Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 27: The Hunt for His Mate

This chapter goes back into the past a little. Tigerlily76 asked if I could write from Liam’s POV so you guys could see from his perspective. To see if he wants her arse. Of course, he does. The man just likes to hide certain things from our girl Evie.

If you want to hear from Liam’s side go ahead. Plus there’s something else at the end ;). I forgot to add it to another chapter but I thought it fitted perfectly with this.


Days before the Gala...

~Liam’s POV~

Five months... nearly five months since she’s rejected me. Life seemed to hold nothing to me for me anymore. The bond I had with her now was nothing more than a mere fleeting ember glowing dimly in the hope she’ll return to me. However, the news of her death struck me harder than I ever expected. In such a short space of time, she became someone very special to me, more than poor Candace. Evie wormed her way straight into my heart, earned my beast's loyalty and trust. She stood up to me and stood her ground several times even against my beast. Lucius loved toying with her every moment he took control.

My heart aches just thinking about her, my beast growls in agreement missing his mate. Lucius had all but vanished from my mind after my royal awakening. For the first week, I grew drunk now my newfound powers. Dominating them all like they were nothing, then news of Evie’s death reached my ears.

My dreams are constantly haunted by the mere memory of her. Before she awoke from her nightmare, I had claimed her while Lucius slept. My beast took action wanting Evie for our own. Telling her my name for the first time made me feel more human than before. We connected more on a personal level after she fell asleep in the safety of my arms. She accepted a little bit more of the bond so did I. Me and Silver loved how she tried thwarting us at every turn, Silver wanted to test her resilience. To judge her worthy of us, and she didn’t disappoint.

Every night I’m haunted by the rejection then it turns into a bittersweet dream. Where Evie touches me with a gentle caress of warmth only a mate could bring.

Gamma Bryen found her mutated corpse just outside the hospital grounds where she was being treated for the after-effects of the rejection. Dr Thorne confirmed it was her. That leech felt off, he supposedly saved my mate from dying. Evie would have never trusted him.

But seeing her dead body before me that day will haunt me forever. The sight of her made me puke my meals out. My beast and I grew into an unfathomable rage it consumed us both. The reality of losing her struck us both deeply. Silver my beast mourned her every night howling for his lost. I let him out every chance I could get, we needed to mourn her. After that I grew distant from my family and friends, my guards grew weary of me. Every time they mentioned her I would shift, Silver grew more powerful on his unshackled powers. I had to hold him back every time, Ace and Jesse had several new scars to prove the wrath of my monster whenever they mentioned her. He snarls at me for my thoughts, yet we knew its the truth.

The last few months had been a total hell worse than when Evie rejected me. One thing I am grateful for is for not hearing my imbecile brothers taunts anymore. Silver and I grew tired of it.

When her friend Kyle called me, he had claimed her ghost had talked to him urging for me to help his mate. I was a fool in believing he could summon her.


1 month ago... (just when Evie had awakened from her slumber).

Left alone to wallow in my guilt and pity of my own estate, my heart called out for her. I remember her stunning turquoise eyes glowing with light and life, not once did I see them in happiness for me. She always held hatred for me, even fear. Yet she stood out to me, how did a little rabbit burrow into my heart?

Darkness surrounded me in every aspect, Silver was on edge too looking for a reason to make his way out.

A knock comes from the door, interrupting my thoughts. An animalistic snarl escapes my lips. I snap towards the intruder. “What?” I snap.

Ace peaks from behind the door his multi-coloured eyes downcast feeling the darkness of my foreboding aura dominate all. I get some sick twisted satisfaction of seeing someone squirm for the first time in days.

“Sir you have a call from someone called Mr Scott.” Ace stutters timidly, careful with what he’s saying. His hair had grown longer, no longer that hideous mohawk.

He enters my chambers slowly, like a petrified measly mouse. A phone is in his hand, he kneels down before me. Offering me the phone. I do not take it, what ignorant creature requested to talk to me?! “No.” I put it plainly.

“My Lord, he says it’s about...” He gulps his nerves getting the better of him. “Its...about...her.”

An eyebrow raises, wondering why he had the audacity of bringing her into this. My beast looms underneath my skin, it prickles a little he’s making himself known. I swipe the phone away from his hands, Ace runs out of the room and shuts the door to give me some privacy.

I bring the phone to my ear. “Good afternoon Mr Scott, what can I help you with now?” I say mocking him a little.

