Night of Liberation

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Chapter 10: The Truth is Revealed

~Evie's POV~

“Theo. I don’t want to be one of you.” I say exclaim. “I’m not meant to be a mangy werewolf, no offence, or any sort of magical fairy creature. I want to be human!”

Theo sighs, nodding in agreement. Scratching his curly locks as he thinks. “The High Council has already decreed it, the Alpha has offered them to be your warden and that coward has commanded me to bite you before the full moon. I don’t want to force it on to you, but I have no choice in the matter.”

“They want me under control or dead, right?” I say bluntly.

“Yeah. I hate them and him, Alpha Haynes is a fucking smug asshole. He hates humans as much as anyone else, but his mate is human the ‘only’ exception. So he bends to his will. What utter bullshit. The human Alpha Conner is the reason why humans have better treatment than others in this territory. Conner is such a sweet lad. Haynes doesn’t deserve him.” Theo goes on, sighing. “You will now know why some humans never return home, they become a werewolf or die.”

“Why is Conner still a human?”

“He was claimed before he could receive the bite if a human is claimed before they are bitten. They will remain human.” Theo explains.

“How much time do we have?” I ask one more question.

“Four days till full moon.” Theo admits, blushing in shame. “He wants you turned by then.”

Shit! I need to get out of here. I’ve been out for four days. “Theo, have you heard any rumours about Lycans?” I poke him, to see if I could try and pull my mate is a Lycan card.

Theo begins to sweat. “I’m forbidden to say. Sorry, Alpha’s orders.”

I didn’t want to do this, but I didn’t want to be a dog for the rest of my life. “I’m mated.” I utter under my breath. “To a Lycan.”

The look he gives me is one of disbelief. “You’re lying.”

My heart jolts in recognition. Speeding up at mentioning his name. “I’m not! He’s an envoy from the Lycan council Lord Foster.”

Theo stares at me, his face draining of colour. He goes stiff, battling within himself. “You’re not mated to a Lycan, Evie. Lord Foster doesn’t have a mate. He told us himself.”

“He’s here?!!” I jolt towards him, my hands on his arm.

“Lord Foster and High Lord Stanhope are in a meeting with Alpha Haynes, right now. They cannot be disturbed.” Theo grumbles, looking away from me.

“But-.” Theo gives me a cold look that shuts me up. His eyes seem colder than before. Theo’s friendly demeanour gone. I don’t blame him for his change in attitude. I’ll admit I can be a bitch towards others, granted that in certain subjects are difficult for me to process my father being a touchy subject.

“They are my order’s Evie. I won’t go against my Alpha, you may be family but pack comes first in my eyes.” He exasperates. Theo shoos away my hands from his muscular arm and stands up to his full height. “I’m sorry it has come to this Evie, but from now on your my responsibility. Don’t you dare think of leaving this room. A guard will be posted out there at all times. I need to go it’s my turn to run a border patrol. Stay here and no funny business.”

With that he slams the door shut, leaving me in his messy room. I feel like I was a night one stand.


He returned in the early hours of this morning things between me and Theo grew awkward, we haven’t talked since then. When he returned to his room, he came back bloody and beaten. He snarled at me, warning me to mind my own fucking business.

I slept on the floor wrapped in a nest of blankets, in my nest I felt protected, my only safe spot until I would be ripped away from it by a monster. Normally I would love to have a bit of silence, this doesn’t feel right. From the moment he told me that we’re related, I’ve felt so conflicted. Family is everything to me, they were the ones who’s pulled me through my shitty times, supported me in ways I could’ve never thanked them for. Morgan saved me from my mentally unstable mother and that thing with the red eyes. Aunt Ash became my mother figure, she took all of us under her wings. Being so protective of us all.

What hurt the most is when our time came to leave, and Oliver’s passing. I didn’t know much about my oldest brothers death, Morgan kept it a secret from all of us. Oliver was found dead on the outskirts of Uncle Morgan’s farm, only a young lad of 18. Things grew dire for us with Harvey’s disappearance, he vanished on the eve before his forced move. Then came Elliot’s time to move, he didn’t say goodbye to us. Uncle Morgan and he had a heated argument one week before his time came. Each time I lost a brother, my aunt and uncle became overbearing but I understood their reasons why letting them do it. For, it made me feel safe. The loss of my older brother’s greatly hurt us, Elliot didn’t seem to care, he wanted out of our home. To make himself known, he’s two years my senior. We never heard off him again. All our losses brought my family together, those who wanted it anyways.

