Night of Liberation

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Chapter 25: Torn In Between

~Evie’s POV~

The pain inside my chest grows worse with each passing moment, even when I’m unconscious I can feel it slithering towards each of my limbs. It’s burning me from the inside out, the pain continues to worsen it rips into my very soul. The Moon has a strange sense of humour clearly she didn’t like me.

I can feel the pain shred into parts of me, I’m silently screaming it’s unimaginable. It’s a poison which slowly kills you. I welcome the darkness and its numbing effects.

Time passes uneasily, I cannot fathom how much time has passed. I just welcomed the dark abyss of dreamless sleep. By the time I come around I feel like someone has dropped a concert grand piano on my body over and over. Rejection is such a bitch.

I awaken in a familiar room, my bedroom. Relief floods me, I expected to end up in the hospital again. However, straight away I notice the changes in my room. The walls have been re-plastered and painted with violet purple. Many of my watercolour paintings were hung proudly on the walls each contrasting with each other to make them easier on the eyes. Even my bed had been replaced with an old-style brass double bed with a comfy cloud-like mattress. The new dark blue curtains were drawn, blotting most of the suns rays out.

Sienna must have redecorated it? I wasn’t so sure. My body still aches, I pull myself up and drag my heavy limbs over to the curtains. I open them up fully to let in the sunlight. With open arms, I welcome some much-needed warmth. I feel the sun cleanse me of my stiff body, it greets me with a much more tender embrace.

I move back over to my new bed, soaking up the warmth like a cat. Sitting on the edge of the bed. I’m happy to be in my own place, even though so much has changed. Nature calls to me, heading to the bathroom I jump out of my skin seeing some sort of pale hag witch staring back at me in the mirror. Realising it’s me, I calm my thundering heart. My reflection looks ghastly pale, heavy bags under my eyes, a rats nest for hair it looks like I just stepped out of a funfair ride. Correction, make that a cotton candy machine. Ugh.

The horrid state of my looks drives me over the edge, I wake up for one day and life just throws more and more crap my way. No one seems to be around, I grab some towels and just get on with tidying up my appearance, so I didn’t look like some wrenched sea hag. It doesn’t take me long to sort myself out, I change into a printed summer formal dress with red poppies all over it with a black v-neckline top. Leaving my hair to dry into its natural curly waves and no makeup.

My shower helped relieve me of my aching joints. Downstairs I hear three people talking about something. I listen in on their conversation.

Straight away I hear Sienna object to someone.

In a stern tone, Sienna says. “I won’t allow that monster anywhere near Evie. She’s been through enough as it is.”

Isis bites back her normal blunt tone rushes through. “He can save her. She’s been asleep for four days without any response, you ditzy bitch. Time isn’t on her side, the more you wait the worst she’ll get. Foster’s claim has turned black for a reason.”

“Evie did the right thing rejecting him.” Sienna snaps. “He’s made her suffer a lot more than you know. So stop with your insistent demands, you mad amazon. She needs time to enjoy herself.”

“Shut it, Witch. She hasn’t got much time left if Foster completes his mating to another, she will most likely die.” Isis sneers at Sienna growing impatient.

“Enough!” Jonas commands, silencing them both.

“Evie needs to have a say in this, it’s her problem in the first place and yours my mate. Remember, you still have to live out the rest of your punishment.”

Both of them remain silent, properly moping since Jonas has had enough of their bickering. “Evie, you can come down to say hello.”

How did he know? Right, I remember they have super senses damn Lycans. Walking downstairs slowly with a little difficulty since my balance was still a little iffy.

Jonas, Sienna and Isis were in the living room, Jonas and Sienna on the three-seat leather sofa while Isis leaned against one of the bookshelves brooding over being told off. Jonas stands up as soon as he sees me, Sienna and Isis give me small smiles happy to see me awake.

He walks up to me, offering his hand for support. I’m hesitant in taking it knowing the pain might come back, I risk it knowing he’s just helping. I’m surprised by his higher body temperature, yet there was no agonising pain. I accept his hand, he guides me to the back door.

Before opening it he yells back to the girls. “Get some shopping in ladies.” Both of them groan neither of them wanted to be in each other’s vicinity. He gives them both a stern look telling them ‘to get on with it’. “While I chat with Evie. I expect some decent food by the time we’re done chatting. Move it!”

We hear some more aggravated groans, they leave seconds later. Jonas takes me through the kitchen out back into the back garden. He sits me on the backdoor steps.

