Night of Liberation

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Chapter 21: Unknown Times (Rewritten)

~Evie’s POV~

As soon as I heard the leisurely hammering and sounds of incessant lovemaking, I rushed over to the coat hooks and grabbed the nearest coat which happened to be a long black waistcoat with a fake fur hood. Quicker than anything, I high tailed it outta there to clear my mind.

Signs of winter were all around me with a sprinkling of recent snowfall from last night dusted the frozen muddy ground and dormant plants. The air smelt of fresh snow and soggy leaves. I didn’t bother looking back at my house it had been invaded by a Witch and Lycan. With all the shit that’s happened lately, I haven’t made time for myself. I needed to clear my head, temptation surfaced for me to visit Kyle and Natalie’s new house only a 5 minute walk away from mine. In recent months Kyle had grown distant from me, he kept me and Natalie’s girl time to a mere minimum. Why? I guess he was jealous that I had more in common with his mate than him.

Walking up the road I stay close to the pavement, the footpath merging with the road as you got further in to town. Oh bugger! I forgot to take some cash with me, could’ve stayed out a little longer.

My thoughts are swirls around in my mind. What was I going to do now that I rejected a freaking Lycan Lord? A crazy prick at that? I don’t know. Rejecting him felt great but what were the consequences of such action’s? Would I end up like my mother beaten until she could barely walk? Or was I going to end up permanently alone without anyone around me?

Minutes pass by quickly, I’m in the town centre right now. It’s bustling full of life with everyday werewolves shopping away happily while humans are forced into long gruelling hours and charged three times the price for goods. The worst thing about this human tax, its worst for food and drink. For instance, take a piece of mouldy food, a werewolf would charge £5 just for a single apple. Ridiculous isn’t it? Humans tended to starve to death because of this. I remembered my first day on my forced move, six years ago. I was thrown from a truck with nothing more than my ID documents, silver knives and the clothes on my back. The smug blonde blue-eyed bastard tried to have his way with me. I gave him something he’d never forget, he gained a silver scar across his tummy for being a naughty mongrel.

I fought tooth and nail to find a job, no one wanted an outcast. So I was forced to steal. My moral compass didn’t feel any guilt since those mongrels didn’t spare a glance for any struggling human. In the end, it was a stranger’s kindness which saved me. She was an elderly woman without any family left, Grace often took in human strays but her kindness killed her. A new girl backstabbed her for a pretty penny. She got away with it until Jared got a hold of her. She ended up as another body in the clothing shop furnace, like all of Jared’s victims.

Out of instinct, I kept my eyes downcast, avoiding any unwanted attention from those mangey mutts. I wasn’t sure why I was uneasy friends with one, Kyle and I only got along for Natalie’s sake. We put up with each other. At times we clashed with things whenever Natalie wasn’t there. To me, he was a bothersome little brother.

As I strolled throughout the streets, a few werewolves glared at me, others avoided me like some plague. I didn’t bother anyone, just narrowly avoiding hitting them by watching for there shoes while I’m consumed with my thoughts. Werewolves annoyed me greatly, still, it was better than being with a living nightmare like Lord Fucktard.

Suddenly, stabbing pain pierces my heart. My insides rip harshly with a boiling masses of pain. I gasp leaning onto a nearby lamppost trying to support myself. Everywhere my nerves are ablaze with unfathomable pain. My vision is distorted. My heart pounding frantically trying desperately to pump blood around to keep me conscience. It the pain grows faster with each moment, ripping through me once more. My lungs tighten, starving me of oxygen. The pain spreads fast, it grows too much that I don’t feel the stinging pain of the pavement. I couldn’t make anything out. I faint from the pain, the cold air doing nothing to numb the burning pain.

Will anybody help me? No, the beasts cast a blind eye to any suffering human. No one is coming to save me. I’m alone, the pain won’t let me scream for help. I’m now truly alone. Feeling myself fade into darkness. I’m unaware of the cold touch of a stranger. His voice is deep and alluring with a hint of raspiness. He holds me close to his cold un-beating chest. “I got ya, now little one.”

The sound of his voice somehow gives me hope, I’m enthralled by his tone. For unknown reasons, I feel safe and warm? He carries me away to gods knows where.


~Liam’s POV~

“What’s the matter, don’t like the real me?” I mock my ‘family’, all of them are frightened by what they see. A true royal. My mother clutches close to her ‘mate’, that inconsistent bastard needs to go.

