Night of Liberation

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Chapter 24: Liars

~Evie's POV~

Time passes in a haze, I couldn’t define between reality and dreams anymore. I’m stuck constantly wandering through a void. A few voices alert me to reality, I focus on that.

My sight quickly adjusts to the blinding lights of a strange place, I’m laid up on a brown leather sofa with a man’s coat for a blanket. Looking around I’m in a huge office in the Enforcer’s station, the room is surrounded by glass panels with grey drawn blinds giving some semblance of privacy. It’s a typical captain’s office, large over-inflated ego desk, a massive leather chair for the big boss and two chairs at the front for their victims I mean employees.

Why wasn’t I in the hospital? I thought the monsters would at least have the common courtesy to send me to the right place. My body feels so worn and tired, my joints are stiff and sore, it’s a gruelling task to even move even slightly. Slowly, I lean onto the armrest looking around for anyone in the glass room.

I jump out of my skin at the creaking door opening. The man is familiar with his dreadlocks, massive chiselled physique and caramel skin. He’s dressed in a white wifebeater and dark jeans with expensive leather biker books, in his huge hands, are two cups of coffee. He places them on the desk, turning around to see me. His eyes glowing yellow. I study his many tattoos, each of them told a story of unknown origins. His black hair was styled in the most unusual manner sort of a warrior’s style, it was intricately braided with dreadlocks, tied back into a wolf’s tail.

“Good to see your awake.” He takes a seat in his office chair, his eyes studying me with intent. “We reunite you with you’re mate.”

I’m silent, there are other things I wanted to know first. For one, what the bloody hell is going on! Ugh! I try to form words, my voice is locked. My mouth opens, no words come out.

“There’s no need to be afraid. I’m here to help.” He tries to put me at ease. “Can you tell me your name?”

I struggle with keeping myself up for god’s sake, I couldn’t hold onto the armrest any longer. My arms slip, my chest falls limp. The man rushes over to me, placing me back in my previous position. He’s gentle with me treating me as if I'm a delicate doll, a cushion is placed under my head for support.

“Apologies, I didn’t know you’d still be in shock.” He says sympathetically, his eyes no longer harbouring any suspicions of me. They turn into dark silver eyes. I hold back a gasp, shocked by how stunning they are.

“Seriously?” I whisper weakly trying to sound sarcastic, barely forming the word.

His eyebrow rises. “You have a strange way of saying thanks to one of the Enforcers who saved your life.”

I grumble over his words. Can’t he tell I’m bloody tired? “It’s been a long day. Thank you for saving me.”

“Your welcome.” He smiles, turning serious. “What is your name?”


“Full name.” The grumpy bastard interjects.

He waits for a few moments for my answer, I didn’t have any more strength to form words. My insides are churning with unease at being around another Lycan, I feel so weak. Sleep calls to me once more. He places one of his hands on my forehead to check my temperature, his very touch ignites excruciating pain throughout my body. My nerves are in overdrive, it gets so bad I cannot scream. I’m a withering mess, trying all I can to avoid his touch.

The Lycan backs away from me, startled by my reaction. He calls out to his men for help, they try to touch me. Only to get the same reaction, this time I shriek in pain bursting their ears drums as well as my own.

“STOP!” A firm voice commands, all the other men rush out the room in fear of her except for the man before. Her heavy footsteps come close to me, I couldn’t see her clearly, my vision clouded over by my tears. “Gamma Bryen, haven’t you noticed the claim? It’s gone black. You idiot!” She scold’s him harshly, her eyes narrowing in disdain. “Leave, I’ll take care of her. You, ignorant bastards, are completely useless.”

“Isis!” He barks back at her, unhappy with her tone. “I’m your superior.”

She stands her ground unmoving. “An idiot more like. Now, get out.”

Gamma Bryen snatch’s one of his coffee’s. “Bitch.” He mutter’s low under his breath.

“Oi! Dickhead you forgot something.” She throws something at him quickly.

