Night of Liberation

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Chapter 14: Unwanted News



This chapter contains blood, attempted suicide. This is marked with this: *** , when it begins and ends. If this makes you upset you can skip the bits with ***.

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~Evie’s POV~

Life seemed to hold no more meaning to me anymore. For the last two days, I’ve been stuck in a state of melancholy. Nothing made me want to move from the bed not even the call of nature, every part of me gave up. Why? I didn’t want to become a bloody werewolf, I like my humanity. Why do the gods curse me with such foul like is up for great debate, first being mated to a f**king Lycan and then being bit by my so-called half-brother!

Sometimes I wondered why I continued on living, this is the question I have asked myself tons of times. Yet it seems the tides of fate just want to screw me over and add another heaping amount of shit to my never-ending pile.

Lord Foster has ordered everyone to stay away from me, every time someone tried to help I turned them away like a fool. The only help I accepted was from the pack doctor, he disinfected the bite and wrapped it up in heavy bindings. However, the thing wouldn’t stop pulsating as the full moon approached. I refused to move because my damned arm turned into an infected mass of boils and oozing green pus. Plus whenever I moved my body screamed out in pain, worse than the injuries inflicted to me by Jared.

I blamed Lord Foster’s incompetence for my current situation. He and his men were ordered to attend an emergency pack meeting with Lord Stanhope, while two unloyal guards were posted to guard me and Ava. Theo knocked Ava out cold, he almost killed her with a hard blow to the head.

Lord Foster and Stanley arrested Theo for assaulting a Lycan’s mate, while the charges against me were dropped because I wasn’t fully mated to Lord Arsehole!

In my eyes, I had no support circle no friends or family to comfort me through this hard time. My last fleeting days of pain-filled humanity, the mark still pulsated angrily at me. It is a constant reminder at what’s coming on the full moon.

With each passing day, Theo’s bite grew more pus ridden and agonising. The pain got so excruciating I couldn’t tell between reality and dreams.


I fell deeper into the never-ending abyss of my dreams, Lucius is always there lingering in the surrounding darkness. His voice harbours an uncertain tone of evil, hatred and bitter coldness I’ve never expected off anyone.

“Miss me darling?” he taunts, whispering harshly into my ear.

Dread fills me to my core, even within the dark void I could feel him coil around me tightly like a snake. He had no true form, just a massive shadow lingering on the edges of darkness and the shadows of lucid dreams.

Lucius laughs at me, his tone sets me on edge worse than Jared. Its psychotic resonance held a hint malevolence and sadistic in nature. “My darling Evie, don’t you love me? I’m your true mate after all.”

I block him out still stuck in my melancholy, he grew in power each time I crept back into my abyss not even my other demons came to play with this sadistic creature.

His touch felt colder than ice, its numbing potency became addictive to me it helped calm my racing mind and body due to the blistering bite. That’s why I slipped back into my dreams its a retreat to get away from all my other problems be it this demon I had to play with for the rest of eternity. Its a price I’m willing to pay.

I felt his coldness drift to my ears. “I’m your cure Evie, give into me and I shall rid you of all of your problems. Starting with that ignoramus half-brother of yours. I promise to make it all better, let me in please my darling mate.”

Those very words greatly appealed to me, whispers of sweet lies I wanted to hear. To solve all my problems? What could a shadow do? Well, a figment of my imagination.

He bites back at my thoughts, growling at them as if they were his poison. “I am real Evie!” Wrapping around me tighter almost suffocating me. “You just haven’t discovered the root of it yet. We’ll meet in the flesh very soon my darling... very soon.” He hissed the last words, they drip with a bittersweet tone.

“Do you want to play a game mate? We could have oh so much fun. I’m getting rather bored being within your subconscious. Let’s dig through your beloved memories. Hmm?” Lucius voice changes to a playful one. “I want to see what makes you hate us so, so much darling.”! My mind screams out, Lucius laughs at me. “Silly girl. You have no power here! You let me in when we met a few nights ago, the last of your power went with that Trog. Remember? Well, I’ll remind you just to be a good mate, he’s towering, a black mass of fur and blood-red eyes? Does that ring a bell?”

I stall for a moment, that gives Lucius the control he needs to bury his way through my memories like a massive book for him to see. I’m powerless as I try to break free from his clutches.

“Ah-ah-ah!” He tuts, his bindings tighten further. “Be a good girl. While I search.” Lucius says causally while shuffling through my deepest thoughts, secrets and memories. “Ooh, ooh. This is soooo good!” He pipes up all perky. “I’ve found a goody-goody! Let’s play it!”

Lucius pressed something in my head, distorting the abyss into a long narrow hallway with mixed heights and all varying doors. I’m thrown back in time, finding myself to be a five-year-old girl once again.

“Let’s watch shall we?” He smirks tugging at the strings of the memory.


“Mummy?” I call, running up the stairs. My short legs struggling to get up the steps. I shout out again. “Mummy!”

