Night of Liberation

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Chapter 19: If Tomorrow Never Comes

~Evie's POV~

Nothing seemed to make sense as I looked at the destruction before me caused by a mere spike in strength. All I feel is the utter horror and the fear of what I could potentially do with such an awful power. Questions flooded my mind, am I still human?! Why has my physical strength just spiked? Thousands upon thousands of voices screamed in my mind all at once demanding these questions to be answered.

Down below I hear some movement of the rubble and debris, tears still pouring from my eyes. I watch in fascination when several pairs of limbs burst from the mess of rubble. The biggest piece is easily thrown aside by a single man, another screams for help as they discover their mate’s body lying in ruins.

Cries of pain, ruin and distraught is all I hear, seeing the devastation before me it makes me sick to my stomach.

“Evie?” Someone shakes my shoulders, I’m silent before Sienna she’s a little bruised a few scratches mark her pretty face. Her neck is back to normal. She gives me an unsure smile to try and ease the growing tension between us.

More tears pour from my eyes, I’m unable to find my voice. My emotions boil over once again. Sienna pulls me in close into a close hug and whispers into my ear. “It’s okay.”

I break down into a bawling mess again. My cries are muffled into her chest, Sienna cradles me tightly to her, as if she was my sister. “Let it out, kay?” She rubs my back. “I’ll take us somewhere safe.”

The world around us shifts quickly into a clean warm room, Sienna and I are no longer covered in dust. She’s magically cleaned everything up. I pull away from her looking around the room, my eyes puffy and red.

Everything is different warm and homey, the suite reminds me of my own home with the mismatched furniture, odd ornaments, a roaring marble fireplace with two floor to ceiling bookcases either side. The walls hold rich colours I haven’t since my childhood, honey-coloured walls with high ceilings, dark oak flooring and tall sliding sash windows. The subtle scent of sage and wildflowers linger within the air. I noticed we’re both sitting on a three-seat antique emerald sofa.

“We are in my suite, don’t worry.” Sienna rubs my arms in comfort. “There are no males that need a much-needed arse whoppin’.”

A little laugh comes out. “Thank you.” I croak gratefully that she’s taken me away from the mess I created. Sienna shrugs her shoulders, she gives me another warm smile.

She jumps out of our hold, twirls around to face me and claps her hands a few times for reasons unknown. “I’ll make us some hot chocolate, the works!! Want some marshmallows, chocolate flake, whip of the cream and a hotty chocolate muffin? A girl needs chocolate therapy for happiness.”

Her bubbly attitude makes me wish I had some sort of way with me. I nod. “Sure. I need a mountain of it.”

Sienna jumps up and down. “Hehe! Don’t worry about it, ya need something nice. I’ll be back in five, cuddle up to Mr Moomoo. He’s my comfort buddy too.”

A confused, what is that crazy witch... I feel something in my arms. In Sienna’s place is a massive tiger teddy. She skips off to the kitchen humming a tune. A comforting warmth seeps into my skin from the tiger’s fake fur. It feels real, so soft. I’m lulled into the warmth, getting lost into it.

Sienna comes back what feels like moments later not minutes. She brings a tray full of chocolate goodies and our hot chocolates. “Mr Moomoo is a good guy then?” Sienna’s joyously asks me, placing the tray onto the coffee table in the centre of the room.

I’m plucked out of my trance. Sienna sits at the other end of the sofa. “Thank you.” My voice still holds a hint of sorrow. That’s all I think of to say, Sienna and I are technically strangers.

She takes her hot chocolate in her hands, licking some of the whipped cream off the top. “It’s too hot, kay.” She devours it quickly before squirting more whipped cream out of the can. I give her a delirious look, she’s really crazy. “Just in case. My squirty cream is mine, mine. All mine, the precious it is.”

Her strange behaviour distracts me from my thoughts and guilt of what I’ve done. Sienna as if she read my mind. “Look here sweets, it’s not your fault for having a crazy moment. We all have our meltdowns, don’t worry about anything at this moment. Enjoy the wonderful bliss of chocolate. Let it all out. I won’t judge.”

So I weep for god’s know how long. Sienna lets me sulk, she just insists on my drinking my hot chocolate. “Sienna, can I ask you something?” I ask sipping at my drink.

“Sure!” She jumps up, bouncing on the sofa high on sugar.

“Why did I you know? Go crazy?” Leaning back into the sofa, cuddling up to Mr Moomoo.

