Night of Liberation

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Chapter 12: Part 1: Caught in a Trap

~Evie’s POV~

So what’s my little secret? Hmm? Well, I’ve got two. The first truth is I do have more experience with Lycan’s than the average human. Lord Foster doesn’t know this, my experience comes from dealing with several monsters in a deadly game that only occurs every 16 years. The Blood Moon, during this time several humans are selected at random to be sacrificed to the local Lycan populace. By ‘sacrifice’ I mean by being killed and eaten. I was one of those candidates, those who survived returned completely altered by there experiences. If it wasn’t for my uncle’s army training I would be dead. Whatever happened on the Blood Moon I blocked most of it out to keep my sanity.

My second secret? Lord Foster has misplaced one of my beloved confiscated silver knives, I swiped it from him his coat pocket while he was sucking on my neck like some dog with a chew bone. That ignorant bastard didn’t notice as my own hands did some searching of their own. Not like that if that’s what you’re thinking! I wouldn’t go anywhere near his neither regions, especially a mutt’s!

Every sense of mine is put into overdrive, Lord Foster’s aura is slowly coming closer. “Where are you, little rabbit?” A distorted taunt comes, there voice a mixture of man and beast. He groans in pain, now sounding more human. “My beast wants to play dear one, you want me to hold him back so it can be just us?”

I knew exactly what tactic that mutt is playing, for once I held in my thoughts and voice. Lord Foster had the advantage over me, well a physical one that is, but he may lack a sense of creativity. What do I mean? You’ll see, a humans mind is their best weapon be little or big ideas.

That sly dog wanted me to give away my location. I hid down the hallway my back to a wooden panelled wall. A thought came to my mind, keep your drifting thoughts silent like an echo and you cannot be found if you can keep it random.

“Evie, come here.” Lord Foster chuckles in pain, as his body contorts in sickening cracks not meant to be heard by human ears. “Sweet rabbit, come to me I won’t bite hard. I’ll ravish you instead.”

A huge temptation overcame me, the urge to look at the beast of Lord Foster. His voice coming closer to my hiding spot, I turn around the corner just to peak and wish I hadn’t. A creature a half shifted state, bones move underneath the skin stretching it to impossible lengths, one arm is longer than the other its bestial. A muscular Lycan arm covered in a short layer of mixed dense fur of silvers, greys and whites. I watched in fascination as his outstretched palm morphed into a wolf’s hand paw with black sole’s imprinted in the centre of his hand and fingers, giving it a look of a wolves paw. I almost gasp in shock watching five black claws lengthen into razor-sharp tips. Lord Foster’s once chiselled body looks like a boiling mass of flabby flesh covered in boils.

My entire being knew what this was, he was holding back his transformation. Why? Now wasn’t the time to contemplate! His crippled hunched from only grew with each step.

“Evie...” He gasps in pain, more of his transformation continues. “My friend want’s to play with you.”

With those words, I high tail it out of there as quick as I can. Lord Foster hears my footsteps, chasing after me. Thankfully his movements are slow thanks to his morphing appendages. That would only give me a little advantage, for now.

“Ah! There you are, mate!” His voice grumbles, it growing deeper. I look back for a second and our eyes meet. Dread strikes my heart, the monsters cold silvery-blue eyes glow un-naturally with power. My gut tells me to run faster, and I heed its warning.

Whatever Lord Foster’s true skin is, I didn’t want to be anywhere near it. My silver knife is ready in my left hand, I dash away carefully scoping my surroundings.

“UGH!” A cried pain echos behind me. My gut telling me that this is my final warning before he is fully transformed. I keep my trail random, so Lord Foster would be sent on a mad goose chase. Experience taught me that scent is their biggest asset if you cripple that you can get them off your trail.

I use my knife to rip apart my outfit, choosing a random door behind me. Thankfully it’s unlocked. It’s a small double bedroom, belonging to some pack she bitch. The walls a horrid pink, it’s neon in colour by the gods I wanted to puke because that would give this room a massive improvement.

