Night of Liberation

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Chapter 17: Disorder Amougst The Lords

~Evie's POV~

Sienna and Jasmine interlock between my arms so that I cannot escape. They are in a very cheery demeanour chuckling away like old gossiping hens. Whatever’s been planned I’m going to have Sienna keep true to her word and shrink Lord Foster’s balls. I’m sick of being out of the loop.

“Why are we meeting the Lords?” I ask quickly, a little afraid of what these women have planned.

Sienna and Jasmine stop both of them smiling at me in assurance. Jasmine composes her self to her glamour Ladyship persona. “You are to meet the High Lycan Council Evie, Wilhelm wishes to present you as his mate and future spouse.” She explains to me quickly. “Don’t worry Evie. We’ll be right in front of you. If anything happens I’ll have Henry sort them out. Now let’s go.”

Who’s Henry?! I swear the lack of information will kill me one day. Sienna giggles at me as if she knows something. “It won’t kill you, Evie, just leave you with a little surprise.”

I narrow my eyes at her. “Stay out of my head.” I grumble as I’m forced to walk several flights of stairs down handcuffed by two crazy women.

Five minutes later Jasmine stops us by two dark mahogany entranceway doors, I could faintly hear several masculine voices murmuring behind it. She lets me go and nods to Sienna to do the same. Sienna jumps and down excited, Jasmine gives her a cold look which immediately stops her.

Jasmine keeps her voice low I could barely hear it. “Ladies know how to present yourselves. Our mates will be watching us. Evie try to keep your anger in check, we don’t need another incident. Lord Stanhope is already going crazy at the loss of his missing wife. Go straight towards Wilhelm don’t look any other Lord in the eye it’s considered a sign of disrespect since you aren’t married yet.”

Sienna waves her arms around wildly desperately wanting Jasmine’s attention. She sigh’s annoyed by Sienna’s childish antic’s. “What is it Sienna?”

“Can I go first. Please...Please...PLEASE?!” Sienna can barely contain her hyper and bubbly nature. “I haven’t seen Jonas in three months.”

“No Sienna, you already know how things run. As Lady Alpha, I shall go first then you and then Evie. Is that clear?” She stands powerful and graceful with her hands comfortable on her hips. Her hazel eyes once comforting now cold and composed. “Is that clear Ladies?”

Sienna looks saddened by her mother-in-law’s answer. “Oh, okay.” Her mood now somber.

“Yes madam.” I say quickly, my submissive facade kicking in. My eyes were already downcast.

Jasmine knocks on the door four times signalling something, she gestures for us to follow. We are greeted with bright lights and utter grandness with a golden double staircase either side of the room. My guess we are at the grand entrance all. Everywhere was in a chandelier style with the lights, intricately decorated walls with various patterns of the moons, werewolves and Lycans. The glass stained panel’s of the massive glass doors revealed a beautiful landscape I could’ve never seen if I wasn’t fated to be with a Lycan. Lucious rolling hills and vast forest’s covered the place, a hint of homesickness hit me in the gut when I see what I perceived as my home less than a month ago. Other things decorated the entrance hall, I gasped at seeing some familiar works decorate the walls.

We stop suddenly, Jasmine gently glides down the stairs head held high as the Alpha female. She doesn’t take long until she reaches the awaiting arms of her husband. Sienna somehow skips happily down the stairs getting a scolding look from Jasmine. She lets out a pig-ish squeal and tackles a lad to the floor with her little body while shouting. “Baby!!”

My heart begins to pound in fear as several pairs of eyes at staring at me, judging my every move. I keep my eyes downcast, I’m frozen by seeing so many Lycan’s in one place. My fear makes me stop, memories of my mother screaming at me to run. Runaway. A warm palm comes onto my back, I look to see it’s Jasmine. She takes my sweaty palm and guide’s me down the stairs.

She whisper’s low into my ear. “It’s okay to be nervous, I was once just like you afraid. You’re not alone.” She squeezes my palm gently in comfort and assuring me things were going to be okay.

I keep my eyes downcast, my heart still pounding loudly against my chest. Jasmine leads me to two tall figure’s dressed in designer black suits, with matching white shirts, one has a frilly version while the other modern, one had no tie around his neck the other had a silver tie with the High Council emblem on it. Jasmine gently usher’s me to the modern suit, while she hugs her husband once again. She smiles at me happy that whole debacle is over with.

My heart is pounding still, I look up to see Lord Foster his face colder than stone. His rose gold eyes are filled with rage at something. His arm’s wraps possessively around me, this doesn’t stop me from feeling scared. A great feeling of dread strikes me in the gut hard.