Sienna does the same, she stops bouncing, her eyes full of concern. “You are experiencing a side effect of the mating process.”

I’m a little bewildered. “Side effect?”

She rubs her neck, unsure of how to explain things to me. Sienna sighs, trying to summon an explanation. “Beasty boy is going to get neutered for this, blame his blood, Evie. When he sealed the mating claim, that git gave you some of his blood. What this does is erm... create a deeper bond between you. It also has some other side effects, for instance. Oh, screw it!” Sienna groans, putting her drink back onto the coffee table. “Best way to explain it is your going through the ‘Transition’, it happens to all non-Lycan mates who are mated to a Lycan. We have to deal with an emotional rollercoaster, spikes in emotion is very common, you feel like you are on PMS but a million times worse.”

“Oh?” Confused by her answer. “What else do I need to know?”

Sienna is uncomfortable talking about it. “You’re going to be dealing with a lot more emotional stress for the next 1 to 6 months until your body adjusts to your new state.”

My eyebrow raises in question. “New state? Just rip the band-aid off already Sienna.”

“Your adjusting to becoming immortal, as a Lycan’s mate. Your body will ‘adjust’ so you can erm... mate with that flea-ridden mongrel.” Sienna blurts out letting out a small unsure laugh, while I splurt out my hot chocolate. It makes a mess of my front.

My emotions boil over again, the cup in my hands is crushed into dust. I curse under my breath, my hand is bleeding badly and stings a little yet 15 seconds later its healed! I look at my hand perplexed at what the demons name is going on. I begin to panic. “What has he done to me?!!”

Sienna nudges Mr Moomoo closer to me. “Hug him tightly, kay? Take in easy and slow breaths. I’ll explain everything once your calm. No matter what I say hug Mr Moomoo, he’ll keep you calm.”

I nod, beginning to tear up once again. Sienna looks directly at me. “The Transition isn’t easy, I went through it for a year. Jonas had to stay clear of me for a mile until I wouldn’t rip off his bloody head. As a witch, it took me longer since my magic and all went a little wild. I conjured a demon from nowhere to chase anyone away. It decided to eat my fated. That thing faced my wrath, it also suffered from PTSD for the next few thousand years.”

“Just how old are you?”

“I’m 102, Jonas and me were mated when his family arrived in Alabama. He took me away from my daddy. No change in subject!” She takes in a breath. “As a human, you won’t experience madness in magic, instead your physical body will experience spikes in strength, speed, endurance or reflexes are perfectly normal. It’ll take a few months to get used to being in an improved body, also your senses will increase and your healing will be off the charts. Only downside is that you can still get a common cold.”

“Anything else? Other than mating with a prick, I won’t dare touch with a mile-long pole.” I ask snuggling into Mr Moomoo’s soft fur.

“Yah! There’s just one more thing. It’s an important detail. Your attribute.” Sienna explains grabbing some chocolates and leans back once more while stuffing her face. “It’s linked to your emotions.”

“Er... I’m human. I don’t understand witchy talk.” I mumble, falling into a trance.

“It’s special to each person, an attribute is linked to your innermost self. So since I’m a Witch mine is magic, my magic is much more potent than a regular Witch or Warlock. Yours is more random since your human, but still as dangerous. Your attribute is linked to your emotions, the trauma of seeing Magnus triggered your attribute early. So when you became lost in your emotions you became deadly, your wail stunned all Lycans for a moment, but your strength worries me. I’ve never seen a case such as yours have such a sudden spike in strength.” Sienna ponders for a moment, she clicks her fingers. “I got it.”

“Got what?” I ask this is getting a little weird.

She smiles at me and winks. “Your spike in strength came when we first met, Wilhelm gave you a little too much blood.”

What in the god’s names is she going on about? I’m clueless. “By the god’s witch just tell me straight and simple!” I grumble losing my rag a little.

Holding her hands up in surrender at my sudden outburst. “Wilhelm shouldn’t have given you his blood. He didn’t ask your permission to fully claim you, so your body will reject the bond but you will have a more difficult Transition. I’m going to fucking ring that mutt’s neck!” Sienna grinds her teeth ready to choke something.

“Tell me about it.” I pipe in, focusing my rage into the warmth of Mr Moomoo.

