Night of Liberation

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Chapter 16: Problem....Problems

~Evie’s POV~

Have you ever had a moment you wanted to beat the shit of everyone or a certain someone? Right now I’m ready to slaughter all the bastards in this wretched pack! Lord Cockhead wants us to get married?! The gall of it pisses me off. I don’t even know him.

I throw a punch at the punching bag I’ve been beating the crap out of it for the past three hours since lockdown had finished. After our little chat, I felt more confused than before. Lord Foster (it still felt wrong calling him Liam on equal terms) left me to wander the Greystalker packhouse freely on the condition I keep my mind open for him. Our little session made me realise how deep Lord Fucktard could probe into my mind. Thankfully I could completely block Lucius out. Lord Foster showed me how for once he taught me something useful.

Another punch lands on the bag, I’ve been taking all my frustration, anger and hate upon it. Bottling them up has been unhealthy for me, each time I slammed into the blasted bag made me happier since I’d imagined a few faces I hate (including Lord Foster).

I go onto the balls of my feet and swing my left leg into a high kick, however with the swipe of my foot the bag rips apart at the sheer weight of my new usual. That the-.? I’m staring wide-eyed in amazement at where the lower half of the bag is flung like a ragdoll over the other side of the gym! How in the name of the stars did I do that?!

“What poor bastard deserved your wrath human?” A heavily accented voice hollers from behind me, I turn to see a beautiful woman a little younger than me casually leaning against the doorframe suppressing a chuckle.

The first thing I notice is her unusual eyes are pale violet, her hair is all sorts of dyed colours ranging from deep blue, royal purple and cotton candy pink. She smiles her white teeth beaming at me with friendliness, she begins walking over to me her posture screams relaxed. Her long multi-coloured hair is styled in short wavy curls tucked behind her heavily pierced ears. The closer she got, she grew taller by a few inches than me. I studied her a little more, her clothes were a bit odd. She has a mixed style with her oversized pale pink baggy knitted jumper dress, grey leggings with dyed spots of stars and moons along with a set of powder blue high heeled wedged designer trainers.

She stopped a few feet away from me, the same smile still plastered on her beautiful face with little makeup. I spotted several eyebrow pricings as well as multiple piercings dotted on her ears. All sorts of rare gemstones gleamed under the lights, around her neck is littered with multiple pendants. The odd woman waves at me with her long painted nails. “Hi.”

I stand there unsure about her, she feels off. “Hi.” I replied feeling a little awkward.

“So, ya gonna answer me question human?” She speaks in an odd way. “Cos, what I see in my mind’s eye is a naughty Lycan in need of a much-needed beatin’.”

“Well...” I cut off unsure I should be talking to a stranger, she may be an enemy of Lord Foster’s. “My fated is giving me a hard time.”

She flutters her butterfly lashes, holding her hand out for me to shake. “I’m Sienna.”

Hesitation makes me pause for a moment, looking at her hand. “That hand ain’t weaponised right? With poison, curses or a hex?”

A light amused laugh comes from her. “No, I assure ya that it’s not cursed. But ya really close. I’m a witch.”

I take her hand, it’s surprisingly a lot warmer than me. “I’m Evie.” I smile a little still unsure.

“Nice to meet ya.”


Sienna crosses her arms, beginning to fiddle with some of her many pieces of jewellery. She gives me an inquisitive look. “So Lord Foster finally found you eh?”

My head tilts to the side in confusion how did she know that? Sienna beams at me, her smile grows infectious. I smile back, she’s a little too friendly.

“Now that we ain’t strangers ya gonna get the real family treatment.” She suddenly hugs me like an old friend. I feel myself blush in embarrassment, hugs were only reserved for family and close friends in my eyes. I tap her back awkwardly, reassuring her its okay to let me go now.

She steps back a meter jumping up and down while clapping her hands. “It’s great to meet you really, I’m so-so-so happy to finally get another sister in law!”

“Wait, what?!!” I exclaim with growing confusion.

Sienna stops her bunny hops. She twirls around still filled with excitement. “I’m married to Lord Foster’s younger brother.”

My vacant look tells her everything. Sienna waves it off. “Liam didn’t tell ya yet, did he?!” Her eyes narrow at those last two words. “Well, he’s the eldest son of Lord Everett!”

