Night of Liberation

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Chapter 9: Family Issues

~Evie’s POV~

“Open up! By the order of the Lycan High Council!” Someone slams the Oak door harsher.

Uncle Morgan calmly walks to the door, his face blank. Army mode had been activated. He open’s the door with the shotgun hidden behind his back, ready to shoot. His light green eyes are kept downcast, showing that he is submissive and ready. “Greetings gentlemen, how may I be of assistance today.”

One of the Enforcers steps forward, all of them dressed in heavy armour from head to toe, their faces masked by a black cowl with their glowing eyes as the only sign of human features, various weapons strapped to their uniforms. Ranging from knives to fully automatic guns.

“We need to search your premises for the human known as Genevieve Wright. Your niece.” One of the Enforcer’s steps forward, his tone cold and straight to the point.

Morgan sneers at them. “She’s safe away from you mangey dogs.”

His sudden comment sparks an outburst of enraged growls and snarls from the Enforcers each of them taking it personally. The Enforcer gestures to his men their guns aim and ready to shoot, his tone hard. “Where is she, human? We won’t ask again!”

Morgan narrows his eyes daring to look them all in the eye, his expression face hardened by what must come next. Morgan brings his gun out. “Safe from those who wish to harm my daughter!”

Suddenly, Morgan is tackled to the tiled floor in milliseconds by three big Enforcers. Morgan has no time to react, he’s pinned to the floor his limbs weighted down by three stronger beings. His gun discarded far away from his able fingers.

Morgan cannot say anything, his face is kissing the cold wooden oak floors of his home.

The leader of the Enforcers invades into our home with two lower-ranking guards trailing behind him. They follow our scents to the livingroom. I glare at there over toned chest’s, those monsters seek to take everything from us! The trio divide and conquer, two of them go either side of me and Aunt Ash.

Aunt Ash clings me close to her chest as a mother would for her own child, her eyes filled with a burning hatred of these invaders. Her arms are shaking in fear, shes trying to put on a strong front. She dares look them all in the eyes, a direct challenge. The Enforcers scowl in return at her impudence. “You aren’t taking her!”

Suddenly, Ash is roughly pulled away from me by one of the guards beside her, I’m left pinned to the sofa by their leader’s smouldering black eyes. “Take them away, I’ll see to the girl.” Their leader orders, his men to usher Ash and Morgan away into another room, while the other guard stands to attention awaiting his next order.

He stands in front of me. “Genevieve Wright, by order of the High Lycan Council you are under arrest for the murder of Jared Stevens. Anything you say now may be given in evidence. Come peacefully and your family won’t be harmed. If you resist we will use force be it unreasonable or reasonable is your choice.”

At that moment I knew I had to give myself up, Uncle Morgan and Aunt Ashley need to be the ones to raise their children. I cannot leave my cousins as orphans. I let my head down me chin resting on my chest, submitting to the Lead Enforcer. “Can I say goodbye to them?” I ask pitifully. “Please.”

“No.” He grunts, grabbing my upper arm and drags me away.

“EVIE!” My uncle and aunt scream my name.

I call out to them, trying to pull away from this monster. He tugs me along, dragging my away screaming at him to let me go. My protests fall upon deaf ears. His black eyes smoulder in rage. He growls at me. “Enough!”

His command pacifies me, how I didn’t know? I cast my gaze up to see a massive black armoured van with the Lycan Council crest upon the side. These vehicles held the worst offenders, once I had seen this and it didn’t end well. Another item caught my eye, a longer vehicle something very long and smaller than the giant tank of a van. A limo with blacked-out windows, with the council’s crest gleaming in the dusk sunlight.

For a moment I had thought Lord Foster had found me. Only something worse to take its place. I feel cold jab and a liquid injected into my skin. It takes immediate effect. My body grows limp from whatever shit they pumped into me, my legs give out from under me. The Leader stops me from falling, hauling me over his shoulder.

A high pitch shriek of pain escapes my lips, my ribs pinching into my lungs. He bashes his shoulder into my ribs hard. A warning to shut me up. It doesn’t work. Another shriek comes. The Leader grumbles at me. “Shut it! Or you’ll be my next meal human.”

“Gamma Wright! Need I remind you humans are fragile creatures.” A hoarse voice commands. Seemly unamused by my rough treatment.

I feel like I’m in a haze, my senses dimming with each passing second. My limp body is thrown roughly into a cell.

It’s then I blackout.