I imagined my blankets as my family, it helps bring back the comforting warmth of home. Something I desperately want to feel again. Theo snores loudly in his newly made bed, the lazy shit had a human maid change them over to fresh sheets before I 'tainted' them with my scent.

He wanted me to move to another room so he could entertain a she-bitch. That bastards true colours shined through, I didn’t care though. He isn’t family, we both know it and our disdain for one another is quite apparent after we met. I bet Theo regrets encountering me. We are truly strangers, even if we share a sperm donor.

Irritation consumes me, that ignorant dog’s loud obnoxious snoring has kept me up all night! I wanted out of this room already, away from that fucktard mongrel. I get up, take off Theo’s shirt and drape it over his fugly face. No more reminders. Just in my undergarments, I wrap a blanket around me because I didn’t want anything touched by that blasphemer.

Theo’s still snoring away, eating into his pillow. He tends to drool a lot in his sleep too, a dog’s tendencies tend to follow in human form be it a little silly. He mumbles incoherently of someone called Jessica. My guess some pack slut willing to open up her legs for any horny mutt.

I try to avoid his soiled clothing, his room ks a minefield full of discarded clothes scattered throughout the darkroom. Theo didn’t care much for colour, he only liked a wolves den to fuck with someone. I’m just a cockblock. Theo’s stench littered the room, I’m holding a few curse words when my foot comes into contact with mouldy boxer shorts.

If my memory serves me correctly, he didn’t lock the door last night. Opening the door, a single guard casts his gaze upon me. Out of instinct, I act like a helpless human. I wait to be spoken too. The guard is dressed in a black uniform, his new boots shine underneath the dull lighting.

“Is he done?” The guard asks in a low tone.

I nod, crocodile tears coming from my eyes. I pretend to act like a scared girl. “Where should I go? He’s ripped my clothes off.”

He’s stalling for a moment, debating within himself on what to do. “Follow me.” He gestures, encouraging me to follow him to gods know where. I do as I’m told, every part of me on high alert for any enemies.

The guard stops outside a room. “Lita will sort you out with a uniform, be warned, new girl. Theo isn’t someone you want to get involved with, your lucky to get away from that prowler. Your future mate wouldn’t like it if you didn’t keep your virtue intact.”

Lifting my head up slightly, enough so he could see my smile. “Thank you.” I say gratefully. At least the guard helps someone.

“Your welcome. I know the first day is always the worst. Keep your head down, only speak when told to and don’t look anyone directly in the eye.” He tells me, knocking on the door. “See you around girly.”

On the other side of the door, I hear a muffled voice summoning me in. I enter carefully, studying my surroundings with quick glances. “Ah, the new girl, go shower up. I can smell that prowler’s scent all over you. Be sure to use the scent cleanser, none of your masters want to know where you have been.” Lita says, her voice posh and posied.

She shoo’s me away into a nearby bathroom to cleanse myself. The door doesn’t even have a chance to close when she returns with a basket of bathing stuff, scent cleanser, towels and new clothes, everything I need. “You’ve got 15 minutes, be ready or I’ll send in the Marton to deal with you.” She orders, shutting the door behind me.

As instructed, I discard my blanket and hop into a warm shower almost losing myself for a moment. No relaxing Evie, you need to get out of here. Act like a maid for the day what’s the worse that can happen. I do a thorough clean with the cleansing products. Change into 1930′s red waitress uniform with a little white apron and dull brown sensible shoes that should belong to my grandma. I tie my long chestnut locks fishbone braid, leaving a few strains of my fringe to shape my face. Folding up my towel and bathing items. I open the door, head down awaiting my next instruction. When the moment was right I would slip away, and run away from here.

Lita called out to me. “New girl come here. What’s your name?”

I scurried over to her desk. “Esmee Collins, my lady.” A little curtsy, my tone passive. “Where do you want me to put these?” My arms filled with items that she gave me and the blanket.

“Leave them with me Esmee. Put them beside my desk.” Lita instructs points to the floor. She writes my name down on a register and the time. I place the items down. “Do you have any identification on you?”

“No my lady,” I say honestly. “Some guards abducted me from the streets. My name is all I have.”

