Night of Liberation

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Chapter 13: The Dreaded Friday

~Evie's POV~

Upon the dawning of the sun intrudes my sleeping form. I stir from a peaceful slumber of oblivion after that last nightmare. My left shoulder is still has a dull aching pain as if that Invader had laid claim to me. It called itself Lucius, why did that name sound so familiar?

Uncertainty filled me, I slipped out of Lord Foster's grasp. His muscular toned arms wrapped in a semi-tight embrace. However, under the rays of the warm glow of the red curtains, I saw an opportunity too good to pass up. It seems Lord Foster will be getting a taste of his own medicine. I sneak around his sleeping form, he snuggles into a nearby pillow wrapping his arm around it.

There on his bedside table is his smartphone, where his hands are positioned now is just perfect. An evil plan forms in my mind. I laugh in my mind. I unlock his phone set it to the camera app and take a few snaps of his sleeping form. Every part at me laughed in agreement, pay pack for breaking his boundaries, even though he hasn't learnt them as of yet. I skim through the photos, picking the best ones to share and send it all to his friends, colleagues and some High Lycan Lords. *Insert evil laughter here*.

I even sent an email to Lord Everett. Lord Foster's boss, hehe. Paybacks a bitch, Lili (pounced Lee-Lee). Placing the phone back onto the bedside, I get up ready for my morning call for caffeine. I head straight to the kitchen totally unaware of a naked sleeping couple behind me.

Right now I didn't give a shit if I woke anyone up it's 8 o'clock! I put the kettle on to boil while routing around the surprisingly small kitchen for tea bags. Yes! I smile, raiding some more cupboards for sugar, teaspoon and a proper mug. My clanging, crash bang wallop doesn't go unnoticed.

"Will you keep it down!" Groans Stanley from the sofa.

I ignore him, humming a little song as I've needed a proper brew of much-beloved breakfast tea. Coffee is the devil! I'll admit I'm a tea snob, my uncle Morgan has offended me more than once by putting the milk in with the teabag in. I sing the hallelujah chorus in my mind because they've got fine bone china mugs in the cupboard.

On the countertop, I leave it alone to brew on its own. They had no teapot. Stupid wolves don't know how to live.

Stanley groans again, pulling Ava's small form over to him. "For moon's sake, I'm trying to sleep here!"

Just to annoy him further I begin to whistle an off-key tune, making Stanley growl at me. I continue, waiting for my tea to stew for three minutes, stir in one teaspoon of sugar well in and take the bag out and add a good amount of milk. No, it's not meant to be maids milk or maids water.

"Hey Stanley, want some tea?" I offer to look at his half-naked form, he glares at me with those dark brown eyes of his. His black hair scattered in many directions, while his pale skin chisel chest leans onto Ava's back. His muscled arm wrapped around her middle hiding her naked top with the white duvet.

He sighs, clearly annoyed. "I don't drink tea, coffee is life."

My nose churns in disgust. Urgh, I can already smell that horrid stuff. "Want me to make you a cup of death?"

"Yeah, waters about the right temperature right?" He asks scratching his messy hair. "Damn, that woman did a number on me." He touches something sticky in his mass of hair... ew. I knew straight away what it was.

I turn back to the countertop suddenly, my face red as a tomato. I'm still a virgin, OKAY!

"How do you take it?" I say.

"Rough and hard." He jokes an amused grin slaps onto his face. "I'm kidding, just black no sugar or milk, please."

I'm tempted to spit in the coffee as I make it, maybe it will improve the flavour of this vile abomination. It takes everything inside of me to hold the urge to spit, taking the cup of death over to Stanley on the large coffee table. "Thanks."

"That's okay." I say heading back to my tea.

"You can join me ya know, I'm off duty today." Stanley says in a friendly tone. "Lord Foster has allowed me to spend some time with Ava before the Lockdown."

I grab my tea and take a seat a good five feet away from Stanley and a sleeping Ava. An awkward silence came between us. I take a sip of my tea.

