Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 28: A Fairy Enchanting Evening

Long chapter ahead...


~Evie’s POV~

His cat-like eyes gleam with mischief.

“Kalen.” She says in a clipped tone, glaring daggers at him. Ashley’s eyes narrow, pointing to me. “You did this?!”

He fakes his innocence, laughing it off. “Of course not. Merely my parents are involved. You’re former in-laws King and Queen of all Faeries.”

Ashley puts two huge purple dress bags upon my bed. She squares up to Kalen, he’s amused by her fiery attitude. My aunt gets out an iron knife pressing it to his throat. His smile drops, now filled with fear at seeing the iron inching closer to him. She hardens herself. In a threatening voice. “If you don’t tell me what you have done plainly Kalen, I will slit your scrawny neck.”

He holds his hands up in surrender. All amusement was gone. “I’m tasked with her protection, she’s in great danger. I’m simply going by my orders as to the deal struck by the Moon Goddess.”

“Not good enough.” Ashley hisses, pressing the iron to his neck. Kalen squeals out in pain, the iron burning his skin worse than silver does to Lycan’s. He jumps back afraid of my aunt.

“I’ll tell you it all if you put that thing away.” He bargains, his eyes focused on the knife.

“Erm... No.” Ashley forces him to the wall, her blade pressed into his chest. “I’m not letting you escape, this time Kalen. You owe me.”

“I owe a lot of people.” He admits absentmindedly.

“Will you two shut up and tell us what’s going on!” I interject, wanting to know how they are acquainted.

Kalen looks at me, checking me out. He licks his lips. “You are truly beautiful Fae Evie... OW!” He hisses at Ashley.

She punches his lust-filled face hard. Making a small cut across his cheek. Her brown eyes blaze in fury. “She’s my niece, Kalen, treat her with respect. No trickery.”

“Ugh. Fine, you mortals are no fun.” He groans. “Will you put that thing away before I lose a limb.” My Aunt’s death glare makes his voice go high in fright. “Please?”

Isis holds him down. “Speak you knife eared prick.” She commands bluntly, her claws out. “Why is Evie a Fae?”

He’s sweating a little Ashley and Isis have him on the ropes. “She’s special to the Moon. That’s all I know. My parents know more. They warned of incoming danger. Evie needs Fae protection. That’s why we blessed her with both Unseelie and Seelie magic protection. She’s an immortal human blessed with Fae magic’s. The disguise is to keep her safe. That’s why you cannot turn back into your human self just yet.”

“Both magics? I thought I’m an Unseelie Fae?” I ask.

Kalen looks at me. “Your appearance yes, but as a blessed being, you can have both sides to protect you. The Seelie Fae are more tricksters. Unseelie are more malevolent and will strike quickly to protect one of their own. Those who carry our favour will always have aid. Thus I was tasked with it.”

“That’s why I’m grey then?”

“Yes, you are to be seen as my daughter. Wilhelm knows not to mess with the Unseelie Fae, especially my children. For your Fae parent’s I mean godparents are very important people. Don’t know who I mean? I’ll tell you all now, just to clear the water. She’s the Blessed Goddaughter of Queen Taitina and King Oberon, ruler of all Fae. This is only recent of course. My loving parents wished for me to deliver the blessing. So technically speaking I’m her adopted Fae Father. Thus she’s automatically granted full Fae rights and titles under our laws.” Kalen explains, a hint of amusement playing upon his face.

“You ain’t married Kalen.” Ashley hisses, readying the knife.

“I married a proper Fae, your half-blood means nothing to a full-bloodied or Blessed. Esperanza, yes we were married once before we could consummate our marriage.” Kalen says smugly. “She ran away, disappearing under the radar. How is your new husband?”

My silver knife meets his throat, no one threatens my family and gets away with it. Somehow my knife heats up under my palm reacting to my anger. “Don’t you ever threaten my family Kalen. If anyone of them is hurt. I’ll finish you.”

He laughs at my threat. “Please, that’s if you could. I am your-.”

“Shut up!” I snap. “I know who and what you are now. So shut it. Tell me what the plan is so I can fucking get this shit over with.”

Kalen backs away from us, by using some magic. He’s smaller, now a glowing white dot, yet his voice could still be heard. “You will be my daughter, Lady Aurora Lady of Twilight. A favourite child of mine and my wife Calista. Dress well my darling. I’ll make you more than a mere Fae.”

