Night of Liberation

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Chapter 2: A Lesson in Neutering

~5 years ago...~

The tallest mutt lunges at me, I jump back evading his claws. Blondie recovers from his cut, their beasts in full control. In the same instant, Natalie is thrown to the third dog who growls at his friends in anger as their eyes meet. Brown against black voids, his grip tightens desperately against her small form, she screams when his canines mark her neck, claiming her as his.

I kick the tallest hard in the balls, knocking him backwards with a hard punch to the face. My body screams at me in pain, I ignore it. Blondie slashes at me, his moves are slurred and messy thanks to the alcohol. I await the right moment for an opening barely avoiding his claws. Without thinking my body acts on its own, giving him an uppercut.

Crunch! I feel his nose breaking as I hit him a few more times in hard jabs. He falls towards me swiping his claws again, I step back onto the balls of my feet I quickly swipe my left leg knocking him backwards, turning quickly to my right side thrusting my hip and my leg into a roundhouse kick, sending him to the floor.

Grounding my body again, my stance still ready for battle. Both men snarl at me, Blondie sound like a snork. I watch them carefully challenging them to come and face me again. If they dare. They seem to hesitate for a moment but that doesn’t stop me from keeping my defences up. I ‘back down’ slightly, tempting them to strike me again. The tallest does, his claws rips through my baggy top, I use my left hand to swipe my blade into his claws. Howls of pain fill the air, as I let my knife guide my hand. I smile when I’m done. Seems this doggie has learnt a new trick.

They both cower before me, my body shows signs of our short fight. My knuckles were bruised, light claw marks marred my flesh. Everything was screaming at me to stop.

Natalie’s soft trembling voice snaps me out of my trance. The third man still holds her within his clutches, but he seems to be holding her in a gentle manner. She looks like a broken doll with her dishevelled appearance her red hair now tainted in her blood, Natalie’s terrified whimpers matched her frightened eyes. She tenses at the beast’s growls.

Natalie looked towards me, a glimmer of hope in her eyes. “Evie!”

I stood still, unsure of what to do. Natalie pulls her hands out to me. “Evie!” She cries, her voice growing more fearful.

The beast snarls at me, Natalie tenses in his arms, black voids growing in rage. For it was his prize this human could take away. I stay calm, even though I’m freakin scared shitless at the moment. My heart pounds in fear and adrenaline from my recent fight. He gazes right into my eyes, asking for a challenge. I turn my eyes to Natalie. I keep my posture calm and relaxed, “Natalie, you need to breathe.”

Beasty growls at me, unhappy I’m not looking at him. I ignore him, “He won’t let you go otherwise. Natalie breathe, his beast won’t calm down. Until you relax.”

Natalie goes into a panic, his arms tightening around her fragile frame. I step closer, careful with my next words. “He thinks I’m a threat Nat, listen to me. Close your eyes and think of something calming.”

She nods heeding my words, closing her eyes and tucks her head into his chest. The beast rumbles, brushing a lock of red hair away from her face. Minutes pass as we wait, Natalie opens her eyes which are still full of fear. “I’m scared Evie.”

The beast doesn’t seem happy with her words, his voids narrow in agitation. Mate is his! His body and face were screaming. I step back, looking at the beast. “Look at her face mong- beast, can’t you see she’s scared of you. Not me.”

He stares into her eyes, her form quivering in his arms. His mate is scared of him, “Please, she needs help, Kyle.”

My voice slices through his thoughts, how do I know his name? It’s on his uniform. Kyle irritated growls at me once again. “Kyle, your mate is going to hate you forever if you take her unwillingly. Think damn it! Are you going to rape her!?”

“No!” He loosens his grip slightly on Natalie. His voice gravely and broken. “Never rape mate. Hurt mate... wrong. Mate safe.”

“Mate is not safe, she doesn’t feel safe.” I say quickly. Kyle shakes his head, at my words. “Look at her Kyle, she’s frightened.”

He does listen surprising me, Natalie whimpers “Please... I.” Looking at me. “I want to go home with Evie, Kyle. Please let me go.”

“No.” He suddenly snarls tightening his grip once again.

Natalie looks towards me, pleading for help. “I’ll take her home with me, she needs space Kyle. Let me take her to someplace safe for tonight. You can see her in the morning.”

Kyle looks at me, assessing my words carefully. “She will be safe, I promise you. I’ll give you my address. She’ll be there waiting for you.”

Finally, the beast lets Natalie go, she runs into me smiling in relief. I quickly give Kyle my address and run away. Not realising that the other guys had passed out. I wondered why it was so quiet.


I guided Natalie into my home, it wasn’t much. Just a standard three bedroom detached house just out of town. It needed a lot of work, but thanks to my shitty paycheck I could not afford it. I made the house my own, glad I had a basement as my art studio. We both walk in, Natalie relaxes as she hears me bolting the four bolting locks across my front door. I quickly put each lock on deadlock making sure nothing could get in.