He squeals out in pain. “Fuck... fuck.... holy fuck that’s HOT!”

I assume it’s the coffee, the pain subsides a little. Still, I feel my insides coil and wrap tightly, Isis sits beside me with one of the chairs I could hear it scraping against the laminate floor. She waits patiently for me to come around, time passes agonisingly slow.

Finally, I come around, I’m happy I could see a little bit better. She sits reading a magazine about the latest gossip in the Lycan world. Her manicured nails are painted with colourful orange and blue patterns of strange runes on each nail. She’s well built, reminding me of the greek amazons with her lean muscles. Her flawless skin chocolatey in colour, I couldn’t tell by how tall she was. My gut told me she’s probably taller than some other Lycan males. She’s out of uniform, dressed in grey leggings, high-heeled black tennis court shoes and a long sleeveless dark purple top.

She shows her face, Isis is stunning. Deep brown almost black eyes pierce mine with judgment and calculations framed by long eyelashes, her black hair with purple highlights is styled in two long french plaits. Isis is fierce-looking, full glossy lips, wide doe eyes, her high cheekbones make her features look more menacing and elegant. I couldn’t pinpoint her age, she looks rather young maybe about 19.

Placing the magazine to one side, she leans forward her elbows resting on her inner thighs. “Feeling better?”

I nod weakly.

One of her thin eyebrows raises. “I expect a proper answer, human.”

“Yes.” I say my voice still raspy.

Isis leans back into her chair, her dark eyes watching me in fascination. “I’m Isis, Gamma Bryen’s second. You are?”

“Evie.” Keeping my answer short, my voice was getting strained by all the stress and pain I’ve felt in the last 24 hours.

“Nice to meet you. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? Give me all the info on yourself. I know better than those knuckleheads that you’ve been recently rejected by your mate. Who are they?” She asks firing questions at me all of a sudden. “Age? Species? Appearance?”

I’m slow in my responses. “About 25 to 28, Lycan, he’s taller than you. Strong, menacing and a jerk.”

“Sounds like 80% of the men here then.” She jests, Isis snatches a notepad and pen off the desk. Placing them on the side table near where my head was resting. “I’ll be back in a sec, you need some water and food. Fancy some doughnuts?”

“Yes please.”

She nods, strutting out of the room. Isis is very quick, I hear a few arguments from a few feet away about there precious hoards of doughnuts. She comes back her hands full, one hand is holding a white box full of fresh doughnuts and the other a jug of water along with some paper cups. Her movements are fast, in a blink of an eye, she’s beside me.

Isis stops momentarily, she looks a little worried. “Is it okay if I touch you? I know it might cause you pain.”

I nod slightly, she touches my skin. I flinch awaiting the pain to strike. Isis stumbles back almost losing her footing. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Sounding guilty.

“No, it’s the opposite.” I try moving, Isis assist me helping me to balance myself. She’s very careful with avoiding to touch my skin as if I’m made of glass. Isis pours me a drink.

“Little sips, okay?”

We sit silently allowing time for me to find a more comfortable position rather than leaning on my ribs. They ache so badly. “Isis?” I say getting her attention while she’s scoffing a sprinkled ring doughnut.

“Ya?” She replies her voice muffled by the food.

“Thank you.” I say gratefully. “I cannot bear to be around any more men.”

Isis swallows her food. “Ditto, those idiots should have known about your rejection. Shows how little some people observe their surroundings.”

Both of us are unsure what to say, I’m just happy to be eating something. My stomach welcomes it with open arms, it growls out demanding more fuel. Isis chuckles at me, offering me more food. She doesn’t bother me, allowing me to fill up.

I feel a million times better already, my body still feels sore and not so stiff anymore. I’m itching to know what the hell is going on. So I start with something simple. “Is it common for a fated to feel pain after being rejected?”

Isis doesn’t talk for a few moments. “It is, the moon doesn’t like it when someone rejects their mate. Especially if you rejected them. She won’t allow you to find love again. Kind of an overzealous bitch that one.”