That ignorant rat boy squirms under my voice, I hear him shuffling movements from the other end of the phone line. “Better speak up worm, otherwise you’ll be wasting my precious time. Again.” I threaten him.

Kyle Scott is the art dealer I had many dealings with he sold me many of Gwen Wolfgang’s paintings, including her infamous ‘Blood Moon Feast’ I am the proud owner of it plus many more. Her art called to me like no other, I for one could admire her beautiful art and the meanings behind it. He even tried to sell me a fake one once, straight away I knew it wasn’t hers. How did I know? A Lycan’s senses are very enhanced over a mere wolf pup.

What he says to me chills me to my core. “Evie told me to do it.”

A low dark threatening growl comes from deep within my chest. “You dare bring her into this!”

“She’s haunting me. Everywhere I turn she’s out of the corner of my eye. She knows what I’ve done, how I betrayed her!” He cries desperately, his emotions are consuming him. His plea is of a desperate broken-hearted man.

It falls upon deaf ears, my anger was rising faster than ever. My claws protruding from my fingernails. “You are a fool! You failed to protect her from the likes of me. I know your crimes Mr Scott, you sold her out to me. For what? Mere pennies.”

“It was 50 million.” He snaps back his beast at the surface.

I laugh at this mere notion. That day I met her, she held her own until she slipped up by calling me a wanker. Lucius took control for a moment wanting her to relieve him of his stress. I took control back, wanting to claim her. A small smirk plays upon my lips. “Pennies mere pennies, Mr Scott. She’s gone now...”

“No! No she isn’t she’s been haunting me all day. Watching from the shadows, she knows. She knows my Lord.” He cries. “Her ghost is haunting me for betraying her I need your help to save her my mate. Evie won’t stop haunting me until Natalie is alive.”

I retort back, biting on my own lips, my canines slicing into them. “Don’t you dare mention her name. You aren’t worthy of it!”

“Neither are you, my lord.” He bites back, sadness lacing his voice. “She asked me to call you. Please, maybe if you come here you can communicate with her. She isn’t at peace.”

“Very well. I’ll be there in one hour.” I growl, crushing the phone in my hand. “You pathetic piece of shit.” Uttering under my breath. That sell-out needed to be dealt with. I call out for my second in command. “Ace!”

He comes running. “You summoned me, my lord?”

“Yes, I'm leaving to pay a visit to Mr Scott. Bring me my teleportation amulet. I need to pay our friend a visit.” I order getting changed out of my slacks into some black jeans, a t-shirt, a long leather trench coat and some leather boots.

Ace hands me the amulet, it wasn’t anything special just a plain piece of jewellery I refused to wear. The power from the amulet allowed me to trace anyone including Evie. Whenever I tried to find her it never worked. It lost all its power for 12 hours. Thinking about that arsehole Kyle, the amulet teleported me straight to him.

I’m in the basement of a hospital, my stomach churns at the overbearing scents of bleach and ugh... death and decay.

Kyle sat in the corner clinging vacantly to his phone. “She told me too, can you see? Can you see her?” He whispers madly into the phone. His eyes darting around the room.

I put the amulet into my coat pocket. I smile at his suffering, at least I’m not the only being tormented. Standing before his cell, I greet him. “Hello, Kylie.”

Kyle shots up from his corner. His green eyes filled with tears. “Your... you’re here?!” He’s desperate, madness lingers in his eyes. “Evie told me to call you. Please save my Natalie. PLEASE!”

“That’s quite enough.” An elegant tone comes from beside me. Dr Thorne shoots Kyle with a mild wolf sedative. His pretty boy blue eyes stare at me, my beast growls at him in warning. I won’t be played a fool today. “Follow me, my lord. We’ve been expecting you.”

The leech takes some of my blood to give Kyle’s mate some blood. Something caught my nose, the slightest scent of winter jasmine and hawthorn blossoms lingered upon her skin. Evie’s scent?!! My mate has been here... I’m caught up in my emotions for once. I keep my poker face on. Standing in the far side of the hospital room with my arms crossed over my chest, I let my power seep out so I could think a bit longer. Evie’s scent lingered everywhere, including the busy hospital hallways.

My heart jumped a little in hopes Evie could be alive, yet another darker side whispered to me inside. ′She’s really dead... dead and gone for good.′

A single blood bag was attached to Natalie’s arm, she was on life support her broken form still. Kyle clung to her holding her hand. He’s in tears. “Please Nat... wake up.” He sobs.

