Gabby Goodwin's Train Wrecked Love Life

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Gabby Goodwin has a questionable sense of style, no filter whatsoever, and horrible taste in the opposite sex, and that's just the tip of her problems Gabby Goodwin is just your average fourth grade teacher, who just so happens to write erotic novels on the side for a living. But other than that, she’d tell you she’s completely average. But there is one area of her life that never seems to work out for her no matter how hard she tries... and that's her love life. After her latest mistake, Gabby decides to take a break from men for a while. But her best friends have other ideas on the matter. Then when her mother decides to get involved… all hell breaks loose. Before she even knows what the hell is going on... old crushes emerge, rivals she thought long dead, and old heart breaks that she wished would've stayed long gone. But in Gabby's crazy life, who knows what the new school year will bring, or what her friends and family has in store for her... she just hoping she can survive it!

Romance / Humor
Jennifer L Byars
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I hate prologues, but here’s it goes anyways...

Let me start out by admitting, I was never one of the popular girls. I’m not saying I was ugly or anything, far from it, but I would consider myself just average. My hair is long and brown, my eyes hazel green, and I’m not supper model skinny, but I’m not over weight either.

Some would argue that my fashion sense is questionable at times, but hell, I’m fine with that. And when I’m not teaching fourth grade, I write smut online for the masses… some might go as far to say that I write porn as my second job. But other than my writing, I’m really pretty boring.

I don’t do hiking, (unless you call walking through wilds of the mall hiking… those bitches can be crazy!) I prefer a good comedy movie over sappy romances, I don’t wear heels, despite what the woman in my book wear. Me personally, I prefer my flip flops, and tennis shoes. I don’t get all dolled up with fake eyelashes and lipstick, I like the natural makeup... with chap stick of course. As for my clothing, I don’t own a sexy black dress or swanky underwear... but I do think my ass looks pretty good in my favorite gray sweatpants.

So why is all this important you might be wondering? Well because this year, I caught the hottest guy that has ever moved into Biddeford. He’s the new fifth grade teacher at the Elementary school I work at, and his name is Jason Evens. Damn, even his name is sexy. Oh and ladies, he’s hot, so damn hot that woman watch him walk down the halls!

Jason is smart, sexy, and can pull off the whole jeans and blazer thing... and his ass in those jeans, yummy! So how did I happen to score this delicious dish of dark haired, sultry eyed stud? Well, I have absolutely no clue. Maybe he likes woman who stutter and can’t put a coherent word together at the sight of him. Maybe he digs a woman whose hands are covered in red and blue marker from the white board, maybe questionable fashion sense turns his ass on, I really couldn’t say, but either way, he’s mine!

My best friend Stacy told me, after I was questioning his sanity for dating me, that it was because I’m gorgeous and fun to be around. But best friends are like your mom, they have to say that shit like that. If I was being honest with you, and I am, I think it was my big boobs that caught his attention. Most of the time big boobs suck. I mean, trying to find a shirt that fits your chest and your hips at the same time... complete pain in the ass. But if they helped me snag this hottie, then... yay big tits!

Anyways, next week is Jason and I one-year anniversary. Yup that’s right, one year. So, I had an idea that might help take this relationship to the next level, you know the kind that ends with a ring on my finger. And what better way to do that then, rock your man’s world!

So when Friday morning came around, I woke up early, got ready, then head over to Jason’s place. I didn’t text, or give him a call for a heads up that I was on my way, I was just going. My plan was to go there, stripe that man down, and then ride him like a wild stud he was, all while smacking his ass screaming yeehaw!

When I pull up to his house, I took one last look in the mirror, just to be sure that my porno star makeup was in place, then smiled. With a deep breath, I gather up my nerve, tightened my trench coat, and then snatched the cowboy hat from the seat, and went to go see a man about getting properly fucked!

Now I had played this out in my head a million ways. So when I opened the door open and walked into his entry hall, I saw a little surprised seeing the back of his head sitting on the couch. But I dropped my coat to the floor, revealing the sexy red panties, bra, cowboy boots, along with a cap gun on my hip and smiled. “Jason, this cowgirl has come over to lassoing herself a stud!” I announced taking the pistols from the holsters and popping them off.

He turned his head around so fast that I knew I surprised him, but the way his eyes went wide wasn’t like the, holy shit I’m going to get laid this morning, it was something else I couldn’t put my finger on. “Gabby, I mean, ah…ow!” He hissed, but did he just say wow, or ow?

“I thought I would surprise you this morning, so here I am.” I laughed walking to him.

“Wait!” He shouted as his hand flew up to stop me.

“What, what’s the matter?” I asked now worried that something was wrong. Then looked down at the way I was dressed. “You don’t like it?”

“No, I do, it’s just, ah, well, you see…” He started, but then a bobbed haired, red head, popped up, from what I’m assuming was his lap. That's when I did stop... and let what I was seeing sink in. You know, out of all the scenarios that I had thought could happen this morning, this wasn't one of them.

“Holy shit, you screwing Missy!?” I gasped staring at our coworker, and the kindergarten teacher, as she grinned victoriously back at me.

“Gabby, you see, I wanted to tell you…” He started to explain popping up from the sofa, and giving me the full view of what she was doing to him, as he pulled up his tidy whites making his way over to me, while I, just stood there like a damn idiot. “It’s just, well, the last couple months you see…” He started to explain again, when the red headed dick sucker cut in.

“He’s been seeing me for over a month now Gab, sorry you had to find out this way.” The slut volunteered, as she wiped spit from her mouth.

Ewe, Gross!

Well it looked like he wasn’t the only one getting fucked today… I just got completely fucked, just in a more figurative way.

Now I wish I could tell you that I just picked up my coat, flipped the bastard off and told him to go to hell before I left. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened. Instead, I started to cry. You know the kind I’m talking about... the kind where the snot is running out of your nose as you hyperventilate, and can’t see straight because there’s too much water pouring out of your eyes. Oh yeah, that was me.

I was pathetic, and making a fool out of myself in front of the man that I thought loved me, and the whore he was screwing around with. But as I finally manage to snatch my coat from the floor, I did get one thing out. “You’re a no-good son of a bitch, and you both can go to hell!”

Yup, that was the best I came up with…

After my canny come back, I ran out of the house and into the safety of my car. I started the ignition rubbing the mascara out of my eyes with my palms of my hands before taking off and wanting nothing more but to crawl back into bed and have the emotional melt down I was inevitable going to have.

As I stopped at a red light, I reached over pulling some tissue out from the glove compartment and started blowing my nose when a big-rig pulled up next to the passenger side of my car. The only reason why I knew this was because, the the ass started honking his horn to get my attention.

Now the last thing I wanted to was to have anyone see me in my state of a complete and utter wreckage but, maybe something was wrong and he was just trying to tell me. So, when I looked over to see what he wanted, and the asshole started making some pretty nasty suggestions at me... WTF!

I was about to flip the bastard off, when I finally realized I was sitting there in nothing more but my bra and panties, and with the damn cowboy hat still on my head.

“Oh, my life fucking sucks!”

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