"So have you fucked Lord Foster yet?" He abruptly questions.

The tea splitters out of my mouth. I cough, spilling some of it on the leather sofa and red cushions. "No."

Stanley sniffs the air. "Your scent has changed. You're still a prude virgin then. Piff! No matter all you need is a good bang and you'll be right as rain."

I'm frustrated by his comments, kind of regretting not spitting into his coffee. "He had me in his arms all night, knobhead."

He laughs at me, I then notice he's got a mixed accent between American and a Northern Welsh. "I bet you loved every moment of it Little Lady." He taunts, taking a sip of his coffee.

"You like the flavour?" I ask sweetly.

"Yep! Tastes better than the shit Giles makes." Stanley comments drinking a little more.

"Wanna know my secret?" Waiting for him to bite back.


"Human spit." I lie, grinning evilly at the taunting Knobhead.

Stanley growls at me spilling all of his devil drink. He's at a loss for words, gagging at my little jab.

"Just kidding." I say casually drinking the rest of my tea.

His movements stir Ava awake. Her mousey brown hair thrown in various directions, I could see a change in her once said baby blue eyes. They held a glimmer of hope. "Baby?" She yawns stretching out her limbs, looking lovingly at Stanley. "Morning baby." She then sees me. "Esmee? Why are you still here?" A hint of disappointment in her voice that she wasn't alone with Stanley.

"My real name is Evie, Ava. I'm Lord Foster's mate." I say getting up.

Ava springs to life, uncovering her tiny boobs. Stanley growls, covering her front once more. "Oh goody, goody so you aren't a prude nun after all. Did ya know?" Winking at me.

"No baby she didn't, I've already asked her that." Stanley grumbles, clutching his mate closer. "Try to keep up."

Her once playful demeanour is replaced with sadness. "You don't love me." She cries, putting on an act.

Stanley is reduced to a mess, his reaction to Ava's false act it's priceless! "Baby, I..."

Ava smirks at him. "Just playing, naughty puppy."

Now Stanley is redder than red, seeing him blush makes me want to point and laugh at him. It seems Ava's collared him already.

We continue to talk amongst ourselves, Giles strolls in a zombie-like state muttering under his breath about waffles. He looks a Frankenstein with his morning walk patterns. His strawberry blonde hair looks like a bomb exploded in it. Lord Foster's other men soon followed in. All of them having their normal morning conversations.

The other guys introduce themselves, I met Lucas Giles' older identical twin brother, strangely he doesn't look like a teenage boy like Giles does. Apparently, they stopped ageing at different points in their lives hence why one looks more mature. Next is Mike, a star trek villain with his unibrow and shaved head, grey eyes that hold something off about them. He's quiet and well mannered.

Austin comes next, he's of Asian descent with a mix of exotic features, he's got brooding chocolate amber eyes and is mute. He talks to the guys via telepathy if he wants to communicate. He's got dark tanned skin, with a mix of Japanese and Chinese features. He keeps his silky black hair in a clean military cut.

Jesse is a Northern lad with a thick Yorkshire accent, he's got long blonde hair, cool amber eyes and tanned skin. He's the shortest out of the lads and they tease him for it. Jesse is the ladies man, sleeping with anything with walking two legs.

Finally Ace, he's Jesse's best friend and the chattiest of the guards. To my surprise, he's Stanley's younger half brother. They have the same brown eyes, well eye, he's got two different coloured eyes, one brown the other blue. I couldn't remember the name of the genetic stuff it's called. Ace wasn't his real name, Stanley tried to tell us but he got the daggers from Ace. He's got short spiked dyed flaming hair in a mohawk, a constant smile on his face when he's off duty.

The guys called themselves Lord Foster's pack. I call them groupies.

"Oh, wait till you see this guys." Pipes in Jesse, taking out his phone.

A pissed off growl comes from Lord Foster's bedroom. "GODDAMIT EVIE!!!"

Several pairs of amused eyes look at me. All of them intend on asking what I've done. Wait for it.

