” She shook her head.
“Oh,” I looked at down.
“How ‘bout you come over after school and we talk with my parents about it?” I suggested. Kenya nodded her head.
End of lunch
I saw Jayden in the hallway. I just looked the other way. But, he saw me and walked up to me.
“Hey,” he said.
“Hi,” I replied.
“How you been?” He asked me.
“Fine. How ‘bout you?”
End of school
I saw Kenya and walked up to her.
“Hi,” I said.
“Hey. Are you sure about this?” She asked me.
“Yeah. I’m sure,” I reassured her.
She gave me a tiny smile. “Okay.”
We walked out the door.
At home
I saw my parents.
“Mom? Dad? Can we talk?” I said.
“What’s up?” My mom asked. I told them the whole story and they were silent for a few minutes.
“I see what you’re tryna do, T,” my dad said.
“So, can she stay?” I asked them.
“But... she can’t stay. She needs to stay with her family,” my dad said. Kenya looked down.
“Okay,” I said taking Kenya outside.
“What are we gonna do, T?” Kenya asked.
“You can still live with me.”
“How?” She asked.
“My parents don’t have to know,” I said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Come on!” I said pulling her to the back door. I snuck her past my parents and upstairs to my room.
“Thanks, Toni,” she said smiling.
“No problem.”
“Where am I gon’ sleep though?” She asked.
“Am I gonna sleep on your chair?”
I have a purple velvet chair in my room. I got it three years ago.
“If you want.”
“Cool,” She said sitting down in the chair.
“Don’t you gotta pack?” I asked her.
“Oh, right,” She said climbing out the window. “I’ll be back at midnight.” She left.
9:30 P.M
I climbed out the window and walked to the park.
At the park
I sat down under a tree and thought about Jayden. I know I like him. But, I can’t tell him, ‘cause I know he won’t feel the same way.
A few minutes later I saw Jayden walking toward me.
“Hey,” he said sitting next to me.
“Hi,” I replied.
“How you been?” He asked me.
“Good. How ‘bout you?”
“You wanna play a game or something?” I asked him.
“Let’s watch a movie,” he said.
“Okay. What movie?”
“Us,” he answered.
Jayden went to Amazon video on his phone and clicked on Us. He propped his phone up against the tree in front of us. I laid my head on his shoulder and scooted a little closer to him as he threw his arm around me.
After the movie
“I’ve seeen this movie three times and I’m still in shock. I hope he makes a second,” Jayden said looking down at me.
“True. But, Jordon doesn’t seem like the type to make second movies,” I said looking up at him. Jayden took his arm off of me and I took my head off of his shoulder.
“Toni. Can you please tell me about Kenya?” He asked out of the blue.
“Why? She’s fine,” I lied.
“Toni... I-I saw you two. She was crying... she’s not okay. So, can you please tell me the truth?” He asked.
“J. If you wanna know the truth, ask Kenya. ‘Cause I’m not telling you.”
He sighed. “Okay. I’m sorry for askin’,” he said.
“No, it’s fine,” I reassured him.
“You sure?”
“Yeah, I’m sure.” He give me a tiny smile.
“Nothin’, you’re just... cute.”
“Thanks,” I said.
11:50 P.M.
Time flew by so quickly, that I almost forgot about Kenya!
“Shoot! I gotta go, J,” I said standing up.
“Oh, me too. Later, T.” He hugged me and left. I smiled when he left. I like Jayden. A lot.
At home
I climbed in the window and searched for Kenya. She wasn’t there. Maybe, she’s on her way.
After a few minutes later, I saw Kenya climb in the window.
“Hey,” she whispered.
“Hi,” I said softly.
“So, you’re basically hiding me from your parents?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I answered.
“Got it.” She sat in the chair.
“Sleepy?” I asked. She nodded her head.
“Okay.” I switched off the lights and crawled into bed. I went to sleep.

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