She nods, believing my bullshit. “You may have left it with the Gamma?”

“Who?” I ask my cheeks a little red. “I was blindfolded and taken to him. The men instructed me to behave and I could go home.”

Lita gives me a forlorn look. “This is your home now Esmee, once a human comes to the packhouse without a mate you must stay.”

A stray tear falls from my eyes. “Yes, my lady.”

A little puzzled as to why I’m not acting as a normal human being would, Lita ponders over why my reaction is so different. Why was I so accepting? “This doesn’t seem to phase you much.”

“I accept change quickly, my lady. Time’s have taught me to accept and move on.” I lie like a good submissive human. This bitch is just like Miss Gorgan, except she doesn’t have any horrid taste in colourful shoes.

She gets up from her desk, putting a name tag on my uniform. “Welcome to the Greystalker Packhouse Esmee. By now you know the rules right?”

“Yes, no talking back. Keep quiet, do as your told, head down and obey.”

“Sort of Esmee. We have three rules here. One: Behave, a good submissive human will be rewarded with a nice room and lots of food. Two: show respect at all times around your superiors, any disrespect you will end up in the dungeons. Three: No talking back, head down and obey. If any of these rules are broken you will be punished, is that clear?”

“Yes, my lady.” I bow my head, this submissive shit is making me crazy.

“Go on then, Ava will be your human supervisor today. Work is done at 8:00 PM unless we are needed for other purposes. AVA!” Lita Hollars, summoning another human.

“Yes, mistress?” A sullen tone comes, followed by quiet footsteps.

“This is Esmee, she’s the new girl. Take care of her and don’t go too hard on her, the Prowler had his way with her last night.” Lita says and sits back down behind her desk.

“Come on Esmee.” Ava grabs my hand and leads me to another part of the building, talking a little about herself on the way.

Ava reminds me of Natalie, she has a similar temperament to her. Chatty and sweet, yet a little withdrawn. She’s a little taller than me, her mousey brown hair is cut short into a pixie cut as punishment for disobeying the Beta. Her sad eyes are baby blue, holding a painful secret. It makes me want to hug her and say it’ll be okay. She wears a black uniform with the same shoes as all maids have.

“Right. We’re here.” Ava lets go of my hand. “Grab all of the cleaning supplies, we’ve got many jobs to do. The Council is visiting after the Full moon Lockdown.”

“Okay.” I say, doing as she orders.

“Esmee, you can be yourself when you’re around humans. Just do the passive shit when those mongrels are about.” Ava attempts to joke to ease my little passive act.

I look up at her, Ava smiles at me. Her baby blue eyes shine a little in hope. “I don’t know.” My tone the same.

“Oh come on! Stop being an uptight nun with a stick shoved up her arse and smile.” Ava pokes me with a broom. “Now that stick is out of your arse, we’ve got gobs! I er... mean jobs.”

After that, I let my guard down a little, Ava and me was cleaning all the main dining room. We had 12 wooden thrones to polish one each for the High Lycan Lords. I laugh to myself, Lord Foster would be on a paupers stool for once. It would be fun to see him get owned by another Lycan one higher in power.

Hours pass by quickly, my body hurts so much. My ribs ache again, Ava ushers me to hurry up it’ll be time to serve Dinner soon for the Higher Ranked members of the pack.

By the time we’re done, Ava and I got back to Marton’s office. Lita is her second and in charge of all servants. She instructs us to dress in new attire, one much fancier and revealing. Even the male servants are wearing less. The dress is black, cut too short in certain places and shows off a little too much skin.

“Ava? Why are we dressed like this?” I whisper to her, while we are finishing our outfits.

She adjusts my top which is showing a little too much of my breasts, enough to have any sane woman or man drooling in lust. “Lita has selected us and some others for a party tonight. The Council envoy Lord Foster wants fresh faces to add to his official household. Also, there are rumours about some of his staff are looking for their mates. I might get lucky and be mated to one of them.”

“I pray to the gods that you aren’t, Lycans are above us, Ava. Be careful about what you wish for.” I say choosing my words carefully.

“Stop being such a dibbe downer Esmee. Lycan’s treat will treat us so much better than that Prowler Theo. Yuck.” She nauseates, trying to hold in whatever thoughts that just came to her mind. “Stay clear of him Esmee, he’s nothing but trouble.”

