Night of Liberation

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Chapter 15: Full Moon Lockdown

Summary with ***: Lucius decided to mess around with Evie’s Memories, in particular, one of her most traumatic. Only 5 years old Evie found her mother trying to end her own life after discovering she’s pregnant with her Lycan mate’s child. Her Mother’s fate remains unknown.

~Evie’s POV~

Have you ever had a moment where you wanted to beat the shit out of someone or the whole world pisses you off so much you want to destroy everything in sight? Well, I’m having one of those moments right now since the whole full moon incident I’ve been on edge more than before. Lord Cockhead hasn’t left me alone not for one bloody moment, I had to spray a giant 9ft tall Lycan with hot water so I could use the bathroom in peace.

I ignored him all I could giving him the cold shoulder. Currently, I’m sat on the double bed staring at the ceiling waiting for this lockdown to end. I sigh, thankfully Lucius has left me alone. The past few days I’ve been drifting in and out of sleep. It’s hard to think of something to do with a massive Lycan resting at the edge of the bed. I push myself off the bed, the beast’s gigantic head reacts to my shuffling movements looking up at me. His ears twitch and turn in several directions listening out for danger.

My insides churn unease at those eerie judgemental cold silvery-blue eyes watching me every moment. I glare at him, my way to tell him to bugger off. He tilts his head at me curiously. Every part of my body screamed for me to go for a mad run, I hated being cooped up like this. The only person I blame is myself and that bastard, Theo.

The beast growls at my thoughts mentioning another man’s name, Lord Foster’s beast is far more temperamental and possessive.

I roll my eyes at this silly notion. I’m allowed to have my private thoughts, thank you. I stretch out each part of my body like a cat. Each of my joints let out pops in satisfaction. Smiling to myself I jump out of the bed for the first time in four days. As soon as my feet come into contact with the light grey carpet. Old Beastie launch’s up suddenly high on alert.

“For God’s sake Lili!” I groan fed up with his overbearing protective behaviour. “Be a good wolfy and stay. I’m just going to shower. Take a chill pill.”

He snarls at me, I don’t flinch. After all the crap I’ve been dealt a snarling puppy dog is the last thing I’m worried about. I face him, my eyes stare directly at him. “If I had a newspaper I’ll smack you with it! I’m still pissed at you for invading my personal mind space, dickhead.” I huff grabbing a clean set of clothes, underwear and towels out of the massive mirrored wardrobe at the end of the bed.

Heading over to the bathroom door which is located over Lord Foster’s side of the bed. He blocks my path, Beastie plops himself in front of the doorway. “What now?!” I hiss at him, growing irritated.

Lord Foster whimpers at me, his wet black nose nudges my still bandaged left arm. “Oh.” My mind is blank. I put the items on the bed and unwrap the soiled bandages. “Holy shit!” I exclaim gawking at the sight before me.

By some miracle, my arm has healed entirely, there are no scars, no horrid green pus and boils. Theo’s bite is completely gone, vanished overnight! I stare at it, Beastie’s grey muzzle nudges my cheek gently. Out of instinct, I jump back. “Don’t-.”

Suddenly, a massive tongue licks the side of my face. I wipe it off disgusted. “Ugh! Yuck! Don’t do that. I’m not your human chew toy wolfy.”

His grey and black fur stand on end at my comment, those eyes stare at me with strange emotions. He’s still blocking my way!!!

“I’m not going to thank you for this fucktard, it’s your fucking fault in the first place. Now... move!” I order the idiotic mutt.

My stomach is doing backflips because I grasp on what the hell I’m doing. I’m feeling uneasy and hesitant around this monstrous beast who seems to be acting way off. Instincts are yelling at me to get the hell out of this hell hole, this beast is dangerous don’t let your guard down. However, I’ve done that in a few short moments.

I hold my own against him, I’m not being pushed around by this thing anymore. “Move it!” I command my hands on my hips. “Seriously Liam, I’m not in the mood to play fetch. I’ve had enough shit to last me a thousand lifetimes.”

He stares at me those strange eyes seem beautiful for a moment, they hold concern?

“You want me to leave the door open?” I ask.

Beastie nods finally moving aside. My chance had come, I grab my things and slam the door shut. I hear a snarl from behind me. The lock goes across the door in a satisfying click. “Pervert!” I yell back to the door begrudgingly and remove my top.

