Night of Liberation

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Chapter 23: The Leeches

~Evie’s POV~

Oh great! Another bloodsucking sack of shit! The Leech pins me to a nearby tree. Removing his hand from my neck, he uses his unnatural strength to keep my arms pinned either side. His red eyes glow in lust for my blood.

He nips at my neck teasing me, his voice young and raspy. “Divine.” He repeats, trailing kisses down the right side of my neck. I shudder at his kisses there sloppily and feel wrong all over my body. My stomach churns with disgust, rejecting all of his unwanted advances.

“Darling.” A sultry voice whispers in the darkness, calling out to her lover, her eyes glowing an unnatural vivid blue. I could only make their silhouettes under very little light.

Damn it! Why couldn’t I see in the dark?

He hisses at her, looking away from me for a moment. “Piss off, she’s mine.”

“I made you, so share with your Sire.” She commands, hissing like a snake.

I began to muster my rage, thinking about Magnus and Lord Foster. The mere thought of them enraged me, the cauldron within my chest began to brew over and boil ready for the eruption. While they have their little spat, I muster my rage into my arms willing them to become strong. At first, nothing happens, I’m barely able to move due to the leeches strong pinning grip.

The man snarls at me, his fangs glittering under the moonlight. “Quit squirming worm. Now be good and let us free you.”

“Get bent!” I snap ripping my arms out of his steel hold. He doesn’t have a moment, because I send him flying into his wench. Both of them slam into a large tree, it’s shattered by the impact. Using the strength drained me quickly. Shit.

Come on Evie, focus. Trying to rally myself up. Now wasn’t the time to hesitate.

I used my rage ready for them to attack, they let out groans of pain. Leech’s are quick healers, now I had my chance. Focusing on my destination, somehow my legs carry me with unreal speed to my home. I fall on my arse trying to stop myself from slamming into the front door. Thankfully, the lights from the windows illuminate the driveway. I see familiar curtains and two figures kissing in the upper windows.

Rushing over to the door, it’s locked! Fudgesticks. I bang on the door desperately hearing the supposed silent footfalls of two vampires ready to drain me dry. My knocks fall upon deaf ears.

“Come on, open up!” I yell. With my strength, I try to ram into the door with my shoulder only it deflects my blow sending me flying across the driveway a few meters. “Damn it.” I curse rubbing my now sore shoulder.

I hear the vampires race over to me, now I could see a little better. Their eyes glowing a bloody thirsty red ravenous with an unknown hunger for something precious. My breath is caught in my throat as they near, their features are lit up by the house lights.

They don’t look like the pretty vampires I saw on TV, rather monstrous both male and female are gaunt in appearance. Grey-ish flesh peeling from cracked skin making their already skinny appearance lethargic, between them I couldn’t tell between which gender they were. They hand no weight to them, bones were sticking out. Dressed in makeshift soiled bloodied rags covering up their parts. They remained in a half shifted state between bat and human, their bony arms held a thin leathery membrane.

My heart pounded knowing that these creatures walked with unnatural grace with their monstrous appearance. Both of them smiled at me with all pointy fanged teeth. The air grows colder around us, nature knows the harbingers of death have come.

Goosebumps form over my skin sending further on edge. I keep my eyes locked on them knowing one wrong move would mean my end. Fear strikes me hard, I’m frozen. Something inside of my mind refuses to move.

The creatures hiss in mocking laughter, one hisses menacingly at me, their voice no longer holding any trace of humanity. “No escape.”

My gaze is locked with theirs, a lock inside my mind stops me from moving. I realise it’s one of them! Those two words could mean something today, my heart is pounding louder than a drum. One creature rips off their garment, it crawls over to me it’s eyes staring into my soul.

I feel something invade my mind, the creature tries forcing its way through the many walls I built to block Lucius and Lord Foster out. It lets out an aggravated hiss, unhappy with its unsuccessful attempt. Calling over its mate now fully transformed into a monstrous demonic bat creature with matted black fur. This one has vivid blue eyes and is much bigger, both of their gazes lock with mine trying to invade my mind.

Together they tug at my mind, ripping down the mental walls with ease. I try all I can to repel them focusing on something strong. Nothing works. I feel them take over my mind and body, two voices in my head commanding whatever they wish.

I hear them, two sides of the same being. ′You belong to us now.′ They mock, laughing at my pathic attempts in resisting.

The creature’s command my body to them, I take off my knitted jumper without my knowledge. It’s like they are making your body think for itself without you in control of anything. I’m helpless!

I’m a puppet to them, a blood bag in their thrall. My mind cannot process what’s happening, I’m stuck on the floor my neck ready for their fangs. I scream internally calling out for help. The creatures drool at my scent, one nears my neck a long-ish tongue licks my bare skin. A cold shiver goes down my spine, while the other bites down on the upper half of my leg. Its mate joins in its jaws eclipsing my entire neck. All I hear is their greedy slurps of my blood, draining me of my life-force.

Slowly they drink extending my torture. They take enjoyment in my pain. It feels wrong on all level’s, these creatures of the pits needed to burn forever in hell!

Life seems to be fleeting away from me, my vision grows heavy and distorted. I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, their greedy gulps are all I hear in sync with my heart. My body begins to shut down, feeling myself grow fainter. I’m so tired...

I wanted to live... a normal human life... Now I couldn’t have any of that. It’s being robbed from me. What I wanted most was to learn to love someone with all my heart, to experience life to it’s fullest. Some stray tears fall down my cheeks, I could barely feel them.

So many regrets. I wish I had more time. The darkness pulls at me, a bitter cold aura enter’s my soul. I know this feeling, it’s the place I met Candace. A dimension stuck between world. Several hands grip at me trying to rip away my soul from my body.

Thousands of voices whisper things to me, trying to lull me into joining them. I didn’t want to go! I push through the sea of voices inside my mind, with each step I go further into a deep void.

My heart begins to go into overload, something small a little warm dying ember glows at me. Without hesitation, I run over to it. Picking it up I hold it close to me taking in its welcoming warmth. Flashes of me and Lord Foster go through my mind’s eye.

I remember what Candace said, a little ember. This is the only remnant of our bond, I feel the darkness recede slithering away back into its own place, where it belongs. The ember glows brighter. A voice from the darkness calls to me.

‘Call him.’ Candace encourages me. ′He’s the only one who can save you.′

I muster the last of my willpower, my determination. Feeling my emotions surge through the ember and into my heart, I call out to him, hoping he would hear me. “LIAM!”

The creatures stop drinking, they hiss at the monster’s surrounding them. Barely I could make out five Lycan’s with glowing yellow eyes, all of them living shadows within the night. The leeches try to fly away as their meal has been disrupted, one Lycan rips apart the smaller one aka neck biter. Four lunges at the bigger leech, fangs and claws cutting into its flesh. It hisses at them, the Lycans give no mercy.

I hear their shrieks of pain and desperation. The larger creature is subdued by the Lycan’s, it unleashes a terror-filled shriek at seeing it’s mate being torn apart by it’s sworn enemy.

It’s all too much, I pass out from the blood loss. Feeling someone pick me up, taking me gods and stars knows where.


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