Natalie stops in her tracks, she stops in front of my fireplace. The embers still slowly burning away from this morning. The living room was filled with warmth, unlike the nasty draft coming from the hallway. She followed the embers glow sitting beside the fireplace warming her hands. “Nice place.”

It was a quaint house, I didn’t own much furniture. Everything I brought was second hand, in the living room I had a set of two single navy blue leader chairs by the fireplace, with a medium teardrop table in between them. A few books sat on top of them along with my morning cup of tea. Two large dark mahogany bookcases reached the ceilings, full of books and the odd ornaments found in dumpsters, or a different few rocks. Above the fireplace was a watercolour painting of a woman under a full moon, she wore a simple white dress, her blonde hair glowing in the moonlight. My tv stood alone in another corner of the room facing my three-seater patchy brown sofa.

I turned on a few lamps, the light in here was poor thanks to some poor design choices aka a black upwards chandelier. My brown blackout curtains were drawn. I was glad to still have them, most humans weren’t allowed such luxuries. I chose it as one of my main privileges. With warm lighting, Natalie took off her boots and smiled at me. “Thank you.”

I put a few more oak logs on the fire, it greedily comes to life once more burning away. “No problem, sometimes it can get a bit much.” I mumble, taking off my own boots and slipping into my slanket. Natalie nods in agreement.

Taking out my first aid kit from the bookshelf, I clean her bite mark quickly and put a massive plaster on top of her bite.

She turns her head away for a moment, turning back at me. Natalie asks. “Where did you learn how to fight? I wish I had guts to do what you did, your amazing.”

I’m quiet for a few seconds contemplating my answer, it was too much for me, old feelings and old scars surface. I push them back down, it’s a great burden, I keep the explanation short. I put the kit away. “My Uncle taught me, he was in the armed forces before the Night of Liberation.”

Natalie jumps in excitement, “Wow, bet that was great. To have someone to show you.”

“It was hell Natalie, he made sure I would be tough for this life.” I grumble, it was hell. But I needed to be, otherwise I wouldn’t have survived this long. “He gave me the full army training.” I quickly ran into the kitchen to wash my hands, and snuggled into my slanket taking a seat in my usual chair.

“Is that where you got your silver knife from?”

“Knives, I’ve got two, one on each arm just in case I need them.” I pause for a moment. “My Uncle gave them to me when I moved in here the other year.”

“Really?!” She seems giggity, coming towards my other chair. “May I?” Natalie points towards the other seat. I nod, smiling.

Just as she sat down I continued. “I was taught how to fight with them, and how to throw these babies throughout my childhood. He did it secretly though, those fleabags always feared he would train other humans.”

Natalie stays glued to me, quietly waiting for the next part, I sigh. “From when I was 7, Uncle Morgan taught me how to fight, survive and how to learn an enemy's weaknesses. Making sure I was ready for the big wide world.”

“What about your family?” I ask, wanting her to talk for a bit.

Her eyes are downcast. “My dad raised me after my mum was taken from us, I’m an only child. He died ten years ago during a raid on our house, I was 8. Since I had no other family they sent me to live in the human work house’s. Another woman took me under her wing, she became my mum her name was Janet. She passed away a month ago after I came of age. The werewolf warden kicked me out, leaving me to fend for myself.”

Poor girl looks like life had been shit for both of us. “I’m sorry to hear that Natalie. Your life seems as shit as mine.”

She laughs. “True, but you did have your family. Where’s your parents?”

“My father was having an affair with some mongrel bitch, he abandoned me and my family after the Night of Liberation. My mother and I was attacked by Lycans. They...” I stopped. Natalie could see it was hurting me.

“You don’t have to continue if it makes you uncomfortable.” She smiles sweetly.

“No, I’ll continue. My mum was raped and beaten by six beastly men. She offered herself in my stead. As punishment they made me watch their deeds.” I said grinding my teeth. “Those fleabags laughed like it was nothing, enjoying themselves as a mother and daughter world was shattered by there bloody antics. Worst still they made sure she had all of there scents upon her, she was branded with there names. Each five of them wrote their names into her skin, leaving her pretty face alone.

However, the sixth went mad with rage, he saw her eyes. He transformed into his true skin, I saw it all I watched him turn into a monstrous beast standing on two legs, he blended perfectly into the darkness, his eyes glowing a bloody red seething in hatred at his pack mates. I finally looked away as he slaughtered them all, leaving only one alive. I felt my mum embrace me. She was silent. I clung to her, it felt like forever. It was then we both fell asleep believing it’s been a nightmare. Only to have reality slap us both in the face!