Ava begins to tidy up my hair once more. She does it in the same style. “It suits you. Maybe you’ll be lucky Esmee, I pray to the gods your mate saves you.”

She walks away to put some makeup on, I don’t bother. My boobs are enough. I hated wearing revealing shit! It only attracted unwanted attention.

“It’s time.” An eloquent voice announces, clapping their hands to get our attention. The room is silent before she continues. “My wards, you will be representing our proud pack tonight’s feast. We’ve been honoured with a visit from a High Lycan Lord. He shall sit at the head of the table on his thone. The other Lord has retired for the evening his mate isn't very well. Ava and Esmee will be his personal severs. Listen up new blood! You’ve been chosen to be seen tonight, the Lord wishes to find his mate or just a good time.” She chuckles, her tone turns commanding. “Do not disrespect him. He’s above us all. His staff are searching for their mates too. Other than that enjoy my wards.”

With that, all servants enter an even bigger dining hall than the one I and Ava just cleaned. Lita is ordering us to our positions, Ava and I wait beside the throne at the head of the table. Lita instructs us to only come when called. The dining hall is extremely lavish painted in old-style victorian decorations, high raised ceilings, many tall glass stained windows telling stories of old.

Once everyone is ready, the doors open to reveal Alpha Haynes and his human mate Conner their hands clasped together, Conner is a small pretty blonde-haired boy with green eyes, who’s wearing a tightly fit formal black suit with hints of lime green to match his eyes. His blonde hair combed back and held in gell.

Alpha Haynes is towering above us all like most Alphas, he stands taller than many trees in a humans eyes. He’s a beast of a man, sun-kissed olive skin with chiselled muscles he’s showing off through his white wifebeater, tattered jeans and black leather biker boots. He’s got several pricings all over his face. His eyebrow stubs are little spikes making him more threatening.

He’s followed in by his two Beta’s who are mated, they are male and female. They look similar in looks both have strange shaved heads with different patterns, their matching brown eyes staring deeply into one another. They are wearing plain attire.

A cord of familiarity stikes within me when I see two Gamma’s, he’s darker-skinned than the Alpha. It’s the Captain from the Enforcers that questioned me on the bus. I could see his scar, five o’clock black stubble. This was the beast of the guy. He looked like a warrior with his braided long black dreadlocks styled into a wolves tail. War tattoos painted his skin, I couldn’t make them out. He wore a leather shirt and loose legs, nothing on his feet. Scars littered his face and body, yet it only made him more beautiful. To me, he screamed powerful and menacing. This wasn’t someone you wanted to fuck with.

Theo strolled in with a dumb horny bitch glued to his arm, he didn’t dress in anything fancy. All of them took seat’s at near the head of the table, the throne which stood alone would soon be occupied by a filthy Lycan.

Ava and I waited 10 feet away, as every other werewolf and human mate took their seats. Suddenly, we all heard the double doors open to the side of us. Six men strutted in formal attire, each dressed in a perfectly cut Armani suit. One, however, stood out, he looked far more up cut with a trailing coat with the High Council Crest upon the left, just above his heart.

His men went to a nearby table, not sitting with the rest of the High ranked pack members. The Lord I assumed, took his place at the head of the table. His shiny black leather shoes clicking upon the tiled floor.

Seeing his tall stature outmatched even the Alpha, as all Lycan’s do with their unearthly beauty. I didn’t look up much, Ava is stood drooling beside me.

“Oh my gods, my boobies have popped, he’s hot.” Ava whisper’s very quietly under her breathe. Pointing to the creature in the throne. I glare at her, telling her to shut her trap. We don’t need that thing’s attention upon us.

Lita rings a bell to serve the first course. Me and Ava bring over several dishes for the creature, Ava is ogling every chance she gets. Desperation must be leaking through her pheromones.

“Ugh. Your scent is nauseating, I can smell your distasteful wanton for me. Begone!” He dismisses her with a wave of his hand. “The other wench will see to me, she doesn’t reek of your repugnant odour. See to my men, they may like a harlot.”

Ava gives me a prosecuting scowl, her neediness is a turn off for some Lycan’s. They like fear. She walks over to the five men, who are laughing amongst themselves. The creature begins to talk about certain business arrangements. “Wench, fetch me some good claret.” He says broadly, uncaring about the stares he’s getting for his rudeness. “Be sure it’s aged well.”