“We don’t need to worry about it now, Sweets. So let us commence girly chat. Moon’s know I need a decent girlfriend. Jasmine is too old fashioned.” Sienna finishes her chocolate cookies. “Want some more candy?”

“Na, I’m good.” Sighing, I fall asleep deep into Mr Moomoo’s warmth.

Hours later Sienna wakes me up by poking me on my cheeks. “Wakey...wakey sweets! We have a visitor.”

I groan like a zombie, shooing her away with my hand. “Go away... sleep.”

“Sweets its a Lycan Lordy Lord. He ain’t budging until he sees you. It ain’t none of our fated or my in-lords. Come on.” She pleads nudging me.

“Bugger off. I feel like shit.” Forcing my face deeper into Mr Moomoo’s fur. I’m too bloody tired for anything at this moment in time.

Sienna snatches her oversized teddy away from me. “No more Mr Moomoo for naughty humans. Now see to our guest Sweets. He’s awaiting.” She forces me to change and get ready in some of her small clothes.

I’m still in zombie mode, my body feels heavy from all the crushing I did yesterday, my voice is croaky, ugh! I feel like I’m on my period and hungover only a million times worse. Damn life.

An exasperated groan comes from me when my boobs pop out of Sienna’s small top. She’s got tiny boobs, while me I’m stuck with great honkers.

“Here!” She throws me another article of clothing. It’s a spotty green and white 1950′s style dress, with cream lacy flat dolly shoes. “Throw these beauties on. His lordship requires attending too. So mush!”

Sienna drags me into her room. “Also, do your hair. It’ a be a mess!”

She disappears into another room. I quickly get changed, I’m surprised by how nicely the dress fits me. Sienna yells at me to hurry up. I’m rushing my rat's nest of hair. The witch slams open her bedroom door glowering at me. “Seriously, why are you so slow. Oh! You forgot your butterflies.” She hands out the two hairclips she gifted me the other day. Now magically dressed in another outfit, she’s wearing a plain long summer maxi dress, her usual mismatched jewellery and earrings. Her multi-coloured locks in a low bun.

“Here. I’ll help.” Sienna says, putting my hair up in a high ponytail and places the clips in to secure any loose curly strands of my chestnut brown hair. She drags me back into the living room, sat in one of the chairs is another person.

My heart thumps loudly sensing a familiar dominating aura pulsating from him, only it feels different. I cast my eyes down, not looking him in the eyes. He stands up noticing our presence, Sienna pushes me close to him until we are 6ft apart. She’s behind me jumping excitedly.

He brushes himself off, a low bow he gives us in greeting. “My ladies.”

Sienna motions us to do the same. She holds my hand, I follow her guidance. Sienna whispers in my ear. “You can admire him. He’s more of a catch than Wilhelm.”

My stomach feels weird by her comment. We all sit down, tea made already. Out the corner of my eye. I see a very exotic man, tall as with all Lycan’s only he’s Asian. Japanese? I wasn’t so sure, but his high cheekbones and cute features had me gawking at him. I’ve never seen a cute Lycan before. His deep chocolate eyes hold a calm demeanour. His exotic features are complemented by his dark olive skin tone. His black hair is a little messy and boyish-looking. Wearing a clean polished striped navy suit with a plain golden tie. I’m lost within his eyes.

I’m drawn into to him, he smiles cheekily at me and winks. My cheeks are reddened by this, oh shit! I remember not to look a bloody Lycan in the eyes. “Apologies, my lord. I didn’t mean any offence.” I say quickly, bowing submissively. Hoping this one doesn’t go on a rampage for my stupidity. Damn it!

He holds up his hand. “It’s alright, my lady. You have permission to look at me directly. Lord Foster isn’t the only one who may admire your beautiful eyes.”

“Thank you.” I take my hand from Sienna’s and rest them in my lap.

“I’ll go and get some cookies. Sweet’s here will entertain you while I find some.” Sienna says quickly waving and bolts off into the kitchen racking through the cabinets for more food.

We are silent for a moment, the man pours himself a cup of tea. His voice is polished and eloquent. “Would you like one, my lady? To calm your nerves. I heard you had a difficult day yesterday.”

“Yes please.” I say meekly, keeping my eyes downcast. I didn’t need another repeat of a crazy Lycan rampage like last time.

“Please calm yourself, I mean you no harm. I’m merely here to see if you are okay. After that debacle, I thought you might need someone to talk to.” He says while making my tea. His hand’s motions towards the sugar and milk, I give him one finger for the sugar and a little milk.

