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"And do you think lying to me again would make me stay." I was taken back by her question. "Lying to you? When did I ever..." "Cut the crap Dylan, I s Dylan Saunders is not only a CEO, but he is an arrogant, egoistically, cocky CEO with no real obligations but only to himself with a past that made him who he is today. He uses and sees girls only for his enjoyment. But what happens when your ex of whom he had given all his heart to comes back into the picture bringing along misfortune and girls that only trouble you further. Where does your heart lies. What does it want. This world is full of secret and lies but secrets never stay buried and lies never stay hidden. How will he cope to know he isn't the only one living in hell. ---Warning not intended for 18 and under. Strong sexual and mature language please be advise.--

Romance / Drama
Kahna Kahn
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Chapter 1-Secretary


“Oh fuck me, harder, harder!” The brunette beneath me panted while I yanked on her hair roughly pulling her head backwards.

“Yeah fuck, you like that huh baby?” I breathed while shoving my dick up her ass.

Who cares if I was in my office right now. Hell the whole office knows of my sexual escapades with these little sluts.

They are all the same to me as anyone. And are only asking for one thing when they walked into my office. It’s never about business though a part of me would like it to be about business. I am after all one of the top five CEO’s out there who is known for his hard work and capabilities.

And the fact that these ladies come in wearing less and less clothing well that’s just saying something.

“Oh my god!” Her voice moaned while I grunted.

“Say my name.” Her hands were gripping the side of my desk while I planted my hand smack on her ass cheeks revealing a nice red hand print.

“Say my name god dammit!”

“More, please Dylan!” She shouted with much eagerness.

“That’s right baby.” My voice now hoarse as my desk shook.

Everything, from paper and pens, to paperclips, everything that was on my desk was now on the floor.

It’s okay I’ll get my secretary to clean up my mess.

“You like that huh.”

She just mumbled a hmm.

“Say it.” I growled.

“Yes, oh fuck yes I love it, please give me more.” With every word she had spoken, her body had trembled beneath me.

Yup, I can’t get enough of this.

“Fuck I’m coming.” She wails.

“Not yet.” I ordered. These ladies always has to abide by my rules. Either that or they can spread their legs elsewhere.

None the less the keep coming back for more.

“Not until I tell you.” Slapping her ass, she groaned.

“Please.” She begged wanting to have her own release.

“No.” I had bellowed. “Not until I say.”

Slamming into her from behind, I threw my head back, “Fuucck...” my word stretched. “I’m coming.” I could feel my dick pulsing, a tingling sensation I always have loved.

“Now!” With one last order from me, I felt her release as well as mine.

A few seconds of letting go, instantly I had pulled out of her and threw the used condom in the trash before pulling my pants up.

“Get dress and get out.” I spoke coldly not once looking at her before taking a seat on my chair.

“Dylan.” The brunette whined.

“What is it?” I stared at my computer screen without looking at what’s her face. Now I just got to plan another meeting with her father since we did not even discuss what we were suppose to discuss today.

“When are we going to make it official?”

Sighing, “Look this was nothing more then just a quick fuck, now leave.”

“Okay,” I felt her slump back, “If you ever need more release call me.” I doubt that. I needed her father to sign off on some papers and fucking his daughter might make him change his mind about investing with us.

With a slight nod I waited till she was out of ear shot until I fell back in my chair.

This is why I don’t date, these girls always expect more, then they get clingy, and demanding soon they will be spending your money on useless things.

I make sure I do not grow any attachment. One of my rules to keep up this charade of mine.

Pressing the intercom I called my secretary, “Mia!”

Few seconds later I had called again only to receive no answer.

What the hell? I needed her, she needs to clean my office damn it, hell I’m not going to do it.

Rising from my seat I stormed out my door, she better not be on a coffee break or...I paused when I had seen her desk empty.

“Mia!” This Time I bellowed. “Mia!” My voice creating a scene as my employees looked up from their stations.