My calls fall on deaf ears, looking around the over-decorated hallway. I see several valuable items ready to be smashed, a golden vase catches my eager eyes. Its placed on a dark polished mahogany half-moon table, surrounded by other items which didn’t appeal to a five-year-old girl.

Mummy’s new boyfriend is a big cack-cack, he stinks of mouldy cabbage and Brussel sprouts. Those thoughts drive me to smash the precious vase to the floor. That satisfying sound makes me skip down the hallway, knowing Magnus will blame one of my brothers.

I shuffle down the hallway to Mummy’s bedroom, the door is open slightly ajar enough for both my eyes to peek through. My eyes wander around the room searching for the towering form of Magnus. The room is unfamiliar to me, Magnus took us away from Mummy’s house. This new place was a castle. A great place to play hide and seek. My brothers cheated yet again, hiding outside.

The room is way too fancy and pompous for a mere human family, Magnus made sure to keep us away from Mummy. I wanted to see her. Once the coast is clear, I sneak over to the walk-in wardrobe. A quick gander it’s empty.

“Mummy?” I whisper. Something clangs from the bathroom. I follow the resonating sound, the door is shut.

No, don’t open it!! I scream at my five-year-old self.

My small hands push the door forward. The bathroom white tiled walls gleam in the sunlight. I look around past the toilet, walk-in glass shower, my legs carry me forward in hesitation waiting for Magnus to pop up out of thin air to yell at me. Slowly I turn the corner to see a pool of blood creeping across the floor.

I knew what it was! I run quickly, my petite feet come into contact with still warmblood, I almost lose my balance. I gasp at the dreadful sight before me. Mummy lays against the bath dressed in a white nightgown, a white stick with strange symbols on it with a ‘+’ on it on the bath’s edge, a shiny blade in the other hand one of her wrists are slit open. She looks at me with broken tear-filled eyes, they look so empty like broken glass orbs only fragments remain.

She whispers to me her voice broken, filled with sadness. “There inside of me...” Placing a hand on her belly. “His spawn is inside of me!” She spits venomously readying the knife, my insides churn uneasy and I close my eyes scared about what she's doing.

More tears of sorrow and desperation pour from her eyes. “I’m sorry my darling.” The sounds of a clattering knife is dropped to the floor suddenly, her cold hand caresses my face as if its the last time. “I’m so sorry honey. Promise me you won't let them inside of you.”

I’m silent. My voice mute. “Promise me!” She shrieks her voice fading. “Please, just promise me!” Mummy cries desperately.

I nod, hoping that would appease her. It does. Still too scared to look, I hear the same sound again and Mummy gasps in pain. Something felt dreadfully wrong. I opened my eyes once more, my voice breaks out from my throat.

Watching her skin grow paler and her broken orbs are covered by her eyelids. I walk over to her form and nudge her. “Mummy?”

Her skin feels very cold. “Mummy?!!” I cry shaking her. I unleash a blood-curdling scream. “MUMMY!!”

I clutch desperately to her dying form. “I’m”

A roar thunders throughout the mansion, quaking it. The beast’s pounds over to his lair. I feel a pair of accusing blood-red orbs glaring at me. Magnus’ long black straight hair shadows his angular face and roman nose, a sneer of disgust graces his lips. Two big caterpillar eyebrows narrow at me. Dressed in his finest grey suit. “What did you do?!” He growls accusing at an innocent little girl of murdering his mate.

I cower before him going closer to my mother. Magnus roars at me, making a scream come from my lips. “Answer me!” He says again his rage boils over.

“Mummy’s hurt.” Is all I say, frightened he’ll hurt us.

His blazing red eyes glow wickedly. He sees the white stick, his tanned skin goes pale. “What have you done?!!”

Magnus’ huge arms pick up Mummy and are gone in a blink of an eye, leaving me behind in a mass of my dying mother’s cold blood.

“MUMMY!” I wail wanting her comforting warmth to surround me. I’m left alone with no one to pick me up, my brothers have abandoned me, Dicklan despises me. The reality is I have no one to comfort me anymore.

This becomes my new reality, seeing myself half bathed in Mummy’s blood. My fear of Lycans grew deeper roots that day, as did an un-seething hatred of that monster and those other monsters made my blood boil over until it erupted in times of great distress or rage. To a five-year-old child, these feelings did feel alien and unknown unable to be processed until I matured a few years when I opened up about it.

Minutes later the servants come rushing in, they shoo me off uncaring about a human child. I’m sent to my new room to clean myself and ready to be questioned by Magnus. Since then I’ve felt his accusing eyes everywhere I go, every waking moment I’m haunted by this even in my dreams I couldn’t escape him. He blames me for my mum’s attempt at suicide.

“You are to blame!” Lucius sniggers into my ear. ”He’s right to blame you, you know.”


Lucius continued to make me relive some of my worse memories from my childhood, his excuse was I needed to revive my hatred. I wasn’t allowed to live with love, for I will become a monster. Time passed so differently, everything drew out in a long wait. Each hour felt like a year of a torturous waiting game.