My mother cried as everything came crashing down, my father walked in the next morning. His smile never leaving his face. Mum cried into his arms, however, he changed just like those men. He slapped her, calling my mother a whore. I looked behind him to see another woman who wasn’t my mother, he kissed her with a deep passion and love, not like with mum. He mocked mum, calling her all sorts of names. His bitch growled at mum, leaving her and me terrified.

His smile was back, he didn’t care. Dicklan, sorry Declan ‘my father’. Took his belongings and left us there until my brothers came back. Our nightmares were just beginning, the man came back and invaded our home. Months passed as our lives changed. Mum couldn’t care for us anymore as she was expecting her own pups. When she found out she tried committing suicide. I was the one who found her half dead. Her mate threw me and my siblings out. My Uncle took us all in, he raised me and my brothers. He was my knight in shining armour. My saviour.”

“Wow, your childhood is pretty fucked up. No wonder you're not afraid of those fleabags. Did Morgan help you and your brothers?” Nat asked, poking further.

“Yes, he helped us all through the nightmares. He makes us strong again, my family’s rock.” I say smiling.

Natalie jumps up and down. Fists pumping. “Your Uncle sounds hardcore, not to mention he’s a legend!”

“Don’t let him hear that Nat, it would go straight to his ego.” I’m laughing, remembering my Uncle’s egotistical expressions.

“Ya know Evie, fighting with those demons. Your hardcore too.” I smile, thanking her.

“There’s more to it, Nat, fighting them hasn’t taken me a long time. I’m not over it still. I’ve got my own cracks thanks to my past.”

“Fix them with gold then, it’ll make you more beautiful.” We both smile, enjoying each other's company.

It’s been so long since I talked to another human, dealing with werewolves day in day out is lonely. It’s nice to talk to someone without being on a knives edge. Natalie and me continue talking into the night. We seem to forget about today’s events. Maybe we could be friends. I smile at those happy thoughts as we fall asleep in the chairs.

I wake with a startle, memories flooding back. Natalie needed to get ready. I get out of my chair and shake her lightly. She grumbles at me. “Nat wake up, you’ve got a visitor soon.”

“No, sleep.” She yawns, snuggling back into her blanket. I pull it off her and drag her to the 1st-floor bathroom just facing the stairs to downstairs. “Holy fuck!” She screams as I push her under the cold water still fully clothed and now awake.

“Don’t worry about it now, Kyle will be here soon. I’m surprised he hasn’t come threatening to blow my house down.” I say quickly grabbing some of my guest towels. I show her where all the toiletries are, and grab her a new set of clean clothes. While she’s in the shower, I grab the chance to wash and get changed.

Natalie takes a lot longer than me, I make us both breakfast. Just something simple like cereal. I hear her come trotting down. She’s beaming at me. “It’s been so long since I had a good shower.”

We sit down to breakfast, I’m drinking tea while she has an apple juice. We’re laughing at Miss Gorgon's poor fashion choices, Nat chokes on her drink several times as she cannot stop giggling at Miss Gordon’s nicknames.

Our bubble is burst as an urgent knock comes bashing against my front door. We’re silent, I notice Natalie is a terrified mouse once again, the girl I’ve come to know in a short while disappearing. I do my best to offer words of comfort, only to be rudely interrupted. I quickly hug her. “Don’t worry, if he tries anything I’ll neuter the bastard.”

She nods, now quiet. I run over to my front door as the pounding gets worst. “I’m coming, I’m coming!” Shouting at the frustrated mutt on the other side.

I open the door, seeing an unknown clean-shaven man. His long straight Raven hair tied neatly back into a low ponytail, his olive skin now free from dirt and I see his stunning forest green eyes. He’s taller than me, his grey guards uniform clean and tidy. Something strikes me, the guy appears too nervous. His eyes are downcast, weird he’s a werewolf instant he? His arms are behind his back hiding something. A gift for someone, not for me.

A cord strikes, I recognize him. It’s Kyle! Wow he cleans up nice. I’ve seem to have forgotten my manners and my common sense as I stare at a clean man. My instincts scream at me to awaken, he’s a dog remember! I shake my head clearing my mind, I keep my eyes down. “Sorry, sir.”

He seems to be silent, only soft footsteps could be heard. I look behind me to see Natalie, she’s is hesitant. Kyle immediately looks up, still scared.

He’s just as nervous, why though, I thought all dogs would pounce upon there mate. Tearing them away from everything their mates loved and cared for. Kyle waits for her to come closer. His face grows redder at her like he’s a shy boy not a young man in his 20's.

Pulling out his surprise, Kyle presents a messy mixed bouquet of daisies, roses and other flowers nicked from my garden. I, however, didn’t care, to me, his gesture seems cheesy. Natalie was blushing redder than her own hair. There nervous beyond words. I gently nudge her towards him.

