Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 26: Part 3: Costume Trouble

~Evie’s POV~

Two pairs of pounding footsteps came straight into my room, Jonas and Isis charged in ready to attack me. There beasts at the surface, while Sienna skips causally in that obnoxious smile upon her face.

Several objects crash to the ground, as I see a pair of giant glittery butterfly wings flapping back and forth reacting to my anxiety. A creature stands before me in front of the mirror, mimicking my exact movements. The wings are Inigo and deep purple butterfly wings protruding from her back. Her skin a light ashen grey, with delicate intertwining patterns of frost, etched underneath her bottom eyes to her cheekbones. Her eyes a dark turquoise gleaming with sparkling stars inside her deep powerful eyes. Long lashes frame them perfectly. Her height matches mine and her curvy body. The silvery-white hair of this creature was woven in a fashionables style showing off her slightly pointed ears.

I then notice my hands are the same colour as her skin. Her fingernails pointed into sharp points. Reality hits me. I’m that creature!?

Sienna comes strolling in with a big beaming smile upon her face. dressed in her usual mismatched horrid colour fashion. “Like the new you Sweets?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I scream at her, my voice is unchanged. The wings glow brightly matching my current state of emotions. “I’m a fucking pixie!”

Jonas stands just outside my room, he’s wide-eyed like I was seeing a creature. “Bloody hell Sienna, I didn’t say a full makeover.”

She shrugs uncaring. “She needs to look conviving Jonas. Sweets here is our ace. She isn’t just any Fae, as a princess she needs to stand out.”

“I’m grey.” I hiss at her ready to strangle her.

Isis ready to strangle Sienna as well. “What the-.” Her eyes flash over recognising me, her canines protruding from her lips. “Change her back.”

That’s when the penny drops. Sienna rubs the back of her head. “Hehe. You see the Moon won’t let me. Sorry Sweets this is your punishment.”

“For what?” I snap quaking in anger.

“Well, she’s letting me off the hook for the rejection if I transformed you into a Fae for the time being.” She laughs nervously.

“It was your idea in the first place!” I argue back, fangs sprouts from my teeth reacting to my growing spike in anger. “Change me back now.”

Sienna fiddles with her fingers. “Sorry, no can do. Ya see. Old Ms Moon wants you to learn a lesson.”

Isis growls at her. “Just what would that be?”

“You will all find out soon enough.”

My eyes narrow in disdain at her. My fist ready to punch her in her bitchy face. “You bitch.” I pounce, smashing my fist hard into her face. She crashes into a nearby wall.

I’m ready to launch at her again, Jonas and Isis lock both my arms trying to stop me, my strength drastically increases, even they trouble holding me back. Focusing my rage into my arms, I throw them behind me. “I’m going to fucking kill you!” I sneer angrily, my rage erupting. “What happened to a good old conversation. Hmm?”

Walking over to her, I lose my footing. Forgetting about the burden of my new appendages. Isis grabs me from behind, wrapping her arms around me and pinning my wings to her chest. She drags me back to my bed, I hiss at her trying to get to Sienna. I’m sick of this Witch’s games. I want her dead!

Jonas loses his cool, pinning Sienna to the wall beside the door. He growls at her. “You’ve gone too far Sienna.”

“Jojo?” She cries in pain, feeling his hold tighten immensely. “You are hurting me.”

“That’s the point, my little Witch.” He snarls, dragging her away to a different room.

My anger subsides almost instantly as Jonas drags away that bitch is out of my line of sight. Isis lets me go, sitting next to me.

Isis tries to lighten the mood, by sounding hopeful. “At least it’s only temporary.”

I roll my eyes at her. I’m biting on the words I really what to say. Instead, I’m trying to rein in everything. I’m irked by it all. “Keep saying that. Cause I ain’t buying it Isis. Look at me. I’m an overgrown pixie.”

The mood turns sour, Isis leave me to mope. I’m sick of Sienna, her magic and her crazy antics. She needed to change me back straight away. I feel like a fool dressed in an animal costume.

The day passes in a blink of an eye, the starry night sky calls out to me in hushed whispers. Beaconing me to join them

“Evie... Evie... Come to us...” The voices call out to me. ”Come to your real home, our beautiful lady."

