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Night of Liberation

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20 years ago a new world was created, on that fated night known as the 'Night of Liberation' was the final straw in revealing the existence of the supernatural world to humans. However... no human was safe from the wrath of the supernatural creatures which swarmed the human world, within a night each country succumbed, bringing in the new order. That night became known as the Night Of Liberation. Genevieve Wright is an unfortunate human who witnessed first hand the brutality of these monsters. She avoids Lycans and all other supernatural creatures at all costs, only dealing with them when necessary. She's learnt to live on a knifes edge, constantly looking over her shoulder and out the corner of her eyes, strangers with unnerving smiles on there faces and holding daggers behind there backs. Evie holds her tongue, attitude and opinions in check, knowing if she would utter a word it would be her end. The tides of fate have turned against her when her worst fear becomes a reality. She's mated to the monsters she fears the most... Lycans. Evie must face the fact she cannot simply escape these monsters, especially the likes of her 'soul' mate Lord Foster. Troubles begin to arise as she goes deeper into the monster's world. Will she fall in love with the beast or try to kill him? After all, you must face your worst fears to conquer them.

Romance / Fantasy
Melissa Page
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Prologue *



This story contains adult themes of rape, assault, swearing etc. that readers may find upsetting or disturbing. If so this story isn’t for you.

I'm no longer updating this story. A much-needed rewrite is coming with better characters, more story progression and much-needed depth to the characters.


Warning this chapter contains adult themes that some readers may find disturbing!!!! You’ve been warned!!


~20 years ago...~

Sounds of delighted laughter and glee filled the autumn glades of trees, as countless children of all ages run around chasing the many coloured falling autumn leaves. One young girl only appeared to be 5 years of age dressed in an angel outfit matching the autumn colours chased after red-orange oak leaves, her tinsel bronze halo was crooked as she grabs the leaf adding it to her small grey satchel bag strapped around her tiny waist, along with a gleaming plastic sword. She giggled in delight, happy to be in her glade. Not caring to adjust her crooked halo.

Genevieve was different from other angels (in her mind anyway), her feathers were a mixture of all birds, glued together to make odd and misshapen wings. Her dress was lightly golden, a mix of various glitters coating the ballerina tutu, with a stolen grey short skirt hiding the top of her legs. She made her own sleeved top with her mum’s brown tights. Cutting off the ends. Evie used her mum’s glitter makeup and body glitter to complete her look. Her chestnut brown waves were covered in extra sparkles! The only thing that was missing was the ballerina shoes, but Evie made do with her elephant wellington boots.

Stuck in her own world fighting the mean trolls of Winter, she was a just angel above lowly fairies. An angel was more powerful, she didn’t need pixie dust. Evie saw one of the imaginary trolls, she readied her sword calling forth her angelic powers to smite the evil trolls. Whoosh!! She ran towards the imaginary troll, its growling clear in her mind.

“Genevieve, Evie darling!” Calls out her mother Daisy, her melodic voice smashing Evie’s fantasy.

Evie groans, pouting her small rosy lips. She continues to play “Begone you, evildoer, I smite you in the name of autumn! For, I am the great angel of autumn.”

“Evie...Evie!” Her mother’s voice draws near. “Genevieve Clarissa Wright!” Growing impatient at the lack of her daughter’s response.

Evie stops as other children laugh at her, her face reddened with embarrassment. Silly mummy always ruins her adventures. Even boogie Burns is laughing at her and he’s dressed at a pinky fluffy bunny monster.

She stomps over to her mother. Pouting as she grumps over her lost adventure. Daisy comes running, her natural platinum blonde locks shining in the dusk sunlight, they appear to be orange in the fading dusk. Daisy walks over to her grumpy daughter. Her long beach curls cascading down her back.

Evie looks up, crocodile tears coming from her turquoise eyes. Her mother’s match her own. Daisy smiles sweetly at her mini-me, Evie looked exactly like her. Heart-shaped face down to the shape of their eyes. The only difference was Evie’s brown hair and personality. “Now, now Evie, we won’t be having any of that.” She tuts playfully.

“But mummy, I was going to smite the evil troll king Ducklan! ” Evie goes puppy-eyed, making her lip tremble.

Daisy holds back her laughter, she couldn’t get over Evie’s laziness when it came to pronouncing words. She wasn’t a daddy’s girl, they didn’t get along at all. This little girl always mispronounced her father’s name, never calling him daddy or dad. Going down to her daughter’s eye level, Daisy smiles cunningly. “We shall vanquish the evil Ducklan, together, my daughter!” Rising a nearby stick into the air.

Evie squeals in delight, holding her own plastic sword. “The Eternal Queen of the seasons has spoken, we fly together as one.”

Mother and daughter join in laughter and play as they fight the evil Ducklan. They win, celebrating their victory with a great feast of cookies and milk.

Daisy carries her daughter home, Evie yawns trying to keep her eyes open. She opens the door of their four-bedroom cottage. Setting Evie into one of the high stool chairs of the breakfast bar. She eagerly awaits her feast.

Daisy’s curvaceous figure comes out of the pantry with multiple chocolate cookies in hand, her long amber dress hugging her figure. She chuckles at an impatient Evie, who immediately snatches the double chocolate chip cookies from her mother’s palms. While the little one struggles to open the packet, Daisy pours them both a glass of milk.

“Mummy, open peas.” Evie mumbles sadly, she cannot open the wrapper. She gives the packet to her mum.

They enjoy the little feast for the next hour, Evie soon awakened once more high on sugar. Chatting non-stop about their next big adventure.