“Let go of her!” Someone snarls there voice venomous and callous, snatching me away from Lord Foster. I’m in another’s arms this creature feels all sorts of wrong. He pulls my back tightly to his chiselled chest, clinging to me desperately despite me not being his fated.

“Lord Stanhope.” A powerful voice berates. While other’s gasp in shock at this crazy Lycan’s actions. Lord Foster holds back a snarl, a single hand halts him from going over to beat the living crap out of him. “Everyone calm yourselves!”

Crazy Stanhope growls at them all, a glint of obsessiveness in his eyes. “She is my wife! That is reason enough for me to leave these frivolous gatherings.”

“Theseus! Achilles! We have your mother, we shall take our leave. Good day my Lord’s.” Lord Stanhope demands, dragging me up the stairs. My body is shaking in fear knowing who this monster really is. He makes his way upstairs. All the other Lords watch enjoying the little drama going on today.

Halfway up I shriek in absolute terror, he snarls at me trying to quieten my fuss. I feel his large hand dangling me to face the creature I’ve feared almost all of my life. He hasn’t changed one bit, his black hair is still the same out of date long hair, his blood-red eyes have always terrorized my dreams. “Enough wench! You’ve caused me to worry. Don’t you care about your husband!!? Daisy!!”

All of those memories flood me, tears of pain, fear and hatred pour into a river. My heart feels the pain it did before only a thousand times worse. I try to pull myself together. I think about my rage, my hatred of these fucking monsters. I use my rage, pain and hatred to stab in the shin with my pointed heel with all the strength I could muster.

“I’m not your wife, Magnus!” I hiss venomously, it’s cold tone shaking me. I’ve never heard myself sound so horrid.

Magnus lets out a roar in pain, he lets me go ready to strike me with his other clawed hand. I scream again taking a tumble down a few steps. Someone quickly picks me up, arm tightly supporting me, my vision spinning. The other hand stopping Magnus’ oncoming strike mid-air.

“Enough Magnus!” That powerful comes again. My vision quickly returns to normal. I’m met with a puffy shirt. It’s Lord Everett. “I won’t have you claim another’s mate, she’s claimed by my son Wilhelm.”

He twists Magnus’ arm with an unimaginable amount of strength, several cracks of breaking bones are heard. Magnus groans in pain, Lord Everett glares at him, his voice calm and authoritative. “I believe I made my point. Know your place before I have you executed!”

Lord Everett picks me up in his arms, I don’t dare look at him in the eyes. I’m scared beyond belief, every part of me wanted to curl up and cry. My throat felt tight, I couldn’t move my frozen limbs. I struggled in his well-toned arms. I wanted to get out of here. A familiar scent makes me jump out of his arms and run straight to Lord Foster who was being held back by four other men. Our gazes lock, his eyes blazing there cold silvery blue.

Lord Everett stops me. Lord Foster growls at his father, fighting tooth and nail to get to me. “Give her to me! NOW!”

“Not until you calm down son. You see she’s safe-.” Lord Everett, is tackled to the ground by Magnus. He begins throwing fast and deadly punches at the Lycan.

“She’s my wife! He stole her from me. She’s MINE!!” Magnus snarls in crazed desperation, clearly obsessed over losing his mate. “MINE!!”

Lord Foster break’s free of the men, he snatches Magnus’ neck as he did with Jared and digs his claws deep into his stomach. I look away terrified by these crazy beasts and their antics. Nothing made sense with them. I didn’t belong to any of them, I’m my own person yet no matter what I say or do they won’t listen. I feel a few splatters of warm blood cover my legs and dress. The three men acting like wild animals scraping over a piece of discarded meat.

Jasmine calls out. “Jonas, Aaron restrain your father! Kerian, Evan get Lord Stanhope! Evie call to your mate now, before he butcher’s them both!”

The men before restaining Lord Foster, restrain both men. “Evie!” Jasmine yells desperately trying to control everyone. I’m frozen again afraid of what creatures I must once again face. “Evie NOW!”

What I see make me want to puke, Magnus is severely inflicted with bloody gashes, claw marks and serious wounds. Lord Everett has a few black spots already forming, while Lord Foster is trying to attack them both he’s got hardly any injuries but still looks the most savage. All their clothes are ripped to shreds by each other claws. Lord Foster goes to attack them again.

“Liam.” I whisper meekly, scared by all that’s happened in one morning. He turns around his face stuck in a half shifted state, his handsome face looks wrong. Marred by his interlocking deadly canines, eerie glowing eyes and light sideburns on his face. His raven hair is dishevelled, he looks like a wild madman. Liam lets out heavy breath’s some of them coming out as growls. Carefully I approach him, trying anything not to antagonise him. “Liam...”