Outside is a warm spring day, the garden looks well looked after and cared for. Clearly someone loved to garden. Jonas picked up a nearby plastic chair, setting it in front of the steps, he offers me to take it. I refuse, feeling comfortable on the steps. He shrugs, sitting down.

We hear a car go down the driveway the girls bickering over what music should be playing.

Jonas and I roll our eyes at them, Isis loves to be in charge. Thankfully, they leave quickly.

It’s just me and Jonas, he sniffs the air checking for any earwigs nearby. He relaxes a little, still on high alert. “We need to talk.”

“What about?” I ask looking straight at him.

He brushes some of his blonde hair to one side. Jonas tries to relax, whatever he wants to talk to me about must be something very concerning. “It’s about you rejecting my brother. Wilhelm hasn’t been the same since. His beast has almost taken over him, he’s drunk on his newfound powers.”

Something else came to me first though, what I overheard moments ago. “Am I going to die from the rejection?” I ask, my own life is at stake so why should I be bothered with a monster.

Jonas holds back a growl. Not liking me avoiding the subject. “We are all unsure. Isis told me you felt great pain when other men touched you. Yet with me, you didn’t.”

He watches for my reaction, I don’t know what to say. I’m puzzled about all of this, why I was gone for four months, why I’m supposed to be dead. Nothing is making sense. “I was scared of them, with you I’m at ease. I’m unsure why, but you have a nice air about you.” I explain, still puzzled by many things.

“Ah. So other men scare you?” He asks.

Looking downcast out of habit, I try to form some explanation of everything that’s happening to me.

“Yes, I was scared shitless because of those blood-sucking sacks of shit. Lycans have always made me afraid lately though when I’m around the Everett’s or Lord Foster don’t feel the same. Yet with Magnus and others I’m deadly afraid, Lord Ryu seemed nice but I couldn’t talk to him. What I wanted more than anything now was an explanation to why this is all happening and been blown out of proportion. I thought they were going to harm me, like the vampires who attacked me. I was still in shock.” Hopefully, that would be good enough for Jonas.

He listens to me. He turns serious what he has to say shakes me to my core. “You visited the Goddess’ Limbo, didn’t you? I can see it in your eyes.”

“How did you-?”

Jonas stops me, his hazel eyes are filled with sorrow. “I rejected someone very dear to me on the behest of my so-called father. The Moon cursed me to wonder that wretched plane for aeons, a never-ending nightmare of being hunted by someone you was meant to love. She cursed me to suffer for 100 years. Yet, in this world time passed so differently. Nothing had changed, I had simply gone to sleep then woken up from a long nightmare.”

I then saw what he meant the same sad harrowing eyes that Candace had. I’m shocked by this. My voice is uneasy. “For me, it was only a few hours, I met Candace. Yet when I came back I was gone for four months.”

He nearly jumps out of his seat at the mention of her name. “You met Candace?! She’s been dead for six years.”

“What?” Confusion fills me, I’m startled by this yet somehow I already knew this. “She told me to give Lord Foster another chance.”

“The Moon holds no jurisdiction over humans, it must have cost her a lot of power to send you there. Still, I’m shocked you met Candace. She was a lovely lady.” Jonas is sad, he’s quiet for a few moments. A little tear coming to his eye. “She convinced me not to give up my bond with Sienna. Many times I’ve wanted to end things between us.”

“Jonas.” I’m so confused right now, my world has been thrown upside down by some mad bitch goddess all because I rejected one of her abominations. His hazel eyes are filled with worry. I begin to break down, it’s all becoming too much for me. Tears pour from my eyes. I wanted to let it all out.

“Right now, I’m so confused.” I say sadly, shaking my head. “Four months after I left the house so you and Sienna could have some ‘alone’ time. I went through the same pain and collapsed upon the pavement, no one helped me, only a vampire Doctor saved me. However, I believe there’s more to it than that. I lost four months of my life spending time in that wretched place. I’m so lost at this moment in time, a few days ago I nearly died. Vampires attacked me, ended up being saved by Lycans. To top it all off I believe Kyle had something to do with my supposed ‘death’.” My voice breaks at the last word. “Ever since I rejected Liam, nothing has gone right. The moon is an overzealous bitch.”

Jonas sits down next to me and wraps an arm around my shoulders in comfort. “I know exactly how you feel. The Moon is a bitch, but there must be a reason as to why you are fated to be with Wilhelm. You need answers, Evie. I’m afraid I cannot give you an explanation no matter how hard I try. What did Candace tell you?”