The sky’s call to me like they’ve never done before, the stars whisper to me. Twinkling in glee as the night welcomes there newest friend. Stumbling my way towards the windows, an overbearing urge to spread the wings and fly high into the night sky.

"Come to the stars, we can save you.” They whisper sweetly.

But, I knew better. Reality shattered the illusion. Shaking my head, I turn around back to my bed. Falling down again. “Ugh.” I scream slamming my fists onto my mattress. “Why does this shit always happen to me?”

Oh come on Evie, you’ve been dealt worse than this. Remember what you went through to survive?! The Blood Moon was worst than this. Don’t forget how hard you fought to live your life now.

I try to snap myself out of my melancholy, life hardly dealt me a good hand. Still, I’m grateful for having a family, many others don’t have that kind of support anymore.

I sigh dejectedly knowing I’m not worth the magic wasted upon me. I brought this upon myself. Once more I break down crying into the curtains to wipe away my desperate tears. Curling into a fetal position, I cry silently wishing this torment would end. The wings fold down glowing dully in the low light. “Please...” I plea desperately to anyone who could hear me. “I don’t want to be like this.”

No one comes to my rescue, I am alone. I fall into a deep sadness knowing I might not be human again. I drift into a deep sleep. Uncaring about the cold breeze wheezing through my bedroom windows. The room grows bitterly cold.

I don’t notice a pair of glowing slitted green cat eyes stare at my sleeping form. “My... my, what do we have here? A little pixie has finally woken up?” It ponders, studying me closely. Something caresses the wings, the sensation is odd. They react to its clawed hand “Hmm? Your a responsive thing aren’t you?”

It leaves me alone, smirking. “I’ll see you soon princess.” It hisses the last word in a purr.


When morning comes I awaken in a cocoon surrounded in a light dusting of frost. It’s still dark out. I stir from my ball. The cold didn’t affect me like it normally would, it felt normal. The frost broke away from me, I noticed my bedroom window slightly ajar. Nothing from my memories could recollect opening it.

I then notice my peachy coloured skin is back! Rushing over to the mirror. I happily greet my familiar self. Except for the now slight point in my ears and those bloody wings still glittered upon my back. How can I get rid of these things?

“It’s quite simple my dear.” Comes a strange accent mocking me in a proud tone. The creature appears out of the shadows of my wardrobe, dressed in the most unusual attire that I’ve ever seen in my 25 years.

His eyes are cat-like and deep murky green, they hold vast amounts of power and wisdom. His skin is similar to the pixie from I just had. Only his frosty markings cover at least half of his face. The creature is lean and skinny, dressed in fashioned leaf clothing of decaying leaves and old moss. His stench of decaying mould made my stomach churn. He sits cross-legged, a huge Cheshire cat smile upon his creepy handsome face. All his features seemed sharpened to a point his chin, nose and eyebrows. His ears were bigger than mine, making him more of a convincing pixie. His hair was long for a male, black and straight just past his shoulders.

Instantly I back away, scared of him. The thing’s smile fades. His eyes darken into a deep glowing sickly green. “Mind your manners, dear princess. I am your ‘father’.” He hisses.

“Shut it, pixie. I ain’t in the mood for games.” I hiss back, my appearance changing back to a Fae’s. My body hums with new energy, it fills me completely. My skin turning grey once more.

He raises an eyebrow, chuckling a little. “Sweet dear princess. I am the one who merely carried a Fae blessing to you.”

“Blessing?! In what world is this a blessing. I’m stuck as another creature. This isn’t me, I’m human.” I snap, growing agitated. The wings come out fully.

The pixie man admires them, he floats towards me. He keeps a poker face, I couldn’t even read his eyes. “Truly beautiful, my King and Queen did simply marvellous. Stunning, no... Magnificent? Correct word? Yes.”

He’s avoiding my questions. I knew I had to play my cards right with this one. “Who are you?”

“Ah. Now you’re asking the correction questions. I am Prince Kalen of the Unseelie Court.” He sets his bare feet upon the floor. Bowing slightly. “Pleased to meet you, my dear Lady.”