I near closer to him about 3ft away, he snarls at me in warning his eyes growing stormy and cold. The beast within him has completely taken over. He judges everyone around him, his cold stare warning all others to stay away, including me. My fear spikes when Magnus begins fighting back against Kerian and Evan. He calls out to me in desperation. “Daisy! Daisy! DAISY!”

Something in me couldn’t take this anymore, I felt like my younger self once again unable to process such emotions. Magnus calling me Daisy makes me sick to my stomach. Questions of what happened to her fill my thoughts, how he abused her and my family. This sick creature is why I despise Lycans so much, his example makes me hate everyone one of them. I fucking hate him!

I turn around to face the monster that I’ve feared, have an unending hatred of and how much this thing has terrified me. In real life he’s pathetic as they come, someone desperately clinging to an idea of possession. Something they branded with their own claim, I myself have become a possession for a Lycan. One I fear and hate with something else.

Looking back at Lord Foster, I feel my fear ease up a little. My experiences with him have made me see how petty and cruel these creatures can really be but others... I wasn’t so sure.

“DAISY!!” Magnus yells again, I feel something coming towards me trying to grab me. Without thinking I wrap my arms around Lord Foster’s waist afraid of Magnus trying to claim me once more.

I clutch to him frightened by Magnus and my fears of being around that thing again. Two strong arms wrap around me, their warmth seeps into my skin giving me a sense of comfort. I begin to quiver my fear consuming me. “Liam...” Is all I say, my tears growing heavier. My throat clenches up in terror. No matter what I didn’t want that thing anywhere near me, nowhere near me. Please nowhere near me. To the Stars and Gods please don’t let it near me!

“Daisy!!?” Magnus whimpers, sounding sad for a moment. His voice grows deranged again. “DAISY!!”

A stroke of my hair distracts me for a few moments, Liam’s voice is calm and collected. “Don’t listen to him, Evie.”

I look up into his warm rose gold eyes, my pounding heart calms a little. “I’m scared.” My voice coming out a whisper. He pulls me tight to him.

“No... she’s mine... MINE all MINE!” Magnus rambles his eyes mad with insanity.

Everyone looks at him bewildered, I now understand why he’s so crazy. The penny finally drops. I wasn’t my mother, I’m not his mate.

“Daisy come to me, please!” He growls.

I look at the crazy man. His sick infatuation with me makes every so hard to comprehend. I couldn’t even think straight. His red eyes make contact with me they glow possessively and in anger at me being in the arms of another. This thing didn’t deserve fear or hatred just pitty.

My voice loosens up. I glare at this monstrosity, all of my hatred, pain and anger surfaced. I don’t hold it back anymore. I scowl daggers at him, my own rage blazing through my turquoise eyes. “You really did help in my mental development, Magnus.” I spit venomously.

He stops flaying around listening to my tone. Something else overcomes him, his human side thinking about my words. I continue on my voice growing colder with each word. “My name is Genevieve Wright, how is my Mother?!”

“No... but you look just like-.” He stammers baffled by my appearance.

“You fucked up her life, my family’s and mine!” I scream losing myself control. My anger makes me want to walk over there and tear his throat out myself. “You fucking ruined everything!! Why...WHY?!! Why did you fucking destroy her!! I hate you so fucking much!!! I hate you!! I HATE YOU!!!”

Liam forces me to look at him, he places my head against his chest so I could hear his heartbeat. “That’s enough Evie. It’s over now.” He whispers kissing my forehead. I nod closing my eyes, feeling a little better after my outburst. Liam picks me up with one arm, keeping me clutched close to his chest and walks by Magnus. “Let’s get out of here, but before that...”

His arm punch’s something hard enough to send all the men flying. A sickening crack is all I hear, it’s enough to make me feel squeamish. “Stay the hell away from my mate! Next time I fucking tear you apart and feed it to my hounds.” Liam snarls his knuckles clicking in satisfaction.

“Wilhelm!” Lord Everett scolds him from across the room. Still restrained by his sons. Jasmine shushes him while giving her adopted son a look of pride. Her hazel eyes hiding her satisfaction.

His brothers are gawking at him and me, the other eight Lycan Lord’s have stayed silent. Liam gives them the bird and walks out taking me with him back to his suite.

We both clean ourselves up, he keeps a close eye on me. I’m still unnerved by what’s just happened. I change straight into my favourable matching woodland critters PJ’s, seeing them made me feel better. Liam had a quick wash and changed into his own set of deep green PJ’s. When he turned around, I see a different man. Not the Lycan I hate.

