Night of Liberation

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Chapter 22: Adrift Within Dreams (Rewritten)

~Evie’s POV~

The pain subsides slowly, I begin to feel a cold flannel pressed upon my forehead. Every part of my body felt impossibly heavy, I’ll admit my body feels worse than it did with Theo’s bite. Slowly, I open my eyes. I’m met with a concrete ceiling lit by candle, cold air surrounds me with the scent of tangy iron in the stuffy air. I cannot get up, someone moves beside me.

I’m caught up in the deepest dark blue sapphire electric eyes I’ve ever seen. Their so stunning my own breath is caught in my throat. I’m mesmerised by them. The man is lean with muscles, not as ripped as a Lycan. He’s tall just shy over 6ft, his tousled dark brown locks styled in a messy look which made him look effortlessly sexy. His skin is not overly tan, just slightly pale. The man smiles at me with white teeth, he’s beaming with joy at seeing me awake. He’s handsome in a dashing way. Wearing blue hospital slacks, he sits beside me on the old-style prison bed I’m currently resting in. My own eyes seem to always be glued to his eyes.

He takes the flannel off my forehead, putting a fresh one on.

“Good morning. How are you feeling?” He asks gently a hint of happiness in his eyes.

I couldn’t answer my voice is raspy and comes out as a croak. It feels like sandpaper. The man gives me a little water. “Only little bits, okay?” He coos at me. “You’ve been out for a week.”

At that news, I wanted to jump out of bed. He stops me, pressing a gentle hand to my chest. “You need to rest, the signs of rejection are still lingering within your body. I’m surprised you’re still alive.”

“I... where am I?” I croak wishing to have some more water.

He gets up, inserting a fresh IV into my system. “You’re in my home, still in Greystalker pack territory. I found you on the streets.”

“Thank you.” I give him a little smile. “For saving me.”

His eyes are filled with worry, I then notice his features. He looks like a greek god smashed with an angel, only something feels dreadfully off about him. My eyes widen in horror seeing a little hint of blood staining his lips. I cannot speak, knowing full well what he is.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” He tries to touch me, I flinch away hoping I wasn’t his next juicy meal. He takes the hint from my eyes. “Oh, sorry about that.”

Wiping his mouth. “I’ve just eaten. My sincere apologies, I don’t drink direct from the source.”

He shows me a blood bag with four fang holds two top, two bottom. “You don’t need to fear me, I’m on your side. Those wretched mongrels didn’t do anything to help you.”

I’m not assured by his words. Right now, my heart is pounding ready to burst out and run for it. The man steps away from me, he’s checking all my vital signs with a nearby machine. His blue eyes wander over to me. “Everything seems to be in order. I’m Dr Thorne, pleased to meet you.”

“Evie.” I say short and blunt, my eyes avoiding his eyes, I’m scared he might try some mind mojo crap on me or something.

Dr Thorne analyzes me further, checking over every single detail on my skin. I grow uncomfortable at some crazy vampire quack.

Uncle Morgan warned me to avoid this leeches at all costs, for if you ever encountered one you’ll end up as there lunch or worse blood slave. He takes ahold of my chin and forces me to look at him, I keep my eyes fixed on his strong chin.

“Look at me, please. I promise you I mean no harm. If I wanted your blood I would’ve simply taken it.” He says softly, I take heed in his words. Even though they seem a little crazy. He saved me when no others helped, plus a doctor?! What are the odd’s in that?

His eyes are truly beautiful. “I’m just-.” I cannot find words on what to say.

Dr Thorne has an easy-going nature to him, he smiles again. “Don’t worry yourself, just focus on recovering. You need all your strength. Just sleep now. I’ll watch over you.” He gives me a little injection, caressing my face. “I won’t let them take you.”

I fall into a deep slumber falling deep into an abyss of my nightmares.


The harsh bitterness of cold hard rejection filled my dreams of the bitter cold. I’m shivering in a white cotton gown, my tears turning to ice at the bitter cold. I’m standing upon an unknown mountain top, surrounded by barren wastelands of never-ending snow-covered peaks, dead plants, and an unyielding blizzard. Which is slowly freezing me to death. The full moon shines brightly above me, the moonlight burns my skin. I hiss in pain now knowing what silver feels like to wolves, the blistering cold winds soon numb the pain.