“Hmph.” I sigh growing bored and annoyed at his annoying cries.

He glances over to me, his eyes still downcast. He bows slightly. “Thank you, my lord.”

I hod back a scoff. My voice is cold and sadistic. With no hint of care or sympathy. “You owe me one mongrel. I’ll call in my favour soon.” I walk over to the door, I stop wanting for him to suffer a bit more. “If she lives that is.” I laugh at his suffering. I’m amused by it, that bastard deserves to suffer for what he did. I walk away smelling Evie’s scent coming from a nearby doorway although it’s faded and old. Maybe my mate’s spirit came to visit after all.

I walk down the hallways everyone shots out of the way sensing a true monster about. I’m no wolf in sheep’s clothing I am an abomination in human skin.


Back to days before the Gala...

I was definitely a fool! I forced myself into my work in hopes of finding whoever killed my mate. Everywhere I went was a false trail. It’s then I noticed a pattern, someone was playing games with me. Whenever Gamma Bryen gave me a lead for Evie’s murderer I let him deal with it.

I sat before a fire admiring its beauty, such beautiful destruction it could cause. Which is what I’m planning on doing to whomever it was.

“My Lord.” Jesse bows from the door. “I had something you may wish to see.”

He places a folder upon my side table where I drank my whiskey and claret. Jesse leaves me be, knowing not to bother my alone time.

I wanted to mourn more, something reached out to me urging me to see what’s inside the contents of the folder. I open it up, seeing a report about a missing woman claiming to be someone called Evie. Enforcer Lambert had gone missing shortly afterwards, along with the woman. Gamma Bryen took photos of the sleeping human. Seeing her bruises from the vampire’s bite marks, I turn over to the next page now she’s wide awake, withering in pain. My heart stops at seeing her eyes and pain-filled face and the black claim marks.

I nearly dropped the folder, every part of me thought it was all a lie. Her scent clung to other objects or people. Like with her friend Natalie. My eyes stayed focused upon another’s claim upon my mate’s skin. Those men touching what’s mine made me furious.

Silver roared at them touching what’s his, what’s ours. My hands are shaking, my heart is pounding knowing that deep down our bond never faded the ember wasn’t dying it was lingering on. That small ember is our bond. It’s glowing brighter than before. Blood rushes to my lions feeling alive once more.

My beast and I wanted her for our own once more, she’ll be mine. I’m never letting her go again. I let my eyes change to blood red. Its time to hunt for her. My mate will be in my arms and I’ll claim her once more wither she likes it or not. I’ll have to contact that designer. For I have need of that dress.

“Jesse, Ace!” I command hope in my voice.

My guards open the door, shocked expressions across there faces. Ace speaks up. “What is it, my lord?”

“Evie is alive!” I rejoice smiling. My heart is pounding away in glee, filling me to the brim with my old feelings. “My mate is alive.”

Ace and Jesse thoughts think I’ve been driven mad.

He’s gone mad hasn’t he?!′ Jesse questions Ace.

Ace studies me out of the corner of his eye. ′I’m not sure what to think.

I laugh at there foolish notions, of course, I’m mad, its the best thing to be sometimes. “I am not mad with mind you fools. Evie is alive. I’ll find you, my beloved.” I whisper the last sentence.

“He’s mad.” Jesse blurts out.

I walk over to him, my height towering over him. Slamming the folder into his chest. “Don’t believe me? Well go and have a look. I have a Gala to plan.”

Waving them off I change into a more suitable outfit. Its time to plan a real show...


~Evie’s POV~

(The dream she had 4 days before the Gala...)

What feels like aeons later, I awake on the carpeted floor in an unknown bedroom, The style of the room is cosy old-world style with browns, greens and golds. The velvet green curtains were drawn hiding other details in the shadows, my eyes are drawn into the massive four-poster old-style craved oak Tudor bed. A massive figure slumbers alone surrounded by a mass of pillows, whoever it was held something tightly within his grasp.

I get up and walk over to the bed. I’m curious to see who the sleeping being is. What I see shocks me, Lord Foster clings to one of the items I wore when I stayed with him, a grey pyjama top. He has it clutched close to his chest. His earthly scent fills the room, I could smell fresh pine and a woodsy scent emitting from him. Something which I didn’t notice before. His sleeping form looks disturbed, broken. Not like the monster, I saw so long ago.