“Pleasure.” I say uncertainly, wondering if I should introduce myself.

He reads me like a book. “No need to do that Evie. I’m well aware of you and what you are.”

His words sound strange to me, what the hell is he going on about? Kalen reads my thoughts.

“You’ve been blessed with the Fae’s protection, as it’s with custom you are granted a Fae form but no true Fae.” He explains in a refined manner, his accent coming through at his different pronouncements of mortal words. “As you weren’t born a true Fae, you shall not be accustomed to Fae weaknesses.”

“Can you explain a little more detail, please. I’m stuck with all this.” Asking a little nicer in a honeyed tone. Trying to relax the situation a little.

“Of course.” He smiles a little, pleased in my nicer manner. Kalen starts floating again. “I’ll put it this way, you are still human just with the Blessings of the Fae. My parents saw to it you got the best Blessings of my kind that has to offer. The Moon wished it so.”

More questions come to my mind. This is getting even more confusing. “How can the Moon wish it? She doesn’t like anyone.” Poking further to see what information I could get out of him.

He waves his hands brushing off some frost. “She made a deal with the King and Queen of all Fae, asking for protection for a mortal Lycan’s mate by the name of-. Well you, she was very vague with the details but allowed us some more magic in her domain as a reward.” Kalen rubs his chin, thinking of his words.

It then hit me, I’m still human? So why am I still a grey overgrown pixie? Snapping out of my thoughts, I look at his dodgy eyes. “Erm...”

“Just call me Kalen, Sweet Lady.” He smiles darkly showing his little pointed teeth.

Losing my thought trail for a moment. “Kalen, you said I’m still human.”

“More or less.” He keeps his answer short.

“Then why do I look similar to you? Not my human self?” Wording my questions carefully, I needed it to be straight to the point.

Kalen lets out a little chuckle. He smiles once more amused by my questions. “My dear, think of your new form as a blessing. Fae blessings react differently to everyone, your problem is your stampede of emotions that is bubbling over in that cauldron of yours.”

“Speak plainly pixie.” I cut in, grinding my teeth in agitation. Why cannot I get a straight answer.

He brushes away my last comment as if it was nothing. He sighs, bored. “Very well, think of your Blessing as a costume you can slip into any time now. Just remember, this Blessing always has its drawbacks. So whenever your feeling very deeply, you shall change. Good news is you can control it, after a little more refined pratice of course.”

“Refined practice?” I grumble folding my arms, fed up with his avoiding the questions.

“This is boring me, mortal.” He sighs, yawning a little. “I’ll give you a quick lesson. I need more time to prepare our arrival before the Spring Gala. Give me your hand.”


“No more questions!” He growls at me, showing his puny fangs. Kalen holds out his clawed hand to me. “It’ll be quick and painless.”

Things at the back of my mind whisper to me to trust him, another side is yelling at me to stop. Don’t trust a pixie. I give into the other side, taking his offering hand. I feel a spike of electric shoot through me, in an instant, I have all the information downloaded into my brain. All I needed to know about the customs of the Fae Courts, dancing and all other sorts of vast information.

Kalen pulls his hand away. He smiles. “All done. Quick and simple. I’ll see you in a week. Give Jojo my regards, my daughter. Ta ta.” He waves vanishing into the shadows of my room once more.

I wave back at the shadows feeling a little stupid doing so, but something whispers back to me in my mind. ′Very good.′

Looking around I notice the frost has disappeared. The room fills with warmth again, my windows are tightly sealed shut. Yet I’m still stuck as a blasted pixie. Sighing. I get out of bed, trying to get dressed was a pigging nightmare. A total fool’s errand trying to put a shirt on when you have wings.

The only thing which I could possibly get away in was a dress with a very low back. The dress is very pretty, a light blue knee-length dress with a few entangled patterns of birds over it. I slip into it through the top half of the dress. It fitting comfortably around my curves and breasts, almost as if it was made for me. My hair falls down into its natural wavy curls, leaving to flow naturally.

Putting on some trainer socks, I grab my slippers. Still, I struggle getting around walking. The wings lower behind me, helping to maintain my balance a little better.

