Night of Liberation

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Chapter 18: Everett Family Politics and Unwanted Blessings

~Evie's POV~

We all gather around the corner sofa in Lord Foster’s suite, after I changed into a bra. It was kind of embarrassing, Jasmine hinted at it after she left us to look appropriate. I sat next to Lord Foster cornered by Sienna who was ready to pounce upon me moments before. Liam’s brothers took a few spots to face us, while their parents sat with the dining chairs. Jasmine sots cross-legged and poised ready and waiting. Lord Everett looks gloomy, and as instructed I wasn’t allowed to maintain eye contact with him. His beast will go ape shit if I show any hint of disrespect. Liam warned me, he’s far worse and temperamental than all sons combined.

“Wilhelm, Genevieve. Lord Stanhope has objected to your marriage. As Genevieve’s legal guardian, he’s nulled it as his right and wishes to take her home with him.” Lord Everett grumbles, his arms crossed. All of us are ready to jump up and have our own objections. He raises his palm to silence. “As the High Lycan Overlord, I have to hear his objections.”

Liam pulls me closer to him, he growls at his father’s callous speech. He doesn’t back down from his father. “I won’t allow this, Evie doesn’t want to be anywhere near him Father. You saw first hand how she reacted to him.”

“Silence!” He orders, not listening to Liam’s opinion. “As her guardian, Magnus will take her home with him. You still have rights to see her.”

“Oh will you shut up!” I snap, jumping up from my seat, staring straight into his cold blue eyes. “I am right here, My Lord. That bastard has no right to call himself as my legal anything. He’s a monster!”

Lord Everett snarls at my disrespect, but I didn’t care. If there’s one thing I know it is I won’t be anywhere near him. I stand strong and bold, gathering my courage. “I’m not a child anymore, he hasn’t got anything over me. My legal guardian is my paternal Uncle. That c*** you call a ‘Lord’ means nothing to me, he’s a monster in every regard! He’s worthless.”

“SILENCE!” He roars, I roll my eyes at him and his childishness ways to keep order. “Hold your vile tongue worm.”

“I won’t, as Lord Foster’s mate, I have as much right as him. Magnus has no say in what goes on in my life. End of story!” I say in defiance, Lord Everett storms over to me. Liam stands in front of him, squaring up to his father.

His eyes grow sinister. “Out the way son.”

Liam crosses his arms, standing in his father’s way. “No.”


His son doesn’t budge. Liam glares down at his father. “I’m not moving, Evie isn’t going anywhere. She stays beside me. I’ve already claimed her. So I believe under the Claim Act of 1998, I am her legal guardian since I am of higher standing than that royal bastard.”

“Honey.” Jasmine leads Lord Everett back to his chair. “Calm down, Evie is apart of our family now.”

“Hmph!” He looks away moping he hasn’t got his way.

Jasmine shushes him, easing the tension in the room. “Enough darling, if you wish to sulk I’ll send you back to your first year of baby school. Now be a good hubby and stay!”

“Yeah stay, bad doggy!” Sienna yells suddenly.

Jasmine gestures for all of us to sit back down. Easily controlling the situation. “Evie, Wilhelm we only had to tell you of Lord Stanhope’s objects. As Lady of the Overlord, I can easily overrule his objections. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t allow you two to get married so quickly! Only a month after meeting it’s extremely absurd!”

Liam tries to object once more, Jasmine hushes him with a wave. “Thank you!” I blurt, everyone’s eyes are on me. Oh shit...

“Wilhelm?!” Jasmine holds a scolding tone. “Did you force this upon her?!!”

“No...” He looks away from her accusing look. He’s afraid of mummy dearest, sweet.

“You did! Didn’t you!! How many times do I have to tell you just because you are your father’s second doesn’t mean you can change how things are!” Jasmine lectures him like he’s a naughty teenager. “You’ve let that power of yours get to your petty little head! I won’t allow any sort of marriage until you get Evie’s real guardian’s blessing only then will you have ours.”

His brothers are all red-faced and bottling in there fits of laughter. Jasmine told him, thank you!!

She winks at me. As if she telling me something, maybe that’ll teach him?

“Jasmine.” Lord Everett injects, not happy with her conclusion.

“Henry. Shut your callous mouth. What I’ve said is the law, Liam must get her Uncle’s permission or a father...” Jasmine thinks out loud. Unsure about my background. “Some sort of male relative of blood should agree, then only then will they be married.”

Liam gives me a knowing look, I pale knowing exactly what’s he’s thinking. “No way! Only my Uncle’s blessing!” I yell.

Jasmine laughs at me. “No honey, any male relative.”

“Jasmine, I appreciate you’ve stopped this madness but my father and other male relatives are a bit hard to come by. My Uncle is the one I want to bless us if he allows it. He isn’t fond of the supernatural.” I voice my objection.

“Oh, dear rabbit... You’ve seemed to have forgotten your daddy dearest and half-brother Theo, live in the packhouse. I’m sure they’ll give us there blessing.” Liam smiles at me smugly, his usual self shining through.