Sounds of creaking and cracking wood come from behind me. I look back seeing the door imploded to bits by Beastie’s claws. I’m standing there wide-eyed staring at the beast’s head infringing on my shower time! “Oh, for fucks sake!” I yell, facing him fully forgetting my state of dress. “Piss off will ya. I’m trying to relax without a pervert-.” A surprised squeal escapes my dry lips and I cover up my naked top half. Beastie ogle’s my naked breasts, his tongue is hanging out excited.

I glare at him in disgust, horny bugger. His ears lower angrily and a growl reveals his imposing sharp teeth unhappily that I’ve now ruined his free showing. Beastie tries to come into the bathroom but cannot since his head hardly fits in the doorway. That monster is a menace!

Haha! Serves him right for being a pervert.

Beastie gaze is direct at me. He smirks which unsettles me further. His voice comes into my mind, it feels gentle than last time.

You can’t have all the fun, Evie.

He groans in pain as I hear several sickening cracks of bones popping and reshaping themselves. My eyes close at those unnatural sounds, I force my ears to listen since I didn’t want to expose my chest again.

Seconds later I hear Lord Foster’s familiar voice, opening my eyes I see him now in his human skin bare butt naked and er... A blush rushes to my cheeks in embarrassment.

He smiles at me, his eyes their warm rose gold once more. Lord Foster walks over to me, my cheeks turning redder with each step. “Morning Evie.” He greets, kissing one of my rosy red cheeks.

I’m still in silence, by the gods what is going on?!! “I-.” My voice trembles scared at the sight I’m seeing. Questions swarm my mind. “How-.” My voice cuts off again, I’m still not used to seeing naked men. Rather attractive too. Damn it! I mentally facepalm.

Lord Foster shrugs casually, he has seemed forgot about what happened last night. “Lycan’s are different. Sweet rabbit.” He comes in close to me our faces inches apart. “We are forced to transform at dusk during the full moon, be it for three days. The first night is always midnight, the moon does love the old dramatics.”

He spins me around to face the big mirror across the two sinks, my hands clutch to my t-shirt, desperately clinging on to it. Lord Foster hums in contend while he studies my still form. His head goes down towards claim on my neck which has fully healed, the inlay of his monstrous teeth will forever brand my flesh. A lone tear escapes my eye, my body knows what he did is dreadfully wrong. He violated me in a twisted way with his claim.

His arms wrap loosely around me, my mark stirs in pain knowing he’s nearby. His eyes wander to his mark. He sighs knowing something is wrong. “I know my apology might mean nothing to you now Evie.” Lord Foster gazes at me with deep intend and humility. “But, I’m sorry for what I did. My enemies have been planning to destroy me for some time. Your humanity means everything to you and no one not even me can take that from you. I did what I could to protect you, in the only way I knew which would protect you from the bite. The cause of one’s actions has hurt you deeply. When you were writhing in pain during those days. Lucius came out to play.”

There’s that name again, just who is he? My thoughts wander, he’s a... well I don’t like using the one for one such as him. Lord Foster’s apology has me a little stumped. I wasn’t buying it. My eyes narrow at the questions flooding my mind once again. “Just who is Lucius?” I enquire a little curious since he claims to be my ‘true’ mate.

Lord Foster growls at my words and thoughts, I wasn’t sure of either one. He leans in closer, his warm breath tickles my ear. “Lucius is apart of me, he’s very real Evie. He comes out to play in times of need or when my cage doesn’t hold him any longer.”

“That’s avoiding my question. His energy is different varies to yours, he feels wrong in all regards.” I say in a whisper, I’m getting more embarrassed by the position I’m being held in. I hate it.

He chuckles lightly at my answer and attempts to poke further. “You will know in time, Lucius loves playing with you. He keeps nagging me about it.”

I nasty scowl marks my face, my eyes fill with hatred and anger. “Keep that bastard in check! Otherwise, I’ll be the one to send him straight to hell.”

Lord Foster chuckles at my words, shaking his head. “I owe him one actually. That ‘bastard’ is the one who protected you from Theo’s bite. He made me bite you to preserve your humanity.”

“Both of you dodgy buggers can sod off.” I seethe ripping out of his embrace. He lets me go. My eyes lock with his. “You can shove that apology up your self-inflated ego because I know in my sane mind I’m was violated both physically and mentally. Lucius toyed with me for the last three fucking days, he’s a monster just like you!”