I curtsy, going to Lita because I had no clue where to go. She was busy ordering everyone else around. I stood there waiting patiently for her to notice me. “Yes, Esmee what is it?”

“His lordship requested the best Claret.” I say unsure.“I don’t know where it is.”

She points to several wine bottles on a nearby bar. “Choose one, I doubt he’ll be able to tell what’s shit and fancy. Just give him red wine, the cheaper the better.”

I bow, walking over to the many bottles. It takes me about a minute before I find something labelled Claret on it. I pull out the dark wine bottle. Its label seems pretty new. I don’t bother reading what year it is. That creature’s pallet must suffer. I’m quick to uncork the bottle and walked straight back over to it.

“Well?!” He tuts impatiently. “Fill my glass wench, I require libation.”

For a moment I’m halted by how many wine glasses are on the table. Each looks the same to me, from tall to short. I knew what a champagne glass was, brandy, but this was a game. Guess the right drinking glass. I remembered my uncle lecturing me on the right glass once, unfortunately, nothing about Claret glass. I choose a short stumpy lead crystal glass, filling it with the blood-red liquid. Placing the bottle on the table, take the filled wine glass over to him and wait for him to take it.

He sneers at me, disgusted by what I just offered him. His eyes flared in rage at something which I haven’t caught on to yet. “You dare serve me that bog swirl?!!” He throws the vial to the floor, it smashes into tiny little pieces. “I said good fine Claret wench. Heed my words woman, otherwise, you’ll end up as my guard’s new chew toy for the evening. Clean that up!”

Urgh!! This thing is grating on my nerves, try and hold it together Evie. You don’t need to make a scene, alright. Just take a breathe and get the snobby bastard a better bottle. I’m quick with what I choose, within the rack I find a very old bottle. The year is older than the last one, the writing had withered away on the label but it still had ‘Claret’ labelled on it. I suppose this will have to do. Noticing an old silver-plated top glass Claret jug, I poured the contents into it and grabbed a glass from the tray it shared.

I head back over to the bratty creature, pouring the glass with the same coloured liquid. He sniffs the air, humming in content at what’s being offered to him. “You learn quickly, a Claret jug makes the air around the wine taste better. So I’ve been told.”

He takes the glass, sipping away at the wine. The creature savours each mouthful. I stand next to him, waiting for my next order. He doesn’t bother touching his food, something seems to be on his mind.

“My Lord, is the food not to your taste?” Alpha Haynes asks a little afraid.

The Lord gives him an apprehensive expression. He muses over his wine instead. “It isn’t Jeremy. This banquet is a poor excuse, it’s mediocre for one such as myself. For I require something more ravishing.”

His last words seem to set me on edge, they hold a spiteful chill to them. For a moment I’m lost wondering what he meant... human meat. Oh shit. I look up seeing the Lord gesture to me. “Come here!” He growls deeply.

I pause, dread filling every part of me. He slams down his glass of claret and snarls at me. “Come here, little human. NOW!”

With that my feet heed to his command. What the hell am I doing?!! My body followed his command like he was controlling them. “Good girl. Now put the jug on the table and come close to my side.” That chilling tone comes again. My body follows as if he’s pulling strings. I’m beginning to sweat in fear, my body tries to resist his commands tugging at whatever invisible strings he pulls.

I near his legs, my head downcast. Seeing his black trousers and leather shoes, he chuckles. “See how I command a simple human. This one was giving you trouble wasn’t she?”

“My Lord?” The Alpha asks puzzled, clueless as to what’s going on.

He sighs, boredom comes easily to this one. “Need I remind you?”

Everyone goes silent in the dining hall, the Lord must have telepathically told them to. “No my Lord, she’s a new slave.”

My fists clenched at those words. I’m no slave! I’m free! The Lord laughs at something, his tone grows more familiar. That sadistic laugh goes with... oh no. My heart begins to thunder knowing full well who this bastard is...Lord Foster.

He snakes one of his arms around my waist, I whimper as I’m forced to sit on his lap my back to all the Greystalker pack’s elite. His other hand lifts my face to meet his golden rose eyes. Lord Foster smiles at me sweetly, a hint of lust in his eyes. Tucking a few strands of my hair behind my ear. “She’s no slave Jeremy, she’s my mate.”


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