Dusk had turned into a clear starry night, crickets happily chirping away. The full moon illuminating the forests and all other places bathed in darkness.

Daisy turned the radio on as she washed up today’s dishes, Evie was drawing a picture for her adventure book: Tales of Adventure.

Suddenly, the sounds of shrill sirens echoed into the night. Daisy turned to her radio as a breaking news report blasted through the speakers. “Breaking news! Just moments ago reports of the increasing wolf attacks have increased by 100%, all around the world has there been a growing increase in animal attacks specifically wolf attacks. People are warned not to leave their homes, keep all windows and doors locked until further notice.”

Daisy turned off her radio when another news report came in. “That’s enough of that. Come on Evie time for bed.”

Evie rolls her eyes, colouring her picture. “Five more min, mum peas?”

She shook her head, “No sweetheart. You can finish your drawing upstairs, brush your teeth, get changed into your pyjamas and I’ll tuck you in.”

“Yes, mummy.” Evie sat sadly cleaning up her colouring pencils and paper. Heading upstairs soon after.

A few minutes later... Evie was tucked into her bed. Saying nighty night to mummy, Evie waited for her mum to go to bed. So she could finish her drawing. Hearing her mother staying up later, Evie carried on drawing her adventures with smuggled coloured pencils and torch under her blanket.

Suddenly, her mother’s screams tore throughout the house. Evie shot out of her bed running to her mother’s screams. They were coming from the front room. Evie stopped when she saw three strange men surrounding her mother. All of them snarling or snapping at her mother as bad doggies did.

Evie kept quiet, unaware of a looming shadow over her small form. Feeling uneasy Evie screamed troll. That he wasn’t the big burly man was something more beastly and terrifying. He grabbed her, his face cast in shadow.

“Mummy!” Evie cries, trying to run to her mum.

Daisy is stopped by the three monstrous men, all of them various towering heights. Each wore a pair of shorts while they were all half-naked. Their rippling muscles shone in the light, sweat dripping from them. While the shadow man keeps a firm hold on the little runt.

Two more men appear growling as the barge through now shattered windows. Blood dripping from the shards digging into their bare feet. Their gazes upon Evie, drooling at her showing the little one there in human claws and canines. She begins to cry more, she screams “Monster, monster!”

She’s silenced by a big hand. The two men walk over to Evie, she cowers as she notices all their eyes have changed to a glowing yellow. They had demonic eyes, not of this world but of fairy tales.

“What do we have here lads, a sweet runt for the picking?” One of the men cackle’s, eyeing up Evie with an unknown look.

Childhood Innocence was on her side for the moment. Another man joined in with the strange look. Her mother knew what it meant.

“No! Please not her, please. I’ll do anything, please don’t hurt her. Please!” Daisy desperately pleaded, begging all the men to spare her daughter’s innocence. They all joined in cackling at the silly human.

“We make no deals with filthy humans.” Another slaps her hard, knocking her once more to the floor.

Evie muffled cries could be heard. The men growled in desire at them, loving the true looks of terror upon their faces. Stepping towards Evie, Daisy strips herself down to her bra and panties. All the men growl in lust. Their beastly eyes undressing her figure. “Please take me, don’t hurt my baby please.”

They laugh like hyenas, “Very well, but she watches.” One orders, “It’ll be a good lesson for her development.”

Evie was forced to watch five of them rape her mother, her innocent mind and childhood were destroyed into smithereens. Shattered by those beastly men. Whenever she closed her eyes her mother was tortured even further being beaten by each one. Then marked with their claws branding their names on to her freshly bruised skin. The shadow holding Evie, the sixth beast grew more dangerous throughout the night.

The fifth beast was done, smiling at his friend. “Your turn Magnus.”

He lets Evie go, giving her to another beast-man. Looming over Daisy’s beaten quivering form. He meets her eyes, the beast within him roars in anger. Magnus form shifts into a deadly beast, coated in the dark only his bloody red eyes piercing the darkness.

Evie closes her eyes and holds her ears muffling the men’s girly squeals of terror. When silence struck, she thought it was all over. Opening her eyes, what she saw scared her very little. The beast loomed over his last victim, his muzzle splattered with their blood. It drips onto the cowardly man’s face. He screams as the beast tears his face open.

Once again she looks away, looking for her mother. Evie crawls over to Daisy, her pyjamas getting covered in blood. Seeing her mother’s broken form breaks Evie’s heart.

A growl sounds from behind them, his victims cry in endless pain. She hears the beast’s heavy footsteps, slowly coming over to her and Daisy. Its great shadow submerges them. Evie looks up seeing the black furry beast sniffing the air. Instinctively she moves to her mother. His massive wolf head shoots at Evie snarling at her with his enormous canines.

Evie quietly calls to her mother, whose face is now left bloody and beaten. Tears pouring from her sad broken eyes, now she was absent to the world...

Thousands of howls of victory echoed hiding the screams of their victims. Its tremors spread calling all wolves to spread the word of their great victory. That very night, all manner of supernatural creatures celebrated in victory as a new world order was born. Human governments were toppled within a night betrayed by those who weren’t of the kind.

Sweeping changes flooded with the new power, governed by the new High Council of Lycans. The most superior of all races. In a blink of an eye, every human who avoided their wrath was stripped of their rights and forced to a new system.

Worst still nearly half of the human population was slaughtered during the night. Many children were orphaned as a result, dreams quashed by the hordes of monsters. That night was the beginning of never-ending nightmares, our hell had begun.

The supernatural created a new world and independence from the influence of humans.

This night became known as ‘The Night of Liberation’.


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