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"What the fuck is going on?" Rachel pushed me away from Amy. I forgot she was here crap. Braydon Travis an Alpha thought he would never find his mate. Seeing it has been a few years since he has turned 18, his mate seems to either be dead or he is in deed mate less. Then in comes his Teacher who is compose in every aspects. Usually there are sparks when you touch or a sweet smell unfortunately for him, he felt none of these when it came to this teacher of his and yet he feels drawn to her. Do they have any special connection? or is he just some hormonal boy who is just captured by his teacher's beauty. And what secret lies does she have behind her cold calm exterior. And why does her smile look lonely. No matter what the case Braydon Travis tries to avoid her because she's not his mate, or so he says besides who would want a teacher as his mate, certainly not him.

Romance / Fantasy
Kahna Kahn
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Chapter 1 The End of the Beginning

Taking a sniff, that putrid smell engulfed my senses as my eyes scanned the entire village. The crackling sound of fire was the only thing that could be seen and heard.

My eyes that was once a deep blue sea is now looking through piercing red eyes. My clothes no longer portrayed its vibrant viewing, instead it was coated in a crimson red rose covering me from head to toe. Much like tonight’s bright red moon.

I couldn’t help but think to myself how beautiful the color looked especially when one relishes its fine physics and yet be sadden by it.

The stench was now becoming overbearing as my senses now becoming dull.

Slowly walking over the dead corpses that lay beneath my feet, I made sure each one dead while my claws retract to its former place.

My tongue grazing over my teeth and fangs, licking the remnants of their flesh.

Skin that was once fair was now stained in their own blood.

How could this have happened? I couldn’t help myself, I couldn’t stop myself. What had to be done and I just had to.

Lifting up my head, my nose inhaled sniffing a particular smell I had grown fond of over these past few years.

Following that smell, my eyes widen while my feet had carried me towards that smell I once grew to like now nothing but a rotting carcass.

Tears had trickled down my face. ‘I’m crying.’ With my index finger, I began to rub my sore eyes while stretching my sore muscles.

My gaze lowered itself as I kneel next to a slain body. Like a lifeless ragged doll, I sobbed.

I knew for a fact this was inevitable after all this is in my nature.

My fingers trailing the face, lips cold as ice, skin marred with scars from my own self that I had inflicted.

It wasn’t just one person, it was an entire village. Men, women, and of course children.

I had let out a breath I hadn’t known I was holding until now.

Each one either headless, or heart less. Yes I either decapitated them or ripped out their hearts. Which ever one was the easiest.

Unfortunately, none of this was easy.

Leaning forward, blood coated its face as my tongue had licked it off tasting it, savoring it. The last time that I will ever savor in remembrance of what had transpired today.

How did it come to this? This was no ordinary kill. No, this was a massacre, a blood bath and I admit somewhat inside of me is guilty. Oh who am I kidding, I will always feel the regret, the shame, the disappointments.

Guilty because my hands are coated with blood, their blood.

Looking at the person before me, I weeped.

My right hand held its chin as the other held the body down.

Slowly and with a little force I pulled them in the opposite direction, removing its head from its body.

I know it may seem cruel but it had to be done.

My hands trembling as I had held the head in the palm of my hands, facing it towards me, eye level hoping it would open its eyes one last time.

Instead, it was breathless, all of them are.

Their homes now nothing but burnt ashes as the fire raged on.

Gathering their bodies one by one towards the center of their town, each one made sure no one is left alive, I had burned them to nothing but cinders.

I may have taken lives today without mercy but I know a proper burial when I see one. After all I am not that heartless.

What would people think now. Especially, the humans. Would they talk? Would they be even more afraid of me? After all a whole entire village wiped out.

‘Crack.’ The sound of creaking nose against the hard pavement made me flinch.

While I listened to the fire cracking sound my attention was soon interrupted by the sound of labored breathing.

