Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 26: Part 2: Lessons Of...





~Evie’s POV~


Isis and Ashely don’t have a clue who I mean. “She’s stuck in a neverending time loop in some sort of Limbo. Candace was a friend of sorts to Wilhelm. He killed her by accident.” I explain.

By the gods, I hope I’m not right. A kick in my gut told me otherwise. “Isis if he intends to do this. What is the price for restoring one of the dead?”

She dry heaves. “It ain’t pleasant, but it requires great sacrifice. Namely 10 volunteers must be presented to bring back the dead. The Gala brings offerings to present to the host.”

“Fuck.” I curse, earning a whack in my head and a cold steely glare from my aunt.

She’s none too happy about it either. “Mind your manners Bambina. We can talk more afterwards. Now let’s finish here and plan something. Leave me to sort out your outfits. You’ll need time. How long before this Gala?”

“Two weeks.” Isis replies.

“Good, that will be goon enough to create some more beautiful gowns for my Bamabina and Izzy.” Ashley beams in excitement.

After our little chat, it was kind of a mood killer. We decided to take all the items chosen back home with us. Ashley paid only one pound for it all. She told us not to feel guilty, we needed a pick me up. They also forgot what I wanted to tell them, but I’ll save that for another day.


The next morning Aunt Ash gave me some of my old art stuff, she knew painting always held a special place in my heart. I set up a little art studio outside in the back garden amongst the 65 roses Aunt Ash looks after. None were out, just the spring flowers, daisies, tulips and daffodils, along with some early snowdrops hiding underneath the many trees. The views from the garden were beautiful on a clear day like today. I got my watercolours, painting the view of rolling hills, forests and fields. I wore my usual oversized shirts and legs hiding my feminine form. Why do I dress like this? Simply put, it has two advantages one: it’s comfortable and two men don’t ogle as much since your hiding the goods. The only downside is that I look like a messy hobo.

Laying an old blanket out on the grass I get to work painting my worries away. The wind carries the scent of new growth and of newly bloomed spring flowers. I sat down with my legs crossed engrossed in my latest masterpiece. Art has been my getaway for many things, one for my nightmares, my fears and my love for creating things. From a young age, I loved drawing and painting. My mum always encouraged me to follow my creativity, while Dicklan didn’t bother. He used to rip up whatever I gave him, that bastard knew how to destroy a child’s dreams.

As I painted, my thoughts drifted back to the recent event’s I needed answers from two people. Dr Thorne and Kyle, those two know something about my supposed ‘death’. I needed to know why it was faked, and who’s behind it all.

The claim has been hurting a little more each day, I haven’t told anyone because I didn’t want to worry anyone. The shirts I wear covers it. However, Isis gives me a knowing look, sensing something is off. Normally around my family, I’m more relaxed and outing. I could be my true self, yet this pain in my chest is growing into a vast void. The guilt of the rejection is eating me up.

Just this morning I had a better look at the claim mark, it’s getting worse. Normally it would be an indent of that arseholes teeth but now it’s black as night. Black veins are weaving out more and more each day. Common sense screamed at me to call Jonas, he knew something I didn’t. My gut told me it’s because of the rejection. Deep down, other things were whispering to me about death and decay.

Maybe they are right, I don’t have much time left. Time had passed in an instant, next thing I know it’s dusk and my painting is complete. Isis walks over to me, covered in soot and dirt from a hard day’s work. She doesn’t come on to the blanket.

Her hand on her hip, she smiles at me. “Come on Honey Dew, Ash has been calling you for the last 10 minutes. She says you can starve if you want to stay out here.”

“One moment. I’ll just pack up my things.” I say trying to stand up with numb legs, I’m like a newborn dear trying to find its first footing.

Isis rolls her eyes at me, helping me up with a hand. She pulls me up while helping pack away my little art studio. She looks at my painting. Her brown eyes grow wider. “Wow. You’ve got talent, Honey Dew.”