My brothers refuse to bow to me, they stand strong. Aaron glares at me, hatred filled in his blue eyes. “You are no royal Wilhelm.”

That made me laugh, I chuckle humourlessly. Smirking at his words, maybe I should teach them all a lesson? If I remember correctly theirs many things Royal Lycans could do that no average Lycan could. “Kneel.” I command, my voice full of my new dominating and raw power.

Like dominos, they all kneel before me. Their heads downcast, they aren’t worthy to even get a glance at me for I am the true leader of the Lycans. My mother looks devastated, she begins to cry her sobs annoy me slightly but I let it slide since she raised me.

The darkness consumes every bit of my mind, only leaving two sides of me now. Lucius wails as he’s swallowed up by the vast sea of darkness, only leaving me and the beast. Just how it should be.

Aaron, Evan and Kerian try to look up, I snigger at there attempts. In my mind, I could see the strings of there bodies like a puppet to a master they will soon learn that they will be my servants. A mere thought was all it took to make them slam there faces on to the floor.

“Learn your place worms.” I laugh, enjoying the addictive effects of my new powers. The Darkness growing within me.

Henry tries to say something, his bothersome voice nothing more than raspy breath’s.

“Wilhelm.” My mother cries, her hazel eyes up and staring at me with a mothers love. “Please... Don’t do this to us, we... are your family.”

Her pleas fall upon deaf ears. I walk over to her, not wanting to use my powers on her. She whimpers, leaning into her mate. I stare right into her soul. I grasp her chin, my eyes still blood red. My voice low in a whisper. “Once upon a time mother, but no more.”

I walk away smiling at those words, she cries once more knowing what I shall become. Some low-level werewolf guards barge into Sienna’s suite, all of them instantly cower before me. Fearing the beast that dwells within me.

Their leader kneels before me, his words seem more pleasing to my ears. “My King.”

“He’s no King.” A raspy voice objects, Henry’s eyes glow gold. I glance at him, noticing he’s already healing.

I strut over to him, my brothers unable to save him. “Seize her. I want no interference.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The guards drag away my mother fighting tooth and nail to get to her mate.

This so-called Lord Everett never was the true power in charge, he took all the credit for himself. Claiming my ideas for himself, and the other Lords. He’s so inconsistent with his decision its no wonder the High Council is in such disarray.

“Wilhelm, please don’t.” She pleas screaming at the top of her lungs. "Please don't kill him!"

I look at her. My eyes growing darker. “Gag her, I don’t want to hear her wailing.”

She’s muffled by a hand. A sadistic grin crosses my lips, an evil shine in my eyes. Mother dearest still cries. “Much better. You’ll thank me for this mother, he isn’t worthy of you.” My claws grow large and sinister, my eyes now set upon my 'father'.

He coughs, slowly healing. “You are no true king, just a tyrant just like your real father.”

My eyes widen in amusement. “Good to know.”

With that, I slowly tear him apart. His screams amuse me, the sear terror makes me drunk upon there feelings. Its a drug which is so addictive that once you get a taste you’ll only want more, my cocaine. Casting his limbs aside into the flames, I stare into his eyes filled with absolute terror. I reach into his chest, ripping out his heart. I search through his memories now knowing the truth behind the slaughter of my birth parents.

My gaze goes towards my mother, she flays around like a mad cat. I smirk down at my father. “Father has a last request mother, should I tell you?” Henry gasps coughing up blood, hmm. I’ll take that as a yes. “He never was your true mate. My birth mother was.”

This revelation destroys her. She gives up, her heartbreaking into smithereens. My brothers somehow escape from my mental bonds and try to attack me. I allow them to ‘try’, their movements slow and sluggish. Aaron tries to impale me with his claws, Evan leaps on to my back and Kerian takes a chance to go towards Henry. I use my new speed to extinguish the last spark of life within his eyes.

My brothers clash into each other. “Goodbye, father.” I laugh, throwing him into the flames. His heart no longer beating I smash it into the walls. It splatters making a huge blood-stained mess of art.

I hear more pounding footsteps come up the hall, Alpha Haynes, his mate Conner, the Beta’s and Gamma’s trailing behind him. My eyes instantly lock on to Evie’s filthy half breed brother Theo. His steely shitty grey eyes make him appear as dear in the headlights waiting to be struck. He begins to sweat knowing what’s coming to him.

“Lord Foster, what in the moons name is going on?” Alpha Haynes commands, his words merely brush off my shoulders. Conner cannot keep himself standing, his knees buckle underneath him from sensing so much power. “Conner.” He wraps his arms around Conner’s waist. “What...?”

