Night of Liberation

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Chapter 20: Forgotten Memories of Lord Foster

~Liam’s POV~

The stinging pain of rejection struck my heart harder than lightning. My pained screams echoed throughout the Greystalker packhouse, its residents cowering in fear at a Lycan’s rejection. I could hear I was the constant thumping of my heart. The rejection clawed its way menacingly throughout my body ripping every shred of our bond, ripping every strand away from me until only a single ember remained burning dimly awaiting to be snuffed out by someone.

You really are a pathetic piece of shit Liam. In pain, because you wanted to hold on to a silly worthless human girl.’ Lucius taunts me probing through my mind still chained. ’Still, I don’t blame her for rejecting you, since you don’t know what real love is.’

That bastard continues on with his incessant ramblings while I’m still bowing before where Evie once stood. An image clear in my head her turquoise eyes ablaze with hatred, fear and rage for my kind, especially for me. I’m silent once more, Lord Everett stands beside me waiting for our next move.

From the moment I met her Lucius has tried to influence my actions. The last few days I’ve tried locking him up so he cannot harm Evie any more than he’s done already. He’s a sly git tugging at the strings of fate to get what he wants, me to be forever alone. He wants my body, my power for all himself. What that bastard doesn’t realise is fate can be a mega-bitch for fate will bite back hard.

Silly little Wally doesn’t know true love. The mere thought of it churns my stomach. That human did the right thing, she freed you... she has freed me!’ Lucius goes on rambling.

I mentally roll my eyes at him, a habit I picked up from Evie. Lucius toys around, rattling his chains mocking me with false bravado. My hatred for him only grew further whenever he tired hurting Evie in any way he could to get to me. I could understand Evie a little more, she’s well versed in hate for Lycans. In time I’ve come to hate myself because of a certain parasite living within me.

Really Liam, the silent treatment? I can hear you remember? Oh, what catastrophic events can I put into place hmm?’ Lucius sits down poking at my memories, he loved making me suffer. He revelled in others misery just not his own.

What truly is pathetic Lucius is your plans on hurting my mate. She didn’t deserve it.’ I snap back tightening his chains.

Oh, dear brother. She deserves a lot more for being your worthless mate. Remember how you took mine away from me. Tore her throat out for your own amusement?’ He ponders, humming under his breath.

How many times do I have to tell you that I’m sorry.’

Sorry is merely not enough, it’s only just a stupid obnoxious word for petty fools to make themselves feel better. She must suffer for your stupid mistake, one which cost me my life.’ He growls throwing a tantrum. ’I swear Liam I’ll make you suffer much worse than I did.

Rejection spikes again. His own loss makes me laugh, Lucius has played his own memories and feelings back to me many times. Thinking I would sympathise with him. He didn’t deserve sympathy for his previous sins. Don’t get me wrong, Lucius didn’t deserve his mate being murdered by me but he was the one who orchestrated it to make me look like a murderer.

You forget about one tiny detail brother.’ Poking him back into his cage inside my mind, just a little at a time.

He resists, probing further into my feelings. ’What is that?

You are the one who wanted her dead, remember? You didn’t want a human as your mate. So stop being a bloody callous hypocrite Lucius, you believe a false front in your actions. What you did wasn’t good or try to see the justification in it. You’re a bastard for setting me up.’

Oh, dear still got that one stuck in your throat. Want to cry it out and play another round of killing your mate?’ He mocks manically, laughing at his own words with no humour.

Lucius smirks at my broken form, he loves seeing me suffer for our past mistakes. Six years ago he lost himself when I killed his mate, the detrimental effects of losing a mate devastated him. He snorts at my thoughts.

She wasn’t worth anything, brother. You did me a huge favour by ridding the world of that insignificant worm.′ Lucius tries to gain control, tugging at his chains once more. ′I want some fun brother, set me free. Father needs to be taught a lesson. That insolent fool will have his neck rung.′

Hold your tongue brother, I won’t have you causing any more trouble.′ Growling back at him, he’s the main reason I just lost my mate. Using all my willpower I force him back into his gilded cage. Lucius tries fighting back, his struggles are useless. For once I’m seeing clear. ′Stay where you belong Lucius, you no longer have any place in this world no more.′

Her name was Candace, a stunning 19-year-old human woman, she wanted to change the world making it a better place for us all. I can always recall every time we first met her.


~Six years ago~

Sounds of the upper class enjoying themselves filled the Autumn moon celebrations. Lucius and I were attending a conference on our father’s behalf. The deviant prick was currently attending to his ‘needs’ with some Omega werewolf. Irritating noises filled my ears from the clinking of the evening toast to rambunctious nonsense chatter of werewolves. I sat bored in a makeshift throne above the crowd, the Dreadcrest pack always made sure to go out of there way for the true Elite. Alpha Davis of Dreadcrest pack always made sure to be a huge arse kisser. He gave me and Lucius whatever we desired, within reason of course.