“That I’ve only got a little ember left of our bond. If I didn’t give him another chance. I’ll end up like Candace and Lucius, both of them hunting each other in a neverending cycle of pain and destruction.” I cry into my hands, my heart begins to ache at the mention of that little ember. Its glow has dulled slightly. “Its seems no matter what I want or do can affect it, I feel this... this thing inside of me slowly eating me up.”

He rubs my back in little soothing circles. “It’s the guilt you feel for rejecting him. It was Sienna’s idea wasn’t it?”

I peel my face away from my hands, my eyes are red and puffy. Tears staining my cheeks. My heart just hurts so much right now, it pounds inside punching me. “I thought it would make things better for me, look at how that turned out.”

Jonas gives me an unsure smile. “It didn’t end well for me either, my mate committed suicide three days later.” He grows extremely sad, a few tears weeping from his glassy eyes. I’ve never seen a man so broken by something. “Why did I reject her?” He laughs humourlessly. “My blaggard of a father ordered me to do it for the betterment of our clan.” Jonas spits into the grass, his eyes are hardened and stormy. He stares at me. “She was human like you. A beautiful being I couldn’t take my eyes off. I never got the chance to know her. Don’t make the same mistake I did Evie. I lost someone very special that day... my true mate. Sienna was my second chance.”

A small smile dances upon his lips. “When I first saw Sienna, the same feeling happened again. Those old feelings flooded back so quickly. Without thinking I started to date her in secret. Keeping it a secret from everyone except for Wilhelm, it’s hard to get anything past him. He never told anyone about us but made it clear he didn’t like Sienna. To this day I still struggle with her.”

“What are you trying to say?” I ask, growing confused and for him to get to the point.

“Being a mated Lycan isn’t easy, sure we may be beasts. It’s our mates that tame us. They bring back our humanity, without them we are lost in the darkness. We are constantly wrestling within ourselves to contain the abominations that dwell deep in our souls.” He explains the best he can. “Some others abuse this bond, twisting it to suit their own ends. As Magnus did with your mother.”

My heart jolts at the mention of her. I never knew what happened to her after all these years. I wanted to know. A small blossom of hope pings in my chest. “Jonas is my mum still alive?”

He smiles at me, something hidden in his eyes. “She’s alive and well. Her location is kept unknown for her protection. Wilhelm has kept her safe for the last eight months.”

“What?” I’m excited to know she’s safe and alive. I then realise something. “Did you day Wilhelm helped her?”

Jonas stops rubbing my back. “Yes. He’s been taking great care of her for the last few months.”

Relief floods my chest, I’m happy she’s alive. There’s so much more I wanted to know. So naturally, I poke further. “Is she well?”

He looks lost. “I’m sorry. I don’t know much else.”

Jonas and I sit together with a few moments of silence between us. Both of us knew we had to go back to the matter at hand.

He sighs. “Back to the rejection, Evie I believe you made a huge mistake. You shouldn’t have listened to Sienna. What you should’ve done is talked to Wilhelm about your troubles.”

“What?” I’m baffled by his words.

“Hear me out first, okay?” He requests, hoping I will listen to his side of things. It couldn’t hurt. I nod. “Rejection isn’t easy for both parties. You have tipped the scales out of balance. The Moon doesn’t hold favour to those who throw her gifts back in her face. She’s screwing you over because you didn’t think the consequences of your actions. Wilhelm isn’t a bad guy once you get to know him. He’s made many mistakes including with you. Sure he messed up but he did what he thought was best to save you from a worse fate. He’s always been the one to act slow. Wilhelm didn’t realise how much you meant to him in such a short amount of time. When you ran away to your uncle’s farm, he went on a rampage for a month. It took me and all my brothers to contain him. His beast took over, the beast became distressed that it couldn’t find you. Lucius took control of him. He made the council hunt you down, while he watched inside the limo with Magnus, sick bastards.”

“Who is Lucius?” I demand, wanting to know who he is.

Jonas sighs, he hated talking about him. “He was my younger brother. Lucius rejected Candace, Wilhelm comforted her after the rejection. Strange how he befriended a human, Wilhelm doesn’t like humans much. He tolerates them while his beast tries not to slaughter everyone.”