I clutch a pillow close to my chest and hide my red face. Damn it! Stop checking him out, naughty Evie!

Liam turned around a little amused smirk lighting up his face. He looks good in his PJ’s, checkered green legs and matching long-sleeved plain green top. His black hair curling into little locks. “How do I look?” He teases.

“Not now.” I groan annoyed, pushing my face into the pillow further hoping I would faint or something.

He comes on his bed snatching the pillow away. “Hey!” My voice is high.

Liam causally leans on the bed on his side, tucking some hair behind my ear. “You okay?” He asks, his eyes full of warm comfort.

“Yeah, it’s just-.” I stop, I’m afraid he’ll use this against me. I direct my eyes to look elsewhere. There are just some things that you cannot say.

“Go on.” Liam blocks my view of the ceiling. “We need to start to be more open with each other, you wanted to be equals. I won’t judge.”

“Is it all just words? Or do you mean it?” I question him with suspicion in my eyes.

He caresses my cheek gently. “We’ll take baby steps. I hardly know anything about you but you seemed quite scared of Magnus. Why?”

I breathe in and let out a frustrated sigh. “He’s the reason why I hate Lycan’s so much, he raped my mother in front of me with his friend’s having a go first. I was five at the time.”

“WHAT!!?” He snarls, wrapping his arms around me. I flinch still a little jumpy from minutes ago. “He...? That...”

“That’s only the tip of the iceberg Liam. He’s done a lot to me and my family. It gets worse...” I explain my voice breaking at the memories of abuse, pain and other things.

Liam fists clench. “He didn’t rape you too?”

“No. He beat me and my brother’s every time we misbehaved or bothered him and my mum. Says it was fitting for ‘human scum’.” My thoughts drift away from those horrid memories to the most painful. “My mother tried taking her own life after she found out she was pregnant.”

Liam is silent, he gives me a pitiful look. “That’s why your...”

I get up away from his embrace. My turquoise eyes filled once again with tears, our eyes lock. “He’s the reason why I fear and hate Lycan’s, Magnus controlled every part of my mother’s life. If she didn’t behave he’d rape her until she submitted. Or he’d beat her. Anything to get his way. He destroyed her, my only real parent.”

“He’s your Step-Father?”

“I don’t count that thing as family, he may be by your kinds laws. But I’ll never see him more than a monster.”

“Do you still see me as a monster?” He asks a little puzzled.

“Yes, I do. You haven’t given me any other reason not to, Liam. I’m more frightened of you sometimes by the way you lash out. Lycan’s and humans are different in so many aspects. Like how you think is different from how I perceive things. You feel an instant thing for your mates, while I... I was so scared. I’ve never wanted to be mated to be with a Lycan. That was my biggest fear until I saw him again.” I say losing myself in my thoughts. “I’m surprised you didn’t go ape shit at my words.”

He chuckles amused. “My other sides have come to an agreement, we liked how you began to talk to us. You opened up a little more, Evie. I know we’ve got a long way to go but I’m willing to start building something new.”

“Baby steps right?” I laugh at those words, baby steps with a Lycan. “We’ve been through a lot. It feels weird that we are talking normally. I miss that about humans, how we could talk without a Lycan temper tantrum.”

“I don’t make things easy for us. I’ve got to battle with two others in my brain.” Liam says sadly.

“Your doing better than you did a week ago.” I comment, a little surprised by my words. “I still haven’t forgotten about the first few things Liam. It still feels weird calling you that.”

He strokes my hair affectionately. Liam sighs a little frustrated. “I know, I hope in time you can forgive my previous actions. My beast wanted you all to himself, so did I. Lucius has been quiet since this morning. He’s normally trying to take over.”

“How many sides of yourself do you have?” I ask a little worried my his mental health.

He huffs. “Three sides, my self, the beast and Lucius.”

“Oh... Who is Lucius? I know he doesn’t balance the scales if you know what I mean.”

Liam pulls me close to him, he sniffs into my hair taking in my scent. “He’s a side I don’t want you to get to know. I promise I’ll tell you more when you are ready. You’ve had enough drama for one day.” He pats my head.

“Thank you.” I whisper blushing a little.

“What for?” He hums, enjoying my scent.

“For punching that bastard, Magnus, god’s know he bloody needed it. It made me feel safer, that someone can kick his arse. Just not me.” I admit, my heart jumps slightly. Something within me takes comfort in those words.

“Your welcome. I’ve wanted to kill him for some time now. That imbecile had it coming. All the other Lords are shit scared of him, damn his little privileges.” Liam smirks evilly. “He’s given special treatment for his bloodline.”