I sipped at my vile claret, those fools didn’t serve me the finest. Sighing at the silly fools trying to gain favour with us. The Beta came over to my side, his brown eyes filled with worry.

“My Lord, we have a slight problem.” He bows and offers his neck to me in a submissive gesture.

“What is it Beta?” I ask disinterested, glancing over my glass with more interest.

“Your brother has-.” He keeps his voice low so only we can hear. “He’s murdered his sexual partner.”

“In what jest? Clearly, you can see I’m not in control of my brother, Lucius can do what he wants. He is Lord Everett’s Favourite son. Clean up his mess, report this to Lord Everett he’ll see to it you will be compensated for their death.” I wave my hand to dismiss him, my rose gold eyes glare at his detested expression. Baffled by my words.

“Yes, my Lord.” The Beta bows once more and see’s to the situation.

Bloody hell Lucius, cannot you contain your bloodlust for one night!′ Scolding my brother through our mind link. I head down the steps to mingle with the guests, everyone tries to strike up a conversation with a Lycan. Few werewolves have seen us in person. One stupid blonde harlot tries fluttering her fake lashes at me in a fruitless attempt to seduce me, my eyes flash icy blue to reflect my beast, a low growl rumbles from me. Everyone stirs clear of me, the low vile creature runs away peeing herself on the way out of the room.

A strong hand grasps my shoulder in a familiar manner, I shrug it off. My eyes narrowing at my little brother is disdain at him touching me and his recent behaviour. Lucius’ gelled platinum blonde comes into view. He has it combed to one side of his inflated head.

He smirks at up me, a devious look in his deep baby blue eyes. “Dear brother, what fun have I missed?”

Lucius was a head shorter than me, being the shortest member of our family, he never had another grew any taller. My eyes narrow down at him, he chuckles lowly at me. “Nothing?” He jests, his eyes searching for another to kill.

“Mind yourself, Lucius. Father can only do so much.” Keeping my tone even and passive. Fed up with his constant need to be entertained. I keep a firm grip upon his arm. Lucius slides out of it hands up in mock surrender.

“I’ll mind my manners, Brother. If you can score with the Beta’s human daughter.” Lucius replies, his eyes lighting up in glee at his next plan. He takes a glass of white wine from one of the servers. “I heard she’s quite a beauty. Wouldn’t mind ploughing her virgin soil.”

“Ugh.” Clear disgust of his vile tongue, never ceases. I keep up a more professional front, keeping to Lord Everett’s second. Each word he said, I grew more tempted to reprimand him by his scrawny arse.

Lucius just keeps his usual smug smirk, that boy needed a lesson in manners. Only 50 years old, he’s still considered a child amongst Lycans. He slithers over to me, whispering into my ear. “Care for a bet?”

It takes everything I have not to punch him if I did father would punish me for it. Last time I didn’t see the sun for a year. Lucius gives me a disapproving look, he’s hungry for more entertainment. Lucius wanted fun constantly, his lack of remorse for everyone else annoys every one of us except for Father. Lucius is the golden child. He’s the spitting image of Lord Everett, only a younger handsome version, lean figure with built muscles. Lucius wore denim jeans and an orange t-shirt to a formal party, he didn’t care for anyone’s rules, only his own applied. In other words, he’s a blasted teenager. I’m always the one stuck babysitting him.

“Oh.” Noticing his zipper is undone on his trousers. He smiles awaiting for approval. I don’t respond. He shrugs his shoulders and chugs down another glass of something foul “I need a beer.” He burps straight into a waitresses face. “Oi! Wench, where the bud? I need to get pissed. I can’t stand this fucking shit your brown nose alpha brought. ”

“Excuse me, my Lords.” A timid voice interrupts us. Our gazes wander over to a petite human female quite well dressed in her chiffon soft pink dress with a square neckline and bow which complements her pale freckled skin. Her beauty was pixie-like with her dainty nose and wide eyes, pouty lips and wavy sunkissed blonde beach curls framed her small face. She keeps her eyes downcast, bowing to us.

Lucius twists around glancing at her, for once he’s silent. Her delicate scent of raspberries is appealing to our noses, Lucius sneers at her. “What do you want, worm?”

“Lucius.” I scold him, trying to keep him in check.

She keeps her composure, her eyes downcast in respect for us. “I just wished to introduce myself, I am Candace Abbott the Beta’s adopted daughter. My Father wished to let you know the situation has been handled.”