He laughs in my face finding our little conservation ever so amusing. My accusations do nothing to phase him. His messy black hair cascades in front of his rose gold eyes. “I am a monster, Evie.” His tone is low and threatening, Lord Foster draws in closer lowering himself slightly to my eye level. “You’ll do well to remember that.”

He rips my top away from my grasp, his eyes light up once more gawking at my naked breasts. I’m silent, his smouldering look has me on the sidelines. “Not too bad... but, I’ve seen better.” He smirks, winking at me. “Lycan’s are much more beautiful.”

Rage floods through me. I’m shaking so much I clench my fists tightly trying to calm myself. I take a heavy breath’s in and out, doing my best to calm the raging fire of anger and hatred for him.

I smile genuinely at him, showing my teeth. He halts for a moment raising an eyebrow in anticipation. “Good to know Lili.”

He’s down on the floor suddenly groaning in pain and his hands cradling his precious area. I may have kicked him a ‘little’ too hard again. This time I get the last laugh. It feels great!

I’m filled with glee for once, it feels so intoxicating better than any other marvellous things except for tea, strawberry laces and ice cream. My grin doesn’t leave my face. “Best go to those bitches then Lord Fucktard, because I ain’t giving you anything of mine... ever.” My voice comes out icy. “You may have branded me but you have no claim to who I am. I hate you and your kind. You all deserve to burn in hell.”

With that, I strip off uncaring of my state of dress anymore. I chuck all my soiled clothes over him and start the shower humming a song along the way, I’m ecstatic that I finally got one over on him. He may be a beast or monster but he’s still a man who has a weakness.

Under the streams of warm water, I’m lulled into a euphoric state. Three to four days of torment made it easier to escape to happiness. Only something rips me out of it.

I stop feeling someone’s eyes stare daggers at me, my long wet lock of chestnut brown hair cover my breasts. My turquoise eyes catch a glimpse of tanned skin tear me away from the showers jet stream. Lord Foster pins me against the cold white tiles both of my wrists above my head, his eyes glow in dominance and rage at my petulant behaviour.

He breaths are heavy, his handsome face contains traces of the bastard Lucius. Lord Foster’s rose gold eyes no longer hold there playfulness or taunts, the monster has come out to play. “You are mine Genevieve, remember our little talk last night?”

My insides scream and twist as dread fills me. He tightens his hold on me. “Answer me!” He orders, his voice distorting between a raging beast and man.

“Yes.” I say meekly, knowing full well it was me who brought the beast to come out to play.

“We did this to protect you!” He snarls unable to control himself, Lord Foster groans feeling another presence come out to play. “I won’t let anyone take you from me, including you.”

His possessive look brings a shiver down my spine, he looks-obsessed with me. Insanity creeping through his changing eyes. “Need a reminder, darling?” He asks eyeing my neck.

I do all I can to keep calm, right now I’m scared because my body knows who’s now talking. Lord Foster isn’t like other Lycan’s he’s insane claiming to have another person living in his mind.

Keeping my voice passive. “No, I don’t.”

He lets me go, Lord Foster smiles at me. “Let’s bathe together shall we?”


That will be something I want to forget. The details get a lot more cringey, I for one thought he would ravish my neck with another bite or I shudder at this one: kisses.

Lord Foster is turning out to be less and less of a ‘prize’. He’s gone to get us some food and drink from the kitchen. However...

He barges into his room arms filled with wonderful goodies such as food, crisps, sweets and much needed fizzy pop (soda). Lord Foster gives me a sneaky smile and winks at me, he drops his payload onto the carpet and locks the door again.

I’m sitting crossed legged on the bed dressed in a clean set of purple checkered PJ’s and some fluffy socks by order of his highness. My hair had to be kept down too if I didn’t Lord Foster threatened to give me a haircut! That’s one thing no one messes with my beloved hair, only trusted individuals were allowed to cut it. Natalie always helped, she didn’t charge a fortune for it other dogs charged humans three times as much because there was a ‘human’ tax on all goods incurring 3x the amount.

“That should last us for the next few days.” Lord Foster says to me interpreting my thoughts. I nod in reply.