Let’s just say whoever this belonged to, needed a lesson in how to decorate. Neon pink isn’t the best colour on everything. I head over to her wardrobe (also pink), discard my old clothes stashing them in the top shelves and pick out a bland grey and pink dress with long sleeves. Stashing my knife in my bra. My senses were telling me Lord Foster is nearby, my chance for slipping pass him were growing slim.

Somehow my body identified his aura even from a distance, I knew exactly where he was coming from. Perks of our growing bond I guess. Looking around the pink walls of the room, I saw a faint outline of the servant’s door. YES!

I hurry over to the secret door, my hand feeling for the button. Ava showed me them while we were cleaning. If I make this out alive I promise. Now, where did she say it was? Damn it! My thoughts are blank. Out of all the times to fail me now. I sigh, damn the gods.


Another bang follows I look back to see I’ve left the door slightly ajar. I curse lowly, “Shit.”

Those bangs are in rhythm, their footsteps!? The oak floors groan under the weight. I go into a panicked state, fumbling around for the damned button. Lord Foster is now in his true skin, I can hear the grating of wood being marred by his sharp claws. He’s coming closer.

Where the fuck is it?!!

I can hear you, little rabbit. A deep powerful voice invades my mind, it growls thunders into my mind. One more thought will lead you to us.


With that being said I push open the hidden door and quietly shut it. I’m in total darkness. Feeling around until I feel a latch go across the door locking it in place. Whew, that was close.

Found you. That deep voice invades again, this time its creepy tone sends a cold shiver down my spine. Not the good kind either. You thought you could escape us?!

I don’t listen to it, I imagine a massive brick wall around my brain. Blocking the bastard out. No more cheating. Something dark and sinister pokes at the back of my thoughts. It felt familiar. Lord Foster!

I try to calm myself, calming my thoughts while holding up a fortress of walls isn’t easy. In the darkness, I struggle to make out my surroundings. It’s cold, stuffy filled with cobwebs and dust. Using my hands and feet to guide me through the vast darkness, I follow the trail upwards. My gut tells me to go that way. It feels right.

Minutes later I see a light coming from one of the many doorways of the servant’s passages. I take my chances, opening the door into a room full of shelved cleaning supplies. Well, I’ve hit the jackpot tonight!

Remember what I thought about minutes ago before how we humans have our minds to thank? I need to decapacitate their most valuable asset, their sense of smell. Within this room is a means to piss off a Lycan enough to ward off their sense of smell, be it for a few days. In this world, it’s a human mates new best friend... Bleach!

Miss Gorgon hated the smell, as did that fucker Magnus (my Mother’s Lycan mate). Even Kyle couldn’t stand this stuff, everyone wolf I came across always gagged at the potency of this stuff. The Gods and Stars have smiled on me tonight. Let’s teach Lord Foster a much-needed lesson in boundaries, shall we?

I gather what I can, grabbing four full bottles of the marvellous stuff. Thankfully the cleaning store isn’t connected to the main hallway, only the servant’s passages. Back into the darkness, we go, wait... out the corner of my eyes I saw a switch and flip it on. Let there be light.

The entire servant passages are lit up, I don’t head back from whence I came. Lord Fucktard will be on my back. I followed down the passages checking each door until one of them opened which was 20 maybe 15 doors later. I walked into another room, it was deserted.

For a moment I stop, from the lights coming from the servant’s passages I could make out the faint outlines of the dark furniture of a study. For once I’m calm, my heart is back at a steady pace once more because there was no dominating presence anywhere.

I creep over to the other side of the room, keeping my footsteps muffled as best I could. I turn the doorknob over, it clicks open. Out of instinct, I check either end of the hallway it looked the same as the endless amounts of this ghastly place. Before I step out I unscrew the lids on the bleach. Time to put my mad plan into action.

The other bottles were stuffed under my armpits as my auxiliary ammo. I feel like an evil villain knowing Lord Foster will scorn me for this, maybe even the pack. But who cares I say. Shrugging my shoulders, girls just want to have fun.

Pouring the bleach across the doorway, I head left flicking a little bit of bleach around each corner. Those dogs like to mark their territory so I’m marking mine. Once the two bottles are emptied I head towards the numbers Lord Fucktard told me. 100 or something.