My mother’s form drifts from the vast dead forests of the mountain range, her spiked black pointed teeth smile at me, grinning from ear to ear, so much so it unnerves me. Her hallow eye-sockets glare directly into my eyes. She’s still the same, wearing her soiled nightgown, stained by the marks of her suicide.

Suddenly, I’m in front of her teleported by unknown forces. She gets out a worn knitted blanket and wraps it around my shoulders to stop the moonlight from burning my skin. Her voice is soft.

“Come.” She guides me into the forest, my mind screaming at me to wake up. My body doesn’t listen it unwillingly follows her.

My mother takes me into the deepest and darkest part of the forest. The Moonlight could barely be seen through the vast tree branches offering some sort of refuge to my skin. Deeper we go until we reach an old wooden cabin with a small light of a roaring fire.

She guides me until I reach the door, my mother caresses my cold face in comfort. “This is as far as I can go.”

My mother somehow looks different. Her once hallow eyes now have their familiar turquoise, they hold so much love and concern. Her blonde hair doesn’t look as withered. She kisses my forehead. “Goodbye, Evie.” She whispers before fading into the darkness.

The door to the cabin opens, a girl of 20 opens the door with big doe brown eyes, luscious blonde locks and dressed in much warmer attire. “Oh my goodness come on in.” She’s beaming in love and... warmth?

She invites me into her home, the girl lets me sit beside the fire to warm myself. She slams the door shut, locking it up and draws the curtains over the small windows. The inside of the cabin is a dishevelled mishmash of all sorts of odd trinkets ranging from what you would find in a witch’s magic shop to wolf and bear pelts. The girl wears the skins of the animals. She pulls out a massive silvery pelt one which looks very familiar, it’s black back is a clear giveaway. She drapes it over my shoulders, somehow the pelt has a mind of its own and wraps around me warming my cold body up once more.

Taking a seat near the boiling stew above the fire, she gives me a little smile. A sad look in her eyes. “So he’s chosen you?”

Her question has me a little confused. I feel myself warm up once more, my skin returning to a normal colour. “What?”

She stares at me with judgemental eyes. “Silver chose you to be his mate.” Sadness overtakes her, a few tears drop from her eyes, she wipes them away quickly. “He’s your mate, Wilhelm’s beast.”

My mind is swirling with questions. “Who are you?” I ask, unsure of what to do. I’m in a foreign place.

Her tear-filled face haunts me, she holds a cold look in her brown eyes and a hint of jealousy? She sniffles. “I’m Candace.”

She says that name as if I’m meant to know who she is. I’m just as confused as ever. “I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are.” I say as gently as possible.

Candace ignores my words and walks over to taste her boiling stew, taking a craved wooden spoon from above the harth, blowing on it. She stares at me, unsure what she has to say to me. “I’m Lucius’ fated.”

I jump out of my skin in shock, the pelt keeps me in place growing heaver as it clings to my skin to keep me warm. “I don’t have a clue what’s going on. Lord Foster has kept me in the dark, as everyone else has.”

She sits down, sadness still lingers deep within her eyes. “Lucius rejected me when we first met. Wilhelm comforted me afterwards.”

“Huh?” I’m baffled by such a notion. Candace sees my confusion. She’s just as scared as me. Looking over to the windows, she looks at me.

“We don’t have much time before they come.” Candace looks around alert and on guard. “Listen to me now, this may be the only chance we get to meet.”

I open my ears, eager to listen to what she has to say. Candace checks around once more before starting. She keeps her voice low. “Lucius is the one responsible for this mess, he made you reject Wilhelm. He played you both, I’ve watched from the afterlife trying to warn you through dreams. Lucius has tried to take Wilhelm’s body for some time.” We both hear something tapping upon the glass, a set of massive claws scratch against the glass harshly making us both cringe.