Heading downstairs into the kitchen I grab my usual morning caffeine call of tea. No one is around thank goodness. Right now I didn’t want to deal with anyone. I felt very irritable. My insides felt woozy, Kalen’s transfer of information fried my insides. The rejection did dull a little, still, the feeling of that void growing reared its ugly head.

I wasn’t hungry, I grabbed my tea and sat awkwardly in my favourite chair. Many thoughts swirling around in my mind still. Just what did Jonas had planned?


“Morning Evie.” Jonas yawns sleepily. His eyes half-lidded, he stands just near the door in the hallway. “How are you feeling?”

Shrugging my shoulders. “The usual PMS stuff.”

He laughs at my joke. “Don’t worry, we’ll sort something out. I doubt we can keep a human amongst us during the Gala.”

An idea popped into my mind, the information Kalen gave me also taught me how to control the new costume. Just by thinking about it. Right now, I felt like a total dumbass. Why didn’t I think of it before!

“What if I came in human form but still had some Fae features?” I say excited, my idea needed some more thought though. “I could pretend to favour the human, I mean mortal realm more.”

“Go on.” Jonas says, sitting down on the big sofa.

I smile, feeling I’m doing something useful once more. “I’ll still be a Fae of sorts, just wearing mortal fashions to mock the tradition of the Gala.”

He looks a little puzzled. “How do you know about that.”

“Oops.” I laugh nervously. “Kalen told me to give you his regards.”

The Lycan wasn’t too happy with the mere mention of Kalen. He growls at his name. His eyes glow. “That conniving pointed ear prick.”

Kalen must have pushed too many of Jonas’ buttons. “Is he an old friend of yours?” I ask, ready to run out of the room sensing his emerging power.

“He’s a bastard. That prick owes me a lot.” Jonas shots out of the room using his supernatural speed. I hear some more arguments between that bitch Sienna and her mate.

Isis snarls at them both, pounding on her bedroom wall. “Will you shut it! I’m trying to sleep.”


A few hours later everyone is out, Jonas has gone for a long run to get rid of his anger, Isis has returned to work in hopes of finding more information about Dr Thorne and Bitch? Well, I don’t give a fuck.

This quiet times gives me time to practice holding the costume for the Gala. Changing your appearance wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be, I just pictured what I wanted in my head. The image had to be held for at least 30 seconds.

Those blasted wings still haven’t gone! I was growing frustrated at this point, feeling fed up with constantly stumbling around like some sort of drunkard. Hmm? Maybe booze might improve my balance. Jonas did like to drink a lot, so I pinched some of his beers from the fridge. Life was getting a little too much, I needed something to relax a little.

I made a comfy spot on the largest sofa, so I could spread those things. With each drink, I enjoyed a sense of freedom. I curled up in my chair reading a good book of an old romance my mother used to love. Reading it felt like I was connecting to her once more. Being drunk I’m surprised I could still read.

After I finished my book, my thoughts drifted to everything about whats happened recently. Even with my little break, I needed time still to shift threw them all.

At times I think I know myself. This time though I’m stunned by a little revelation I had during my little break, it’s given me time to look inward more and start to see how wrong I’ve been in some ways. I’ve jumped to some conclusions about people namely Lycans. Letting my experience cloud over some important details. Not once did make the effort to listen to their side of the story.

The one thing playing on my mind was why Liam bit me. It occurred to me that it really was the only way he knew how to protect me from Lucius. In the time away from it all I’m starting to see the repercussions of my actions. Everyone has a different way of protecting someone, be it a parent thinking what’s best for their child. A friend sticking up for you. Someone who cares about you helps you in a way you don’t approve but still, it’s their way of showing they are willing to protect you from harm be if needed to cause harm.

Magnus is a different story though. He’s a monster through and through, that creature deserves to be in the Goddess’ Limbo forever hunted by another Lycan for putting my family through literal hell. That thing doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

Why am I changing my tune now? Isis showed me there are other sides to people, she’s a great person once you get past her blunt tones and standoffish ways. In the last three weeks, she’s helped me through a lot of my past traumas. Isis became a fast friend, she gave me hope again. At times I believe it is just as important to forge strong friendships, she makes me realise how much I have let myself get eaten up by my past. She listened to me when I told her about what happened to me in the past. Isis told me about hers, how deeply the death of her parents affected her too. We bonded over our losses, she wished she had siblings and other family members to relay on.