I listen intently, wanting to know more. He continues. “Wilhelm told me about how he discovered your scent on Lucius’ clothes months later after Candace’s rejection. Candace and Wilhelm, we’re in each other’s embrace. Lucius saw this, his beast grew enraged and attacked them. Candace tried to stop them only she got caught in the crossfire. Wilhelm killed her and he still deeply regrets it to this day. Lucius held two things over him for a year, one: your location and two: mocking Candace constantly to push Wilhelm’s buttons. Let’s just say Lucius didn’t know how to stop his tormenting of others and ended up as Wilhelm’s next feast.”

My eyes widened at his story. Jonas carries on. “Father ordered Sienna to cast a body swap spell between Wilhelm and Lucius. His favourite son died before the spell was cast. So, Sienna’s magic did the next worst thing it transferred Lucius’ soul into Wilhelm’s mind.”

There were so many times Lord Foster was acting totally different from his normal self. “Let me guess, Lucius took control a few times.” A bitter taste on my tongue at the mention of his name, I wanted to spit it out.

Jonas nods, he’s still a little sad. “Wilhelm struggled with keeping Lucius in check whenever he was around you. Evie, most of the terrible things which happened to you wasn’t Wilhelm’s doing it was Lucius.”

I’m at a lost for words. Candace told me the same thing. Did I really play into Lucius’ hands that easily?! My mood suddenly shifts towards anger, my heart quietens down. I feel my emotions boiling over. “Lucius commanded Theo to bite me, didn’t he? That fucking bastard. I played right into his hands. I want to-.” My hands do a strangling motion.

Jonas moves his hand away from mine. Resting his hands in his lap, he’s a little more chilled out now than moments ago. “Wilhelm confided in me about this a week after killing my c*** Father. Your death had detrimental effects on him. He was utterly devastated when he found your body. He’s been drowned in his work since. They discovered your body three months ago. It was kept a secret until a few days ago. Wilhelm has been raging a secret war with the vampires trying to track down your killer.”

Had I been wrong about Liam? I wanted answers, but I still haven’t processed what’s been happening to me. Please gods and stars above I need time to think. There’s just too much information swirling around in my head. “I don’t have a clue what’s going on. What I need is time to clear my head, Jonas. Everywhere I go I seem to attract the most unimaginable things. My luck has really gone to shit.”

Jonas nods in agreement. His expression softens in the thought of something. “Evie, sometimes rather than see the bad in everything try to see the good. Like with my brother, in a short amount of time I’ve seen him become more human towards others, especially you. That’s all your doing Evie, he started to change because of you. He cannot tolerate other humans much, only Candace had the chance to know him. The littlest things like calling him Liam he has never allowed another to shorten his name. It's always been Wilhelm to every one of us or Lord Foster. Other things have changed in him, like how doesn’t lose his temper has much."

I'm a little struck back by what he said, see the good in things? "He hasn't been a very good mate Jonas, we are always clashing. Most of the time he tries to dominate by having his way. Not to mention forcing marriage upon me. What's up with that shit?"

Jonas shakes his head at the mention of marriage to his brother. He's amused by it. "Wilhelm thought marrying his mate would give him the family he's always wanted. When he finds something he cares for he has a bad tendency to clutch too tightly to them. It's something he's picked up from my mother, unfortunately, that daft bugger squeezed a little to tight with you."

My feelings are stirring around in my chest, hope, love and loss are what I felt the most. There are so many things I needed to clear in my head to see more clearly. Did I do wrong? I'm uncertain. Looking at Jonas, I feel a little sense of clarity.

Looking down at the paving stones. I'm uneasy with the swirling mass of emotions. I sigh myself. "He's not the easiest man to be around. Maybe Isis is right, he does need 'training'."

He bursts out laughing. A hearty laugh comes out. "That he does, you'll be the one do it." Winking at me.

I blush at this. My eyes wander over to him. "I'm not sleeping with him."

Jonas has a huge smug knowing smile upon his handsome mug. I'm half tempted to punch it off his face. He holds his hands up in surrender. "We'll see Evie. Both of you have got a long journey ahead of you."

I let out a huff. I'm so bloody tired of all this never-ending drama. I really needed a holiday. "I want some time to clear my head. I need to get away from all of this."

“True. We all need time away from this. But you cannot hide forever Evie. You need to face the music. Wilhelm will be holding an event for the Spring Equinox welcoming new factions of supernatural into the Council. It’s a few weeks away, I’ll give you that time to get your thoughts in order.” Jonas says patting my back. “Don’t worry about the rejection now. Clear your mind. Just remember, talk to him before you make up your mind.”

