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He was the chestnut, fruit of the oak with a rough base that caused a seed of everything bad to come. His eyes, that carried the pure madness of brown-colored sights didn't go unnoticed by anyone. And the way he moved caused the spark of dismay to glow harder within people. It didn't have to be one thought more that this boy was bad. Eyes furious, body rigid, he was back to the old town he had been absent and avoiding. Back to every mistake, haunted illusions, dangerous missteps, guilty memories, and most importantly- he was back to Mia. Her eyes spoke of an innocent soul and her movements told the purest stories of them all. He couldn't believe how such an unlike girl like her could squeeze his heart into million pieces. But he had a plan. A strategy that's going to cause every match in the box on fire. He was going to burn everything that caused his life to churn. But... he was also taking the girl of his dreams with him.

Romance / Drama
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HIS NAME WAS Aiden. That was the first thing she heard about him when she walked through those doors one final time.


”Stay away from Aiden.”

”Aiden is bad news.”

However, she knew all of that. She's been going in the same school as him since freshman year but she has never heard this much about him. It was like he had become worldwide famous overnight although he had been gone for... a year that no one seemed to know why. He disappeared in junior year, no one knew where he went. But the fact that Aiden's friend Lucas disappeared also at the same time made chills creep up on Mia's arms.

She knew he was bad but for some reason, she couldn't stay away. She wanted to know more about him, discover secrets that that lied deep down in Aiden's chest. Something made Aiden special to her and after all, he was just... Aiden.

The boy that every parent told their kid to stay as far away from.

"Aiden is bad, " they told their own kid and they compelled everyone until everyone was scared of him.

But for Mia it was different.

She never believed in the lies that spat out of the adult's mouths. She hated the fact that people judges just by the look of an appearance.

Mia hated that, and although Aiden had been gone for a year her feelings for him never disappeared. It was like an explosion of fireworks going through her chest when she saw him for the first time in a year in the school's hallway. It felt like everything went in slow motion when she saw Aiden walking towards her direction although he wasn't walking towards her the feeling in her heart said otherwise.

He was much bigger than she had seen him the last time. So, so much bigger it almost frightened Mia when she saw how many muscles he had recalling back in time he didn't have that many muscles.

And he was taller. So much taller than the last time although he was tall when he left he was a giant now which made Mia's throat close. He looked more mature and intimate, but most of all scary. He looked so scary in Mia's eyes, almost deadly scary and that glare he had on his face was nothing compare from the last time. His glare looked like it could kill if it wasn't the case it could.

His wavy brown hair was longer as a few locks fell against his forehead due to his gaze was locked on the ground. Even if he had all black on him like he usually had you could definitely see more tattoos on his arms where the sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, adding more to his scaring look.

It didn't surprise Mia that Lucas was walking beside Aiden. He was also grown. More muscular, taller, mature, and all those stuff but Mia's eyes were locked on Aiden.

She has never talked to him and he has never talked to her too. It may have been these lame talks like "do you have a pen?" or "watch where you're going" kind of talks. Yeah, all of those were Aiden talking although he rarely talks he found a way to talk to Mia but Mia was too shy to talk to him. She often blushed and whispered out a shy "sorry" to Aiden every time she bumped into him, avoiding eye contact as she ran away from him.

Although at this moment she most definitely should run away from him, looking scarier and meaner the last time she saw him but at that moment she couldn't. Her feet were rooted to the ground, clenching hand on her chest as she watched Aiden walking closer to her. Step by step and still he hadn't noticed her standing just a few feet away from him until he lifted his head from the ground.

Mia's eyes went wide when Aiden's hard brown eyes locked themselves on hers. She couldn't believe it that he was looking at her with his stone cold look, fisted hands in the pocket of his jeans. It felt all over again for her watching as he stepped closer to her, never leaving his gaze on her. It became hard for Mia to breathe when he came closer and closer and Mia's heart jumped up in nervousness.

Never had she ever felt this way with anyone else than Aiden. He always made her feel like this. Nervous, shy, and a blushing mess.

Aiden's face never changed emotions, he only had that emotionless face on even when he looked at Mia or for anyone in that matter, at that moment until he finally crossed and went past her, brushing his bicep on her shoulder slightly in almost a teasingly way.

Maybe he hasn't forgotten about me. Mia thought for herself as she saw him walked past her and even after that she turned around never taking her eyes off him as she watched him walk away from her, gazing at his muscular back flexing behind his black sweatshirt.

Only if. She thought but she was sure now, of all the rumors and whispers of every student in that school she knew.

Aiden was back.

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