Night of Liberation

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Chapter 11: The Hunt Begins

~Evie's POV~

Several shocked gasps echo throughout the room, Alpha Haynes scowls at Lord Foster. I felt his burning orbs digging holes through my back. He shots up from his mediocre seat, slamming a fist down on the table causing it to rattle the table. The Alpha snarls at Lord Foster, his expression growing more agitated with each passing second.

“How dare you!” He starts, his voice turns animalistic.

Lord Foster isn’t phased by Alpha Haynes’ accusation, his golden rose eyes stayed locked with mine. He simply chooses to ignore them, he’s much more fascinated twirling a single strand of my chestnut brown hair. My heart is humming in content, Lord Foster’s handsome features grew more refined with his raven locks had grown longer, my eyes trail to an unfamiliar scar from his right eye, I could hardly make it out, a silver trail when from his dark eyebrow to the top of his cheekbone. My finger traces over it. That same sadness began to fill me, it was my silver knife that did this.

Lord Foster took ahold of my hand tracing his handsome face. His soft side is unusual for me, normally he would be all animal or an obnoxious arse. Our eyes locked again, his liquid gold eyes always drew me in. They are so beautiful, unlike his other eyes, they are the ones I despised. To my human brain, it screamed danger by the coldness of those icy blue, or silver if you pissed him off enough.

“I quite like this on you.” Lord Foster commented his voice husky, his golden orbs exploring my exposed breasts. “You’re other rags hid such a sweet surprise.”

Red swarmed my cheeks, making me redder than in all of my life. How?! My body reacted to the way he wanted it too, that sneaky Lycan bastard is using his witchy powers again. Lord Foster held my other hand in his. He smiled gently at me, no hint of his nuanced nature insight. “I’ve missed you, Evie. You’ve been very naughty, avoiding me like I’m some plague. My men had quite a job finding you.”

“Lord Foster?!!” The Alpha thunders, we both look at him. Lord Foster expression changes in an instant, it growing back into his nuanced state. “You dare ignore your duties to your people? Over a wench, you just met!”

Several growls are rallying in agreement at their Alpha’s words. The pack’s elite grows uneasy, what they wanted was to see a great Lycan put in his place. I didn’t blame them, dealing with a creature such as Lord Foster isn’t by any means easy.

His Lordship raises an eyebrow, amused again by the packs easily provoked nature. Most werewolves have similar personality traits, they are quick to anger, their possessive arseholes (the higher the worse they get), self-entitled twats and have an inflated ego. Lord Foster’s silence is seen as a great insult to the pack, he wasn’t bothered by their harnessing growls and snarls. To him, the Greystalker pack is a bunch of snapping puppy dogs waiting to fed any sort of BS that came out of his mouth. He laughs under his breath again.

One of the wolves snap, he stands up objecting to Lord Foster’s disrespect to his Alpha. The chair scrapes across the floor clattering to the ground. “You have outstayed your welcome, my Lord.” He spits onto the ground. “Take your whore and go.”

Suddenly, an all-powerful growl resonates throughout the hall. The mutt who objected is forced to his knees, everyone else bows their heads in submission, all humans are quaking in fear, some piss themselves scared by what they’ve just felt. The Alpha offer’s his neck as a peace offering, he’s submitting to Lord Foster. While me, a great consuming fire spurs from my lower belly. It didn’t scare me compared to them.

“MINE!” Stanely growls, snatching a frightened Ava off the floor. She fell when Lord Foster growled, smashing several plates. Stanely’s dark orbs smouldered in unbound lust, he smirks at her succulent from. He hauled her over his shoulder, looking over to his boss for approval. Lord Foster nods. Stanely takes her to gods knows where.

