Night of Liberation

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Chapter 12: Part 2: Setting Boundaries


Lord Foster and Stanley burst through the doors ripping them off the hinges, man vs beast. Ava screams from the white leather corner sofa, looking dishevelled in appearance and tries to cover up her naked form with a torn dress. I see a fresh claim upon her skin with several hickeys all over her neck.

She glares at me with murder in her blue eyes. “We’re getting to the best bit! You really are a cockblock, Esmee.”

I roll my eyes, that silly girl doesn’t know what will happen to her brain once she succumbs. “Yeah, yeah. Try have that Fucktard for a mate.” I say bluntly pointing to the scray husky artic wolf thingy in fisticuffs with Stanley.

Ava is a little shocked by my outburst. “You’re such a prude.”

“My lady!” One of Lord Foster’s men calls, running out of another door at the far side of the suite. “We’ve had thought the worse. Where have you-.”

“Huh?” Ava is still surprised.

I see a mass of spikey strawberry blonde hair, freckled skin and playful green eyes. The guy has a cute boyish look to him, he looks barely 18 dressed in long striped pyjama legs. His torso ripped with a six-pack and shorter stature. Damn! He’s hot!

However, I don’t recognise him. My brain could only take so much in. I look blankly and point a finger at him. “Err... who are you?”

“I’m Clarence Giles. Please call me Giles.” He smiles, his white teeth shining in the light and holds out his hand for me to shake. The boy’s smile reminded me of the Cheshire cat, he didn’t look so hot anymore. Only creepy.

Okay, I’m getting the creep factor off this one. “Best not Cheshire, Lord Fucktard will rip you a new one if you so much as touch me.”

“Who?” He asks confused, tilting his head to the side.

“Lord Foster, you imbecile!” I hiss at him losing my cool. After all the shit that’s happened today. I’m ready for a hot shower and bed, even if I had to share with a crazy creepo Lycan. “Where are his quarters, anyways? I want to shower.”

Giles bows immediately, taking my request. While Ava is screaming in the background for Stanley to stop. It’s strange how moments ago I was scared now a casual conversation with Lycan minutes later. This world is such a strange place. Right now I didn’t care about a Lycans pissing match. Lord Foster can heel for once.

Well, a dog needs to have healthy boundaries, I think I’ve just set some.

“Follow me, my Lady.” Giles escorts me to Lord Foster’s quarters. Giles bows again at me. “Towels are in the cupboard to your right, his Lordship expected her arrival and has stocked up on clothes already. Goodnight my Lady.”

“Wait.” I call out to Giles, he’s about to step out of the door. “Thank you, Giles, please call me Evie. I’m not a lady of any sort.”

Giles’ eyes lit up with a playful hint in them, he turned around to face me. “You are a Lady, as of yet.”

Wait...what?!!! “Giles, wait.” I run up to him, only he gives me the cold shoulder and locks the door.

“Good night Lady Evie.” He says with a hint of sarcasm, I bang on the wooden door a little peeved that shit locked me in here.

“I’m going to neuter you, dog!” Slamming a fist on the door. “Ow.” Shit! That fucking hurt. I pull back cradling my hand.

Giles laughs behind the door. “Better get ready for tonight my lady, Lord Foster will have a good time with you.”

Don’t bite, don’t bite, don’t bite. I repeat in my head. “Good night Clarance.” I say sweetly, he doesn’t like his first name. He falls silent at my words. HA! Now I’ve got something on that smug dog.

I don’t bother with them anymore. At least I’ve got some alone time. Lord Foster’s quarters were all white with hints of red. The room screamed modern and ugh... I hate this word ‘Contemporary’ style it made me want to burn the entire room. Not as bad as that neon pink monastery, I bet that belongs to Mrs Gorgan, she always did have hideous taste in colours.

I headed over to the bathroom, grabbing some towels on the way. I’m not going to be stupid and let anyone see my naked form, especially Lord Foster. Gathering all the items I needed by routing through the bathrooms also white cupboards. The glass shower cubical has several shiny chrome showerheads, at least they had something decent. I start the shower waiting for it to heat up and step under it setting my silver knife onto a far shelf on the shower away from the streaming jets. Letting my thoughts drift to what the hell am I going to do about another little situation.