My eyes narrow in disdain, we are hardly making any progress, are we? “They don’t mean anything to me, Liam, I want my Uncle’s blessing. If he allows it then I’ll marry you.” I stop myself from saying anything else, oh bugger what have I landed myself in. “Only... Only if you have it in his handwriting signed and dated, I must be there. No magic or threats!”

“Oh good one Evie, he cannot get his merry way now.” Sienna laughs out the blue. She goes on to say something else but Jonas puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her back down. His Silvery blonde hair cast a shadow over his eyes, and half of his face is hidden by his long punk hair. He nuzzles into her neck, earning a muffled yelp off his fated.

“You’re screwed now, bro.” A deep voice laughs, whacking his back. The guy is a beast, a towering mass of muscles and built for the army. “She’s got ya trained well.”

“Shut it, Aaron.” Liam snarls, pulling me close to him and hides my face into his chest. Jealous with something.

Another makes a whipping sound, Liam grows more and more agitated. He’s barely able to keep himself contained.

“Maybe we should pay to get you lot a gimp set? Maybe a pony?” A sarcastic voice pipes in. “You need to be properly trained like Dad!”

All his brothers cackle loud in laughter. Liam looks at his mother. His eyes hard filled with determination. “Any male relative right Mother?”

“Yes Wilhelm, as I’ve stated any male relative and we must all bear witness,” Jasmine says, wanting to see something.

I pull my face away from him, right now I’m really F***ing pissed off. I’m so bloody stupid, there has to be some sort of way for me to null this forced marriage. Every part of this family is filled with lunatics, what’s next Magnus is going to escort me down the merry aisle!? Why did I have to say that, something made me say it right? As I look deep I realise it was something else... the growing bond between us. This thing wasn’t meant for humans. I don’t want to be brainwashed like other women. Werewolves weren’t as bad. I even considered one family, my thoughts drift to Natalie and Kyle. My heart strikes a familiar pain of missing them so much. I bet they are worried? Or are they struggling without me, every part of me wanted to know how they are doing. Lord Foster and every member of this family needed to go down for good.

“NO!” I say stubbornly. Fed up with this whole bloody charade. “I’m not getting married to anyone! Especially to a Lycan!”

Jasmine gasps in shock. “Evie, darling-.”

“Will you cut it with the whole mother act.” I sneer interrupting her. “You aren’t my mother, I don’t know where she is! But you aren’t her, don’t baby me like I’m one of your children because I am not. My Mother for all I know maybe dead! I’m sick of everyone else deciding things for me like I’m still a child. No one decides my fate but me and if anyone of you hates that go to bloody hell!” I bolt up out Lord Foster’s hold, his greasy paws recoil away from me. I stand above them all a prominent scowl upon my face, my eyes are daggers slicing through them all.

Lord Everett growls at me, same goes for some other brothers. Lord Foster tries to touch me again, I slap it away hissing coldly at him. “Leave me alone. All of you LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!”

Jumping over the sofa I run to Lord Foster’s bedroom and slam the door angrily then lock it quickly. For once I didn’t want to be bothered. I hated how I succumbed to the bond, how I easily fell into it all because of those monsters.

I unleash an agonising painfilled shriek filled full of my sorrow, pain, hatred, fear and rage. It hurt my ears and throat so much but I had to let it all out until I could no longer breath.

Tears poured from my eyes once more, the reality of how sick and twisted this world is making me wail out all my pains. I could not hold in any longer. Fate seems just to screw me left, right and centre. Life bitch slaps me every day and night. I wanted no part in this wretched world, I drop down to my knees crying into my hands. Everything dropped upon me, I didn’t want this anymore. I wanted to be free... I shouldn’t have let them inside of me. Wait... my promise... I’m sorry Mummy. I couldn’t keep that.

I collapse onto the floor in front of the door, into a balling teary mass. How I wished I’d never met any of them. I wanted so, so many things like a normal human life one with my mother and brothers. Without Lycan’s or supernatural creatures. Why did the Moon curse us with their abominations!

My snobs grow quiet, I just let myself cry until I can no more. All the crap I’ve been through since I’ve encountered Lycan’s it grows worse and worse each time. I quickly wipe my snotty nose with my sleeve I didn’t care about gross things at the moment.

An intruding knock blares against my head, my body snaps up glaring at whoever dares to invade my sulking time. Sienna’s concerned voice comes through. “Evie, let me in please?”

She’s met with silence, I refuse to let anyone in at this moment. My emotions are intense, skyrocketing into god’s and stars know where. “Evie, you have to listen to me now. Please if you don’t-.”

“GO AWAY!” I shriek through the door, my emotions are a massive whirling typhoon, destructive and uncaring. “Go fuck yourself!”

“Evie, please... if you don’t come out the boy’s will-.” Somehow, I unleash an earth-shattering shriek quaking the walls. My fists angrily slam into the floor completely demolishing everything in front of me, and sends everything crashing into the floor below, dust, debris fills the air. I look at my quaking hands terrified by whatever I did.

The dust settles quickly, and what I see absolutely terrifies me to the core. Below on the ground covered in smashed debris is all the Everett’s and Sienna all bloodied her neck twisted in an unnatural manner.

Horror coils around me, I’m left completely unharmed by my strange spike in strength. My boiling cauldron of emotions erupt again, my fear takes a hold of my body. What have I done?!!


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