“What if I rejected them?” I ask, Isis jumps out of her chair.

Her hands grip my upper arms, she shakes me. “Are you crazy?!” She yells.

“He kind of deserved it.” I admit. Guilt makes it’s way through in form of the dying bond. It didn’t like me bad-mouthing him, even a little.

Isis lets go of me, she jumps back into her chair. She gives me a stern look. “You are a fool to do that, the moon has cursed you.”

“What?” I’m confused, first, this shit going about my supposed ‘death’, now a cranky PMS goddess is pissed off at me. More crap to add to my never-ending shack of shit.

She rolls her eyes at me, growing annoyed by my lack of knowledge on the subject. “The moon doesn’t like it when you throw a gift back in her face.”

I burst out laughing at her words, Isis isn’t amused not one bit, her expression is straight and controlled. She doesn’t know anything about my situation. I stop, knowing if I pushed another wrong button she might rip my head clean off. “He was a monster, forcing me to do things I didn’t want to. He made another werewolf bite me so he could ‘claim’ me before my bastard half-brother. Not once did he think how his actions hurt other people including me. I was so sick of him controlling every aspect of my life.” I rant, it feels good to get it off my chest.

“Oh.” Isis is baffled by my little rant. “Sound’s like he needed more training.”

Now I’m bloody confused by her words. “Training?”

She leans back into her chair, a small amused smirk plays on her lips. “Male Lycan’s need someone who can handle them well, a mate for them is like a dog’s trainer. You need to give him more lessons.”

I give her ‘are-you-f**king-crazy’ look. “He’s the worst of the lot. I would say he’s a pedigree.”

“OOO.” She leans in closer. “A hard nut to crack, right? Who is your jerk of a mate?”

“Erm?” I grow red and begin to mess with my hands. “He thinks I’m dead.”

Isis frowns at my words, she looks me dead in the eyes. “Explain now.” She puts it bluntly.

“I woke up in a morgue in St. Allbright Hosptial. It’s then I noticed four months have passed in a blink of an eye for me. I overheard a conversation between one of my friends and her mate. He lied to her about me being dead. Kyle, my friend, told her he identified my body the day before or something I can’t remember. I left shortly after my friend gave birth and I was heading home, only I was attacked by vampires.” I explain, growing nervous with how crazy this all sounded.

Isis listens to my story, she is confused too. “Let’s start from the beginning, shall we. What is your full name.”

“Genevieve Clarissa Wright. I go by Evie mostly.” I say, my gut punches me for revealing too much information. But who else did I have at this moment? A stranger.

Isis is astounded by my name, she shakes her head in disbelief. “We had a corpse by of that same name, drained of blood and burnt so no evidence of DNA, your dental records identified you. Including some rich asshole called Mr Scott. He seemed rather pleased when he left.”

“This doesn’t make any sense, I’m alive. Some crazy vampire doctor injected me with something odd.” I ponder over the details. Something isn’t adding up, what is it though?

I look at Isis hoping she can puzzle the pieces together. She’s thinking a lot, the clogs going through her head. “I’m unsure for this moment, but you need to keep safe. Who treated you?”

“Dr Thorne.”

“Right.” She gets out her phone from her pocket. “Davis check the background of Dr Thorne, some leech working at St. Allbright Hospital.” Isis groans at her co-worker. “Ugh! I don’t care, I’ll promise you a good time later. Just get it done and I’ll owe you two dates. Kay? Good. Now get your skinny ass moving!”

She cuts Davis off. “Won’t take him long, that boy is eating out of my palm. Give him an hour. So let’s get to know each other better. I’ll start.”

We talk for a few good minutes, Isis is very nice once you get past her bluntness and crazy ways. The woman still reminds me of an amazon.

“I’m a local Enforcer of the Gamma section, second to Gamma Bryen. Just moved here two months ago thanks to his recommendation. An only child, my parents died during the Night of Liberation saving humans from mad c***’s that call themselves ‘pure’ Lycan’s.” She gestures her finger’s with the pure bit, her tone is blunt and cold.