The blood drains from my face in horror, he’s... a car crashes in my mind at this information. “I thought Lord Everett had five sons, not six.”

Sienna looks sad, dropping her arms. “Sadly, he lost one of his sons five years ago to demons. Liam is adopted, his parents died shortly after his birth. Lord and Lady Everett adopted him that’s why his last name is different. His father was the original head of the High Council.”

Her mood changes again, she’s hopping excited around again. Then stops, she gleefully says. “I’m mated to Jonas, the second eldest. He’s so cute! Even when he’s rock hard. Boop!”

I’m scratching my head, what the hell is this chick on? “Have you had too much sugar or something?”

A crazy high pitched laugh comes from her. “Yep... yep... YEP!! A kind lady offered me candies of wonder and so much goody-goody sugar!”

Reminder to self, don’t give witches sugar they are madder than a kite on helium. “Why are you here, did Lord Fucktard ask you to keep me company?”

She smiles again. “Yep, I thought you needed a lady friend considering your constantly surrounded by testosterone. Plus Ava has a few screws loose if ya know what I mean.” Sienna winks and cackles wickedly.

I give her another odd look. “Too much?” Sienna pokes me playfully. “Well, I thought I’ll come and have a goosey gander at me new sister. Ya pretty, grumpy and just his type.”

Rolling my eyes at her jabs. “ definitely not.”

Sienna smirks. “I can see the future honey. Not saying ya fall in love or ya might kill the stubborn bastard but ya are his type, a prude woman that lacks ‘sexual’ experience.” She quotes with her fingers at the ‘sexual’ part.

“Yeah, and I can see your full of shit.” I say stubbornly, crossing my arms. “I can smell those lies from a mile away.”

“Really? Cos I see you lovin’ someone!” She giggles like a schoolgirl. “You won’t know it until... oops said too much.”

“Shut it.” I pipe back, I’m ready for a new punching bag.

Sienna twirls around again, utter weird noises under her breath. She gives me another wave to say goodbye. “See ya around Evie, enjoy the new bag!”

Her fingers snap and I turn to see a brand new punching bag behind me. “Thanks.” I say in gratitude.

“No prob sister. If Lord Fucktard decides to pester ya again, come to room 1008. Say to him Sienna will shrink his balls if he pains you in any way you again, he’ll know what it means. Ciao!” She vanished suddenly into thin air.

I quickly go back to punching the crap out of the bag. This time my thoughts drifted to Sienna, an odd witch to say the least. I’m very curious about her and witchy culture, growing up I was only ever exposed to werewolves and Lycan proper gander. Other types of supernatural and mythical creatures kept to themselves and were hardly reported on in the news. Humans are kept under strict codes, locks and restrictions, meaning they only told us what we needed to know.

Sweat begins to form after another few hours, strangely I wasn’t fatigued at all and the effects of working out for so long like a muscle strain or pain nothing. Thankfully I didn’t destroy this bag. Once I had enough of being in the gym, I started to head back to Lord Foster’s Suite.

I’m glad the gym isn’t too far away from the high suites, I could work out as much as I wanted and by the gods I needed a good dose of endorphins to keep me going. Walking back up the many flights of stairs (werewolves never heard of elevators), I headed back up to the grand suite’s floor.

“My lady!” A strange servant yells at me, I turn around on the steps a little startled. Two well-dressed servants in frilly frocks come running upstairs quite quickly. They give me looks of relief.

One who called me was a deeply tanned girl with dyed red hair fashioned into a high bun, light brown eyes and a pretty face. The other seemed to be shyer with blushing red cheeks, freckles dotting her face and strawberry blonde locks styled into a ponytail. Both of them sped up the stairs in seconds. They both curtsy quickly.

“My lady, where have you been?! His Lordship has been so worried. By the moon what have you done with your hair?!! The master has strictly forbidden you from styling it unless he approves.” The taller maid lectures me like I’m a stubborn teenager. Her voice holds a cold commanding tone with a hint of venom.

“Excuse me?” I say a little baffled at these crazy servants questions and accusations.

“H-hi-his Lordship has made it perfectly clear my lady, you aren’t allowed freedoms as punishment. Don’t you remember?” Freckles says nervously twiddling her fingers unsure what to do. Her voice is very timid and soft-spoken.