I stir from my slumber from someone shaking my shoulder. “Go away.” I mumble, setting my face back into the pillow. By the gods, it feels like the worst hangover ever. I’m shaking again, quite persistently this time. “Fuck off!” I hiss whacking whatever obscene instrument is shaking me.

“Wake up Ginny.” An unfamiliar voice makes me jump out of my bed, I bolt upright.

Glaring at the bastard who arrested me. Well, I think it is, the voices in my head are telling me he did it. My expression is hard, full of irritation. His eyes no longer black but a steely grey, they seem softer than before. “You!” I accuse. “You fucking arsehole!”

He puts his hands up in surrender. The guy is the same age as me, maybe younger by two or three years. His grey eyes reminded me of my arsehole father, the sperm donor. The more I stared at him, I was reminded of two faces I never wanted to see again. He had a mix of their features, a strong square jawline, long roman nose, pinky lips just like that whore. This guy is taller and much more well built than my skinny traitorous father. He has the same pale skin from the lack of sunlight and several freckles sprinkled over his cheeks.

He stands up, smiling at me uneasily. Scratching his chestnut curly brown hair. The gong goes off in my head. “Do you want some food?”

I’m silent, he’s their spawn. He draws closer, I crawl from my sleeping spot over to the other side of the bed, hoping it would put a decent distance between him and me. I didn’t want that thing anywhere near me. “Ginny?” He asks.

“My name is Evie!” I say in annoyed, my tone laced with poison. “Not Ginny, dog."

The guy is taken aback, a little puzzled as to why I'm so hostile. “Okay, Evie. I’m kinda sorry for tak-.”

“Fuck off!” I hiss throwing a black pillow at him. “I don’t want anything from you, bastard! Go rot with your whore mother.”

He catches the pillow, his eyes now black. The man stalks onto the kingsize bed and grabs my ankle, pulling me over until my legs are underneath him. “I’m trying to be nice here Evie.”

I hold eye contact with him, my turquoise eyes burn in animosity. While he’s distracted. I grab the lamp on the table.

“Get bent!” I say hatred seeping into my words. Before smashing the lamp on his head, he’s stunned for a moment. I give him a good hard kick to the gut. Enough to knock the wind out of him. He stumbles to the floor like a pile of bricks.

Hmm? Maybe I was a little too hard? NA! He deserves it, stupid dog. I jump out of the bed, running towards the door.

Thanking the gods that it’s unlocked, I run down the maze of hallways. Cursing my state of bad luck. Why is it I’m always attracting fucking werewolves?!! I swear I’m some sort of mongrel magnet. I really don’t care about my surroundings, this place is dull as dishwater. Magnolia and white paint is everywhere. I near a crossroads only... A massive brown wolf halts me, it stands fur on end growling at me with it’s glistening white teeth. It’s glowing yellow eyes shows a heightened intelligence.

The beast slowly stalks forward from the left corner, drool dripping from its muzzle. I try to run in the direction I came it pounces fast. Pinning my back to the floor with its front paws, it barks at me to stop when I give it a cheap shot in its hind legs. It’s drools dribbles down my back onto the big white shirt I’m wearing. Yuck!

I hear the thing start to shift back into its human form, the noises of sickening cracks fill my ears. Seconds later the same man who woke me up stands naked before me. He spins me around and locks my wrists in his pale hands.

“You’ve caused enough trouble.” His tone is cutting. Eyes glowing yellow in anger.

I still hold the same cold stare. Tugging at my binds. “Go sniff up another tree, Fuckwhad.”

He mocks me by laughing. “Seriously?! That’s all you’ve got, well I suppose your just my baby sister after all.”

Wait...What?!! No, don’t listen to the crazy person Evie. I can’t have an older brother who’s a werewolf, he doesn’t look like Oliver, Harvey or Elliot. Unless... I stop for a moment.

“You lie.” I spit, biting back.

The dog sniggers. “I’m your half-brother, Evie, we share a human father. My mother is a werewolf.”

“Oh, you mean that home-wrecking she bitch.” I taunt him, he growls at my words. “That’s what your mother is, a homewrecker. A whore!”

“Shut up!” He snarls, gripping my wrists tightly that they are going numb.

“You a mamma’s boy aren’t you?” I tease, with a sweet tone. “I don’t blame you for favouring her over Dicklan. He means nothing to me.”

The man grows more agitated, his face begins to show black veins a sign he’s ready to shift. But I didn’t care. I wouldn’t accept any of those monsters claims to be apart of my family. Especially those spawned from that home-wrecking whore!