I cover my eyes again the idiot thought its a good idea to wander around his room naked, sure I liked staring at his arse-. I shake my head, bad Evie! No, likely any bad a-holes. Even if they are chiselled. Okay, I’ll admit it I like staring at certain parts of his body, no anything but that! If you’re stuck with a crazy handsome devil you need something to get through all this freakin’ torment, so I may ‘admire’ his abs or back muscles when he’s not looking.

“Can you put some boxer’s on?!” I blush a little nervous about being in a room with a naked monster man. “Your inflated thingy is poking out.”

Lord Foster gives me a cheeky smile. Seeing my flustered state, he shows his full front. I instantly shield my eyes. “Na, you can admire my chiselled arse.”

My cheeks are now fully red. “Do it!” I order pointing to the wardrobe. My hand is abruptly ripped away from my eyes. Lord Foster leans down to my level, my hand trapped in his large one.

He peers closer to me until I fall back as he stalks closer to me, the bed sinking at the increased weight. I try to crawl back away from the approaching predator. “You aren’t going anywhere.” Lord Foster slithers a muscular arm around my waist and pulls me tight to his body. “I want to have some fun.”

I’m at a loss for words, everything inside of me is screaming to get away from him. His mood swings were unpredictable at the worse of times. 30 minutes ago he was going full alpha and now well, I don’t do crazy.

The mad man tilts his head to the side, his golden rose eyes study my flustered face judging me every moment he casts his horrid gaze upon me. My heart begins to thunder against my chest. Its loud pounding away like a drum. His eyes seem to dazzle at the mere idea of something.

My eyes are locked with his as he comes close, something soft caresses over my lips. They feel like butterflies touch, he hums at me assessing my response. I’m still passive, something inside of me is stopping me from...

His eyes close as he leans in closer, soft lips meet my own. The kiss at first feels one-sided, Lord Foster grows enthralled by the mere touch of my lips. A whisper comes from my mind. ‘Do it. Give in to your inner desires.’

I feel him try to push further, my body seems to try to speak for itself giving into that hypnotic voice. My eyes begin to feel heavy, they close of there own accord. ‘Give in. Kiss him back.’

Tiny little pinpricks poke my skin irritating it. With each movement of his lips, I feel them poke me until they dig in. He tries to push further pressing his tongue to explore my mouth. The mere idea is revolting. My eyes snap open I’m wide awake from whatever that bastard did. He tries pressing further probing his tongue.

With all my strength I can muster I punch that bastard’s cheek, his repulsive lips are taken away from mine. Next moment I’m laying on top of him my fist still connected to his now broken cheekbone. He’s on his back. My eyes are ablaze burning with unbound rage. “Don’t you ever fucking touch me again!” I snap. “Ow!” I huff shaking my hand as I feel the effects of hitting a steel wall.

Lord Foster snarls at me, clearly unhappy in the position we’re in. My burning scowl for once silences him. “I am not a toy for your amusement my Lord.” I seethe my tone laced with venom. “You seem to forget about our boundaries.”

With that, I jump off him clearly pleased with the outcome. I sigh, trying to calm myself. He lays on the bed still as I was moments ago. “Fuck!” He curses cradling his cheek. “What the hell was that for?!”

I turn to him baffled by his reply. “Seriously?!” I yell putting my hand on my hips. “You tried to rape my mouth!”

“It’s called a kiss!” He grumbles under his breath rubbing his bruised cheek. Lord Foster pops himself up, sitting at the edge of the bed. “You’re clearly offended by anything I do.”

“Ugh!!!” I scream throwing my arms in the air. “I’m not your toy, I’m! Clearly that seems to have slipped your primitive mind.”

Lord Foster rolls his eyes childishly at me. “Grow up Evie, you have to get used to this sort of stuff.”

Crossing my arms, I stand in front of this deleterious bastard. “I’m not your girlfriend, ignoramus. We are strangers. To me your a creepy perverted controlling mongrel.”

“I’m not a mongrel!” He snaps harshly, offended by my words. His hand drops from his fully healed cheek. Standing up to his full height. “You forget your place-.”

“No!” I butt in. “You forget yours! Ever since we’ve met you have been nothing but a controlling monster dictating my every move. You try to force your ways upon me. I’m not like you! I ain’t a freak... no... abomination-.”