Finally, I could feel the moon rising on that dreaded day. The bite made me scream out all the air in my lungs. My throat felt raw and rough, I refused to drink anything offered to me even tea. Molten lava pushed throughout my veins, worming there way through every pore, nook and cranny of my weakened body. I whimpered in pain, screaming was too much effort.

Suddenly, something else ripped through my body, a cooling surge of a tidal wave at the base of my neck. It fought back against the agonising flames, smothering them entirely. The coldness of it made me feel relieved my aching joints and chest, it comforted me somehow. It felt familiar.

The bite on my left arm tried to fight back, it seemed nothing worked against this all-consuming power flowing from Gods know where. Whatever it is, it didn’t stand by. The poisonous werewolf venom in my body poured out in vile pus until it crawled out defeated by the defending party.

It hummed at me to sleep, how I understood it’s intentions I didn’t know. I refused to go back and see Lucius he wanted to play with me again. With the last of my will power, I tried to push it back. Only it seemed to lull me either way, it wouldn’t back down.

Feeling it ushering me gently, I felt the numbness overtaking me. I fell into a deep slumber.


Lockdown had commenced, they’ve left us all locked in the suite. Lord Foster decided to stay close by, while Stanley, Ava and the others are locked away in there own rooms.

“Evie.” Lord Foster calls to me through my sleepy haze.

My eyes are sore and puffy with red veins, I’m quiet. I couldn't be bothered to look at them, everything felt so heavy. Lord Foster places himself beside the bed, sitting next to my curled form. A warm hand is placed on me. “Evie, I’ll be transforming soon.”

Wait... won’t I be too? I mentally ask myself.

Lord Foster gently turns me over, facing his golden orbs. “That idiot’s venom has no effect.”

I look at him a little confused. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve already been claimed by me two days ago after you had your nightmare.” He confesses, the reality of what he said came to light.

I smack his chest. “Why?!” I cry, no tears coming from my eyes. They’ve all dried up. I’ve felt assaulted by him, he knew! All this time.

“That pup was going to get in here one way or the other, I did this to protect you.” Lord Foster growls, unhappy at my response.

My eyes are hard, anger consumes me, my arms shaking. “Protect me?! You’re a monster, a Lycan." I spit, hissing at him. "You cannot know what protection is. Your kind destroys all!”

Lord Foster growls turn animalistic, deeper and much more threatening. His eyes are silver, slitted with unsheathing rage. One of his clawed hands grabs the back of my neck, forcing me to stare at his handsome face. The other encompasses my wrists so I don’t struggle any further. “I’ve been rather patient with you little human, by now you should accept your situation. I’ve let many things slide, but this isn’t going to be one of them.”

I gasp in shock, its that things voice?!!! From my nightmares, Lord Foster looks cold, his face contains no emotion except a massive void of bitter coldness. His silvery blue eyes are the cause. “I’m home my darling.” He smirks showing his canines. “For it’s time we get better acquainted.”

My insides clenched in terror at his words. My voice is cut off by his mere stare. He toys with me a little, twirling my chestnut locks in his clawed hands. Lord Foster inhales my scent. “Untainted, just the way I like them.” Licking his canines.

His arms change position, he pulls me close into his chest. My limbs pinned by one of his steely arms. The other hand still rests at the back of my neck, only he’s moved it to my hair. His eerie orbs flick back and forth between either side of my neck. “Left or right, Little rabbit?” He asks, uncaring of my answer, Lord Foster chuckles. “Left it is.”

He strikes down on my left side of my neck, his canines dig deeply into my flesh. My lips are gaping in a silent scream. The last of my tears fall astray from my sore eyes. He’s claimed me.

Lord Foster keeps his teeth locked into my neck, not letting go for a few moments. What felt like years, he pulled his canines out of my sensitive flesh. He tends to it by licking his long abnormal tongue across his new claim, I felt another substance one heavier than the saliva and blood crawl its way into my wound.

Lord Foster pulls his head away from my neck, he smiles at me with an all-knowing look in his eyes. “You finally belong to me, Genevieve. My Darling.”

My mind is blank, belong to him. We haven’t even mated fully.

He reads my mind. His next word makes me sick to my stomach. “We don’t need to mate, just one... well two bites is all it takes for us to bond. Mating is just another perk. My blood is in your body now Evie, you won’t age anymore. Your mine to do with as I please.”

Placing down my broken form onto the bedsheets. He groans in pain as his transformation takes place. Lord Foster holds it back for a moment, saying his final words for the night. “After all, we are going to get married, very...very soon.”

I shot up crawling away from him, this thing is a controlling monster!? He locks his eyes with mine, his features transform quickly at the stroke of midnight. Lord Foster unleashes his inner monster, various colours of grey, black and white fur spread quickly over him. His muscles increase in size and mass, as he becomes the monster I fear and hate.

He howls into the night, calling his brothers to his presence. To let all know the news.


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