Abruptly turning around I was met by fear.

A group of people from the near by village perhaps dreadfully shaking in horror by the sight.

My eyes began to flash red as I had bared my fangs towards them.

‘Humans.’ I thought.

What must they think? Their eyes roaming my physic. I can only imagine what they are seeing after all I was drench in their blood.

This will only confirm there accusations of calling me a monster. That’s what I have been called all my life.

A monster, a being that should never have been born.

Taking tiny steps towards them, I came to a halt when they had taken steps backwards.

“Monster.” They had all shouted, screaming. Another that never escape my ears, as they too also screamed demon and beast.

I can see where they are going with this. I was a beast after all. It is what I am? A demon who feast on other peoples souls.

If only they knew the truth.

If only they can see me.

But after today all the hard work gaining their trusts was ruined in one day.

They were gone before I could even blink. Turning around to say my final words, my hands placed behind my back while I watch the bodies before me disintegrate.

How long had I stood here? The moon was no longer in its place moments ago, and the fire had almost died down as the wind picked up blowing the stench far from this place.

“There is the demon.” A voice had shouted from a distance and soon more to follow.

Fire ran through the field as people started to fill this dreary place.

They shouldn’t have come back, who knows what I am capable of. They should’ve just ran from here and leave me be.

Right now I don’t think I can control myself. The taste of blood still lingers on my tongue salivating for more.

“Demon!” A human charged at me with a torch in his hands, “This demon must be burned.”

“No, this monster will be hanged for it’s crime!” Humans, why can’t they make up their mind, burned, hanged, drowned. Didn’t matter to me just pick one.

“Monster,” another screamed, “Vile creature doesn’t have a heart killing innocent children.”

My feet rooted to the ground making in no attempt to move.

I could run, or I could stay and have a repeat of what had happened today.

“Don’t let that creature live.”

Maybe they are right. My inner beast had growled within.

My claws once again grew, the blood that runs through my veins coursing in anticipation almost tasting their flesh on my tongue. I smirked followed by a hum.

Soon men had surrounded me carrying ropes as they had lasso me, it burned on contact bringing me down to my knees.

I hissed in pain. Usually nothing can bring me much pain until today. The ropes where lace with venom only a monster like me could feel as the rope seared my skin tearing my flesh off.

However, I didn’t scream. I perhaps deserve this after the pain that I had inflicted. Their screams embedded in my mind. Their cries for help scorched in my very heart, they’re fear while I watch the last of their lives die in the palm of my hands.

“We got the demon.” Cheering erupted through this barren place.

“Ha ha ha ha!” My mouth opening and the first thing that I do is laugh. What kind of laugh was that. It was more like a cocky laughter if you ask me.

“Shut up demon.” One of the humans had picked up a rope and wrapped it around my neck.

Gasping for air, my vision blurred becoming blood shot red.

I could try to escape but the more I had struggled the more the rope had seared ino my flesh.

“Let’s hang the creature.” The all shouted with glee.

Hang me? Are they serious. If it was that easy to end my life I would have done so a long time ago.

Pulling on the rope I was forcefully dragged until they had the rope loop over a high branch and around the tree.

“Any last words demon.” His voice did not do nothing for me.

“Do it.” I smirked hoping this will redeem me. Hopefully.

“Hang the monster.”

Pulling on the rope I was soon lifted up the ground, the rope now squeezing my neck while my whole body shook.

Their eyes had shown glee as they had finally put an end to the beast inside me. And just to make it worse my eyes widen as one of the villagers set my feet on fire.

It was hot. I wish I could say it felt frightfully dreadful, it wasn’t however. In my silent attempt to struggle free, I had silently screamed to myself. Their voices become distant as my flesh soon had melted off.

Soon I felt my body grew slack, my vision blacking out and I had felt my heart had stopped its last beat.

“The demon is finally dead!” Was the last thing I heard before my whole body had ceased its final movement.

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