Lord Foster storms into the main part of the suite, his eyes glowing silver. They begin to search for me, finding me sitting amongst his brethren beats. He clutches his phone tightly in his hands, claws spiked out of his fingernails.

"What do you think you did little rabbit." He growls, trying to keep his cool.

I look at him innocently. "Setting boundaries between an ignorant puppy dog and a human."

His men stifle in their laughter, Jesse has his phone out showing them the result of my handy work. "She's got you good, boss." Jesse shrieks in laughter.

All his men burst out like a bunch of cackling old hags. Ava seems to be clueless until Jesse passes his phone to her. She cannot hold it back either.

"This isn't funny." Lord Foster grumbles, his phone cracking to pieces.

I couldn't contain my amusement any longer. "It"

Lord Foster growls lowly at my new nickname for him, what?! It suits him. He storms over to me, snatching me away from the others. "You're going to pay for your little joke mate."

"Oh, really. Because if I remember correctly, you do look so sweet and innocent with a thumb glued to your mouth." I flout laughing again, my chest hurt so much from laughing so hard.

His left eye twitches in anger, he's getting red in the face. Jesse, Mike, and Giles all have their phones out. They've all got huge smiles on their faces. "This will be my new background. Baby Lili." Luca muses in glee. "Click!"

"It's a good look for you boss." One of the others says, showing him the photo. There is Lord Foster posed with him sucking on his thumb, in pretty sparkly pink writing says 'baby Lili'.

Suddenly, the laughter ceases. His men have their heads bowing in submission. "You will all delete that offensive photo and see to it that all traces of it is gotten rid of!" He commands in an alpha's voice. "Evie, you will be punished for this." His silver eyes glare into my soul.


Looks like somebody couldn't take a joke, Lord Foster really had a 10ft pole shoved up his already elite arse. Moments later after he silenced us, Lord Stanhope called him on Stanley's phone. He's been summoned to a meeting to meet with Alpha Haynes and his packs elite.

2 days before the full moon, Lord Foster has kept me locked tightly away from everyone else. I wasn't allowed any human contact or any internet privileges. He's treating me like a disobedient teenager. On the bright side, he's learnt to respect certain boundaries between us. Since the great photo reveal he's turned back into his normal arsehole self.

He's made me sleep on the floor with a just a blanket and pillow. Wouldn't allow me to call him anything else other than Lord Foster. His men did bring me food and drink, a few books to read but they didn't make any eye contact.

Currently, I'm sitting on the bed rereading a 1000 page book about random facts since the Night of Liberation. The History behind the takeover, blah blah. I throw the book into the corner. Wishing I had my trusty knife on me. Lord Foster confiscated it after the whole Lili incident. More like I bruised his pride ego.

I hear a massive ruckus coming from behind the main door to the suites main area. Something tells me we have an unwanted visitor.

The door cracks open revealing Theo, his features not human and in a half shifted state. He tears apart the door with his meagre claws. His liquid golden eyes glower at me, malicious in there intent.

"So this is where you've been hiding little piggy. For shame sister, being a Lycan's whore doesn't suit you." Theo insults me, he's quicker than a speeding bullet. Grabbing my right arm, he bites down hard with his morphed fangs and canines. A shearing hot pain travels up my arm to my neck. I shriek out as molten lava is poured into my bloodstream. Theo gives me a cold look. "The Alpha sends his regards sister, you'll soon be apart of our pack."

He lets go of my arm, I cradle it to my chest. The bite mark burning still. Theo walks away from me, his back turned. He doesn't say anything else as he exits the suite. Licking my blood away from his lips, the bastard smirks at me. "Oh Evie, you do taste good."

I'm left at a loss for words as the reality what's going to happen to me begins to sink in. Theo leaves me waiting to cry out tears. Is this Lord Foster's punishment?! I didn't know. Unwanted tears pour from my eyes, I hold back my sniffling cries, the pain still hasn't subsided. The bite pulsated like a heartbeat, a clear warning what I'm about to become... a werewolf.


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