My face grows pale. I dare to ask. “Are you a Lycan?”

She shrugs her shoulders, grabbing another glazed doughnut. “Yah. That I am. But don’t be scared of me, Honey Dew. I ain’t like those twisted bastards, yah see I have something called common sense, a gene some of those male nut bags lack.”

I’m a little apprehensive about her, yet Isis hasn’t given me a reason not to see her as a crazy person. She studies me for a moment. “I haven’t had the most pleasant experiences with Lycans.”

“Oh? Care to share.” She smiles her pearly white teeth.

“It’s a touchy subject for me, some things have been the worst experiences of my life.” I pull my legs towards me, resting my chin on them. My voice is raspy still, as I talk it feels better. “It’s what most shaped my life all those events have caused some deep emotional trauma, to this day I'm still recovering from it.”

Isis nods listening intently to my story, she gives me a weak assuring smile. “Life is never easy for any of us. I know for one, my parents were killed by their own kin for betraying them. We all have our own troubles. I ain’t too perfect either. You, Honey Dew need to get it off your chest.”

“That I do. But I don’t want to talk about it now. If that’s okay.” I say, hoping she won’t probe further.

She isn’t bothered. “Sure, but you owe me.”

Suddenly, we both hear a blaring ringtone come from Isis’ pocket, she answers it straight away. It’s quick. She gives me a beaming smile. “Good news, we got some much-needed info on that bloodsucker. Don’t worry I put out a warrant for his arrest. So I can get some answers for you.”

“What’s going to happen to me?” I enquire hoping I’m not locked up or they contact Lord Foster. A cold shudder goes up my spine just thinking about it.

Isis jumps out of her chair. “I’m taking you home, plus I’m staying keep an eye on you. The Gamma will take my word for it. Now tell Izzy one more tiny weeny detail.”

“What’s that?” Growing nervous at her question.

She stares right into my worried eyes, her tone is blunt. “Who is your mate?”

I look away from her, my eyes downcast. The little ember of the bond toys with me, any mention of him even thinking about him hurts immensely. I let out a gasp of pain, one of my hands clutches my chest. With all my strength and willpower I focus my mind to dull the pain in my chest. “Lord Foster.”

Isis bewildered by my answer, I feel her eyes studying me trying to detect any lies in my words. She starts pacing growing panicked and worried just at the mention of that name. “Shit... Shit... SHIT!” She curses throwing a paper cup at the door. Turning back to me, Isis looks holds back her fear and tres to act calmer. “You could have mentioned that sooner. That beast isn’t someone you mess with. I know him very well. All the staff here know him or of him. Foster won’t allow anyone to know of this. Fuck.”

My eyes wander over back to her, she grows more and more scared pacing in hopes to calm herself, her once cool exterior changes to one of full-blown panic. My insides clench knowing something bad. Very bad is coming. “Just how bad is he?”

Isis stops her pacing, her hand clenched into tightly balled fists. “He’s become more powerful in the last four months. Gained a mass following of sorts, many believe him to be some sort of messiah.”

Her words confuse me greatly, he’s nothing more than a beast. Correction a monster wearing a human skin to lure someone in. “He’s no messiah Isis, that monster isn’t any sort of leader. That ignorant prick couldn’t keep his guards posted around me not even for 10 minutes.” I say, rolling my eyes at the word messiah.

She gives me a hard look, a cold hard serious expression on her beautiful face. Her voice grows cold. “He isn’t just anyone Evie. Your mate has become something else.”

I shrug my shoulders, not caring about him. He didn’t deserve my worry. Don’t spare him any more thoughts. “I don’t even know him, he’s kept his cards close to his chest.”

Isis sits down next to me. She looks lost with what she’s about to tell me, her mood changes swiftly into a sad woman. Isis looks at me, clearly scared. “He’s going to become some hotshot royal.”