She gets the message. Taking the flowers, she sniffs them. “Th...thank you.”

Kyle let out a small smile. “I’m sorry.” He blurts, bowing to Natalie. Okay, that’s weird.

She blinks, puzzled. “For what?” Nat asks acting clueless.

“For everything ma-. I’m sorry... I've forgotten your names.” He mutters, scratching the back of his head. Me and Natalie give each other a look, he forgets the most important details.

“That’s Evie, I’m Natalie.” Kyle beams at her, enthralled by her sweet voice. His face still red.

“My darling Natalie, please forgive me. All parts, I cannot forgive my past actions. But I hope you can forgive me and my beast for our horrible behaviour to you my beautiful mate. If it wasn’t for...Erm...?” He’s forgotten again, 10-second memory this one.

“Evie.” I grumble. Although I’m hiding my amusement.

“Right, Evelyn. If it wasn’t for her, I would’ve done something I would forever regret. Thank you, Evelyn.” I shrugged it off. You don’t see a werewolf admit they were wrong very often.

Moving his had out towards Natalie. “Will you come with my Natalie. I want to discuss our future together.”

She nods, “Only on one condition. I stay in Evie’s garden.”

He agrees, jumping in excitement. Kyle and Natalie run around back to my tree swing. I give them privacy, no ear wigging allowed.


The day flies by, I watch my old television. The werewolf bitch presenter is gushing over a report. “In today’s report, Lord Everett’s sons are all confirmed to be unmated, except for his eldest son and heir. Our sources have confirmed they shall be hunting for their mates!”

I roll my eyes at her silly fantasies, being mated to a Lycan is a death sentence. They are the worst to a human, a Lycan has a hair-trigger temper. The slightest thing will set them off.

Her voice comes again, this time in a sadder tone. “In other news, a great day of sorrow has come as we mourn the passing of Lucius Everett. Lord Everett ’s fourth son. Lord Everett and his family are in mourning. We at Channel 5 send our deepest sympathies to the Everett ’s-.” I turn off the TV, annoyed by a so-called loss. Stupid fleabags.

Lord Everett is the leader of the High Council, there all Lycans with the glorified titles of Lord or Lady. They are now the ruling power of most of the world. Vampires, demons and other creatures seem to let these egotistical assholes rule. I’ve seen Lord Everett on the TV multiple times, his speeches are utter bullshit.

I’ve heard many stories about his five sons, the worst is the fourth son. The Beast of Slaughter, he’s killed many innocents. He leads one of the 12 factions of Lycans on the Night of Liberation. Killing over 5 million humans in the first night, he alone killed thousands and eats them. It’s been told his beast isn’t like other Lycans. It’s a creature from the deepest bowels of Hell, earning him the nickname the Hell hound. Rumours also tell of his beauty, and sex appeal. Another load of horse shit.


Natalie calls my name, Kyle trails behind her like a lost puppy. She’s no longer afraid, Kyle wants her to stay with me for a few weeks. Knowing I’ll kick his arse if he tries anything funny with Nat.

From then on I seemed to have gathered two roommates, Kyle was allowed to stay if he wasn’t being an arse. All of us grew close, and I was surprised in many ways. He made sure we both were safe, for a werewolf Kyle is very loyal and loving. A few months later we have grown especially close.

They became my family, a year after we all met. Kyle and Natalie got there own place right next to mine. Whenever the full moons came, Natalie always stayed with me because all wolf kind get a tad loony for three days. Meaning they are forced to shift into there true skins for three days. Their wolves are in full control, dangerous times for us humans. Everywhere is on lockdown. No shops are open. A strict curfew is in effect. Until the moons passing.

Five years on Natalie, Kyle and I still were in constant contact. During these five years, I hit a break threw with my art. Kyle forwarded some of my unsigned artwork to his contacts. He became my art dealer, using a different alias to my human name; Gwen Wolfgang. If I went by my real name it would greatly reduce the value of my artwork. Once it’s been branded human by the council it would never be removed.

Soon Gwen Wolfgang’s work was a great hit with all werewolves, they loved her depictions of the moon, especially her most infamous the ‘Blood Moon Feast’. That painting sold far past its actual worth, my original was brought by an unknown buyer. Kyle took a sizable chunk, but we worked well together. He had quit his job to become my full-time art dealer, he also sells other artists' works. Mine is the most profitable.

Natalie and me still worked together, in the same dead-end job. We painted during the full moons. I taught her how to draw Natalie could not draw a stick man, she loved to paint or work with pottery.

I could say my life was better than other humans, which is true. But I donated my remaining funds for other humans. They needed help too. I had enough as it is. Wishing it would never change. I never wanted to be a mate to a werewolf, or a dreaded Lycan.


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