“Come with us, he’s arriving shortly and in your fragile state you must be made presentable! Not in this horrid attire, a true lady must always look pretty.” Red hair firmly states, grabbing one of my arms suddenly.

I resist tugging all I can to get away from these two. “Mildred! Quit your daydreaming.” Red hair commands. “Other arm.”

Both women are surprisingly strong. I begin to squirm in there iron-clad strength. Damn werewolves! They drag me along up the stairs to a different part of the packhouse. “I’m not who you think I am!” I grind my teeth enraged by my mistreatment. “You’ve mistaken me for someone else!”

They both stop, the maids are a few inches taller than me. They look down upon me as if I’m a crazy person. “Clearly you haven’t taken your medication today, Dr Forst will administer it when you’ve cleansed yourself.” Red hair sneers, disgust in her voice. “Why do I have to babysit the crazy lady?!”

“I’m not crazy!” I yell straight into her ear, Red hair snarls at me her brown eyes glowing yellow. She slaps me hard across the cheek. I hold back any evidence of pain. This Bitch is going to get it!

“Silence!” She booms ordering me, I glare daggers at her. Wishing I had my silver knives so I could slit her throat, her treatment of me makes me want to murder her. Maybe give this Bitch a much-needed lesson in humility.

“Rhea, stop! His lordship will punish you for hurting her.” Mildred aka Freckles meekly mutters. Her light blue eyes starting to tear up. “It’s not her fault she cannot perceive us correctly.”

“Move!” Rhea growls growing irritated by our lack of movement.

They ignore my constant struggles and take me to an even bigger suite than Lord Foster’s. It’s very grand and stylish, everything is so shiny.

The servants drag me to a walk-in closet and separate ensuite. Rhea order’s Mildred to gather some appropriate clothing which is modest, not my current oversized sweaty grey T-shirt and black bottoms. There’s no room for arguments as Rhea rough houses me, she isn’t gentle at all. One thing she does she keeps her bitchy claws dug deeply into my skin. She keeps my wrist in a painful hold threatening to break it if I dare misbehave.

I’m shaking in anger at this bitch, she slapped me again for looking at her. Apparently I’m not worthy to be a human mate. I say she fancies the grand lord dickcus to whomever they’ve mistaken me for. Rhea harbours a grudge over this Lady I’m meant to be. I try to reach out to Lord Foster only to be blocked out. Ugh! So much for keeping an open mind.

20 minutes later Rhea has a nightmare of doing my hair, she wanted to put it back properly. I threatened her with his ‘lordship’, she backed off almost immediately. No one touches my hair! She roughly puts my long chestnut locks into a low bun and a few stray locks framing my face. Mildred comes back with a flowery dress a little too small for me, my boobs popped out of it. Rhea called me fat and scolded Mildred snapping at her quite rudely demanding to get a proper dress. She picks out a beautiful cream 1950′s dress style tea dress decorated with red roses and stems all over the skirt, it has low cut shoulders with 3/4 lacy sleeves. A pair of shiny court shoe pumps with 3-inch heels in her other hand. Once they finished dressing me up like some freakin’ barbie doll. I’m dragged to have some make-up on.

“No way!” I object pulling away from the crazy women. “I ain’t having no clown make-up upon my face!”

Rhea sighs, her ham hands tries to slap me again. I jump back and run back towards the main suite doors. I kick off the evil pumps and get my puffy arse out of here!

“My Lady!” Mildred calls running after me. Rhea is behind her ready to shift.

“Get out of my way.” Rhea snarls, being more bitchy than usual. She begins to transform.

I open the doors and slam it shut. Panic sets in however as two strange men with identical mirror features stare at me bewildered by what I’m doing. They look about 20, both towering over 6ft in height, they have the same black hair combed neatly back with gel. Their skin is sickly pale, they could pass off as vampires, the paleness of there skin made there eyes glowing an eerie turquoise stand out even more. Both gave me a motionless look, dressed in dark navy blue suits and each has royal purple ties. Their stone-cold features had a mix of heart-shaped face, roman nose and familiar features crossed with people I should know.

“Mother?!” They say in unison, clearly surprised at seeing me. I run quickly away, one speeds over to the other side of me blocking my escape route. Damn it!

They tilt their heads curious at me. “Where have you been, mother?” Their deep voices creepy unison again. “Father has been worried about you. We shall take you to him.”