“I tire of this place, ladies and gentlemen. I shall be taking my leave. Oh Jeremy, see to that I’m not bothered for the next week with your useless c*nts. The other Lords can listen to your incessant nagging. I’m sure they’ll grant your requests.” Lord Foster says sarcastically, and sweeps me up, clutching me close to his well-toned chest. His scent comforts me somehow, it’s warm and alluring like whiskey. I rest my head on his chest, my mind and body feel comforted by him. Common sense is yelling at me, buzzing in my ear like an annoying fly that you want to swat away. That being the truth of this situation, in my sane mind, I would’ve stabbed my knives in his eyes or punched him for touching me. Whatever he’s doing to me makes me want to be with a Lycan, not hate him.

We go away from the grand dining hall, an uneasy silence lingers between us. My mind is filled in a daze, feelings of lust consumed me. Lord Foster walks slowly, smiling at me sweetly. “Your mind is raging sweet rabbit.”

How did he?

“I can hear your thought’s Evie, our bond has grown from the last time we’ve met.” Lord Foster says to me with a knowing look. “You’re an amusing rabbit, it was the only thing keeping me from tearing that fuckers throat out.” He growls lowly, making me blush. My hormones are playing with me. “You’ve been avoiding me.” He whispers in a hushed tone. “My beast wanted to tear your throat out for running, my men managed to subdue me before I mutilated your beautiful corpse.”

A cold rush of water explodes on to my head, the lusty fog had cleared from my mind. “You’re a fucking prick.” I hiss and look away from him my arms crossed.

He rolls his eyes at me. “You’re a petulant child Evie.”

Wait... He’s not calling me by my full name. He’s said my preferred nickname thrice. Something is different about him. This isn’t the crazy monster who scares the shit out of everyone he meets. Whatever is storming through that creature’s mind, be warned don’t let it fool you.

“Be fooled little rabbit?” Lord Foster chuckles, his warm breath comes near one of my ears. “The one who is fooled is you.”

I flush red embarrassed by his comment. That creeping crazy faced creeper Mongrel! Why don’t you go and drag your arse on the carpet, make yourself useful!

His Lordship halts, he forces me to face his golden gaze. “Be careful what you think about Evie, your mind is open to me now. I might need to teach you a lesson, little rabbit.”

“Get bent, Lord Fucktard.” I grumble, casting my gaze back down to my chest.

Lord Foster continues to walk, taking my little tantrum as a sign to get his sexy-, I mean his fat arse moving. What the hell has he done to me?!! Something isn’t quite right with me...

You fancy him, Evie. Comes the oh-so annoying voice of my loins. He’s hot, just admit it! Lord Foster is just more than a regular man, he’s a beast! A sexy beast!

No...No he’s most definitely not! It all happened when I looked into his golden eyes, must be some sort of Lycan witchcraft something.

“If you want to know so badly my rabbit, all you have to do is ask.” He pipes in, my thought trail goes blank.

I roll my eyes ay my previous thoughts, I’m not thinking straight right now. It’s all over the shop, my mind felt like a messy shop with spilt contents everywhere. Nothing seemed to make sense anymore. “You did something didn’t you?!” I accuse him, my turquoise eyes blazing at whatever he’s done to me. “What shit did you implant in my brain, Lord Fucktard.”

Lord Foster continues to walk, a little slower this time. To make our conversation last longer. Just being around him again set me on edge, every fibre of my being felt like it was on fire, now it had become a dull warming ache. This wasn’t what I’m supposed to feel.

“I didn’t do anything of the sort, Evie. Your pretty little brain cannot comprehend what we share.” He whispers into my hair, sniffing into it before he continues to define my accusation. “Our bond has begun to grow faster. Even with your little lust-filled whims about my sexy arse and beautiful golden eyes. Your body already admits the truth, yet your mind is evident it doesn’t want to accept the true reality. You desire me for your own. I don’t blame you sweet rabbit, I am after all a prized Lycan.”

“Oh shut it!” I snap, my tone sharp. My cheeks flushed with a deep red tint. “I ran away from you because you’re a crazy creep with issues.”