There you are.

I feel goosebumps begin to form all over my body, that same monstrous voice invades my mind. It didn’t feel like the warmth I felt whenever Lord Foster read it, it felt wrong, dark and foreboding. My heart clenches in fear, once again I’m on edge. My instincts screaming at me... RUN!

Out the corner of my eye, I see a blurred blob of black, grey and silver fur. It startles me, I trip on my own foot falling to the floor. Both of my bottles fall out of my hands, scurrying to either side of the hallway. My blade clatters to the ground, I grab it and fake to the right as to grab the bottle. The monster follows my ploy, I roll suddenly to the left to grab the other bottle of bleach. The wolf creature crashes its massive head into the nearby wall. It gets stuck for a moment. I feel my vision is a swirling mass for a few seconds.

My sight returns to normal seconds later, only during that time. That thing has pulled its massive head out of the hole it made in the wooden panelled walls. The creature’s back is covered in dense black fur, it’s markings reminded me of a husky only it looked a cross between an artic white wolf and husky with its rugged markings. Terror filled every sense of my body freezing it completely, as I was met with its full towering height. That thing looked like a foreboding skyscraper. Its humorous height couldn’t be contained within the tall ceilings of the hallway. Guessing its height is out of the question. I’ve never seen such a Lycan this massive before.

Dread struck me like a bolt of lighting would, it’s glowing silvery-blue eyes will haunt me forever. I knew who that thing is! Lord Foster’s true terrifying form, his true skin that hid underneath his handsome facade.

I grew panicked as he drew closer to my small form. Our eyes meeting, a terrified girl against a monster she hated and feared. The thing smiled at me showing me it’s interlocking canines bigger than my hand. Tears of fear wept from my eyes, my fear gripping me at every part of my soul. In all my years I’ve never felt so afraid, bigger than the red-eyed monster. Bigger than...

Naughty, naughty rabbit. Lord Foster’s demonic voice pierced through my thoughts. You won’t ever win against us.

I remembered what our little bet was, he hasn’t won yet. This fear can go and fuck itself! I’m not a little girl anymore. Courage flows through me unfreezing my limbs, time to play dirty.

“You haven’t won yet.” I sneer, slicing the knife across the top of the bleach bottle.

The beast growls and rears its ugly head towards me. I have already won, rabbit, your ours to claim.

It comes closer, lowering itself onto all fours so it could reach me. I strike, spewing all the contents of the bleach directly into its demonic eyes and its sensitive black nose. It roars at me, launching itself at my legs.

I roll enough out the way barely avoiding its three-inch black talons. Without thinking, I’m already up and ready to move out. I run away following the numbers on the doors. My mind is so focused I blocked out all noises and stayed on my goal. Finally, I had reached the hallway with 1000 to 1009 labelled on each pair of luxurious double doors. The wooden panelling had changed to something more stylish like in the grand halls where the pack held the feast for Lord Foster and his men.

The beast follows me blindly, it growls lowly in anger. It seems my dirty little trick has worked. I smile, now I’m at the final hurdle. Only 9 guesses.

Come on Evie, think, where would Lord Foster go? It couldn’t be in the middle that’s too obvious. Wait... 1007? Might as well go with a lucky number. I head towards that door. It’s locked. Damn it.

The beast comes around the corner, drool dripping from its massive maw. When I find you mate, my teeth will be the last thing you ever see.

“Last thing, huh?” I taunt, placing a hand on my hip. “Our little wager hasn’t been won yet, my Lord.”

Lord Foster’s wolf head turns in the direction my voice came in. His large ears twitching in various directions. We caught you! We win! He growls in my mind.

“No, if I remember correctly. You said whoever got to your quarters first wins. So there’s no clear winner yet puppy dog.” I say with an innocent tone.

My little comment makes him growl loud at me, so much so one of the doors opens revealing a half-naked male known as Stanely. Door 1006 opens. “My Lord what seems-.”

I’m already over there, my feet near the threshold. Lord Foster snarls at me and Stanley. You incompetent fool!

While they are preoccupied, I step over the threshold slipping past Stanley into a huge suite. Looks like I win!


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