He vanishes once more, leaving us girls wandering what the help this crazy plan is going to work.

Jonas arrives back from shopping. He roars losing control, Kalen has got wind of his plans and wishes to use them for his own gain. My aunt, Isis and I all gather in the living room waiting for the next part in the plan.

He’s worried sick about something. Pacing back and forth scared of what he has planned. “Wilhelm has an aversion to the Fae, same for me. Kalen holds a bitter taste in his mouth. That pointed ear prick plans on using us to get to my brother. Evie, this is important. Don’t reveal who you really are to Wilhelm, it will give him a chance to rage war upon all Fae.”

I’m perplexed, where does all of this fit in? Jonas sits down in one of the other chairs. “Why?” I ask.

Isis and Ashley are wandering the same thing too. Jonas couldn’t bring himself to say it. “He wants to eradicate them all for the sins they committed against his birth parents.”

“Okay, That just sounds like a load of BS.” Isis grumbles.

“It isn’t!” Jonas growls. “The-.” He can’t say anymore.

We all notice a black mark upon his neck similar to mine. “Jonas, your neck...?” I’m shocked he’s done this.

His hazel eyes are glassy, he’s heartbroken by what’s he has done. “She gave me no other choice. Lately, Sienna has been abusing her magic. I had to reject her for our protection. She was going to rat us out to Wilhelm, just to get back on his good side.” Jonas breaks down, a few tears running astray. He’s pained by the rejection just as I. “I couldn’t allow her to harm anyone of you. She’s more dangerous than you know.”

My problems melted into nothing at seeing Jonas so broken by what’s he’s done. I haven’t known Jonas for long but he deserved a lot better. He’s a caring man, he listens, cares deeply about the people he loves. He may not have shown it to Sienna, the real question is though, did he truly love her or care about her? Lycan bonds I know little of. Save for the pain in the arse of a mate.

“She wasn’t my true mate, so I can still reject her. Most likely I’ll die by the next full moon.” He says disheartened. Jonas gives us all a sad pained smile trying to hide his pain before he leaves the room he speaks some final words. “Evie, don’t waste this chance. Do what you can to hear Wilhelm out.”


Day of the Gala...

Three days passed in a blink of an eye Aunt Ash decided to stay for a little bit. She’s a giggly school girl, all of us girls were. Izzy and I were excited to finally try on our dresses! My aunt surprised us with shoes too. What shocked me the most was how Ashley quickly accepted my new form, she told me not to be bothered with appearances it’s who you are on the inside that counts.

Jonas hasn’t left his room in the last few days, we gave him space and checked upon him whenever we could. Usually, we heard a grumble from the door as a reply. He didn’t want to be bothered.

All of us were a little pissed at Sienna for being a thorn in everyone’s side. If I saw her tonight, I would beat the shit of her for Jonas. She didn’t deserve him.

It was morning, Ashley and Izzy were debating on makeup on the both of us. Izzy wanted it to look simple, while Ashley loved to make a statement.

Ash is cooking us all some breakfast, she’s bad at making for small batches. She’s wearing some cat pink pyjamas her long hair tied back into a low ponytail. “No, I wish for my darling Bambina to be the belle of the ball. She must look magnificent.” She states proudly, a shine in her eyes.

Izzy sits at the kitchen table, an eyebrow raised despite her covered green face and orange silk dressing gown. “No, we need to blend in Ash. Remember, drawing attention is the worse idea.”

I’m sat opposite Izzy dressed in my own light purple nighty. My hair is a birds nest. Having so much hair stinks. “Ash, could you cut my hair? It’s getting a little out of hand.” I ask trying to brush some stray hairs out of my face.

“Maybe after the Gala Bambina. We need to make a statement.” She claps her hands, growing ever more excited. “Just wait till you see your dresses. They are my best work yet!”

“Shit!” Izzy curses earning a glare from my aunt. “Sorry Ash, but we need at least six hours to get ready.”

“Si.” She agrees dishing up our breakfast Mexican scrambled eggs on three plates. “We need a good start. Si?”

“The Gala starts at six o’clock sharp this evening.” Izzy mumbles quickly scoffing up her breakfast.


Ashley forces us to shower, she wouldn’t let either of us to see the dresses. One thing you don’t do is get between my focused aunty and her crazy idea’s she’ll end up giving you a lecture. One time my uncle got on her wrong side and he ended up with no snuggle time for a year. Whenever she mentions a lecture we all run away, especially when she gets drunk. Run. Run as fast as you can.