Theo has been ordered to bite me by his Alpha, I’m wondering why the High Council has ordered it. Lord Foster, isn’t a member of the council just an envoy right? As I’m contemplating these things, I wash away all my worries. It’s been another one of those days where life throws all the shit at you. I find a shower is the best time for you to relax your mind and come up with the best ideas.

20 minutes later... I step out of the shower, drying myself with the red towels, wrapping my hair up in a turban and the larger towel around my breasts to make a sort of dress. My knife shines at me underneath the light telling me not to forget it.

Once I take my knife, I hear the door open. My instincts kick in, blade at the ready at whoever dares invades my alone time! I unlock the bolt on the bathroom door and swing the door open. In the room is a naked Lord Foster showing off his glorious muscles and toned arse. My cheeks instantly flush a deep red in attraction and embarrassment, he turns around. I shield my virgin eyes with my right arm at his erm... you know nakedness. I’ve seen a few naked men, but I didn’t want whatever was going on in my brain to plant even more eggs to hatch.

Lord Foster chuckles at my naivety, a hint of amusement in his laughter. “You win Evie, I thought your prize should have an addition.”

I roll my eyes at him, my eyes still covered. “Get over yourself Foster, I ain’t that kind of girl.”

“Your not a girl anymore Genevieve, you are a woman.” Lord Foster walks over to me, his tone trying to vex me. I hear his footsteps come closer to me. The abundant scent of bleach lays heavy in the space between us.

Even my nose is having a hard time processing this. It’s making my stomach churn. “Get washed, you reek worse than a restroom toilet!” I order, stepping to the side of him.

“As you wish my mate, your prize awaits in a few short minutes.” He says casually walking into the bathroom, he shuts the door.

“Thank the gods that’s over with.” I mutter under my breath, un-shielding my eyes. Unfortunately, my face is still flustered. My frustration seeping through, another part of me wanted to see him. I know this isn’t apart of me, it’s something else. Whatever it is it’s a parasite I want rid of!

Heading over to the wardrobe, I pick out some black lacey panties (there’s nothing else but sexy lingerie) and some matching pyjama top and bottoms with a multicoloured foxy theme to them. Slipping on two pairs of black socks, what? It does get cold and doubling up on cotton socks keep your feet warm.

I slip my knife into my pyjama bottoms, the bed is littered with pillows of various sizes. While his Arseship is showering I gather what I could to set up base on the floor. I’m dead keen on sleeping alone in my pillow bunker. Only there’s one blanket, meh! I rip off the duvet cover and give him a thin cotton red sheet to sleep with.

Snuggling into my bunker under the bed its surprisingly clean, I hear the bathroom door open. Lord Foster struts in steam wafting out of the bathroom door. I see his massive muscular legs at the edge of the bed on the left-hand side.

“Evie?” He calls my name. I stay silent. “Evie!” He growls out, shuffling around the room. “Evie where the fuck are you?!!”

His feet come near my bunker, I slip my knife out of my pocket and ready to strike it if his hands dare intrude upon my newly made nest. Lord Foster grumbles under his breath, he sighs sinking into the bed. His heavy from sinks the mattress down.

“Huh?” He mumbles noticing something. His tone turns into a sexy growl hinting with playful allure. “Evie, I know where you are, little rabbit. Evie.”

My eyes watch closely for any movements, he comes to the right of me. I felt him roll to the other side. I see his massive hands come towards me. A hissing sound comes from my lips, I strike quickly stabbing him at his offensive hand. He recoils cursing under his breath.

I keep my blade close to my chest, waiting for his next attack. Lord Foster rips the bed from above me with one hand, his other heals slowly. The skin boiling over at the contact of silver. His golden eyes glare evilly at me, he seemed no longer amused.

“Come here.” Lord Foster orders trying to come near my cocooned body. It’s a little awkward for him with only one working hand.

I return the glare, my knife at the ready. “Get bent!”

“Evie, I’m warning you, come here now.” He grumbles, pointing to the spot next to him.

A hiss escapes my lips. “Over my dead body.”

Lord Foster sighs at my childish antics. “What are you trying to pull Genevieve?”