I look at the trees, the wind is warm and calm today. The rustling leaves bring a sense of calm over me. “I will Jonas, thank you.” I smile at him.

“Anytime.” He smiles back, his gaze goes towards the forest at the back of my house. “I do love nature. Always made me calm. Maybe you should do a bit more in your garden. I cleared what I could from the thorn heaps.” Jonas gets up, heading back into the house.

He leaves me to my thoughts. Right now I know what I wanted, a little retreat away from this place will do me some good. Maybe I should head back to my real home. Uncle Morgan and Aunt Ashley could always use another set of hands. Returning home had been one of the best things that have happened to me ever since I met Lord Foster.

I’m outside for hours just thinking about my emotional state, my life and the current situation. Jonas is right in may ways, like how at times Lord Foster did seem crazier than usual with his tormenting behaviour. Yet I feel betrayed by him for biting me without my permission. I can understand his intentions were seen as good in hindsight if he didn’t do what he did I would most likely be a monster myself. Something I never wanted. When the times comes to talk to him, then I’ll get my answers. For now, though, I want to go home.

I get up from my spot and head back into the house. Jonas has gone into the living room watching the TV. He’s curled up on the biggest sofa eating some popcorn. I sit down in my favourite chair, the one I used when I first brought Natalie home after Kyle claimed her.

Jonas was watching some old fashioned black and white film. He’s quiet until the adverts pop up.

“Damn it. Why is it they always cut into the best bits.” He huffs throwing some popcorn at the TV.

“They love making you wait.” I jest, looking over my bookshelves to find something to read.

“Decided where you wanted to go yet?” He asks.

I look at him, he’s a little annoyed with the TV still. “I want to visit my Uncle.”

“Sure thing. I’ll have Sienna teleport you there.” He smiles when he hears the movie has returned.

An hour later Sienna and Isis have returned from shopping in a worse state than before. Sienna’s hair has all sorts of hard candy and sweets in her hair, while Isis is covered in flour.

“Good news Jojo. We’re banned for life from shopping at the local grocery shop.” Sienna beams throwing some bags at his feet. “Next time it’s your turn.”

Isis sighs at Sienna’s stupidity, she really didn’t like her. The amazon grabs the scruff of Sienna’s jumper. She glares down at the little witch. “It’s your fault, to begin with. I ain’t shopping with that bitch again.”

She pushes Sienna straight into Jonas’ arms. Isis looks at me, she smiles at my attire. “Lookin’ hot Honey Dew.”

I blush a little. Wearing dresses has always been a bit uncomfortable. “Thanks, Isis. You’re looking ghastly.”

Her eyes darkened at my silly joke. “Shut it. I ain’t allowing that witchy bitch near me again.”

“Good news, you can protect Evie while she visits her family.” Sienna blurts cuddling into a not so amused Jonas.

I blank out for a second, remembering my Uncle isn’t too fond of the supernatural. Isis might get the shotgun. “Not the best idea, my uncle might see you off with Big Bessie.”

Sienna is jumping up and down excitedly, Jonas groans. He pushes her off. She gives me a quirky smile. “The shotgun.”

“I’m going with Evie. She needs to be protected.” She crosses her arms, her eyes narrowing. “This isn’t up for discussion. I’m going with you.”

True to her words, Isis follows me outside waiting for Sienna to teleport us. Jonas tags along keeping the peace between them, Isis and Sienna constantly bicker even over the littlest of things. I won’t say any more just thinking about it causes my brain to pound.

In a blink of an eye, Sienna teleports us to my Uncle’s farm. Jonas has his arms wrapped around her middle. He instructs us both. “Take care you two, we’ll be back on the 18th March two days before the party to pick you two up. Any problems give us a call.”

“Bye.” We wave to them, walking up the gravel driveway.

Isis is carrying the suits cases, she gives me a glare making any sane person run for the hills. “I’m doing all the heavy lifting kay? You ain’t having any more mishaps.”

“You’re not my bodyguard Isis. Just a big scary Amazon.” I try to taunt her. She rolls her eyes at me.

“I’m you’re guardian. As an Enforcer, it’s my duty to protect a high ranking mate. I just hope his lordship will allow me to continue to serve as your protector and hopefully a friend.” She smiles at those last three words. So do I, Isis has been a great help.