Alpha Haynes notices his packs elite are quivering as he is. The Beta’s know what’s going on. The other Gamma Bryen, I believe? A good wolf, who knows where his loyalties lie.

Gamma Bryen puts a hand to his chest and bows slightly. “My King.”

The Alpha snarls at those words. “You stupid pup! He’s just another bastard offspring of Lord Stanhope.”

His words don’t hold an inkling of truth. I muse over this. “Strange thing to say Alpha, but he is four years my senior.”

He cannot grasp what’s going on, I grow fed up with this boring show. Alpha Haynes glares at me, his eyes glowing yellow. “You won’t” He chokes up his own blood, dropping his mate to the floor. Conner rolls to the other side, he’s held by another wolf guard. Alpha Haynes’ chest is impaled by my servant and trusted friend Gamma Bryen. He smiles at his work, the carnage we could bring together.

Gamma Bryen shows his true colours, shifting into a massive muscled beast. A Lycan with the darkest fur I’ve ever seen, for he is my assassin. His own eyes glow a reddish hue. He waits for my command. I nod, watching that useless twit of an Alpha finally be slaughtered.

Conner silently cries for his mate, he feels the after-effects of a breaking bond. I notice Theo is nowhere to be found, stupid mutt.

See to it those traitors are dealt with swiftly, I have other matters to attend to.′ I order my new subjects. Theo’s repugnant scent drives me into a frenzy, red clouds my vision the thrill of the hunt consumes me. I follow his trail down into the kitchens. My eyes change to their normal colour, I’ll leave out the surprise for those low creatures: Omega’s, humans etc.

I speed up waiting in the kitchen’s pantry to where I needed to attend to business. Theo arrives, covered in a salty smell from his sweat. It’s so horrid it churns my stomach, yet his fear makes me more excited.

Crossing my arms I wait for him to notice me. Theo goes to a human male similar in appearance. He looks abused and worn out form excessive working, the poor human has two black eyes which are slowly healing. He’s skinny beyond a doubt, his lacklustre chestnut brown locks are overgrown and greasy, his hair colour reminds me of my traitorous mate, his long roman pointed nose made him look like Pinocchio and square jawline seem thinner and gaunt signs of malnourishment. He’s shorter than me, has pale skin with freckles and tired but sad steely grey eyes. Wearing oversized clothes for a much bigger person, with a greasy white apron with stains.

“Dad.” Theo calls running to him. “I need your help.”

His father gives him a hopeless look. His voice tired and worn. “I’m sorry son, your mother has forbidden me from spending any more money. You’re on your own.”

“No, I need-.” Theo stops talking and gulps sensing something. His own shitty eyes fill with fear. I wave to them, his father bows his head instantly knowing what’s coming. Theo tries to run once more, only he seems to have a little problem with his leg. I use my mind to keep his feet nailed to the floor.

“We need to have a chat.” I chuckle, my beast surfaces ready to tear Theo’s throat out. I allow it to pulse some of our power and pull it back, so I don’t scare them off.

Theo snarls at me, I don’t react. He’s like a puppy. The human falls to his knees. “Please, don’t hurt my son. He’s only-.”

“Silence.” I say firmly a cold hint in my tone. He squirms away, I grab his shoulder quickly in a blind of an eye. “You’re not going anywhere. So stay like a good maggot while I deal with your son.”

Theo tries to shift, only it backfires causing his beast to turn against him by twisting his bones painfully at my thoughts. I tut at him. “Silly half-breed, didn’t you learn about respecting your superiors in your education?” He’s silent. I raise an eyebrow. “No? Well, since I like history I’ll give you a little lesson now. Ever heard of Lycan’s, royal blood?”

He’s still blank. Theo is silent his ears finally open to listen. I continue. “Or is it your parents raised you to be better than everyone else? Huh? Well, my little soon-to-be brother in law. It’s time to you learn what happens to useless halfbreeds that cross me.”

Theo protests, trying to tug at his legs to move. “You ordered me to do it!”

The human is baffled by this, how could I be going against myself? I smile at his words. “I have more sides than other creatures, you met my useless bratty brother Lucius Everett. He ordered the command. I’m just here to pay you back for your gracious services.”

He grows anxious at my words. I hear his heart pounding in fear. “You hurt my mate, your half-sister I believe?”

“Clara?” The human is aghast with clear hatred and disgust.