I slip by them. Giving them a nasty scowl, their scents choking me with an overpowering body spray. My eyes filled with untamed fury. “I’M NOT YOUR BLOODY MOTHER?!!”

At the same time, the two crazy maids crash through the double doors smashing it to itty biddy pieces. Both of them looked pissed off.

“My goodness.” An eloquent feminine chimes in from behind me, we all turn around to see a stunningly beautiful woman dressed in a simple dusky rose pink mermaid dress with a high slit showing off her perfectly tanned legs. The front of the dress had glittering diamonds encrusted around the a-line. Her silver strappy heels are higher than mine. Along with her finer attire she had jewels that made the richest man put to shame, a single diamond star-studded choker around her dainty neck. Plus two teardrop diamond dangling earrings. Complimenting her luscious stunning raven black hair styled in wavy locks swiped to one side with a simple glittery clip.

Her beautiful face held a lot of concern, her tanned skin complimented her big doe Hazel eyes, dainty nose, pouty red lips and heart-shaped face. “What is all this racket for?”

Suddenly, all the crazy people bow to her except for me. The sons quickly glare at me. One of them speaks up his voice cold and scolding. “Bow to your superiors Mother!”

I give them a blatant expression. Why should I care who this woman is? She’s not important is she?

“Gentlemen, Service...” She scowls at the servants with a knowing look. “You are all dismissed. Leave us.” She waves her hand to dismiss them. “I wish to have a chat with your Lady. She’ll be back momentarily.”

They leave without question heading straight back into the suite. While she gently takes my hand and leads me to a familiar hallway. “Don’t worry I won’t harm you. Unlike those imbeciles, I know your not their lady.”

She gives me a comforting smile, one like a mother does to a child. Her energy felt warm and loving, even if she looked around 28. This woman looked like a naive doe for the taking but her eyes held many years knowledge and wisdom. She seemed very calm about my situation and I had no doubts that I wouldn’t be hurt by her.

We head down to the middle door. She leads me into her suite, once she closes the door her composure changes. She begins to jump madly in excitement holding my hands in her perfectly manicured nails. After a few moments, she regains herself. “Sorry about that sweetheart. I’m just so thrilled to finally meet you!”

I’m a little puzzled. “Thanks for saving me, but who er..are you?” I ask, very confused.

Her eyes light up burning with compassion and warmth. She takes my hands again bringing them close to her DD boobs. “I’m Jasmine.”

Silence lingers between us for a moment, as if I’m supposed to know who she is. She huffs childishly a little offended but quickly brushes it off. “Lady Jasmine Everett.” She smiles sweetly.

My face pales at her words, she’s Lord Everett’s fated?!! I try to pull back and try to correct my mistake. Jasmine won’t let me. She keeps me close and holds her gaze with my own. “You don’t need to worry sweetheart, you are family are after all.”

“Family?!” I’m bewildered, I remember Sienna saying some stuff. It clicks into place. “Your Lord Foster’s Mum?!!”

Jasmine smiles again beaming at me, blush reaches her make-up cheeks. “Yes, he’s one of my many babies. Although a naughty boy for keeping me away from you! You’re cute as a button. My other babies will love you!” She exclaims excitedly and hugs me. “Welcome to the family. I’m so happy to have another daughter. I’ve now got two!!”

I let her hug me, I know not to mess with the highest power in the world. Jasmine backs off. “Sorry, Sweetie. I know I’m a little overwhelming at first but another fated to one of my boy’s makes me so thrilled!”

She gives me space, Jasmine giggles at me amused by my confused look. “That’s okay, you’re the second crazy person I’ve met today. Err... No offence.” I say quickly to recover trying not to insult her. My cheeks flushing red.

“Nonsense.” She waves her hand dismissing it. “I’m happy to be called crazy, too many people have poles shoved up there arses whenever they are around me. It’s quite refreshing to meet someone like you.”

“Thanks?” Not sure what to say. I divert to another question. “Did Lord Foster ever tell you my name?”

“Genevieve? Although, he dismissed me calling you by your preferred name Evie. That boy is much of an old man than his father.” She grumbles under her breath shaking her head at some thoughts. Jasmine shots back up to her crazy hyper self. “You like Evie?”

I nod.