“SHUT UP!” He growls shaking the walls. Lord Foster comes closer to me, his deep voice turns calm and threatening. “I am your mate Genevieve, what I’ve done is to protect you from all of your foolish human ways.”

I let out an angry sigh. My expression changes to pure rage. “Foolish, You say? If anyone’s foolish it’s you for not respecting my personal boundaries. Haven’t I made it perfectly clear I don’t want to be with a dog like you.”

Lord Foster laughs at me as if I don’t know what I’m saying, he mocks me further. “You have no idea just who I am Genevieve! It’s absurd to see how much power you ‘think’ you have over me.”

My eyes narrow in disdain. “I do not care for your supposed rank, your just another Lord’s bitch.”

He smirks evilly. His arms slither around my waist. “I am a High Lycan Lord little rabbit. Lord Everett’s right hand. My blood is purer than your filthy human blood. Be glad I shared some of my precious blood with you otherwise you wouldn’t survive past the full moon.” Lord Foster gives me a scowl to match my own, so much so he scares me. “A miserable human like you wouldn’t understand how a true monster thinks. My ways are different to yours, human.” He spits the last word disgusted and pushes me on to the bed with overwhelming strength.

I crawl away frightened by him. Lord Foster pounces on me, his gold eyes glowing with little icy blue shards in them. “Best watch your tongue from now on human, because next time I won’t be so lenient with you!”

I refused to look away from him, my next move could mean anything. This monster would rape me or force another rancid kiss upon me, the possibilities are far and few. A few traitorous tears slip from my frightened eyes. “Would you force me?” I say teary-eyed up broken at the memories of my mother. They haunt me still whenever I’m near a man.

Lord Foster stops something snaps within him. He looks perplexed at my words and my tears. The beast says nothing. “You mean rape?”

I nod, choking up frightened. “I don’t want to end up like her.” I finally admit out loud whispering those words. Tears pouring out at the consuming guilt I’ve felt since I first found her almost dead and broken.

He looks over me, unsure what to do. My mind is racing with so many things, my heart feels pain at what he’s going to do to me. Lord Foster gives me a pitiful look. “Who?”

“My mother...” I whisper, wrapping my arms in attempt to comfort myself. “Will you force me?”

His abrupt growl startles me. Lord Foster closes his eyes trying to reign in his monsters. He is careful in his approach to me, he’s steady. Lord Foster wraps his arms around me in a close embrace, his warmth seeps into my scared body it held some strange comfort. “I won’t ever force you, Evie. This I swear on my life. I’m sorry.” He whispers into my ear. “I shouldn’t have let my beast dictate my actions, you are right. I am a monster who is pretending to be human.”

He lets me cry into his chest. “Just let it out.” He says softly kissing my forehead. “We’ll talk more after the full moon is over.”


24 hours later after our spats, I needed to talk to Lord Foster again. Processing this emotional crap does take a lot out of you. I look up at him now stuck in his Lycan form. Everything felt odd and weird beyond my own belief. I still wasn’t sure of what I’m feeling, one thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t like Lord Foster for one bit. My feelings of disgust and hatred grew with each moment I spent with him.

Lockdown sucked bigger than first meeting him, how I wished I’ve never met him. Should have kept my mouth shut. Being alone with your thoughts can consume you deeply, like being in the deep end of a swimming pool.

Sleep eluded me last night, my mind haunted me constantly taunting me at every turn. Should I work things out, start over? I could ask the monster, work on equal terms for once.

My body felt tiresome drained from emotional fatigue, I should probably take the first step. “Liam?” I call.

His ears twitch at the sound of my voice, he looks up at me with his silvery-blue eyes letting out a big yawn. Yes, Evie.

“I want to start over.” I say unsure. “We haven’t given each other a chance to get to know one another. I’ll admit I haven’t made it easy since we’ve first met things have been rocky. Well... a shit storm really.”

Go on.

“Could we do things on equal terms, ones where we aren’t giving each other a hard time.” I continue, thinking carefully of my next words.

I would like that if you promise to let me kiss you for real. He teases in my mind.

Shaking my head, I say sternly. “No lip-locking, last time you felt like an alien probing my mouth.”

You are such a prude Genevieve. However...

“Spit it out.”

We have to get some much-needed practice. We are getting married soon.

I glare at him. “Seriously?! What is with this marriage crap. I didn’t agree to marry you.”

You haven’t got a choice in this matter, Evie.


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