Night of Liberation

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Chapter 1: Smiles and Silver Knives *

~5 years ago...~

“Oi runt!” Comes the shrill voice of my werewolf supervisor Miss Gorgon, I mean Miss Gordon. I stop my current task of stacking boxes, slightly looking up at the vile bitch making sure to avoid eye contact, I don’t want another strike.

“Yes, Miss Gorg- Gordon.” I stutter, quickly correcting my speech. My body tenses up as she struts over, Miss Gorgon glares at all her minions, a satisfied smirk cemented in her caked up face of mismatched makeup and tanned foundation. I keep my eyes downcast, risking punishment if I look directly at her, seeing a pair of hideously neon pink stilettos tapping impatiently before me.

I could feel her cold stare upon me, Miss Gorgon sneers at me “Human... when you're done, you will be cleaning the entire warehouse and shop floor as punishment for your current strikes. Also, you’ll be getting half of your weekly wage until your record clears up, understood runt.”

I quickly nod, that vile serpentine bitch!! While she’s walking away I discreetly flip her the bird, carrying on before I get caught. Rushing over to the remaining boxes I stack them neatly, thanks to an earlier inconvenience I’m doing double work this shift. It’s quite common to be mistreated during work hours, our superiors are omega wolves destined to make our lives a misery.

Miss Gorgon is very talented, she just loves to see people miserable, it’s a game for the omegas who are paid ridiculous amounts to ‘supervise’ us.

Werewolves will often abuse their positions, omegas are usually our overseers since they are constantly dominated by there packs elite. Omegas will always take out there need and frustration upon us vermin, they love to have power over the weak, and I say it’s wrong! Our superiors quite often find something we did ‘wrong’ it can be the littlest thing to the downright stupid, once I heard Miss Gorgon whipped a human for getting in her way.

The woman I work for Miss Gorgon... I mean Miss Gordon a vile woman who has snakes for hair. She’s such a vile creature with no remorse for what she puts all her human workers through, while she and the circle of bitchy mongrels sit on their lazy arses talking about their precious mates or boys. Their daily entertainment is us, lowly humans, scoffing or mocking is their game, Miss Gorgon loves her position of power. She always flaunts her goodies to humans, if she catches you staring you’ll receive a strike on your record. She hasn’t found her mate yet, we humans pray for it so we can get a nicer wolf in charge, not some bitch in constant heat!

Currently, I’m working in the warehouse of a massive clothing store called 'Hermans Fine Clothing', we rotate weekly working between the shop front and the warehouse. To say I hate my job is one thing, to hate your very existence is another. I’m always holding my tongue around all these mongrels. Miss Gorgon doesn’t help either, she does all she can to make all our lives hell.

Especially me, her favourite. Old Gorgon sends me to unclog blocked toilets, making me smell like sewage. Her obnoxious crackle radiates throughout the place, setting all humans on edge. Oh great. Shoot... I’m already tensing up, do your bit of stacking then I want outta here, only three more piles of heavy clothes to go.

Their mocking laughter comes once more, I quickly scoop up the pile of clothes and pass by the bitches. Out the corner of my eye, I see one of the new workers with there face planted to the floor.

I go around the corner quickly dropping off the clothes to the incinerator, hiding behind the boxes I watch as the poor lad is scooped up by the bitches.

“What do we have here, hmm?” Miss Gorgon purrs in delight, “New meat girls.” She scowls at the young blonde male, her eyes gleaming with predatory glee.

Another bitch drools over him, she slashes away the top part of his shirt, revealing an oh sweet surprise for them. Her voice turns bittersweet, “Your unmarked dear lamb.”

His handsome boyish face is that of terror as the bitches circle around him, they're drooling over the fact he’s unclaimed, meaning he was free game. He didn’t dare look them in the eyes, probably he would wet himself or worse. They fully encircle him, and I see his face fully his stunning blue eyes lock with mine until I hear one word escape his trembling lips “Help...”

As this happens the women sniff him enthralled by his scent, one by one they inspect the little lamb. Until he locks gaze with one of them, an enraged snarl fills the air Miss Gordon suddenly grabs him. Snarling at them. One word seals his fate.

“MINE!” She growls showing her protruding canines.

I look away as he screams in terror, Miss Gordon growls at her friends as she takes away the poor boy. I couldn’t stay much longer as I hear his screams, those words over and over again “HELP ME!!”