“What makes him so special?” I ask a little curious.

He rolls his eyes, something strange seeing him do it. “He’s of royal blood, that bastard is rumoured to be the last Royal. His father was the Lycan King a long, long time ago. Hence his red eyes, apparently that’s a sign your of royal descent.”

“That explains a few things. Hey Liam. Erm... What about your family? I don’t know anything about you.”

Liam gets lost in my scent for a moment, a stray tear falls from his eyes. He wipes it away. “I’m adopted, I never knew my birth parents. My birth father originally lead the High council before Lord Everett. Lord and Lady Everett adopted me. From what I know I’m a single child. I couldn’t imagine life without my younger brothers. However, since I’m from another Lycan clan and mine is unknown. My father gave me the Last High Lord’s name because he believed to be my father. However, I don’t know what to believe. Many of the other Lord’s mock me, calling me the Bastard Lord since I am not of true noble blood.”

“Sienna told me a little about you and your family. I find it hard to believe Jasmine is your mum. She’s...” Unable to find the words to describe her, I’ve only just met her.

“She’s a divine flower, a rarity amongst us all. Mother always treats us with kindness, Father, on the other hand, he’s a little more cantankerous. A difficult and hard-headed bugger. Something I get from him I guess.” He shrugs while trying to stifle back a laugh.

“You ain’t kidding.” I poke back.

Liam doesn’t bite back. He leans on to a pillow with me still cuddled to his side. “They took me in when no one else would.”

“Jasmine and Sienna did seem a little hyper.” I go off subject.

He puts a hand behind his head. Liam shrugs again. “Jonas and Sienna drive us all crazy with there constant bickering. Sienna is not as bubbly as she seems, she’s a nutcracker that one.”

“Oh you mean she dominates her fated? Something you don’t like? Eh... Lordship?” I tease, poking his rib. He swats my hand gently away.

“Don’t start Evie, my precious can only take so much damage.”

“Shut it. I only did it to knock some sense into you Lycan. You did need some boundaries setting after all.” I shove him playfully, almost knocking him off the bed.

“Oi!” He grumbles, shooing me back further into the middle of the bed. Liam sits crossed legged. “You can be mean one with a knife, Evie.”

An evil glint flashes through my eyes. “I know, someone had to teach you something. Sometimes a Fucktard needs a good scolding.”

“Watch it mate!” Liam glowers at me, his eyes change momentarily. “No name-calling.”

Some part of me wanted to rally him up a little more, a bit of banter wouldn’t kill him. But my gut told me just this once to let it go. “Okay, as long as you don’t go bat shit crazy. I like this side of you, not your pompous arse self.”

“Fair enough, you can be a handful Evie. It hasn’t been easy for me too.” Liam rolls his eyes again.

I sigh. “Yeah... It’s just been overwhelming for me. Our first meeting didn’t go well. I stabbed you in the eye.”

“Don’t remind me.” He cringes. “Lucius was the one who wanted to tear your eyes out, and me.”

“An eye for eyes, right?”

Liam nods, smiling at something in his own mind. “I know this doesn’t mean much Evie, but I’m sorry for how I treated you.”

“It’s a start, thank you. I don’t know what else to say. Everything has been overwhelming for me, I don’t know how Lycan’s process shit.” I say turning on to my back, I’m really tired of all of it. I’m emotionally and physically tired.

“I can’t explain it, having three sides in constant conflict isn’t easy. Best way to explain it, sometimes Lucius influences my actions and speech, the beast is far more impulsive he just takes control when his chains are loosened. Even just a little. Both are taking a back seat.” Liam explains as best as he could.

“There is still another problem between us Liam.” I say ruining the relaxed mood.

He gives me a questioning look. “What’s that?”

“About us getting married?” Ruffling his feathers a little. Getting up. “I didn’t exactly agree to it.”

“Wilhelm, Evie... babies where are you?!” A concerned voice calls out, we both glare at each other for a moment until Jasmine barges into his bedroom. We are both looking at her. “Are you alright sweetie? Magnus must have frightened you!”

Jasmine runs over to us, her arms wrapping around both our necks. She pulls back. “Aren’t you darlings cute! Willy here always wanted a pretty mate.”

“Mother...” Liam groans cheeks glowing red.

Laughter overtakes me, I couldn’t take it in anymore. I’m exploding in a belly full of laughter. I thought Lili was bad! Tears weep from my eyes. “Willy? I thought it would be Wally.” I giggle madly.

Jasmine laughs too. She turns serious. “Your father wishes to speak to you both. We have some bad news.”


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