In such a short space of time, she became a friend, a sister and protector to me. Isis found a family again, earning the respect of my uncle. That is no easy feat, he’s the most stubborn person I know. Ash and my cousins loved her too. She’s given us all something again. Hope. That’s what she’s given me too.

She told me herself how she sees me as her sister and strangely we’re becoming best friends. Strange isn’t it? We still had our scuffles over little things, yet we got through it.

I never thought I would find a friend in a Lycan. That doesn’t bother me anymore now, she’s great. Scary at times when she loses her rag. Don’t get me started on her time of the month she’s crazy during that time.

The hour’s sweep by quickly, I’ve lost count how many things... what are they called. Happy drinks. Yeah, let’s go with that. Piles upon piles of glass bottles litter the room. I didn’t give a shit about the state of anything. My world is soo swirly right now.

Someone enters the room, my vision is too blurred to make them out. “Hey.” I slurred, waving at them. “You pretty blob.”

The blob replies back, there voice shrieks into my sensitive ears. “What are you doing?!”

I raise an eyebrow and raise a bottle at them. “I’m communing with the dead. Na, I’m getting slaughtered cause Sienna is a bitch.” A loud blech echos throughout the room. “Cheers to freedom.”

Downing the whole bottle in seconds. A frown forms. “Ah, man. No more beer?” I search for another magic bottled brew.

The bottle is snatched away from my hand. A scolding tone comes through. “No more.”

I snort at them. “Whatever.” My vision clears, seeing who it is. My inner thoughts blurt out of my mouth. “Isn’t it the Bitch? I say... ya see fecking Slagheap on cloud 666. Go and do me some favour. Piss off.”

What’s her name, tries ordering me about. “Sweets quit being a jerk.”

“Get bent.” I mumble, yawning a little. Sleep is calling. Instantly I’m out like a light. Finding freedom in blissful dreams.


Next morning I awake with a pounding hangover and groan like a zombie when another intruder invading my personal space. Isis stands over me, dressed in her colourful tank top and short shorts. She places a cup of tea on the coffee table along with some painkillers and some water.

She keeps her voice in a low whisper. “Here you go. Take care of yourself, okay? I’ll be back in a few hours. Jonas wants you to practice your shape-shifting if you’re up to it.” Isis pats me gently before walking upstairs to get changed.

Ugh. I couldn’t be bothered. I downed the tea, took the pills and left the water. Sleep called to me more than anything else. I’m never drinking that much ever again. Note to self: Never drink over 30 bottles of beer. You’ll end up with a nightmare of a banging head.


Four days before the Gala...

Another day passes before I feel like myself once more. During the night I had a dream about Liam. How I kissed him without a worry in the world. It felt so real... so warm. My little dying ember grew brighter. It was just us, no troublesome pest of a brother. Seeing how broken he was tugged at my heartstrings.

Yet my thoughts were consumed by these damn winged appendages make me want to chop them off with anything. Kalen didn’t have wings, so why do I have some too?

Trying to control my new costume was a huge pain, I couldn’t stay in my true self for long. I’d always end up grey once more. If I couldn’t get myself sorted, I would really be stuck like this. None of Kalen’s downloaded information helped me in the slightest.

Holding an image for 30 seconds is hard, why couldn’t it be for 3 seconds instead?

I sigh, knowing it sucks even more.

Isis calls from downstairs. “Evie, your Aunt’s here with our dresses.”

I begin to sweat afraid of her seeing me like this, however, I don’t get time to change back into my human self. My Aunt charges in with two dresses, a huge smile upon her face.

She stops at seeing me, Ashley is gobsmacked at seeing a Fairy.

Both of us sense something behind us. Kalen’s appears out of thin air. A huge smile on his face. “My darling Esperanza. It's been a while."


*Slams head into desk*

Finally, that's done with. I've decided to add extra bits to this. Evie had a little break. But now it's time for the show. 🙃

Guess who's coming back. Hehe.

See you soon...

Melissa x

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