“No.” He growls low, stopping once more. Lord Foster pins my small from against the dark wooden panelled walls of the pack’s elite hallways. His warm scent surrounds me, my body hums at it with each intake of breath. Lord Foster’s hands are on my shoulders, they’re so big that they cover my entire skin. I felt my inner core heat up at his mere touch. Our eyes wander to each other again. “You ran because you’re afraid of the monstrosity that I am. From the moment I looked into your uncorrupt eyes, I could see what you harboured inside of your fear and hatred for my kind. Feeling those two mixed brought something out in me, my dear. They’ve felt so invigorating. A mix which I grew drunk on, Little Rabbit.”

“Uncorrupted eyes?! You don’t know what shit I’ve seen.” I hiss, my tone cold and venomous. Somehow thinking about those things dashed the fires boiling from my centre. “Your kind are abominations, freaks of nature. They are the reason I fucking hate this world so much. Lord Foster, you talk the talk but you cannot walk the walk. I’ve walked the walk all my life, constantly on a knives edge because one wrong move will kill me. Yet I seem to dodge those bullets of shit because I’m destined to be with an abomination. I won’t ever be with you, I’ll never be yours.”

That ignorant laughter comes back once again. Lord Foster finds what I said quite amusing, it’s not my fault he’s a fucktard. He jests at me, twirling my hair in his clawed hand. My heart shuddered in recognition at the sinister black claws dripping with venom. “You already are, my mark will sit upon your skin with or without your permission Evie.” He comes in closer, his voice deep and gravely. “Not even you can keep me away from claiming you, it’s my right as your soulmate and future husband. I swear this to you now Genevieve.”

Lord Foster leans in closer to my left ear, his warm breath tickling my hairs. “No other man will make you feel this way. No other man will...” I felt his soft lips kissing my earlobe and go down towards my neck. “”

His canines descend down onto my neck in a playful pinch, his hands slither around my waist. I gasp at the familiar feeling, Lord Foster teases my skin, making me whimper in lust. Every part of my body loved this, except for my mind.

I’m mentally screaming out, he’s a Lycan! The monsters who made your mother an unstable mess! Come on Evie. My body loves it, sinking further into his nuzzling kisses. Lord Foster continues, little kisses become possessive his canines ready to lay their claim.

“NO!” I hiss coldly, using all my strength I drive the beastly creature off my scorching body. I take him by surprise and he falls on to the pale oak floors. “I’m not yours my lord.” I spit at him, my eyes glare daggers at him, my traitorous body might want him but I Genevieve Clarissa Wright, do NOT desire that insignificant abomination.

Lord Foster quickly stands up to his towering height, he mocks me by laughing humorlessly at my flustered from. “Insignificant am I? Sweet little rabbit, your the insignificant one. Let’s play a little game shall we, first one who gets to my quarters wins. If I win little rabbit I lay claim to what’s mine. Your prize is safety from my beast but you will share my bed mate.”

I hold back my pool of feelings of anger, embarrassment and downright fear, this bastard knows how to push my buttons. “On two conditions, one you give me a 20-minute headstart, and two you tell me where your quarters are.”

“10 minutes rabbit.” Lord Foster growls, his eyes beginning to glow.

“15 minutes.” I batter, theirs no way I can get a good head start in a mere ten minutes.

Lord Foster presses again. “10 minutes Genevieve, no more no less.”

“Ugh... Fine!” I groan unamused. “Well?”

“My quarter’s are on this floor... number 100... You have to find out the rest.” He chuckles, his eyes turning a cold icy blue. My gut clenches at the sight of them. “My beast will want to play, you have yet to meet my true skin.”

Oh gods, why did I agree to this?!! Because you’re a moron Evie. Now you’re in deep shit.

“Time to play in...” Lord Foster begins to count down from ten once again. Reminding me of what he did to that bastard, Jared. "1..0... run little mate.”

As soon as I hear the count down finish I’m out of there like the hounds of literal hell are going to chase me. Lord Foster groans as I hear several bones begin to break. Oh shit! He wasn’t going to play fair.

I run throughout the hallways in a blind panic, that monster won’t ever play fair. Once the air felt less dominant in power, I knew Lord Foster is a little further away from me. Too bad he doesn’t know my little secret...


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