I’m forced into a chair, Ashley ordered me to stay under the threat of a lecture. I stilled knowing to avoid it. She hasn’t spared anyone a tongue lashing. Izzy stands by waiting for her nails to dry, she’s painted them all sorts of bright colours. The various colours of dusky pink, red and purple with little glittering gemstones she had taken a lot of time painting.

She’s doing my nails, painting them in simple clear nail polish with silver glitter. Ashley takes forever to do my hair braiding it in different places, she curls my remaining hair. Doing my makeup was a nightmare, Ashley had Izzy keep me bound to my chair while she worked her magic.

“All done.” She smiles proudly. “Come Bambina. I’ll help you get in your dress. Come. Come.”

She takes ahold of my hand, dragging me upstairs into my room a little too quickly. I nearly lose my footing. Ashley slams the door shut, forcing me to wear some glittering Latin ballroom with 3-inch heels.

My aunt rushes over to a huge blue dress cover, she unzips it. Showing off her marvellous creation. It’s a strapless royal blue ball gown, the dress goes from the darkest midnight blue to the fading hint of icy blue. Its top half had intricately silver and blue frosty branches sewn in from the top down to the top half of the skirt. They looked like a hoar frost. Many different beads looked like twinkling little stars, while the bottom of the dress spread out into delicate snowfall. Little embroidered white snowflakes were dotted randomly from the hem to the middle of the dress.

The sight of the dress made me want to slip it on. “It’s beautiful.” Is all I can say, it’s just breathtaking.

Ashley smiles, she hugs me tightly. “Thank you, my darling. Try it on.” She insists, helping me into it.

Thankfully the dress has a low back, it fits wonderfully. Making me feel like a fairy tale princess. My aunt fastens the ribbon back tightly. “Do you want to see yourself?” She asks, excitement tugging at her features.

I nod, she takes off the tablecloth with covered up my full-length mirror. Seeing myself I’m awestruck. Standing before me is an elegant Fae creature, my aunt kept my makeup simple. Just black glittery eyeshadow with hints of dark blue highlighting my eyes, lip gloss across my lips. Giving them an unnatural seen. My hair is left alone just in its natural ringlets with a Juliet braid.

This being couldn’t be me? Could it? Yet it is. I inspect further, my reality is really changing. Before me, is a stranger. Someone who looks like me but isn’t. Deep down I could recognise myself. My aunt gives me some jewellery to complete my look, a silver teardrop necklace and matching earrings.

Her hands are on either side of my shoulders. She beams at me with a huge smile. “What do you think?”

I’m in agape of her handiwork. Never in all of my life, I’ve felt so beautiful. Some stray tears come, my aunt wipes them away. “Thank you.”

“Your welcome Bambina. Let’s go see Izzy.” She helps me down the stairs. The dress takes up a lot of room.

“Sweet!” We hear Izzy say from upstairs. She shots out of her room. “Whoa!” Her eyes burst out of there eye sockets.

Izzy wears a much simpler dress, it’s strapless as well. Black at the top, it frames her chocolatey skin. A simple belt is wrapped around her waistline. The skirt has a few different colours fading from the darkest to the lightest matching her nails. The back having a slight cape to it. Her long black hair plaited into a fishtail braid, her makeup matching the colours of her dress.

She looked like a goddess, walking down the stairs with elegance and swagger all of her own. Once she reaches the bottom of the stairs she gives us a little twirl.

“What ya think?” She gleams, content with her looks.

“You look great. Goddess great.” I say illustriously.

My aunt lets out a high pitch girly squeal. "Hermosa.” (Beautiful).

“Don’t forget about your escort ladies.” Jonas pipes in from above, dressed in a monkey suit with a purple bow. His hair is gelled back, he looks like a dignified gentleman.

A knock comes from the door, Izzy opens it to reveal Kalen dressed in 19th-century fashion. A high waisted dark blue tailcoat and black trousers. His once long hair now cut and styled in a comb-over long and loose. His cat-like eyes gaze at us all judging out appearances. He bows low, keeping his lusty gaze at me.

“You look ravishing my darling daughter.” He chuckles lightly.

My aunt hands me something slipping it into the dresses hidden pockets. She goes near my ear and whispers lowly. “Just some protection.”