“Thank you.” Still a little awkward. He nods his head, relaxing into his single antique chair. I sip at my tea, it’s bloody revolting I put it back onto the tray with the fancy teapot and the most expensive cups and scoucers I’ve seen. There freaking 24-carat gold woven in a fancy leaf pattern.

“Forgive my lack of manners my lady. I am Lord Ryu, third to Lord Everett. I’m not here on behalf of your mate and father-in-law.” He introduces himself choking on his own tea for a moment but keeps on drinking that bog swirl. I cringe at those word’s ‘father-in-law’. Clearing his throat. “I apologise for not coming to your aide sooner, my lady. If I had known Magnus caused you any sort of harm I would’ve objected to our meeting straight away.”

No words to come to my mind, it’s blank. I’m scared of what to say, my fear grips at me tightly. No longer would I voice my opinion to strangers or supernatural monsters. “Thank you for your kindness.” I repeat, my voice glum and sad with a hint of fear.

I hear a clank of a cup and saucer, come on Sienna where are you? Can’t you tell I don’t want to be with another Lycan? Lord Ryu gently takes my hands, I jump back startled by such an action staring into his eyes once more. He immediately back away. “Apologies, I mean you no harm.”

“Sorry, I just don’t feel comfortable with a complete stranger touching me. Plus last time Lord Foster nearly killed a friend of mine by touching me.” I flinch away from him, sliding further down the sofa until I reach the end.

Lord Ryu respects my space. He crosses his legs and gets more comfortable into his chair. “Very well. No harm, my lady.”

“I’m back!!” Sienna sings, her face full of crumbs. “What?” She innocently asks.


Things between the three of us is weird, Sienna is happily chatting away while Lord Ryu nods during their conversation. His brown eyes occasionally turn to me, I’m silent throughout as they are deep in discussion of whatever it is.

“Evie, Lord Everett and Cockhead will be here in a few mins. Oh, Ryu thank you so much for dropping by. I promise that you’ll get to see more of us. This time me I hope a certain someone is more talkative.” She glances my way quickly, before seeing Lord Ryu out of her suite.

Before he leaves. “Thank you for your hospitality my dear Sienna, my lady.” Bowing to us both and strolls out, bidding us ado once more.

Sienna shuts the door, she hops over to the sofa. My mouth is still zipped tightly shut nothing comes to my mind. Feeling of the night before surge back, I feel my rage and fear boiling once more. Sienna notices this. “Here, it may help through processing your emotions.” She slides a copper coloured bangle on my left wrist.

What I wanted to do was just to disappear back into a lowly human, I wanted my normal life back. Why couldn’t my life be simple for once?! I sigh, pissed off what the predicament I’m in. Sienna waves her hand in front of me, trying to get my attention.

“Sweets, Lili and Jackass are here.” She says elated, hoping to snap me out of my melancholy.

“Hmph.” Is all I say, ain’t much for talking at the moment. Sienna ignores my grumpy state, she opens the door for whomever. I quite frankly don’t give a flying moo.

She greets them with a quick curtsy, guiding them to their seats. I feel someone beside me, straight away I can feel the same horrible energies they have. Nothing seemed right about them. I’m stuck inside my own mind numb to the world. The bracelet calming my emotions and soothing my thoughts. I didn’t want to see anymore Lycans for the rest of my life. My instincts told me not to trust Sienna or anyone else.

Someone touches my arm, I scowl at the perpetrator it’s Lord Foster. His hand recoils away from me, afraid of something. He looks at me his eyes stormy and voice cold. “What is wrong now?”

He talks to me like I’m a naughty child. Seriously?! My emotions boil up again, they quickly simmer down. I’m a little calmer, feeling normal for once. “Get bent.” I seethe, turning away from him and Lord Jackass (Everett).

Both men sigh at my childish behaviour. Sienna shoo’s Lord Foster away from me, sitting between us. “You’re cockblocked now, Mister!” Sienna smirks, crossing her arms. “Sweets has had enough shit for several lifetimes, so be nice or I’ll shrink your worthless giblets into raisins. Capiche?”

Lord Foster frowns at her, while Jackass stays quiet. For once that over-opinionated bastard is silent. “Sweets?” He broods over her growing friendship with me. “I didn’t give you permission to give her nicknames Sienna.”