“Ditto. I need more girls as friends. I had way too many male friends growing up.” I chuckle at the thought of boogie Burns. That kid became a good friend of mine after I returned home from Magnus’ house of horrors.

She laughs a little. Opening up a little more with me. Her normal blunt tone changes to a warmer tone. “I’m happy to be your friend Evie. Even if I’m a Lycan.”

I stop walking. I look directly into her eyes. “It doesn’t matter to me. From the moment we met, you’ve done nothing but help me. Even going against your Gamma to get me home safely. You haven’t asked for anything in return except for information.”

Both of us chuckle at that, we slowly walk up to the front door. I feel an air of welcoming warmth, feeling the familiarity of home. Isis halts in her footsteps, she’s in awe of the place. “It’s beautiful.”

“It’s my real home.” I say proudly smiling.

We get to the old Oak wooden door, I knock a few times using the old fancy brass lion knocker. Isis places the suitcases down, we both wait patiently for someone to show up. Half a minute later I see a familiar black mop of hair thrown up into a top bun, huge glasses, apron with a pretty flowery dress and shocked expression.

Bambina!” Aunt Ashley cries joyously, embracing me in a motherly hug. “I’ve missed you so much. My darling, Evie.”

I return her hug, elated that I’m back with my mother figure. My real family. She then notices Isis behind me. “Who is your amiga?” (Friend.)

Isis steps forward, she towers over both of us. “I’m Isis, a friend and protector.”

Ash looks a bit befuddled. Her head tilts slightly. “Why you need a protectora, Bambina? This make, no sense.”

Isis is careful with how she approaches my Aunt. She’s calm. “Evie needs protection, just the other day she was attacked. I saved her from them. As her friend I’m concerned.”

Ashley eyes her up, studying her. “What are you?”

Isis stares right back at her. Her normal blunt tone coming through. “I’m a Lycan.”

Both of them eye each other up, fire in their eyes. Around us, the air grew thick with unease. My heart is pounding with unease. I expected Aunt Ash to get her silver throwing knives out. (That’s where I got the habit of stabbing things from).

“I like you.” Aunt Ash smiles, backing off. She puts her hands to her hips, waving one finger at her. “No trouble from you. I warn you now, my Bambina won’t be harmed in my home. Si?”

“Yes ma’am.” Isis says, backing off. Relaxing her composure.

Ash gestures for us to come in. “Welcome home Bambina, Isis you make yourself right at home. Call me Ash. Just no trouble from you. Si?”

Isis goes in after me, hitting her head on some of the old beams. “F**-.” She’s cut off by my aunt’s harsh glare. “Sorry, stupid wood.”

“Mind your head.” Aunt Ash giggles, showing us to our rooms. “Evie, you stay in your old room. Isis you are in Elliot’s old room, he made a mess of it but now I made it pretty.”

Elliot’s old room is just down the hallway from mine. Ashley allows us to place our suitcases in our rooms. She's beaming in joy. Isis keeps her face neutral, while I'm happy for once. The feeling of home, making me so relaxed. My real home has just a way of welcoming you with a massive reassuring hug. Being with my family made me happy. It's where I wanted to be.

"I'll allow you two to get settled. Isis, my ingrate of a husband doesn't like the supernatural persuasion. So allow me to sort him out." She winks at us. "I hid that blasted shotgun of his, he shall have no second wife."

We all laugh at her. Aunt Ash smiles sweetly. "I'll go make dinner. Is a roasted Lamb dinner okay? My other babies have no taste in the food given to them."

"Sure." Me and Isis say in unison.

Ash giggles, she walks away picking up some boys clothes strewn on the landing her temper flares quickly. She lets out a string of curses in her native Spanish. "Miguel!" She growls angrily stomping towards the twin's rooms.

Isis is trying to hold back her laughter, Mrs Magoo can be quite amusing.

Both of us begin to settle. I feel a sense of security in being in my real room, my other home didn't fit quite right with me. I've always felt out of place in the Greystalker pack territory. I unpack all my clothes, shoes and toilets into there correct homes for the time being. It takes a few minutes.

The mouth-watering smells of Ash's homecooked food wafts throughout the old farmhouse. She calls us down for Dinner. Of course, next came the family drama...



Thank you for being patient. I know this chapter is a long one and you all want to know what's going to happen with Evie and Liam soon enough. This chapter is trying to convince Evie to see a little more clearly with Jonas. The next chapter is currently in the works.

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