Wild Call

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An ethereal and a dangerous girl goes on a journey to save her people and somehow gets tangled up in the game of Gods. Since the beginning of dawn, two celestial beings ruled the universe: Gaia and Uranus. From them, started the creation of Titans who were the first Gods and Goddesses but the creation ended with us, the humankind. A terrible war between the holy beings led to most of them die a brutal death. Then, Gaia and Uranus left all of their creations and disappeared. The aftermath of the war lasted for centuries. Only a few Gods and Goddesses lived but they too, hid away, leaving us alone. And that's why we still pray to Gaia, for her to come back and save us from the darkness lurking around the corner. But no one could have predicted our prayers to be answered by the God who started all, Kronos.

Romance / Fantasy
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The man stood over the ancient bridge. With the wind getting stronger and night colder, his careful gaze swept over the thick forest. Something was wrong, he could feel it.

He took one more step toward the center and stopped. Even though he had walked countless Earths just like this one, something about the forest below his feet was calling to him. He didn’t know why but throughout his life, he made sure to visit here once or twice. So he could enjoy the ancient trees and the silence. It was as if time had stopped here, locking the enchanting view forever. Perhaps, this was his doing but he would never admit to that. Knowing his lack of heart and a tad disastrous ways, he knew this place would be ruined by his haters.

The sky looked brighter during the night with starts looking down at him. But something was different tonight. He blinked and noticed that the sky was pure black. Was his hands that much soaked in blood that there was no star left?

A shift in the air brought his attention to the other side of the bridge. His shoulders straightened as he became the one and mighty God, Kronos.

The trees swayed from side to side and his gaze hardened. Soon, as he predicted, his brothers and sisters emerged from the forest. Their faces were stone cold but he could see the fear swirling in their eyes. Unlike him. The glow in his ominous eyes was as bright as the flashes of lightning above. He loved that fear.

“Why did you call me here?” He asked as a slow, death promising smile made its way to his ethereal face.

Hyperion, his supposedly closest, took a step towards him and raised his dropped gaze.

Their eyes locked and a loud thunder shook the ground.

“It’s time for this war to end, brother.” He spoke with no ounce of emotion but the sadness in his eyes spoke louder.

Kronos understood that sadness, he felt the same way. After all, he was about to end his family for once and all.

The golden dust in his eyes glinted. They had lived long enough and their time was due.

“Go now, all of you. And I will give you another chance at life.” The confidence matched the tremendous power he radiated. And unfortunately, his family was aware of this as well.

“Kronos,” he started. “You’ve had enough bloodshed, brother.”

“If you stop this right now, we will not harm you.” His voice strong yet shaking. He was pleading and there was no shame in it. Taking another step towards the ticking bomb, Hyperion couldn’t stop himself from giving his brother another chance. He simply wished Gaia and Uranus, their parents, to come back and fix the mess they had created. But those celestial beings were long gone and they were left with a greedy, monstrous God.

Kronos chuckled, a sound so chilling the Gods and Goddesses stiffened. They exchanged glances, playing off their worries but still stood their ground.

“Oh, it’s been a while since I was amused.”

Kronos raised his hands and out of nowhere appeared a golden glow, his essence, ready to get rid of their existence.

It seemed that the talking part was solely Hyperion’s role. Pity, Kronos thought. He would have loved to hear the voice of his siblings one last time. But faith must have had other plans.

Kronos took a step towards Hyperion and opened his arms wide, the glow followed suit and for the mortal eyes, this would have been melting.

In a flash, all the Gods and Goddesses disappeared. And Kronos suddenly unable to see them, deeply frowned.

“Where are you?” He bellowed, his rage drowning the brewing storm.

Before he could do anything, he felt the heat of a thousand sun. Wincing from the searing pain, he bit down on his lip and momentarily closed his eyes.

“Is this all you can do?” He yelled out again, aware that this was Hyperion’s doing.

The wind howled and a shrill erupted from the celestials. It was loud enough for Kronos to become deaf.

His hands no longer glowing, attached themselves to what he thought was Earth. But his hands slipped past because there was nothing, he was in the void.

And in that eternal moment of silence where everywhere was white, he only felt the words of his brother.

“I’m sorry brother.”

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