She rolls her eyes at him. “Are you retarded? She hasn’t been happy since she’s gotten here. I’m trying to help her, while you asswipes can’t organise a piss up in a brewery let alone a meeting.”

He stands up trying to intimidate her with his imposing height. Lord Foster struggles to hold back his usual growls and snarls. He collectedly composes himself. “When did you become bestie’s then? If I remember correctly you savaged your last few friends.”

“Shut up!” She sneers, her tone growing cold. “Remember my Lord. I’m no ordinary Witch anymore, I’ll see to it that you never complete your bond with Evie. She deserves better than you.”

Lord Foster stands over her small frame, she isn’t budging, standing firm in her beliefs and protectiveness over me. “Listen you-.”

Sienna glares right into his rose gold eyes, her violet ones flashing black for a moment. “Your height gives you no extra credit mutt. Look at her, ask yourself is she happy?!” She exclaims defending me. “She almost hurt herself because your a self bastard whose stuck in his own little world. Evie needs to be free of this commitment from you.”

Lord Everett stands up grasping Lord Foster’s arm ready to slap Sienna. I jump straight into action, pulling her straight behind me. My eyes lock with his silver ones, he growls deeply. Threatening us all with his growing dominating aura. “If you hit her, I’ll make sure to leave you dead.” I’m cold in my voice, my rage growing at him trying to hit a woman. It’s uncalled for.

“Liam. Son.” Lord Everett is calm, he lowers his son’s arm and puts him in the chair where he once sat. “This isn’t right. Hitting a woman isn’t how we raised you. Jasmine wouldn’t approve of you hurting anyone, let alone a defenceless female.”

Lord Foster clenches his fists, his claws protruding through his fingernails. He gives up trying to reign in his beast. He looks ashamed of himself. “Yes, Father. Sienna, I apologise for my behaviour its uncalled for.”

Sienna glares at him. “You need to keep Lucius on a tighter leash Wilhelm, otherwise he might murder someone else.”

She sits down where I once sat, while I’m in the middle near Lord Everett. He keeps a very close eye on an anxious Lord Foster. Both lords sit quietly waiting for the next part in our long conversation.

“I want to take Evie on a small break, she needs time to adjust through her Transition.” Sienna states boldly, poking her tongue out at Lord Foster.

“No.” Lord Foster grumbles, still brooding as ever.

“Wilhelm, listen to her proposition before you dismiss it.” Lord Everett stays his son once more. What the hell is going on, what happened to the arsehole I met last night?

“Silence Father. I want Genevieve to return home with me. I’m not staying in this cesspit any longer.” He scoffs, brushing his father’s handoff his jacket. Lord Foster sweeps away any creases in his jacket as if Lord Everett is dirty beneath his shoes. He gets up out of his chair heading over towards me. Suddenly he drops to the floor frozen by something.

Sienna has her hand raised, her eyes black a clear sign she’s using her magic. Lord Everett forces Lord Foster back into his chair. “Sienna lock him in until he listens to reason. Stupid boy.” He sighs a little pissed off at his son’s childish behaviour. There must be something in the air.

Lord Everett and Sienna imprison Lord Foster in the single chair with silver cuffs and a shot of a strange purple liquid injected into his neck. “Wolfsbane, it’ll calm him.” Sienna shrugs, an evil smirk comes across her face. She looks crazy, with a sinister gleam in her eyes. “Enjoy, Jackass.”

I watch fascinated by the effects of the injection. Lord Foster’s agitated state calms substantially, he’s reduced to a smiling drunkard an amused expression plays on his features. He relaxes into the chair humming in content, despite silver burning his cuffed wrists and legs.

Lord Everett gives me an explanation. “It’s a sedative for Lycan’s, it won’t last long. Wilhelm won’t be a hippy for long. So get your arses moving with your proposal.”

Sienna steps in. “I want to take Evie away from here for a few days, she needs a break from all this. After everything that’s happened, I firmly believe she, I mean we need to get to know each other better. She’ll need every friend she meets. Please let us have a little holiday. Please, please, please! Daddy-in-lord.”

Lord Everett chuckles, he relaxes a bit. “I will agree to it.”

A low growl interrupts him, objecting to Sienna’s suggestion. “No, she stays with me.” Lord Foster mumbles his words a little jumbled.

“I want to go home.” I pipe in, there’s nothing more than now I wanted to be around familiar people. Someone who knows me. My family comes to the forefront of my mind. “My real home. I want to visit my Uncle for a few days.”