I sneer. “Well, I suppose they do go well together Dicole and Dicklan, the perfect home-wrecking couple.”

“SHUT UP!!!” He roars throwing me into a wall. The man shifts again, eyes blazing in rage at the disrespect for his parents. I didn’t give two fucks about it, at this moment many years of pain, suffering and loss seeped through, bringing out a side I hated.

I get up, fighting against my body again. I only just healed the other week. “It’s all true half-breed.” I say. My legs break underneath me, unable to take my weight. It’s then I realise what I’m doing. I’m slapped by reality, am just as bad as them?! The beast growls at me ready to sink his teeth into my neck. It will mean my end. My heart is pounding from too much activity, and my still healing ribs have taken another blow. “Just finish it.”

He stops looking at me in pity, I look away when he shifts back for a second time. I kind of forget werewolves are naked after they shift. Oops. He picks me up like a broken doll. “I won’t kill you.” He states firmly. “Even if you hate me, we share blood, a bond.”

Placing me gently on the same bed as before, he throws me another one of his shirts. It’s a long black sleeved punk rock top with Blink 182 on it. “Don’t mess that one up little sis, it’s one of my favs.” He says, locking the door and places the key on top of his dresser. “Get dressed. I won’t peak.”

I wait for him to turn his back. Throwing the drooled filled shirt in the laundry bin at the end of his black bed sheets. I turn around so I don’t have to watch him change, theirs no way I’m going to admire his muscles. If what he says is true, then...ew!

“You can turn around now.”

He sits beside me on the bed, holding one of my arms so I wouldn’t put space between us. “I’m sorry.” I say pathetically. “I let my emotions take over. You shouldn’t have needed to hear what I felt. My anger should be directed at Dicklan, you’re innocent in all of this.”

“It hurt a lot what you said, it’s true isn’t it?” He asks, a little calmer than before.

“Somewhat. I haven’t seen that knobhead since the Night of Liberation.”

“What about my mother?” He ponders, a hint of unease in his tone.

“Erm... What’s your name?” A little unsure.

He smiles a little. “I’m Theo, your older half-brother by three months.”

I’m shocked. Dicklan was having an affair all along? Dicklan was always a ladies man, no wonder his mates a whore! “Your parents were secretly dating before it all happened?!”

Theo nods, his head hangs in shame. “Yeah, kind of scandalous don’t ya think?”

“Not really, Dicklan was always a ladies man.” I chuckle, the mood grows sombre. “He was always cheating on my mum, he brided me and my older brothers with everything. That’s why we all hated him so much. Oliver especially.”

“Mum won’t like to hear that. She’s incredibly possessive of him.” Theo smirks.

For a few minutes, I’ve forgotten he’s the one who arrested me and dragged me away from my home. Theo seems to be just as broken and similar to me. I’m unsure what to make of this.

“Hey, Evie.”


“I’m sorry you had to meet me this way. I’ve wanted to meet you several times. We did meet once a few years back, you served me when you worked that Herman’s Clothing Chain.” He told me, the tension between us easing slightly. "We almost met on your escape attempt on the bus? The captain was beating the shit out of me for objecting him."

I stop him for a second, he knew about me? Something didn't add up here. Unsure I might as well as Theo, a creature claiming to be 'family'. “How did you know I’m your half-sister?” I ask, a little intrigued.

“By your scent. Plus no one has the same shade of Chestnut brown locks as us, but I was wearing a red wig, so I wouldn't scare you away.” Smiling again, a little on edge. “I do have another brother and sister, they are still very young. Mum and Dic- I mean Dad worked through all their tensions.”

“I’ve started you on it now haven’t I?” I teased in a lighter tone.

“Yeah, you sure do rub off in the wrong way, sis.”

“Please don't call me that, it's Evie." A little miffed still that he's claiming to be something he's not. "Erm...Theo, why am I in your room? I thought I was arrested for murder.”

He looks at me, his steely grey eyes had hints of hope and happiness. “You are cleared, you couldn’t have done it. The Lycan’s are the ones to blame. No human could've done it. The Alpha allowed me to be your guardian since we are family. He thought it might make things easier as you adjust to becoming a full-time resident here at the packhouse.”

“Wait...” I paused. “Full time?”

Theo gives me a pitiful look, his steely grey eyes filled with regret. “The High Council wants you turned into a werewolf. I’m the one who's been ordered to do it.”


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