He shots up startled, I jump back scared he might attack me. His gold eyes glow in the darkness, I notice a single shimmer. A tear? He wipes it away in disgust. Lord Foster is wide awake, he discards my clothing. Throwing it to the far side of his bedroom. He growls something, flopping back into his pillows. Lord Foster sighs, pulling himself up to rest his back on the headboard. His eyes close, I wanted to see his warm eyes once again.

My presence goes unaware in his room. Lord Foster is alone just as I was, his gold eyes stare into the darkness. He shakes his head, feeling a sense of deja vu. Lord Foster snuggles back into his blankets, trying to fall asleep. I wait a few minutes, sneaking around to the other side. I notice stray tears falling from his eyes, just as mine did. I stay and watch him, unaware how much time has passed.

The ember glowed a little more, hinting at something. The dawning of the suns rays light up the room, bathing it in a warm glow. Lord Foster rolled around in his sleep, mumbling names I couldn’t make out but one ‘Candance’. I sit on the bed, my weight falling into it. Lord Foster growls at something his claws shredding into his bedding. “Evie.” He mumbles I’m intrigued by hearing my preferred name from him.

I lean closer into the king-size bed, he keeps on uttering my name over and over. Without thinking I’m crawling over to him, the sun from the many windows lights up the bed. It’s rays bathing me in light. Lord Foster shuffles around in his sleep, his clawed hand piercing his palm. When he opens it up again, I put my hand to stop him. His claws stop at feeling me, they fade and turn back into normal human nails.

My eyes wander over to his face, his raven locks hiding most of his handsome face. With my other hand, I brush away his hairs. For once I admire his features, my heart thumps against my ribcage, I’m still, feeling the warmth return to my chest once more. My fingers tuck his raven hair behind his ears, my other hand interlocked with his palm. I gently brush his hair, humming an old tune my mum used to sing to me.

My fingers trace over his cheekbones, Lord Foster’s eyes open half-lidded. He’s in a sleepy haze. “Evie?” He asks still adrift between the waking world and the land of dreams.

I smile at him, a real smile. “Hi.” I say softly, caressing his cheek.

Lord Foster sinks into my touch. He leans away, recoiling from me. He sighs. “You’re not real. It’s just a dream.”

My hand guides him to look back at me. I feel a slight sting in my heart at his words. “Then let’s make it a good dream.” My eyes light up with hope, the ember glowing much more.

He’s hesitant, Lord Foster tries to pull away from me. I stroke his hair. He tries to push my hand away. “Liam.” I say softly, a slight hint of pain in my voice. “I’m sorry.”

He rolls his eyes at me, thinking I’m stupid. “Sorry is a word for petty fools, to make themselves feel better.” He snaps, his tone icy.

Liam tries to look away from me, he couldn’t bear to look at me. I could see the hurt and betrayal in his eyes. I know I’m the one to blame.

“I know, sorry isn’t enough Liam.” Tears begin to fall, sadness fills my voice. “But I want to know the real you, the one who comforted Candance. The one who did whatever he thought was best to protect me from a psychotic arse of a brother.”

At the mention of her name, Liam looks back at me. “It’s just a dream. Your not her, Evie wouldn’t be like this. Not with me, not ever.”

He’s still cold with me, I’m just glad his eyes haven’t changed. “Can’t we make good memories, just this once?” I ask, hopeful. I take his hand and put it to my beating heart. “I don’t want to be alone anymore.”

Liam is surprised by my choice in words. He looks at me, his huge hand caresses my cheek. “As you said, we are over. I’m no longer your fated. We’re done.”

“Can I have one last request?” I ask glumly, he places his hand on the bed.

He eyes me up, checking if I am lying. “What is it?”

I lean in, hovering over his face. Both of my hands caress his stubbly 5 o’clock shadow. “A good dream needs to end with a real... kiss.”

He’s about to say something, I cut him off. Kissing his soft lips for the first time willingly. Both our hearts shudder in recognition of something, the ember burns brightly. He kisses me back, his hand into my messy hair, he presses further trying to explore my mouth. I pull back, whispering. “Not yet.”

I gave him another quick peck on the lips, he’s consumed by my touch. A single tear sheds, dropping onto his cheek. I’m growing more teary-eyed, my eyes begin to puff up, growing red. “I really am sorry.”

Liam looks confused as I fade away into the full suns rays. Disappearing into thin air. I bolt wide awake now in my room, with the warmth of Liam’s lips caressing my own lips and his warmth touch bringing light to my heart for once.


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