Tame The King

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"I don't love you." I declared, looking up at him with a blank stare. He simply smirked, "It's alright. I will make you love me." She was the only one, who could control the monster the inside of him, She was the only one, who could keep him sane, She was the only one, who his green eyes loved to gaze, She was his mate. She was his. -- When Charlotte found out that a very powerful being was her mate, all she wanted to do was run away. But when was ordered to help him tame his demon, she had no choice but to oblige. But how was she going to control the demon when she, herself had demons inside of her?

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Chapter 1


I knew since I was young that fairy tales didn’t exist. I did believe in love but a thing like happily ever after? I didn’t believe in it! There was no such thing as happily ever after. Everything came to an end at one time or other.

My mother loved- she still does- my father. They both were in love. I was in love with their story, their aura, and their smiles. I loved everything that they do.

Then everything disappeared into thin air one day. My father was killed by his friend. A friend that couldn’t control the wolf that was inside of him. What a funny story!

This world is full of unknown and scary things. And for me, the scariest thing in the whole world was half wolves.

They were living without even knowing how to control themselves. They could snap anytime and anywhere. They could easily kill you and their excuse would be something as simple as, ‘sorry, I couldn’t control it!’


I hated half wolves so why was that I was the chosen one?

It was just like every other day. I was getting ready to go to school when there was a knock at the door. I heard my sister’s footsteps; she probably went to open the door. I could hear my little sister gasping and I immediately ran downstairs, fearing that someone dangerous had come inside.

I was right. He was dangerous.

“Alpha.” I bowed down as soon as I saw the tall figure of our Alpha, Silvic. At his side was his mate, “Luna.”

They both looked so powerful together. If you watch closely, you would notice my fangirl side trying to take over my normal senses.

“What brings you here, Alpha and Luna?” I searched each and every corner of my brain. What did I do? I didn’t think I was dumb enough to do something that would result in them coming here.

Or wait…. Was it something that my sister did? My eyes eyed her immediately. She gave me a look.

No, no, it was definitely not my sister. She was very lazy. Even if we ask her to do something for money, she won’t do it. Plus, she was most of the time with me as she was anti-social to the core.

So, what was it? I tried to shake away my thoughts and focused on the couple in front of me.

“Please call me Phoebe,” her eyes flickered towards my chest, “Will you talk while wearing your towel?”

It was only then that I realize that my body was only wrapped around with a towel. My eyes widened and as an instinct, I screamed like a mad woman and went upstairs.

At the background, I could hear my little sister slapping her own forehead because of my stupidity. I wanted to cry. How was that I was so stupid? They must think I was some rowdy woman.

After successfully making a fool out of me, I walked down the stairs gracefully somehow preserving the little dignity that I managed to save.

The Alpha and the Luna, both were seated on the sofa. The Luna was talking to my little sister whereas the Alpha was using his phone.

So, they didn’t even notice my graceful walk?

“Hello!” I greeted as I took a seat on their left, “What brings you here?”

“You are Charlotte, right?” I nodded my head slowly. What did they both want with me?

“Where are your parents?” I pursed my lips. I was kind of getting nervous. Did we do something wrong?

“My mother has gone out to meet with her aunt. She is not inside the territory at the moment.” I answered.

They both didn’t ask about my father. Their eyes told me that they already knew that I didn’t want to answer them my father. They both nodded my head.

“Do you know Aria?” I nodded my head at the sudden question. They both undoubtedly noticed the surprise look in my face, “Yes, isn’t she the one who can supposedly speak to the moon Goddess?” I questioned. There was probably not a wolf who didn’t know her. She was a like a mystical being to all of us. Of course, I haven’t seen her but I had heard about her.

I have heard that the Moon Goddess sends her visions. It was hard to believe. But then again considering how there were many unexplained things in the worlds, it might be true.

“Yes and she has a message for you.” What? If I was surprised before than I had no idea what I was feeling then. I couldn’t believe what they were saying.


“Yes. Do you know anybody that goes by the name Jerome?”

“Jerome?” I paused for a moment. I narrowed my eyes, and searched brain for someone named Jerome. I have never heard about some ‘Jerome’. “No, why are you asking?”

“Because he is your mate.” I blinked.


“How do you know that? I have not even-,” What the hell were they talking about? My head was feeling hurt from all these.

“Because he will be the first ever Alpha of the half wolves.” The Luna interrupted my sentence.

My blood ran cold. I wanted to look at my little sister’s face but I couldn’t move my body. She was only nine years old but she knew, she knew everything about why I loathed the half wolves so much.

“There is surely some mistake. I can never be a mate of someone like him.” I told them, my voice weak.

Our Alpha raised his eyebrow, “There may be, but we have simply come to tell you Aria’s message.”

“I have no idea why she has asked us to do. We are simply doing our job and we both want you to help him to control his wolf. A mate is the only one who can help him. Will you do it?”

I gulped. The Alpha was asking me a request. How can I decline? It’s because of this man that my family could live peacefully. He was our protector. Maybe this was the only way I could repay him. If it was him, our Alpha, requesting me then I had no option but to accept.

“Yes, I will do it.” The words didn’t sound right in my mouth, at least not to me. But I had no choice.

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