Night of Liberation

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Chapter 12: Part 3: Musings After a Nightmare


Once again I’m surrounded by the vast darkness of the void, this is the place I hated visiting in my dreams. However, around me the air felt cold and barren with the sickly stench of blood. I’m dressed in a fluffy white gown, covered in the cuts inflicted by my dream mother over a month ago.

“Come to me, Evie.” A demonic voice calls out to me. My name holds a sinister tone on that things tongue.

I ignore it, my being knew by the familiar pin-pricks digging into my skin. That the red-eyed monster will pay me another visit. For once I wasn’t scared, after all the shit I’ve dealt with the past month made me become accustomed to fear and living on that knifes edge.

Turning my focus onto another matter, just to focus on the numbing darkness. However, an unfamiliar invader waltzed into my dreams of there own accord. This monster felt so wrong on many levels, it made my heart shudder in fear and downright terror.

The demonic voice calls out to me again. It’s tone more urgent. “Come to me Evie, quick!”

Looking into its direction, I glare at the things smouldering blood-red eyes, it’s shadowy form looked smaller than before. It took the shape of the creature I feared the most... a Lycan. Yet a colder voice one with sinister intend called out to me, it’s very tone is made of harsh bitterly cold ice.

“Genevieve, come to me, sweet rabbit.”

The red-eyed creature snatched me into its clutches. I screamed startled by its sudden change of behaviour. Its grip is tight, squeezing what it can out of me. “Not yours.”

Another creature arrives this in the form of Lord Foster’s true skin, the grey wolf. His eyes piercing the darkness, burning it away until the darkness changed into a snowy winter forest bathed in red light from the Blood Moon.

He snarls at us, merely offended by how I was held in another’s grasp. “Mine.”

Suddenly, I’m met with the cold kiss of the snow. The red-eyed monster cast me aside and faced the Invader. They circle around each other, the red-eyed beast forming into its true mass, a smaller black Lycan. The beasts snarl at one another, their muzzles drooling anticipation at the forthcoming fight.

The black Lycan makes the first move aiming at the Invader’s lower limbs. I watch in shock as each beast tears a chunk out of each other's fur. They rage on for what seems like years, I watch the fierce battle between two Lycan’s. Their prize is me. However, the Black Lycan is easily overpowered by the Invader. He sinks his teeth into the monster I feared almost all my life, and tears out the creature’s throat as if it were chewing a piece of raw steak. Chomping away at its neck until his face is covered in red blood. Making him look more evil.

My body screams at for me to run. Get away from the Invader. I push myself up and run away into the darkness from the Blood Moonlight. I hear an all-powerful howl of victory, the Invader had won. Now was the time to claim the prize.

“There you are.” Its cold voice slips into my mind. “Your all mine now, little rabbit.”

Suddenly, I feel two muscular grey-furred arms slither around my waist. I have no time to scream or shout, as I’m pinned to a nearby tall oak tree by a single paw hand. My breath is caught in my throat as I come face to face with a new nightmare, the Invader. His massive bloodstained jaws glitter under the now white moonlight.

His cold eyes lock with my terrified ones. “I win.” The thing talks, his voice cold and eerily familiar. “Time to claim my prize.”

A sheering pain is felt on my left shoulder, I unleash a scream absolute terror. The Invader has his jaws clamped deeply into my soft flesh, he adds more pressure further. Making me scream out more.

He suddenly rips his teeth out of my shoulder, I’m surprised to still be awake. Blood pours from my new claim, the beast smiles happily at me. My blood covering all his muzzle, I feel a river of blood flowing from my shoulder. “Your mine now, forever Evie.”

“He’s inside of you Evie.” Comes a reassuring voice of my mother. I see her pass the creature with her black voids for eyes, mattered blonde locks and a smile with little needle teeth stretching from ear to ear. The red-eyed beast stands tall behind her, now a shadow once more. “He’ll be your shadow now.” My mother cackles. He cannot be my shadow, my fear.

The Invader licks my wound, whimpering into my ear. “I’m not just your fear Evie... I’m your mate.”

What, none of this makes sense. I have no mate. I think, my thoughts swirling around my mind. Suddenly, I remember who this monster is.

“Lord Foster?!!” I scream.

“No Evie... I’m Lucius, your true mate.” He smiles before biting down on my neck again.

I scream until I can no more. That’s when I wake up in a dripping mess, wrapped in someone’s arms. Tears pouring from my eyes. My shoulder aches in pain as if the Invader just bit me. I shot up from whoever is embracing me, every corner of the room is completely dark. With the little light coming from the drawn curtains, I could see I’m in the bed not my pillow bunker.

I let out a sigh of relief, it was only a dream, well a nightmare. Out the corner of my eye, I see a clock lit up in red digits at first I thought it was the red-eyed monster only the numbers read. 03:45 AM.

Someone mumbles to the side of me, I try to crawl away from him. “Evie.” Lord Foster’s deep voice say sleepy, it soothes me. “Bad dream?”

“Yeah.” I say, trying to get away from his clutches.

He on the other hand forces me to his warm chest, my hands pressed against it. I could feel his rippling muscles with each intake of breath he took. “Don’t fight me just this once Evie, let me comfort you. No funny business. I swear.”

I give in, I’m emotionally and physically tired after all that’s happened. He moves to go on to his back, cradling me next to his side. Resting my head on his chest. “You okay?” He asks concerned.

“Yeah, it’s just-.” I stop, really unsure about what I should be telling him. He’s the enemy, a Lycan.

Lord Foster yawns, still half asleep. “Don’t worry about telling me anything, just let me be there for you.”

“Okay.” I say listening to his heartbeat. “I wanna talk about something else.”

He mumbles incoherently, yawning again. “About what?”

“What is your name?” I ask a little intrigued.

His eyelids seem heavy, trying to keep awake a little longer. “Lord Foster.”

“No, your first name, dum, dum.” I poke his ribs.

Lord Foster hums in content, happy for some reason. “It’s Wilhelm. My name is Wilhelm.”

“Wilhelm?” I couldn’t say it right. “That’s an old fart’s name.”

He sniffs in a laugh. “I’m older than you think Evie, I was born long ago. Wilhelm is my birth name.”

“What about a nickname?” I press further, just wanting a distraction.

Lord Foster hums at me. “L...Li...Liam.” He yawns and falls back into a deep slumber.

I listen to his heartbeat, so his name is Liam. It feels not quite right. Lord Foster is what I’ve come to know him as.

Feeling warmth surround me, I give into its hypnotic essence. I murmur under my breath in a stifling yawn. “Night Lili.”


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