Her innocent dark green eyes had us both silent, for a human she’s a beauty. My beast stirred from his slumber admiring her, Lucius stopped what he was doing, his blue eyes now silver. Candace looked startled at him, her big doe eyes wide in fear. Their gazes locked, Lucius’ eyes stayed on her, studying her small from. She took her hands to her small chest frightened by his low growl. He took one step closer to her, drawn in by her scent.

He snarled at her repulsed by something. Snatching a drink off a nearby table. His eyes returned to normal, Lucius sipped at his drink downing it within seconds. “Worthless whore.” He spits at her feet. “I won’t be aligned with a low-class harlot.”

Candace’s eyes filled with sorrow, her lips quiver trying to hold back her whimpers. Lucius smiles at her, sipping at his drink with greater care. “Worthless worm.”

She runs away distraught by Lucius’ callous ways, he didn’t care. He raises an eyebrow at me. “Yes, brother?”

I don’t say anything, my eyes say it all. I disapprove of him dismissing her like that. Lucius grins. “Say what you will brother, but she isn’t worth even a penny.”

My brother wanders off into the crowd to his adoring fans. While I just stand there, wanting to know where his mate went. Back then I had wished I stood up for her, maybe then she would’ve been alive today.


I found her in a stone balcony looking over the Alpha’s vast gardens, a broken balling mess, begging for someone to care for her. She cowered before me, huddled in a corner, her makeup ruined by her tears. Candace tries to stand up to leave. “Forgive me, my Lord. I’ll leave you to your thoughts.”

“Stay.” I say gently walking over to her. She squirms away from me, as I take a seat next to her on the stone floor. I rest one of my arms on my knee, pulling out a tissue for her. “For you.”

“Thanks.” She whimpers, taking it slowly from my hand.

“You can talk about it if you wish.” I say trying to comfort her. My beast growls at trying to touch another, he hated humans as much as me. But I knew it was wrong leaving someone in a distraught state especially a female.

Candance lets out her cries. “I wished for someone for so long, a true sense of love. My Daddy told me about mates when I was a little girl. How deeply they love, but I end up with him.”

I look up at the stars, wishing to find my mate. “My brother is a fool, also a brat.”

She nods. “Yeah, how is he related to you? You don’t look alike.”

Some of my raven hair shrouds my eyes, I tuck it back behind my ear. Candance looks at me curiously, her eyes sparkle under the fairy lights. I catch a quick glimpse of a blush forming on her cheeks. “I’m adopted, just like you.”

Her cries stop a little. “Oh.”

“I know what it’s like not to feel bonds with others, my adopted father hates me.” My voice turns cold. “I might be the eldest, but I’m still learning with my own emotions.”

Candance wipes away her tears, she gazes at me in wonder. “Are you a Lycan too?”

“Yes.” A little annoyed by her question. She comes in to touch me, I growl at her. She scurries away scared. “Sorry. My beast doesn’t like humans.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean any offence.” Candance squeaks, holding back her frightened whimpers.

I sigh. “Don’t worry. I’m not used to touchy-feely shit. My family aren’t huggers, just my Mother.”

We bonded over our losses and being adopted. She always wished for her own family, begging the moon to give her a loving mate. She was far more open about her opinions on the supernatural than some other humans. Brought up by werewolves after the Night of Liberation, she knew what to expect if she was to be mated to one of us. A kind woman who held no judgement in anyone. She got my arsehole brother instead, the Moon made a huge mistake with that one. Candace and I formed a friendship that night, she wished that she was mated to me not some spoilt brat.

From then one we grew closer, Candace became a good friend. She felt the rejection deeper than most humans because she accepted the mating bond. One night while we’re hanging out, Lucius arrives with an unfamiliar scent on his clothes a huge smirk across his conveying face. The scent was Evie’s, he forced her into a sudden move. She had attacked him when he tried to take her away. He lost all control when he saw Candace wrapped in my arms still crying about Lucius. That night our beasts took full control, both of us went berserk. Candace got caught in the crossfire... I killed her.

Not a day goes by don’t I think about her, Candace lost her life because I couldn’t keep my beast in check. Lucius loved it stating he was free.

One year after her death I tore Lucius apart for his actions. He mocked Candace for her weakness, my beast couldn’t stand how he kept on mocking us knowing where my mate was.

Lucius never told me where she was sent to. He held it over me for a year, Lucius tormented others to feel better in himself. He pushed the wrong buttons... I snapped once more. Lucius met a gruesome end at the hands of my bloodthirsty beast. He paled at my eyes fearing what I could do to ruin his current rule.