“No... stay.” Lord Foster grows delirious ramblings.

Sienna, Lord Everett and me all look at each other. For the first time, I see Lord Everett’s defined features. He’s a natural platinum blonde, with straight combined back hair. Tanned skin, with the deepest blue eyes, dark eyebrows. Strong pointed chin and nose, he looks around my age with his goatee he looks in his late 30′s. He has a few scowl lines upon his blemished skin, a few fine scars litter his jawline and neck. Signs of battle. The man is dress well in the standard suit for his rank. This man isn’t the one I first met.

“Genevieve, Sienna. I can’t allow this. Lucius might go on a killing spree if his mate is gone for too long. Genevieve, I’m afraid you must stay within the confine’s of the packhouse until the lords finish their business here. I need Wilhelm at his best, he’s going through his own Transition at the moment. It’ll be difficult without you to keep in check.” Lord Everett discloses some information. “The distance will trigger-.”

An idea pops into my head. “What if I stayed within the territory? I could stay at my house while you finish your business.”

“Sienna? What’s your input on this?” He asks, quickly gandering at Lord Foster.

Sienna agrees with me. “I’ll take Jonas with me, you can see your friends can’t you? I bet you miss them.”

“Yeah, it’ll be nice to see them after all the crap that’s happened.” I say with a little hopeful smile at the end. Please let them give me this. Please.

Lord Everett nods in agreement. Without warning, he’s pinned to the floor by Lord Foster. He’s escaped his shackles. “She isn’t going anywhere, Father.” A cold biting voice unsettles us all. His massive hands grip around Lord Everett’s neck tightly, slowly choking him. “Right Sienna?” Lord Foster eyes glowing silver, gleaming with joyous evil thoughts.

“Lucius.” Sienna gasps in shock, her violet eyes hold fear. She shakes when a chill goes up her spine. I feel exactly the same. “Give Wilhelm control back now.”

“Silence you’re infernal viper tongue, devil’s whore.” Lord Foster taunts Sienna, he turns his cold gaze towards me. “Hello, little rabbit. Trying to escape me already hmm? Don’t you love Lili?”

I’m sick to my stomach. “Curve your tongue dog. I won’t listen to someone who eats there own crap.”

He laughs at my sarcastic comment. Lord Everett manages to catch him off guard and throws him across the room straight into the roaring fireplace. “Sienna, now!” He commands.

Sienna quickly utter’s an incomprehensible language in an aggressive tone, she casts her magic upon Lord Foster. Halting the flames upon his clothes, he snarls at her before his eyes change to their normal colour and his eyes drop suddenly rolling to the back of his head. His body hovers over us, Sienna guides him using her hands on to the sofa and the words change into soft tones. Lord Foster looks as if he’s asleep.

Lord Everett looks at me. I’m stunned by just what’ve seen. “What the hell?!” I’m scared beyond belief. “By the god’s what just happened?”

He’s apprehensive. “Don’t worry about it now, Sienna how long will be knocked out for?”

“Three minutes, Lucius wanted to play more. That sick bastard.” She huffs, putting an arm on her hip. “He’s horny for Evie. Best find a better solution before he tries to murder us.”

Both of them begin to communicate through mental telepathy. I roll my eyes at them. “Will, someone tell me what the hell is wrong with your son? Because I know he’s fucking insane.”

Lord Everett lowers his voice. “My son isn’t crazy, he’s just difficult.”

“Whatever. Lucius always leaves a bad taste in my mouth.” I say walking over to the fireplace. “He isn’t like other Lycan’s is he?”

Sienna and Lord Everett look at each other distrustful of me and what they should say.

We all hear a groan from over where Lord Foster is rising from his little nap.“Ugh!” He looks perplexed. “What did I do now?”

Sienna shrugs. “The usual being an ass and trying to kill daddy-in-lord.”

“Evie?” He calls out to me suddenly, looking around.

“She’s here, just a little shaken.” Sienna skips over to the fireplace, dragging me along with her. “We need a little break, Wilhelm. Just us girls.”

“No.” Lord Foster growls, our bond tugs at something between us. He tries filling my mind with strange feelings. I block them out in a heartbeat. His eyes begin to glow. “She stays with me, beside me.”

“Er... no she’s not. Evie is coming with me.” She bites back, her hands ready.