My cheeks light up bashfully, I’m a little nervous whenever someone looks at my work. That’s why I never dealt with other artists or dealers. “Thanks.”

She smiles at my red cheeks, slapping my back lightly. “Don’t be so ashamed, you know your good. So hold your head up high.”

We head back into the house, Aunt Ashley glares at me her eyes firey once more. She stops sweeping the kitchen floor. “Put your slippers on!” She scolds us both. “I clean just now. Bambina leaves your art on the stable. I shall see, Si?”

After dinner, I was getting changed in my room. Isis barges in her eyes fully dark at seeing the claim upon my skin. She slams the door shut, pinning me against the wall. Isis grows mad with rage.

“Why didn’t you say anything?” She growls in concern, her eyes looking over my pale skin, yet they remained locked upon the travelling black veins.

“I didn’t want to burden anyone.” I say in a low whisper, wanting to avoid any more drama with my family. “It’s been getting worse.”

Isis shakes her head at me with disbelief. “I’m your friend Evie. You should have told me. This isn’t something you can keep to yourself.” She shakes me slightly, trying to get me to see sense. “Stop being so selfish, I’m here to support you. Your family needs to know what’s happening.”

I stare at her, she’s right. I sigh, nodding. Isis lets me go, sitting on my bed. Her eyes return to normal. She’s quiet for a moment. I change into a matching set of purple pyjamas. “Should we call Jonas.”

Isis is quiet, she’s thinking hard about what’s happening. She makes up her mind. “We should, he knows more than he’s letting on.”

She whips out her phone, dialling his number. We both wait for him to answer. Isis informs Jonas about the current state of my claim mark, he’s growling on the other line. Isis listens to him, heeding his orders.

She curses under her breath. “Shit.”

“What is it?” I ask, dreading what she’s about to say.

She’s pessimistic, her normal blunt tone comes through. “Your pedigree needs training. Well, more like seducing or making that insolent asswipe jealous. He’s porking some other bitches!”

“I have to do what?!" I’m confounded by the mere thought of seducing him. I try not to gag. Seriously moon goddess, what else do you have to throw at me you zealous bitch!

Isis smiles at me with a knowing smug smirk upon her face. She gets up looking down at me. “You’re going to seduce him little Bambi, Auntie Ash knows how!”

Before I can get in a word edgeways, Isis hollars for Aunt Ash. She charges upstairs frantically frightened at the mere thought of something bad happening to me.

Ashley looks around the room on high alert broom in hand ready to attack anyone. Her eyes narrow at Isis. “Why call me Izzy? No problem up here.”

“There is a problem, Evie has been hiding a nasty little something from you.” She rips a piece of my purple top. I try to squirm away, the damn woman keeps me pinned to the wall. Ashley is taken aback by my black claim mark.

She takes off her glasses for a closer look, her expression turns serious. “Bambina!” Whacking me on the back of the head. “You idoita, why didn’t you tell me.”

“Ow!” I jump out of my skin, Aunt Ash pokes my claim with her fingers. “Will you fucking stop that! It hurts!” I exclaim, glaring back at my aunt. Slapping her hand away.

Ash and Isis give me cold stares, they weren’t happy with me at this moment. Isis lets me go, pushing me on to the bed roughly, Ash sits in the chair while Isis stands guard by the only door.

“Tell her.” Ash says abruptly. Crossing her arms.

Isis gives me a sad look. Her serious blunt tone changes to a meek whisper. Odd coming from her. “You’re going to die.”

“Louder.” Ash commands, nodding her head encouraging Isis to speak up.

“You’re going to die.” Isis repeats louder, her voice breaking. “If you don’t do anything about it that is. Jonas has that bitch I mean witch sorting out an antidote to stop it from spreading.”

“What the hell does this all mean?” I ask a little peeved at them both.

Ash is the one to speak first. “It’s poison from the venom in your system. You rejected your fated. When you do this sort of thing, your body starts to kill you slowly if nothing is done.”