I ran until I could no longer hear his anguished screams, no sane human could interfere with mating. If you did, you’ll be dead.

“Human.” A deep voice growls from behind me, interpreting my thoughts.

“Yes sir?” I turn around frightened I might be punished for hiding. No matter what I kept my eyes glued to the floor, and to his horrible turd brown shoes.

I feel his beastly grey eyes study me for a moment, this is my other supervisor Jared. To say he was an Omega was an understatement, he used to work with the Gamma of the pack as a warrior until he was court marshalled for raping a human mate. He was worst than Miss Gordon, drooling over any weak human women. Unfortunately like all werewolves, they were easy on the eyes when they weren’t being huge pricks. A perk of the job? Ha.

Jared’s gravelly deep voice always shook me, I’ve always been wary of him. “You are needed out front Eve, that other runt is indisposed.”

I feel one of his claws ‘brush’ my soft skin, his towering frame overshadows me completely. His horrid breath is near my right ear. “Remember this little rabbit if I catch you slacking again, you’ll be sucking those luscious lips upon my cock.”

With each word my hand reaches for my silver blade, I hold it tightly waiting for the bastard to come closer. “Yes sir.” I quickly answer heading towards the shop front, only to feel his steel grip still upon one of my arms.

He comes up behind me, whispering once more. “Remember me mate.” I shot straight off. That guy was a creep, tormenting anyone who got in his way. Waves of relief flood me, thank the gods that I’m not that fled ridden mongrels mate.

I shudder at him touching me, I quickly head to the Senior Superior for any tasks. Mrs Miller’s stern pale face comes into view, her oily black hair tied neatly back in a high bun, her tall stature clothed in a simple figure-hugging black dress and dark grey high heels. Her white name tag glistens within the shop lights 'Mavis Miller'. As soon as she sees me I could see her face light up slightly.

“Mrs Miller,” I call. “Mr Stevens has transferred me over in Jaime’s stead.”

Her yellow wolfy eyes stare down at me, I hear her sniffing me. “You haven’t been dallying with Mr Stevens have you, Evie?!”

“No mam, he...” I stop suddenly, knowing if I said anymore I could be punished.

“Spit it out Evie, you won’t be punished for the truth only hiding it.” Mrs Miller scolds me while shaking her index finger at me.

“He threatened me Mrs, but nothing else.” That’s was my excuse, Mrs Miller quickly brought it. Sending me over to help customers in the shoe department.

The day thankfully quickly passes without a hiccup, it was much easier than working in the warehouse. The only downside is you have to deal with arse-holes daily.

Several hours later... I’m dealing with a slightly irritated customer, she’s got half of the shop floor staff running around after her. Unfortunately, this bitch is the Alpha’s daughter, therefore she could make copious demands of us all. Right now her shrill screams fill the shop, meaning every customer must leave because miss PMS cannot get her tampons. I roll my eyes as she throws even more shoes towards one of my fellow human co-workers.

“I didn’t ask for this colour human, get me something that matches my eyes!” She shrieks her demands being un-met. Miss PMS throws every single item in her way at Natalie, one of the shoes hitting her in the head. “If you don’t get me what I want I’ll get my daddy to fire you and make your life a living hell mongrel!”

Bloody hell, this girl is worst than a toddler. Correction, she is a toddler. I step in bowing deeply. “Miss, I don’t mean to offend you but we cannot fulfil your request due to certain limitations and rules. Forgive us for our rude behaviour. What is your eye colour and what sort of style would match your preferences?”

She snickers, “I want something blue.”

That wasn’t much to go on, however, I see an untouched pair of kitten-heel pastel blue pumps, they are cute. I would buy them myself but my paycheck couldn’t cover the costs of these shoes. I sigh internally, arse hole dogs. Gently picking the pair of shoes up, I present them to Miss PMS. I was quite hesitant, carefully not looking past her mouth. She screams in delight at the shoes as I hand them over. I see her bare feet move just below me, a silent order for me to put them on. I do, hoping this would get the bitch to finally leave.

Miss PMS girly squeal is one of delight. Her glassy blue eyes gleaming in glee at the cute shoes. I couldn’t hold back a sad smile, mum would’ve liked them too. PMS flutters her eyes lashes, happily dancing around with her new shoes. Natalie is ordered to ring them up and several other items as PMS leaves the building.