“Don’t you go casting your spells witch. I’ll have your hands cut off each time they grow back.” He snarls ready to attack.

Lord Everett growls in agreement. “She must stay here with her family, with her mate.”

His son rallies up to his comments. “Yes father, she is with her family.” Both of them try to pounce us, they fall flat on their faces.

Sienna halts them with a mere wave of her hand. “Curb your claws dogs. I’m taking Evie on a little trip.”

Lord Foster desperately tries to get to me, his claws trying to break the invisible barrier between us. Lord Everett whispers in hushed tones to his son. “She’s taking your mate away like she did to-.”

“Silence.” Sienna hisses, Lord Everett’s mouth is sewn tightly shut.

Lord Foster still tries to come at us. Sienna laughs at him. “Tell him now Evie, so he knows how you truly feel.”

I take power in her words of encouragement. Standing near the barrier, I scowl at Lord Foster my tone cold and cutting. “You need to remember something very, very important that I am human not a Lycan Liam."

I sneer, he stops his attempts. Listening to me for once, as I rip him a new one. “I’m fed up with you dictating every aspect my life, everyone for you have a say while I have none. For it seems I’m non-existent outside your laws.”

I grow colder, more venomous staring into the beast’s eyes as I continue my rant. “In a sane person’s mind, someone doesn’t get married within the first week. I want to marry someone I know, someone I’ll trust without a doubt and who loves me for me. You are not that person.” He snarls at my words of rejection, I do not care. My heart feels right for once, no silly bond influencing my mind or body.

“The bond tells you that, it tries to force two people together through any means. I hated you from the moment I met you.” I stand strong with Sienna, she nods encouraging me to say what’s been on my mind form the start. “So I’ll say this now, there will be no wedding or bond of any sort. From this moment we are done! I’m no longer your mate, and you are never my fated. That I choose for myself, not some blasted moon goddess!” I declare with all my heart.

He stops his eyes back to normal. The rejection hitting him hard. I sneer at him bowing before me. "You know that deep down we weren’t meant to be, for once you should have gouged my eyes out when we first met because it would’ve been a much better fate than being with you."

Suddenly, he unleashes a pain-filled earth-shattering roar. One which hurts my own ears and Sienna's. She struggles to keep up the barrier, her nose is bleeding black blood. I cannot say anything, as the very walls quake in fear of a monster unleashing its abominable power. He stares at me his eyes broken, filled with the same feelings I felt the night before.

His eyes glow silver with un-natural primal power, Sienna struggles to hold up against him. "Do it now!" She screams, readying her other hand to cast the spell. "Before he-."

"I reject you, Lord Wilhelm Foster. As my fated, forever. For if tomorrow never comes. I'll know I'll finally be free of you." I yell to the high heavens so everyone knows what I feel, my wrath has only just begun.

Something sparks over Lord Foster's eyes, specks of red linger within his ravenous silver eyes.

"Bye...Bye." Sienna waves her other hand, whispering soft words under her breath.

Within a flash, we are gone. Our existence no more... Sienna teleports me and another person back to my home. I'm finally home, it fills me with familiar warmth like Sienna's suite did. The familiarity of home. Only it looks much different.

"Welcome home Sweets. About time we moved in hmm?" Sienna bounces up and down excited at her schemes inside her crazy mind.

"Damn it to the moon woman!" A boyish voice yells at Sienna. "What have you done now?"

Sienna stops jumping, she beams at him. "Joe," Giving him the biggest puppy eyes.

"Sienna what have you done. Wait, what have the two of you done?" He exclaims a little peeved at something. His hazel eyes narrow at us both with accusing glances.

Sienna tries to look innocent, placing her hands behind her back. "I broke Evie's bond to Wilhelm." She grins.

"You did what?!!" He yells sounding pretty pissed off.

I'm a little worried. "Did you say broken?"

"Well, you did all the work, Evie. Lord Knobhead will suffer for what he did." She winks.

"Woman!" Jonas snarls snatching her up. "Which room is ours, I've got to teach my witch a lesson."

"Second door to the left, it's my best friend's old room. You can stay there for now." I point to the stairs. "Bathroom is the last door at the end of the landing."

"Thank you." He has his own grin, smacking Sienna's arse. She yelps in pain. "Time for some fun, naughty witch."

He pounds up the stairs. I hear a commotion of er... Well, I better catch up with some old friends can't I?


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