I feel a coldness, knowing she’s given me my knives and... something else. My face reddens at this. My aunt gives me a wink. “You need to have some fun, si? Go... Go have a good time. Jonas keep that rat boy in check. I won’t have him fantasizing with my darling Bambina.”

Jonas and Izzy are holding back there laughter seeing my embarrassed face and Kalen’s not so amused face. He’s fuming. Kalen’s holding his cane trying not to whack us.

He regains his composure. “I’ll be on my best behaviour tonight. Evie-. I mean Aurora is my daughter. Speaking of which.” A blue floor-length hooded cloak appears out of thin air. He offers it to me. “It’s quite cold tonight, you might catch a chill. Cover yourself up until we get to the Gala my dear daughter.”

“Cut with the sweet daddy act, Kalen. You’re making me want to vomit.” I hiss at him, putting the cloak on.

He walks over to me latching the cloaks brooch, his eyes glow eerie. “For tonight I am, so you’ll address me such. As my daughter, you are expected to hold the proper decorum of my Court. Failure to do so will lead you to be punished by our laws.” Kalen pulls the hood over my head. He turns more serious. “You must remain in the shadows, tonight’s events are for no mere Fae and Blessed. Be on your guard.”

Kalen leads us outside to a black limo, he opens up the door for us. Izzy and Jonas have no trouble getting in, my dress took up a lot of space.

The pointed ear prick is amused by this. “I could always shrink it for you, my daughter.” He offers, with a cheeky wink.

I scowl back at him, making it clear I didn’t want his slimy mitts anywhere near me. He holds his hands up in surrender, a small smirk upon his lips. If I wasn’t wearing this dress I would’ve sliced off his grimy smirk with my knife. That cheeky git.

Sitting as far away from the creep as possible, Izzy watched him like a hawk if he tried anything. Jonas rolled his eyes at us, holding his patience well. Kalen sat near the door, that smirk still growing evermore.


Three hours later we arrive at a massive sandstone effect Manor or palace, the place is colossal. At first, I thought we were at a normal manor house it wasn’t the House’s front disguises a huge secret at its back. This place is a palace fit for a king. The house’s front was a cross between a grand luxury of French gothic chateaux with a fantasy effect. With pointed towers from the third floor, with a silvery lead roof. The house was lit up with warm lighting and decorated with spring flowers and coloured fairy lights.

All manner of creatures I’ve never seen before dressed in their finest attire got out of all sorts of old carriages, some grand, even one was a pumpkin! Other’s teleported in, Fae had their grand wings upon display, they all glittered underneath the lights making them glow more radiant. Vampires wore black or darker colours some loved wearing the colour they thirsted for Blood red. Witches and Warlocks wore even odder garments with several colours.

The limo drove closer to the house. I saw all the stunning dresses and outlandish outfits I couldn’t even describe. For me, it was a truly awestruck sight. My jaw was literally hanging. Jonas and Kalen chuckled at me, while Izzy gave them both a glare to shut their traps.

We waited in a line of transport to be let out, we are about three away from the grand archway entrance. My heart began to pound feeling nervous being around so many mythical creatures, even some Lycans were attending. My palms grew sweaty.

I feel a hand on my shoulder, Izzy sees me. I’m absolutely petrified. “It’s okay.” She assures me. “I’ll be there to watch your back if you have mine. Yeah?”

I nod, my voice wedged in my throat. Kalen offer’s his hand to me. “It’s showtime daughter. Let the evening commence.”

Jonas gives me a thumbs up. “Don’t worry, we’ll all be there to protect you. Now let’s have some fun and find my idiotic elder brother he’s in need of a tongue lashing.”

Without delaying anymore, I take Kalen’s hand in my own. The left passenger side door opens with the attendant dressed in a monkey suit. He bows to us. Kalen leads me out, catching me as I trip up upon the dresses front. Nearly knocking the attendant on to his arse.

He holds his face into that of a stern father. “Forgive her, mortals dresses are a new thing for my young daughter.”

Kalen picks me up, being careful where placing his hands. My face remains hidden underneath the hood’s cloak. I let him realign my dress and cloak, he locks one of his arms in mine leading me into the house. “Come along daughter, and friends come along.” He ushers, looking back at Jonas and Izzy.

They do the same as us, I look behind me seeing them portray a picture of a cute couple. Izzy has a showstopping smile, while Jonas stands proud showing her off. Several camera’s flashes before him. Jonas dismisses them with a wave of his hand, the imps scram away getting their spoils for tonight.