“So I technically killed myself already?” I say pointing at myself, my hand drops beside me. “What needs to be done to stop it?”

“Well, my darling Bambina. That’s where I come in.” Aunt Ash smiles sweetly. “It’s time for you to seduce that beast, he’s rather a stunning creature for a dog. No offence Izzy. You are my favourite Lycan.”

Isis shrugs, not bothered in the slightest. “She’s already met your fated.”

“What?!” I’m shocked by this. “When, how, where?” Shooting questions at my aunt.

She brushes me off. “No. You learn to seduce the beast first. Come now. I gave you lessons.”

I know one thing, this isn’t going to end well.


What was the crazy plan? Aunt Ash and Isis want me to seduce the beast who calls himself my mate. My heart pangs at me for thinking such hurtful thoughts. Ugh! I’m frustrated that I cannot even have my own peaceful thoughts without that bloody guilt eating me up. All because of Sienna’s suggestion that I reject him.

The next morning Ash and Isis give the meaning of a rude awakening, dragging me out of bed a 5:00 AM just to start my ‘seduction’ lessons. Isis forces me to get dressed into a pretty red dress, look pretty and start whatever my mad aunt has planned.

Ash takes us the biggest room of the house, the living room. She’s moved all the furniture to all four corners of the room to make space. She’s dressed in all black, with a fluffy skirt making her look like some sort of oversized meringue. Her hair is down into its natural raven ringlets, a single fake rose in her hair.

“Morning Bambina.” Aunt Ash chimes sweetly. “Ready for your seduction lessons, si?”

Her smiles changes seeing me so glum. Isis coughs in warning to straighten myself up. I roll my eyes at them, grumpy from my lack of sleep. I’m more of an evil troll right now, uncaring of my appearance. The last few nights I’ve suffered from the same recurring dream of that dreaful place. The goddess’ Limbo Jonas called it, night after night I’m forced to watch Candace being hunted down by Lucius. Each time he comes closer, hunting me as well.

“Let’s just get this over with.” I grumble, my body screaming the need for caffeine to wake me up.

My aunt assesses my mood. “Chin up, shoulders back.” She orders.

I just yawn at her, tired. “I’m going back to bed. Sleep is calling.”

“We have tea ready.” Isis bribes me.

“Tea first, then I’ll start the seduction.” I bargain with them, my heart humming out for tea. It’s the love of my life right after strawberry laces, painting and my family.

Ashley gives in. “Okay, Bambina. Just one...” She sees my mood drop in an instant. “Two cups of tea, then we start.”

The next few hours are total torture, Ashley has got me dancing seductively. It ain’t going very well. Feeling like a goose trying to seduce a swan. My body out is screaming out for a break. The claim making it hard for me to even think straight. If I pushed myself too far I would most likely pass out.

“Again!” Ash commands playing tug of war with me, trying to force me off a nearby chair.

“No.” I groan stubbornly, fed up with her constant demands. “I ain’t getting it. Okay. I’m fucking tired. So just stop.”

“Mind your language Bambina, your home now. Don’t make me get my knives out.” She warns.

Rolling my eyes at her empty threat. “Sure bring it on you old hag. I still ain’t getting it.”

“Evie!” Isis says in a disappointed tone. “We are only trying to help.”

“Maybe I don’t want it!” I snap, shooting up out of the chair and shoving my aunt harshly away. She falls to the floor, she’s shocked by my mood swing. My emotions flare up again, boiling over. “I’m sick of it all! I didn’t want your help in the first place. Just back off.”

Both of them look disappointed, Isis tries grabbing me. I brush her off with ease thanks to my growing anger. She’s surprised by my strength. My tone turns icy. “”

I storm out of the room fuming, stomping up the stairs like some elephant. There’s nothing I wanted more than to destroy something. Grabbing some knives from the safe on the landing. I walk out of the house 10 minutes away to an old barn. What I needed was time to clear my head. Everything is growing too much again.