My eyes narrow in disdain at him as I wrap myself further into my blanket cocoon. “I’m setting boundaries between a dog and a human.”

He gives me an annoyed look. “Seriously?! I’m not a dog.”

“Correction is mongrel a better fit for your kind?” I tease, smirking at his peeved face. It’s so nice for me to have the upper hand for once.

“Evie!” He growls low and dangerous, a hint of threat behind it. “If you don’t come to me right now I will transform and mark you right now!”

“No.” I say stubbornly. “You said you’ll leave me alone tonight, even if I had to share your bed. Remember our little wager? Hmm?” Adding another thing. “You weren’t very specific with it. But since I won, you promised that you would reign in your beast and not mark me. Only to share your bed, you didn’t say on top or amongst the sheets. So I’m going underneath, honouring the bed. Honour which you sorely lack at this moment in time.”

His golden eyes turn molten hints of silver at the rims of his pupils begin to manifest. Lord Foster sneers at me, his canines protruding through biting the bottom of his lips. “Get here mate, I won’t ask nicely again.”

“Na.” I dismiss him, snuggling into my pillows and close my tired eyes. “Night night.”

Lord Foster suddenly rips the duvet off me, I shot up glaring at that sly bastard. His other hand has healed quickly. “I think a spanking is in order don’t you?”

I roll away from my bunker. My knife ready to give him some new scars to match the one I gave him over a month ago. My feet meet the carpet. I lock eyes with Lord Foster, he has that same smug smirk on his face. “You are the one who needs a spanking, I’m not a toy for your amusement, my Lord.”

He drops the bed, his tall form towers over me once again. I stand up, noticing that he’s naked!? Oh for god’s sake! His weapon is huge! “Go put some boxers on!” I snap, my face blushing once more.

“Don’t like me?” He sniggers, amusement playing all sorts with his eyes and smile. “It’s who I am, little rabbit, your sweet little brain cannot handle a simple penis.” Lord Foster chuckles at my now fully red face.

“No, I don’t want that overgrown disease-infested gourd anywhere near me, mongrel!” I snap, ready to send my knife flying at it. “That’s if you want to keep it?”

He shuts up, seeing my threat lingering. “You wouldn’t?”

“Oh, I would.” I hiss, throwing my knife towards it without a second thought. He leaps out the way, the blade lands into the wardrobe it embedded into the door. “Now do as I say and put some fucking boxers on, creep!”

Lord Foster does as I say and puts some black designer boxers on. Finally covering his sexy arse. I shake my head at those nasty thoughts. Okay, I’ll admit I do like staring at a guys arse. We all have things we are attracted to, shamefully that’s mine. I look away still flustered.

“It’s safe to look now, your virgin eyes are safe.” Lord Foster teases and looks at me with an unknowingly. His gold eyes back to normal. “I regret giving your knife back to you. I’ve forgotten how nasty you can be with such a little instrument.”

“You knew?!” I give him an accusing look, that sly bastard.

He shrugs his shoulders, putting his hands in the air as surrender. “You needed an advantage Little Rabbit. My gift to you.”

“Whatever.” I grumble. “But there’s no way I’m letting you mark me, dog! A deals a deal! I won fair and square.”

“No, you didn’t-.”

“Shut it!” Snapping at the Lycan’s interruption. “If I didn’t play dirty, I would’ve been dead. You cheated by using your true form.”

“Fine, you win. We’ll wait until next time.” He comes over to me, wrapping his arms gently around my waist. My body makes no attempt to push him away. “I’ve learnt a valuable lesson tonight. Your cutie when you go all commando.”

I glare at him with all the rage I can muster, his rose gold eyes shimmer in delight. “You need to respect a woman’s personal space.”

Lord Foster smirks at me a normal smile, his white teeth show no signs of his true nature. “In time I’ll learn them, for now, I want to hold my mate.”

“Get bent.” I hiss, ramping my knee into his special area. He gasps in pain letting go of me. “Heel! Learn to respect my space dog! Goodnight.”

Lord Foster cradles his area, while I slither under the bed. For once we’ve had a good chat. I feel my mind lull me into a deep sleep. Unaware of about what events are going to take place...


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