Candace looks panicked, eyes filled with terror. “He didn’t succeed, Lucius has been cast out by the Dark Witches. He’s become something else, a wraith. I’m stuck here being constantly hunted by him. Evie, you need to cling to that little ember of yours, its the only remnant of your bond with Wilhelm. I pray to the goddess that you stop him before he’s consumed by his beast. Now go.” She grabs a silver sword and attaches it to her black leather belt, her eyes filled with sorrow. “Please don’t give up on him. If you do Liam and you will be damned to the same fate as me and Lucius. Forever to be hunted by the one you was meant to love.”

I’m unable to form words, the pelt tightens around me cutting off my air supply. Candace looks desperate. “Liam did what he could to protect you from Lucius, he did bite you to protect what you cherished the most. He didn’t want you to lose something so precious.”

The creature smashes the windows, it’s massive black claws tear apart the structure. Candace draws her sword, hope in her eyes. She gives me a small smile. “Lucius made Theo bite you, caused Lord Stanhope to be driven into madness... I’m sorry. But you need to go. Please give him a chance. Good luck.”

As a monstrous black Lycan with silver eyes glares at Candace with intense hatred, he launches at her. She stands in front of me, protecting me with a swipe of her silver rapier sword. Candace stands strong, determination in her eyes. She grins. “Hello Honey.”

Candace readies her sword again, I’m cast adrift into a familiar abyss of darkness with the pelt around me. I try to call out for Candace, hoping she’ll be okay. The pelts completely wrap itself around me in warmth. My destination is unknown.


I bolt up awake in the same room as before, only now I could get up by myself. That crazy creepy quack Dr Thorne is nowhere to be seen, which I’m very thankful for that guy has some creepy mojo thing. My gut told me not to trust him, he’s a lying creep. I start to feel a little lighter from my sleep, still, the signs of rejection lingered on. My limbs felt heavy and worn. Rays of sunlight creep into the room made of concrete, I then notice several layers of dust upon the bedsheets that I was currently residing in.

Everywhere cobwebs were formed, the machine that was supposed to be beeping is silent. My IV still shows signs of a recent change in my fluids and an abnormal purple liquid. I couldn’t make out the writing, but I didn’t want anything else inside my body. I ripped out the IV in my right hand, my wound instantly heals within seconds. I’m glad to see that Lord Fucktard actually gave me something worthwhile. Getting out of the dusty bed, I study my surroundings. A shudder goes down my spine, when my bare feet touch the chilly tiled floor. I’m in a hospital storage room? No, I’m in a morgue?! Where I am is old living quarters for resident doctors, every-where is tiled in white tiles except for the white concrete ceilings. All the items are covered in a dust sheet. Over in the far corner of the room is a steel door, I begin to walk over, only... That creepy leech had changed me into a granny-style pink spotted hospital down. Luckily my underwear is intact.

Heading over to the door, I find it unlocked. As I open it I’m shocked to see that my suspicions were true. I’m in the hospital’s basement. The air stunk of death, decay and a hint of mould covered up by bleach. The lights come on as I explore further into the room. I try not to gag at seeing the many black bodybags everywhere upon the tables. Out the corner of my eyes, I see a black sign with white writing pointing in the direction of the main hospital entrance. I run over to it, following the signs to the main lobby. The hallways are deserted no staff in at the moment.

When I reach the lobby its an entirely different vibe. It’s a hive of activity people waiting to be treated in A & E or for a doctors appointment. I don’t seem out of place, a young boy of 10 is wheeled over to the lift it dings open with several other staff coming out me going unnoticed.

I’m unsure what to do, however, something strikes me in shock. It was supposed to be winter but signs of Spring was showing with the new foliage growing on the trees and other plants. Behind me, a clock strikes 7 o’clock on the hour, its date beneath it last time it was November but now... its the middle of February! I’ve been asleep for FOUR MONTHS!

Everyone carries on without me, I rush over to the bathrooms to see myself in the mirror. I get a few harsh glances for bumping into a few people, thankfully I’m alone in the ladies communal bathroom. Before the mirror, I’m still the same as before only my hair has grown several inches longer now measuring past my bum. My chestnut hair is greasy in need of a good wash, I’m covered in a light spec of dust, my nails have grown longer only slightly. I’m glad I don’t have dagger claws.

Some other people walk into the room gossiping and chatting away. They go straight into the showers, something I wanted desperately. I waited in a toilet stall so no one could see my face, minutes later at the chime of the clock they went out dressed in their work gear.