“Sir.” Looking towards my left a woman stood before me, what was her name again? “It’s Macy Holmes, your reception.” She looked at me with utter dumbfounding knowing I would never know her name.

“Riiigghht.” My tongue clicked, “Where the hell is Mia?”

“Um...sir she resigned.”

“What!” Why wasn’t I notified of this. “When?”

“This morning sir.”

Running my hands through my hair in frustration, and this is what frustrates me the most. Why the hell do my secretaries resign? All I ask for a competent one but those dumb fucks in HR always send me those unqualified.

I always had asked for one who at least got their bachelors degree instead I get those that are incompetent.

When I gave HR in what I look for, they have to be resourceful, proficient and efficient for that matter.

“Is there a reason?” I blankly stared into her eyes as I watch her shiver under my stare.

“Yes sir there is actually. In her words she quote, she did not sign up only to set you up on your meetings to only end up hearing about it after words but rather on doing some actual work.”

Quite frankly she was actually good at her job though. She had graduated from college at the top of her class and had shown great enthusiasm in what I do.

When I had asked her to do a report for me, she had perfectly organized, and established delivering a well thought out presentation. Also her English was impeccable.

However it was just yesterday when she thought it would be okay to fling her body towards me to where I had declined.

She ended up throwing a fit and a tantrum. To say I was shock was an understatement because she was always compose and sometimes to smart for her own good. However at that time I wanted to fire her but finding a good secretary like her is hard to come by.

I guess I can see why she had quit. Unfortunately this was another one of my rule, never fuck an employee. Surely she knew about that.

“Well get her on the phone?” I fumed.

“But sir, she specifically said she would rather die than to work for you.” Macy had timidly responded twiddling her fingers.

“Is that all she said?”

Macy looked at me like there was more but kept her mouth shut probably for good reasons.

I need a secretary who doesn’t care with what I do in my office. Maybe I should ask for a man. The more I thought about it, the more well...nope, I can’t. Even if I can’t fuck my employees at least I get to watch them in short skirts.

Looking at my employees on my floor every seemed to not care with what I do.

“Fine, contact HR and tell them to send me a capable secretary.” I sighed in resignation. It was just too tiring.

“Very well sir, anything else?”

“Yes, have someone clean up my office?”

Macy glanced and peak inside only to cringed at the mess. I admit, I can get wild when it comes down to these women but every men need some kind of stress release right.

“Right away sir, I will have someone tend to your office.”

She just stood there gawking at me, “Now!” She flinched at my voice.

Watching her scurry off, I shook my head debating if I should go back to my desk.

I did have tons of paperwork to do and without my secretary, I have twice as much work.

Not only doing secretarial work but they are also my assistance and I need someone who will be on call twenty four seven.

That is one of the qualities my secretary should have. Still don’t know why Mia would quit though. Being my personal secretary, the pay is more than you can imagine with all the benefits and when I go out of town business, she gets to come along as well.

I gave her a car, a lap top, and a phone for easier access, you’d think just because I had asked simple things she would be able to handle it.

Guess that means she wasn’t a great secretary as I had thought.

Leaning back on my chair, my hand ran down my face until my office phone rings.

Picking up I answer, “This is Saunders.”

“Mr. Saunders, we are calling because you have requested a new secretary.”

HR. “Yes and I expect her to have high qualities in every aspect.”

“Yes sir,”

“She has to be resourceful,”

“Of course sir.”

“And experienced on how to manage bonds, stocks, proposals, and contracts.”

“Of course sir.”

“Able to do reports and follow my exact orders.”

“Of course sir.”

“That’s great,” Sounds like this girl had all the right qualities, “Also she has to have finished a four year college and have no other obligations, is that understood.” I hated when my secretaries has a husband or children, then that would mean less time in the office and always taking days off. I expect my secretary to be here when I am here whether it is noon or night, or holiday or not.”

“Yes, we have one girl that fits perfect with the persona you are looking for but...”

“No buts, just send her up asap.” With one finally reply I hung up the phone.

I sat back comfortable in my chair awaiting for my new secretary.

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