The old barn was a place where I learnt to hone my knife skills, it feels great again to have them back in some form. That knobhead stole them away from me. I take two of them from the bag, spinning both knives in my hands. They don’t feel foreign, just an old friend has come back to play. I smile a little, my silver friends always had my back wherever I went.

These beauties saved me time again with the harshness of this world, to me, they were a security blanket one I sorely missed. I breathed in calming myself. Being alone helped me keep my vortex of emotions at bay. Lately, they’ve been flaring up. Isis told me it’s all to do with the Transition still, my body is still changing.

An idea came to my mind. Hmm? Maybe I could make this work.

Calming my inner thoughts, I imagined an old ballroom rather than the rusting aluminium roof and walls. Just a majestic room. with glittering walls of the finest jewels and massive gleaming crystal Chalider’s. I hear an old-style Spanish guitar playing in my head.

I let myself go into the music, remembering what Aunt Ash showed me, I positioned my arms high flaring my hands intricately like interwoven butterflies. I danced the basic steps of Ash’s dance swaying my hips to the musical beat inside my head. Feeling lost into the beat the music played by Ashley, I twirled around like a madwoman uncaring of whoever watches.

Aunt Ash always snuck off to pratice her dancing she had a passion for it. As a little girl, I watched her in fascination as she swayed majestically to the beat with such seduction and musicality. I envisioned her inside my head. Flowing her moves. My knives still in my hands I played with them dancing around to the basics.

For a few moments, I allowed myself just to spin, enjoying the adrenaline in my system. My body had a mind of its own, swaying to the beat. Once when the music stopped, someone was clapping from behind me. I threw my knives at the intruder.

He jumps out of the way. An eyebrow raised. “WHOA! What the hell was that for?!” Jonas growls at me.

I smile nervously. “Sorry, Joe. You startled me.”

Jonas walks over to me, handing me a small crystal vial of a strange purple liquid. “Sienna made this to stop it from spreading. She said it should last for a few months.”

“Thanks.” I say in gratitude.

He crosses his arms, his eyebrow still raised. “Better drink it now, otherwise you might die.”

“Oh yeah.” I down the liquid quickly. I try not to gag at its vile taste, cringing at its horridness. “What the hell was in that?”

“You don’t want to know.” He smirks, walking away. “Sienna’s coming to get me in five minutes. Carry on with your dance, Wilhelm loves a woman who knows how to move.”

I blush at the mere mention of his name. “Was I that bad?”

Jonas turns back to me. A hint of mischief in his eyes. “Try not being a swan. Instead, try being a seductive creature with unnatural grace and ethereal beauty.”

“What do you mean?” I asked curious to know more.

He throws another item at me, I catch it with two hands. “It’s an aura’s seer orb, stand in front of a full-length mirror and you’ll see your ‘costume’ for the splendid. You’re going to be a very special guest for the night of the Gala. The Fae, witches and all other manner of creatures are attending, you shall be the main attraction, my lady.” He bows slightly. “I’ll be back in two weeks, you need to grasp the character you’ll be.”

“Ugh!” I groan annoyed at the mention of more blasted lessons. “Why not myself?”

Jonas walks right up to me. “Your going undercover Evie, what you will be I’ll leave that to your imagination for now. I need answers for all of us, what Wilhelm is planning, what the vampires are up to and your ‘death’.”

“What the hell?!” I yell at him, his plans are utter madness. “I ain’t being anything other than human. No magic here.”

“Don’t worry about that now. Just enjoy your remaining holiday. Gather your courage Evie you shall need it. See ya.” He waves goodbye disappearing into thin air.


Ash and Isis force me back to my seduction lessons, I’m growing anxious about whatever this mad plan involves. Two weeks pass insanely fast. I wished it wouldn’t I didn’t want to go back and face the music I’m happy being home.

I rather not remember my classes in seduction. Aunt Ash tried forcing me and Isis to dance whenever it came to certain activities. One time... I ain’t saying any more.