I unlocked the stall door, checking for any signs of life. I rush over to the showers grabbing a white towel along the way (they were stored near the shower cubicles). Turning the water on, stripping off my clothes, I wash my body as quickly as I could, grabbed some left behind shampoo and lovely strawberry shower gel. It’s a pity I couldn’t condition my hair. What?! I like to keep my hair in good condition. Okay.

A few minutes later I dry myself off, with the towel wrapped around my breasts. I search for some clothes. I see the staff locker room just ahead and pinch a few items to wear. I hit the jackpot with some blue nurses scrubs, only problem was I didn’t have a bra. Damn it. I snatched up a white lab coat and buttoned it up. Tied my long hair into a high ponytail using some hair ties off another person’s hairbrush.

Heading out the bathroom I didn’t look like a mad patient anymore. Instead, I could pass off for a member of staff. I wanted out of this place, something stopped me. My gut told me there’s something important I needed to know before I walked out of here. Somehow I followed my senses, my feelings told me where to go. I stopped just outside a long corridor just in the maternity ward. 13 doors down I hear two familiar voices talking privately. On the front was a label which read ‘Natalie Scott’.

I stop just out of the door of the room listening in on their conversation. Leaning casually against the doorframe with a clipboard in hand pretending to be working. My hearing honed in on them both.

“Kyle it’s too soon. The baby cannot be here.” Natalie cries, huffing in and out at the coming contractions. “Evie doesn’t know about this yet.”

Kyle snaps at her with a low growl. “She’s dead Nat!”

“No, she isn’t. She’s been gone for four months. The body wasn’t hers.” She sniffles wiping away some tears.

I can hear Kyle stomping around the room, his footsteps loud and annoying. He stops pacing. A hint of sadness in his voice. “She’s been found, Nat. Lord Foster’s men discovered her body this morning, some filthy leeches drained her dry and burned the body. I identified her this morning.”

“Don’t lie to me, Kyle! She’s alive, I know it.”

Kyle slams his fists into the wall creating two similar indents. He sounds frustrated. “She’s bloody dead, alright! Thank fuck for that.”

Nat is in tears, sobbing into her pillow. “She loved you like a brother, Evie never wanted anything from us. Without her, you wouldn’t have your vast fortune. She deserves to be recognised as herself the true artist. Not some fake werewolf alias.”

“I’m making more money than ever. Her death brought me good fortune and Lord Foster is free of her. She’s a bitch, never stops moaning about her traumas. I was so sick of it.” He scoffs folding his arms. “Plus, Lord Foster paid me a good sum of money for her capture. He knew she was his mate. I only came back to see my money was safe. ”

WHAT?!! I’m so confused. My heart fills with pain... betrayal... it feels broken all over again. I try to stop some tears from falling, my heart constricts thumping harder filling with another cauldron of emotion. Without the bangle, I could barely contain myself. I wanted to go in there and beat the crap out of that runt of a werewolf. Kyle has always been like a brother to me, but he thought differently.

I hear someone spit at him. My guess is Nat. “Get the fuck out!” She yells, pointing towards the door.

Kyle fights back his beast trying to not to tear her throat out. “You’re lucky your pregnant if you set your month off again I’ll shut it for you.”

Quickly I walked over into another room, I watch Kyle walk right and disappear into the masses. Nat is in tears, crying into the palms of her hands. Without thinking I’m in her room. Seeing her after a few months heavily pregnant fills me with joy.

“Go away.” She cries throwing a pillow at me, I catch it and set it back on to her bed. Nat tries to calm herself. “I’m sorry, I-.”

“Why would you need to apologise to me? Eh Bestie?” I try to lighten the situation by teasing her.

At the sound of my voice, her chocolate brown eyes shot up in shock and surprise. Her hands cover her mouth in total shock. “Evie?” She cries muffled through her hands. “Your alive?!”

Her dainty arms latch onto me like a crazy parent would finding a lost child. I’m pulled close into her chest, her protruding belly stops me from going in any further. “Hi, Nat.” I hug her back in an assuring hug.