“Just call me Jasmine, don’t shorten it around my husband he gets livid. Old fashioned coder he is. OOHH!” Jasmine drag’s me to her room. I’m met with another familiar face, Sienna. She’s sitting on the bed looking divine in her white dress munching down some cookie dough ice cream.

Sienna gulps down her ice cream, smiling at me in welcome. “Hiya sister!” She waves excitedly. “See you met Mommy dearest! She’s such a beautiful plumb peach.”

Jasmine rolls her eyes at Sienna. “Hush child, I must create a masterpiece.” Pushing me into her walk-in closet.

Sienna gloats at her. “Good Luck!” Holding back a mad cackle, as if she knows something and goes back to scoffing her ice cream.

Jasmine ushers me into a nearby chair. “Makeup time.”

Oh no! I dive out of the chair quicker than she could get some makeup on my face. No way I’m not being tortured again.

“Genevieve.” Jasmine calls out, makeup brushes in her hands.

I rush pass Sienna sacred of makeup equipment. Nu-uh, I ain’t looking like a caked up clown. Jasmine calls again. Sienna snaps her fingers locking the door. She gives me an evil look saying ‘you aren’t going anywhere’.

Jasmine walks over to me no makeup in sight. She looks a little astounded by my scared form. “What’s wrong Evie? It’s just a little makeup.”

“I told ya, this girl ain’t no girly girl. She’s a prude.” Sienna comments munching away several scoops of ice cream. “Evie, Jasmine won’t hurt you. Lord Knobhead will love it if you look like a clown.”

I sigh in frustration trying to open the door. My hair falls out of the low bun. Jasmine approaches me. “Eat your ice cream Sienna, I’ll take care of Evie. Come on sweets. I’ll be very gentle. Their’s no crazy male’s in the vicinity.”

“Best go with her before I paralyse you for the next 15 minutes Evie.” Sienna says her mouth full, her hand raised to snap her fingers.

“Fine.” I admit defeat, not wanting to be hexed by a hyperactive witch. Jasmine takes my hand leading me back to her chair.

“I’m still her bestie!!” Sienna yells randomly.

Jasmine rolls her eyes once more. “Silly girl.”

“I heard that sugar plum!”

“Good, now mind your own business and finish your treat before I get Jonas to confiscate it from you.” Jasmine hollar’s back shaking her head. “Let’s make you beautiful Evie, I bet Wilhelm won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.”

30 minutes later... Jasmine is true to her word, she gently puts the clown makeup upon my face. The mascara, however, didn’t go down well Sienna froze me until Jasmine was done. Stupid witch!

Sienna brings me the same shoes as before, only they have some petite red roses on them and an ankle strap. She smiles at me. “Pretty, pretty.”

Jasmine comes up behind me, her reflection in the mirror. I’m now unfrozen, Sienna puts the shoes on for me and goes behind me to get something. I’ll admit Jasmine did a wonderful job, she made me look natural. Keeping my eyes only with simple eyeliner and mascara, a slight blush on my cheeks and light pink on my lips so they look natural. (I refused to wear red lipstick.)

“Sienna dear? Did you get it?” Jasmine looks behind her, Sienna comes up to her. Nodding her head.

They both look at me, Sienna dressed in a different outfit. She wore a crazy combination of gipsy skirts and lacy witch top with a star on it. Her hair still styled the same, as her jewellery.

“We’ve got a gift for you Evie.” Sienna smiles beaming. “I had made it a few years ago when I had a vision of it.”

Jasmine opens up a black velvet box, inside is two beautiful butterflies with a mix of light blue and white crystals flying towards a sterling silver crescent moon. They both clip my hair back partially with them framing my face and neck more.

“They’re beautiful.” I whisper tears coming to my eyes, my head comes down towards my hands. Sienna brings my chin back up, her violet eyes calm for once. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome.” They say together.

Sienna hugs me quickly. She whispers in my ear. “I know were aren’t friends yet Evie, but this is a gift to start it off. They are enchanted to act like real butterflies when the moonlight touches them. I know how much you love peacock butterflies so I created them to signify new beginnings. I hope you come to accept me and Jasmine into your life as friends you can count on. Moon’s know that they need a good ass-kickin’.”

Jasmine put’s her hands on my shoulders. “It’s time to meet the Lords Evie.”



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