Lord Everett found us he had Sienna cast a spell to swap our bodies, it didn’t end well. Lucius died while the spell was cast, while I resisted. Something dark awakened within me. My true power had awakened. Lucius became a parasite inside my mind, he gripped onto my body wanting my power for his own. Sienna sealed away the power once more using Lucius as a conduit.

What Henry didn’t know was Lucius’ greed for power outweighed his love for his own family. He uncovered a missing truth about my past, who I truly am. Lucius never shared this information with anyone until I saw myself in the mirror. Why I had some strange resistance to certain magics.

Lucius latched himself onto my soul, wishing to take the power for himself. Thus I had three sides myself, the beast and Lucius the spoiled brat. He wanted to kill Henry, while Henry took another hammer to us. Sienna forced Lucius to take control of my body from time to time.

When Evie came along it all changed, Lucius took control wanting to make her suffer more than ever. He covered up Jared’s serial killings, he made me watch Evie getting raped. He made the warrant for her arrest, he manipulated the council in a motion to have Theo bite her. I had to claim her before she lost what she cherished the most, her humanity. Lucius thought he could turn Evie against me. In the end, he won, now he sits smugly waiting for the chance to take full control as he’s done several times.

Each time I feel like I’m losing myself. He forced the beast to play with Evie. The beast no longer listens to either of us, it wants Evie alone for itself. Whenever Lucius tries to hurt her it reacted out of instinct to protect her. Be it the wrong way in her mind. Lucius plays a game in which he tries to play us all. He tries to put himself as the hero in her eyes. What a joke.

Lucius laughs at me. ′Still, lingering on your past regrets brother? Candace now Evie. Maybe the moon should’ve given me Evie. She’s far more fun.′

My beast snarls at him, throwing him back into his cage. It patrols around him snapping its massive jaws at Lucius whenever he tries to move. ‘Nice Silver.’ Lucius assures the beast. It snaps back, growling at him.

Both of us agree that Lucius fucking ruined everything. I wanted him gone for good.

‘You should also blame yourself.’ Lucius sits crossed legged with a smug look upon his face.

My father tries to touch me, I recoil away from him. Standing tall once more. His blue eyes are filled with judgement, searching for his dead son.

“What is it?” He questions scared Lucius might choke him again.

I keep my face motionless, uncaring. My voice grows cold. “I’ll see to it that witch is dead.”

Lord Everett tries to stop me once more. “Son-.”

My hand wraps around his weak neck, choking him. “Shut up, Father.” I hiss, picking him off the ground. I squeeze a little tighter. He coughs unable to breath. My eyes change colour, their not icy blue or silver anymore, they’re something else. Something dark awakens within me, it replaces the bonds that the rejection made. It's stunning, filling me with even more strength and power, my heart no longer felt pain it felt pride?

Lord Everett chokes up my name. “Wi...l...h..elm.”

The beast within my mind takes full control drunk on our new lust for power, father dearest looks terrified seeing the true colour of my eyes.

“Those aren’t the right words Father.” I let myself smile smugly at Henry. My beast increases our hold upon this maggot.

I throw him into the fireplace, Lord Everett squeals like a stuck pig as the fire consumes him. His screams are music to my ears. Several other footsteps come running into the room.

“Oh, my goddess!” Mother screams her voice high pitched in fear at her husband being set ablaze.

My brothers run over to their father trying to quell the fire. Mother runs over to me, her gentle touch makes me growl at her. I shove her away from me. She stumbles back, her Hazel eyes widen in fright and confusion.

“Jasmine! Get away from him!” Father yells panicked.

I smile at them all, Mother runs over to the rest of my family. All of them hold a slight hint of fear, I could smell it.

“Wilhelm?” She takes a few steps towards me.

“Mother, no!” Aaron grabs her, his massive arms keeping her restrained.

Evan and Kerian stand before them as a shield. Kerian’s steel grey eyes chastise me. He keeps a firm voice. “Brother, what have you done?”

“I’m not your brother anymore Kerian.” My voice cold, distant with a hint of venom. “I never was.” I hint, crossing my arms.

“Wilhelm, what’s happened to you? Please don’t tell me Lucius has taken over.” She pleas to me, her voice desperate. Mother has tears in her eyes.

I stare directly at her. “No, I’m wide awake.”

The looks of horror on their faces make them feel hopeless. Lucius will learn his place, so will my so-called family and so will Genevieve.

"Wilhelm, your eyes?" Evan notices finally. He cowers before me, that little wimp.

"I believe my correct title is 'your Highness'." I say waiting for them to kneel on their knees. What is the true colour of my eyes... Blood red. They gleam wickedly in the mirror above the marble fireplace.

I'll make this world mine, as it's my birthright.


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