Nat’s flower perfume fills my nose. I try not to sneeze, the potency of it itches my new senses. Her baby kicks into my stomach, bringing us back to the real world. I pull away, holding her hand in comfort. “I’ve missed you, Nat.”

She nods, a few hiccups escape. Nat’s eyes are filled with happiness. “Evie, I’ve missed you. Where have you been?”

“I don’t know. I rejected my fated, a witch teleported me back home then I went for a stroll only someone a vampire saved me from the worst pain ever. Then bam, four months later I’m here.” I explain fast, listening out for Kyle or any other staff.

Nat nods her head while I explain, listening intently. She gives me a small smile. “Kyle’s been acting like a jerk recently, he’s blaming on his beast.”

At the mention of his name, I begin to tear up. “Yeah, I suspect you haven’t been giving him any.”

She knows straight away what’s wrong with me. “You little earwig. You heard it all?"


“Evie, he’s been in league with Lord Foster from the beginning. Kyle told me everything. He’s been using Lord Foster’s money to get more worth out of your paintings.” Nat explains. “I wanted to tell you, but Kyle locked me up in our home. He’s changed, Evie and not for the better. His beast is taking over him.”

“Or, he was just a traitorous backstabbing git, to begin with.” I hiss with an icy tone. “He only used us both to get what he wanted. I’m going to fucking beat him to a pulp!”

Nat squeezes my hand tighter another contraction coming. “Evie, please don’t expose yourself. Find another place to live, a fresh start. Away from this horrid place.”

I’m upset by her words. “But-.”

She breathes in and out, smiling at me a little trying to mask the pain. Nat gently releases my hand. “Don’t worry about me. My babies new there mummy. I’m not abandoning them if there’s one thing you taught me its how to stand up for myself. For once look out for yourself.”

She’s right, everything she says is true. Kyle’s pounding footsteps come back. “Nat, he’s coming. I gotta.”

We both give each other a quick hug. She whispers in my ear. “Go, be free. Goodbye Evie. I’ll miss you dearly my sister.”

“And you, Nat. Don’t worry, I might come back and haunt Kyle. Goodbye.” I pull away, grabbing a random object on her bedside. We both smile at each other. A final silent goodbye.

I head out the door keeping my eyes downcast, Kyle snarls at me clear disgust. “Filthy human.”

Holding back the urge to throw the bedpan at him, I head over to another room and drop it in there. I stroll around the hospital wanting to be there for Natalie. Common sense screamed at me to run away, but my heart longed to see a little bit of hope back in this horrible unfair world.

Eight hours later Natalie gave birth to twins a boy and girl. Kyle hasn’t seen them yet, he’s been placed in solitary confinement to calm down. I head back to her room, worry fills me. Once full of life she’s pale, her lips blue, her eyes closed. The doctors try everything to keep her alive. Then I see a brown head in the same hairstyle. Dr Thorne. What has that bastard done to her?!

They discuss every option available. Dr Thorne starts to head out towards Kyle’s cell. I overhear their discussion. Kyle snarls at him, swiping his claws at the glass to no effect. The vampire explains Nat’s condition, she’s going to die without a blood transfusion. Her body rejected an elder vampire’s blood. Kyle tries smashing the glass with his shoulder, leaving only a dent.

The other options were a human blood transfusion, still very unlikely to help or a Lycan’s blood will cure her. Dr Thorne gives Kyle his phone back, both of them glare at each other. His last words to a deranged Kyle were. “This is the only chance to save your mate, choose wisely Mr Scott otherwise she might be gone for good.”

Dr Thorne walks away going into another ward. Kyle lets out an agonising howl full of sorrow and desperation. He’s lost within himself. I sneak over to the corner of the glass cage front. I feel some sort of sick satisfaction in seeing him like this, yet I couldn’t let Natalie die.

I hide out of sight, checking for anyone nearby. Putting on an eerie ghost voice I call out to Kyle.

“Kyle.” I whisper low.

He stops looking around his room. “Who’s there?!”

“Kyle!” I let my voice whisper harshly to get his full attention. “Kyle.”

The bastard lets out a frightened gasp. “Your dead, your dead!”

“Kyle... I know what you did.” I smirk at those words, a little payback is required. “You betrayed me, Kyle. Now you lose the person you love the most.”