Whew, what a day. However, that wasn’t it for us humans, nope. We’re stuck cleaning the whole bloody shop front and warehouse after closing time. Just as I leave the ladies changing rooms I see Mrs Miller walking towards me, I move aside to allow her to past. I clock out and head home.

The cold autumn air strikes me instantly, making me shiver from the bitterly cold air. I wrapped my blue checkered scarf around my neck more tightly, checking my watch as I walked.

Shit! It’s almost 8:30 pm, I had a few planned errands after I finished work. Guess I can’t do them now since everywhere is closed. Grr, stupid dogs. Well let’s hope I finish a little earlier tomorrow, it’s almost the full moon.

I always dreaded walking back home after work, it was rare for me to finish early. Usually, I have to deal with daily unwanted attention from more delightful werewolves. Note my sarcasm, those dogs make every human's life a living hell.

On my normal route home, I pass two werewolf bars, I quickly pass one while the next one is only 5 minutes away from my home. The smell of stale alcohol, puke and horny dogs coats the thick air. I can hardly see into the darkness as it clouds over the almost full moon.

Only the streetlights could light up the dilapidated streets. Suddenly I hear several mongrels cheering loudly as they hassle another human, her familiar screams alert me. It’s Natalie. Her quivering from its that of an innocent puppy, her sweet chocolate brown eyes hold a certain naivety, while she’s blessed with beautiful curly dark red hair and a pretty freckled doll face. She’s short standing the same height as me 5 ft 5 maybe taller.

The little pack of three werewolf males surround her front, each one of them groping her body namely her boobs, arse and face. One tries to kiss her, Natalie refuses them, only making it worst.

Clearly Nat doesn’t know werewolf 101, don’t fight. They love a struggle. I quickly step up to them, pretending to be a scared human. “Excuse me, sirs?” I whisper sweetly, keeping my voice innocent.

The tallest dog growls at me, “Fuck off.”

My eyes carefully wander to each dog avoiding all their eyes, the second one to speak was a short arse in werewolf height only 5 ft 8. His greasy dark blonde locks covering up half of his hideous scarred face, and a white eye. As he speaks I noticed his canines are different from the others. Oh no... the man cannot be one of them. He’s a lot less muscular not as intimidating. “Another pretty one boys.”

The third was too busy groping Natalie’s boobs to notice me. He’s taller than the second mongrel but still slightly taller than the second. He had the same disgusting look upon his fugly face. His olive tanned skin covered in black soot, and a curtain of long black Raven locks hiding his face. The tallest dog had short cropped light brown hair, a slight ginger beard, his is roguish good looks were marred by several gashes across his face. All of them wore similar warrior attire, black trousers and a grey vest top showing off there rippling muscles, although not as up kept as the normal patrol guards.

Both others snort at him, more enchanted with Natalie. They begin to laugh at there friend, calling him stupid, I don’t blame them, I do all I can to make myself look unattractive as possible. Namely boring. My own long dark hazelnut brunette wavy locks were dead tied back in a low plait, my pale skin is starting to turn blue from the cold autumn night air. I covered my body with oversized clothing to avoid these encounters (and to hide my weapons), sure I had a nice rack, good arse and legs but I wouldn’t flaunt them like Miss Gorgon. I could tell my turquoise eyes were surrounded by tired heavy bags and a look of dread upon my face.

I looked blondie directly in the eyes, smirking as my silver blade silently went to his throat. I hover it over his scarred neck, clear signs he was hung by a silver rope. Suddenly, he and his friends are quiet. The silvery blade glistens under the streetlights, I slowly press further. His flesh starting to burn as I gaze his skin. “Let her go mongrel.” I say, my voice is cold and bitter.

They laugh humorously. “Silly human, your no match for making threats.”

I smiled sweetly a dark glint in my own eyes, “Oh really...” pressing my blade further into blondie’s neck.

He groans of pain reach his friend's ears, they smell his burning flesh. “Err... guys?”

As they step towards me a press even further, “Ah-ah! Let her go first, dog, then take your munchkins with you.”

The looks of anger are ramped upon there faces. They growl at me, all there eyes glowing an eerily yellow, there wolves are out. Shit. I watch as their human forms shift into bestial men, poor Natalie screaming as the third man growls at me. His yellow eyes blacken at the sight of Natalie’s terrified whimpers. They snarl at me their canines on full display.

I stay calm, not batting an eyelid. Instead, I’m enjoying it, even more, call me stupid but I think it’s time they learnt what a human can do. “Bring it on bitches.”


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