I roll my eyes at him. He must think it must be his other spawn. “No, Genevieve.” I growl at her name, cursing her to suffer the same pain as I once did.

He’s astounded by the mere mention of her name. The human lets out a few tears of regret and guilt. “Evie... my little angel.”

“She’s no angel, you fool. Evie dearest is a serpent.” I hiss out those words with great disdain for her. “Now, Theo. Let’s discuss your reward, shall we?”

Theo tries to talk, but I forcibly twist his limbs to make him cry out in pain. I keep daddy dearest locked on to his shoulder. My eyes turn red once again. “You’ll suffer as she did, no pain shall be spared. Doomed forever to constantly shift between man and beast. No rest, no peace... nothing. You shall only be able to freely shift when I command it. This is your reward Theo, enjoy it.” I mock him, commanding his beast to follow my orders until further notice.

He shifts into a massive turd brown wolf, I allow him to stay in that shape for now. “Now be a good dog and find something useful to do, you are dismissed maggot.”

Theo is free of the nails, he limps off into the kitchen whimpering at his punishment. He reeks of shame, fear and hatred. I set my eyes on daddy dearest. “I need a little favour, something to do with your daughter.”

He’s quiet, I dig my claws into his soft flesh. “Speak up little human, do as I command otherwise you’ll end up in a twisted fate.”

The human cries out, spluttering with indignation. “Yes, Master.”

“That’ll do.” I pat his head with my bloodied claws. “Now, I wish to have your blessing and your brothers in writing. I need his address.”

“Anything.” He submits showing his neck to me.

“Declan!” A shrill voice berates my ears a low Omega struts in, all It’s worst than a blaring siren. Out walks a well dressed blonde bitch with the fakest features you’ve ever seen. She looked like a horses rear arse. Signs of several plastic surgeries have taken place, some are botched with her over pouty pink lips remaining me of a cats rear. High drawn on eyebrows making her look like a clown, her makeup is worse than a fake blonde harlot. Her boobs are bloated and oversized. Fake tan all over her skin. Wearing hardly anything, she wears a neon pink dress with high peep toe red stilettos.

Her scent is potent with fake rich perfumes to hide her low-class blood.

She raises her manicured nails at me. Her blue eyes smouldering in anger at me touching her mate. “Release him.”

This creature hasn’t seen my eyes as of yet, I keep my eyes downcast and aura hidden because I wanted to play a little game. “Of course.” Throwing him to the floor.

She sashes over, her small form comes into my field of view. She brushes a finger over my jumper. Her fake red lips make me want to puke in her face. She wasn’t pretty at all, just an easy fuck as Lucius would say. “Your handsome, want to play with me?”

The harlot jumps back, seeing my eyes. I unleash my power. She screams in terror, her attitude changes and she bows submissively at my feet. “I’m sorry my lord, please forgive me. I didn’t-.”

My glare shuts her off. Delcan quakes, his hands shaking. “Leave us, wench. I need to speak to your mate privately.”

She leaves without another word. I grab the little worm by the scurf of his shirt neck. “Now tell me. Where is your brother?”

Declan sings like a love-struck canary. Spilling out everything to me. “He...He lives just out by Deadcrest pack territory, his farm is west out of town. An old family farm called Wright’s farm. Morgan doesn’t like supernatural’s, Master. He will try and shot you.”

I scoff at that. I glare into his soul, his steely grey eyes are filled with pain and fear. “You forgot something else human.”

“My blessing?” He asks, his eyes downcast. “What for?”

I mentally link to some of the pack guards to get me an old writing pen and paper. “Well, for your daughters hand in marriage of course. I just need you to swear it with blood magic that’s all.”

Minutes later the guards arrive with the requested items. Declan signs his full name and grants me full rights to wed Genevieve. He runs off wishing to find his mate for another beating. Stupid fool. I leave the kitchens wishing to have a shower. The scents of undesired food make me sick to my stomach. I require something else.

“My Lord, the shipment has arrived.” Ace bows to me. “Where shall I lead them to?”

“Bring them to my quarter’s I need a good blood bath.” Chuckling under my breath.

Ace is a little shocked but doesn’t question me like those fools. I feel his thoughts into my drift my mind. ′Forgive me, but where is her ladyship?′

Don’t worry yourself with that for this moment. She’s gone on a little holiday with Sienna and Jonas.′ I give him a little explanation. Now, where’s my food? I’m famished.

‘As am I my King.’ Stanley joins in, all my other men agree. Let us have some more fun. It’s time for our delightful dinner.


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