Isis already has her bags packed, while I’m slowly packing dreading the outcome of this plan of theirs. The Seer’s Orb is where I left it gathering dust. I didn’t want any more part in magic. It’s left me with consequences I’m still paying for. Magic always comes with a steep price.

Packing up the last of my things. Isis takes my suitcase while we head outside waiting for Sienna and Jonas to pop up soon. Standing by the front door, I say goodbye to my family.

Aunt Ash hugs me tightly, whispering in my ear. “You’ll do great Bambina.”

Uncle Morgan comes up behind me, snatching me away from Aunt Ashley. He hugs me tighter for longer. “Here you’ll need these.” Placing wrapped items in cloth. Straight away I know what it is.

“Thank you, uncle.” I smile cheerfully hugging him back. My hand clutching the items tightly. Pulling back. “It’ll be a great help.”

Ash knows straight away what they are. She growls at him. “My best knives.”

Jonas and Sienna appear, Isis drags me away quickly shouting a quick goodbye. “Move it bitch.”

Sienna gives her the stink eyes but does as she commands. We all are back in my not so tidy house. “Tidy this mess up now.” I order them, taking my suitcase and going back into my room.

When I’m done unpacking. I settle down for a good nights sleep, my whole body needed rest. Isis and Ash have been working me hard, so much for a relaxing break, but its better than being around vampires or male Lycan’s.

I snuggle into my blankets, loving being back in my own bed. Good dreams come to visit, for once in a long time I feel at peace. Without a care in the world.

Something loud stirs me from my slumber. Sienna’s violet orbs glow in the darkness, her magic sparking from her hands. Her eyes turn completely back.

Opening one eye, I see her hiding within the shadows. I groan out. “Sienna?”

Sienna summons the Seer’s Orb from thin air. “I’m sorry Evie, this must be done.” She walks over to my back, aiming a purple fire at my shoulder blades. “You can’t escape, the Goddess’ will needs to be done.”

I feel a great burning pain in my back. Isis muffles my screams of pain. I’m totally helpless, my body is frozen by her magic. Sienna hover’s over me, focusing solely upon completing her spell.

Aeons later Sienna stops. She has her usual ditzy smile playing upon her over caked up face. “Sorry Sweets. The Moon cannot allow anyone go unpunished. Enjoy your new gift.” She cackles her tone sickly sweet. “By the time morning comes, you cannot escape your fate.”

My nerves are in overdrive once more, my body tearing itself apart. The rejection spreads fast, my heart stops for a moment. I pass out from it all. This pain is undescribable.

I swear, that I have the worse luck in the world. Bloody supernatural. Stupid witch. Waking up with a pounding headache. I rub my head, trying to soothe my pounding brain. My body has been going through too much punishment lately. Once more I struggling to get up, my body groans out in pain hating feeling stiff once more.

I get out of my bed, ready to stand up. Only to fall on my arse. I feel very off about something. My senses are in hypersensitive, everything around me is loud once more. Constant ringing in my ears. My eyesight has changed, I could see things so much clearer. Colours that I’ve never seen before light up before me.

“Ow.” I rub my arse, once more I try getting up. This time I feel... My centre of gravity has changed?!

Letting out a stream of curses which Aunt Ashley would most likely bury me for. I use my hands to help support me, I pull on the bed, the weight upon my back growing increasing heavy as I come to my sense. Pushing myself off the floor, a heavy burden makes itself known upon my back. It feels like a heavy gremlin is clutching tightly around my rib cage. Using the bed as support. I still at the full-length mirror from my wardrobe. A glittery object catches my eyes.

A blood-curling scream escapes my lips alerting the other’s I’m wide awake. What the hell has she done to me?!!



I hope you enjoyed this chapter. I’ve rewritten it a few times.

Thank you again for your kind comments, more reviews and adding to your reading lists. Chapter 27 is in the works.

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