That statement nearly had me falling out of my seat. “That’s not possible. I thought Lycan’s were only Lords, nothing higher.”

Shaking her head, Isis grows forlorn. “No, it’s been kept a secret from humans. 800 years ago the last of the Royals were murdered by Lord Everett and some of the former Lycan Lords. Foster has had most of them executed for there crimes.”

“How can you tell if someone is royal?” I ask. Some important information has slipped my mind.

Isis shrugs. “I don’t know. I’m only 45, still considered a child to my kind.”

Gamma Bryen barges back into his office, a little condescending smirk upon his smug face. “Good news ladies, I’ve contacted the council to find your mate, Evie. Congratulations, Magnus will be picking you up shortly.”

At the mention of his name, all the colour drains from my face. I begin to hyperventilate, rocking back and forth trying to comfort myself. Isis punches the Gamma straight in the jaw, her expression fierce. Gamma Bryen is out cold. Isis turns to me, picking me up bridal style in her arms.

“I’m getting you out of here.” She says with fierce determination.

Isis strolls casually out of the office, she whispers low in my ear. “Keep your eyes shut. Pretend you’re asleep.”

Around me, the world shifts, Isis speeds out of the Enforcer station with unreal speed for a Lycan. When she stops, keeping me cradled close. “You can open your eyes now.”

“Thanks. So what’s the next step in the plan?” I ask, trying to adjust to my new surroundings. We are out in the streets, Isis strolls around growling at any lower beings in warning to know their rightful place. Dawn is fast approaching, a few rays of dawns light waking up the drunkards and lower classes.

“Any friends you can count on?” She says casually, walking to a nearby park.

“Someone might be able to help, at my house.”

She nods, I give the directions. By the time we get there, the sun has fully risen. Isis pounds on the door, slamming it angrily with her fist. “Oi! Knobheads open the freakin door!” She hollers.

A little slight peak through the door, Isis kicks down the door barging into my house. She slams it shut with a quick kick. Sienna lay’s on the wooden floor just recovering from the intrusion by a mad amazon.

Sienna looks at me like she’s seen a ghost, she lets out a banshee-like scream hurting my sensitive ears, pointing at me. “GHOST!!”

Jonas’ blonde mop comes into view, his eyes glowing silver. I look directly into his eyes, I’m shit scared. My heart is pounding like mad, thundering away to a drumbeat. Jonas’ eyes return to their hazel colour, they are soft and filled with happiness. He runs over to me taking me out of Isis’ hold, encasing me in his arms. “Evie. Your alive?!”

Sienna snaps out of her scared state. “Sweets?” She whimpers, her lips pouting. Sienna’s violet eyes widen in realisation that I’m alive and here standing before her. “SWEETS!” She cries, joining the hug. “I share only now, Jojo is mine!”

“Shut up, Babe.” He wraps one of his arms around her, so we are all in a group hug.

Isis quickly snatches me away, I’m shocked there was no pain. Why?

“Don’t touch her.” Isis seethes, ripping me out of the group hug and placing me behind her.

Jonas growls at her words. Sienna’s eyes widened at seeing something on my neck. “Jojo, her claim. It’s gone black.” She tug’s at his shirt sleeve, the state of the claim unnerving to her.

He’s alarmed by it too. “Evie. I’m glad to see your alive but...”

Isis crosses her arms, she stands at the same height as Jonas (he’s very tall). “She needs help. I ain’t leaving her side.” She says stubbornly.

“Why?” Sienna ponders in an annoying tone. “She isn’t yours ya know. Old Fucktard is hers.”

I glare at Sienna, she needs to shut it. “I didn’t feel any pain when they touched me.” I say to Isis struggling to keep myself balanced.

My surroundings turn blurry, my head is spinning. I couldn't maintain my balance any more. The claim begins to pulsate in rage, it burns my skin.

Before anyone else gets a word in, I collapse from the aching pain in my heart. Looks like Isis is right, the moon is an overzealous bitch.



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