“NO!” He howls, slamming his fists into the glass. Tears in his eyes, he cries are desperate and longing for his mate. “I want to save her!”

A little guilt strikes me. Okay, Evie, that’s enough. You’ve had your fun, now save Nat. “Then save her, for if you don’t I’ll haunt you forever... call Lord Foster.”

“What?” Kyle whimpers, questioning my words.

I hiss at him, he flinches back searching for his phone. “Lord Foster.” I say once more, before silencing myself.

Kyle dials the number and gets a quick answer. At first, he’s forlorn and looks devastated by the answer. His next words are. “Evie told me to do it.”

I hear a low dark threatening growl, it chills me to my core. I leave them to finish their conversation. Waiting for the next few hours felt like years, my stomach growled at me wanting food and drink. I stole some food from the cafe, only a little bread roll and a few pieces of free fruit. I could drink all I wanted with the various watercoolers everywhere.

I checked in Nat’s ward, what I saw shocked me. Kyle is by her bedside cradling on to her hand whispering into her ear all the sweetest words he could think of. A tall looming figure stood in the far corner of the room dressed in completely black clothes with a long leather trench coat, I was surprised he wasn’t hot in that getup. His massive arms crossed over his chest, his golden eyes glowing under the lights, long raven locks shadowing them giving him a much more sinister and brooding aura. A plaster on his forearm where some recent blood was taken.

A single blood bag was attached to her own arm, Kyle is in tears. His broken green eyes full of hope. “Please Nat. Wake up.”

“Hmph.” Another voice sighs, growing bored.

Kyle glances at the man, keeping his eyes downcast. “Thank you, my lord.”

“You owe me one mongrel. I’ll call in my favour soon.” The stranger says his voice deep, cold and holds a sadistic tone, he heads towards the door. I quickly hide in a vacant room across the hall. I tune in my ears to listen in further. “If she lives that is.” He laughs sadistically walking out, a smirk upon his lips. Amused by the situation, my stomach churns with unease. He walks away heading out of the hospital, everyone shots out of the ways to stay clear of him and his pathway.

I feel his dangerous aura, it’s filled completely with darkness. My skin forms goosebumps at this sinister creature. Time passes quicker as I’m filled with hope, Nat wakes up hours later completely healed. They are reunited with their babies, seeing this brings a tear to my eyes. I walk over to the door watching from the glass window. Kyle's head shoots up. He grows pale seeing me. I wave at him, with a sad smile and disappear when he looks back at me.

Without a second thought, I head back over to the changing rooms to pinch some fresh clothes. It’s now just after 11:30 at night. Dressing in a long-sleeved black t-shirt, knitted grey jumper, designer jeggings and some ankle boots. I walk out of the hospital without suspicion. I thank my lucky stars I could see that. Seeing Nat and Kyle happy is enough for me, for now. Their children are beautiful, I pray to the stars they turn out to be good people. In my heart, I sense Nat will raise them right.

I look back at St. Johns Allbright Hospital, a single sad tear in my eye. This would be the last time I see Kyle and Natalie. I hoped to see her again, with her babies. “Goodbye, Nat.” I say sadly, walking away from them, my heart pounds in heartache screaming at me to stalk them forever. I put those feelings aside, that’s not me. Now I needed to find out what’s happened in the four months I’ve been gone.

The streets are alive with all sorts of drunkards, meaning its a Friday night. Great. I roll my eyes at this, some men holler at me to pay attention to them. My instincts tell me to ignore them, while my brain encourages me to calm there faces into the pavement. Stupid dogs. I carry on acting as if I cannot hear them.

20 minutes later I’m near my house, the only problem is everything is silent as death. I head down the long road towards my house, hoping Sienna and Jonas still resided in my house. Further, I head out of town through the forest, I couldn’t shake the feeling someone or something was watching me.

My insides knew whoever is watching me, it’s following me back home. RUN! Every part of me screams. Suddenly, I hear a rustle high up from a tree and a cold hand wraps around my neck and pins me to a tree in a blink of an eye. A pair of eerie blood-red eyes stare sinisterly at me.

“What do we have here?” He asks licking my neck. “You taste divine little one.”


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