Kalen and I lead, I hear his voice inside my head.

‘Remember. Tonight you are a Fae Princess, my youngest daughter Lady Aurora, Lady of Twilight.’ Kalen instructs me. Taking us further into a massive courtyard.

I gasp seeing more spectacular decorations, small pixies flew around in different varying coloured orbs dancing in glee at tonight’s dances. A few landed upon the plants, mainly the willow trees of the garden, others danced upon the water twirling in a hypontic dance. They all stopped at seeing Kalen, five orbs came before us.

Their tiny voices could be heard, even my ears could tune into them. They say unanimously. “We bid you greetings Fae King and Princess, welcome to Nocturne Manor home of our Lord and Master Prince Wilhem, he’s awaiting your arrival. How fares our Lady of Twilight?”

We both bow in respect of each other. Kalen answers for me. “She’s faring well, just a little nervous. It’s her first mortal event.”

One hops out of the five orbs, a little purple pixie nears me. Her little light glowing less bright, I almost let out a girly squeal seeing how cute she is! Cuter than a button. Her short hair is mint green in colour, two big pink doe eyes stare at me. She’s only six inches in height. I open out my palm for her to rest on. She lands on my open palm, her short silvery dress is simple yet the cutest thing. The little Fae is wearing dolly shoes. Her butterfly-like wings are stunning glowing all sorts of purple. Her skin is peachy in colour, her little pointy ears match my own.

She gives me a little curtsey. “Welcome my princess. I am Blossom of the Seelie Court. I bring you glad tidings, please don’t hide your true form from us, we are your fellow brethren.”

“Father?” I ask nervously looking towards Kalen, playing the part of his daughter. “Such custom awaits in the ballroom does it not?”

Kalen loosens his arm from me. His green eyes holding something from me. “It is your choice, do what you will.”

“Could you help me get this cloak off please?” I ask him, Kalen unlatches the brooch revealing my new form to his fellow Fae.

Blossom and the others gasp at seeing me, my wings low behind me sparkling underneath the candle lights and electric ones. Other creatures the vampires, Fae, magic folk, Lycans all stare at me with unknown expressions. I stood proud before them all, holding my facade proudly. Focusing on who I really am, who I am. Kalen might have taken away my human form but he hasn’t changed who I am on the inside. I fought to live, my confidence radiates from me. My wings no longer feel heavy but weightless.

They rise slightly showing off their beauty. Kalen has a small smile upon his face in acknowledgement of something of me accepting something. “Welcome to the Court, my daughter.”

Blossom leaves alongside her pixie friends, all of them begin to dance once more leaving me and Kalen to our business. We overhear people’s gossip about us. Some of it good the others leave a foul taste. Both of us hold our heads up high, we are royalty after all.

We go into the Grand Ballroom, the final gleaming spectacularness of a mix of spring and winter decorated the ballroom, everywhere I looked icy crystals gleamed under the lights. A swirling myriad of varying colours dotted the ballroom as mythical, mortal and supernatural danced in harmony under the sway of lulling music pleasant to the ears. We stand before a stunning Gala, the high stain glass windows tell stories of old legends. Some doors lead on to the vast gardens, others to balconies to rest, huge greek columns supported the huge ceiling painted with the moon’s cycles and the Moon Goddess herself with a man of unknown origin. Other creatures littered the ceiling dancing away as there was no more room on the dance floor below them. Their red eyes glowed above the many crystal chandeliers with electric candles.

Kalen locked his arm with mine again, halting my wandering feet. Before I near the ballroom balcony’s edge.

“Don’t lose yourself, Aurora.” He chuckles, being gentle in his manner. “Such sights do encourage wild fantasies. We wait to be announced, my darling.”

I roll my eyes at him, a little smile tugging upon my own lips. “It’s so wondrous, I never thought it would be like this.”

“Come.” He says, ushering me to the edge of the grand staircase.

The announcer is loud, for us all. “May I present his Royal Highness Prince Kalen and his youngest daughter Lady of Twilight, Lady Aurora.”

A few pairs of eyes wander towards us as we descended the marble staircase. Kalen held tightly on to be, behind us Jonas and Izzy followed. Something struck me hard in the chest, a dark dreading feeling.

“Now announcing Lord Jonas Everett and his mistress Lady Isis Lambert.” The announcer says with a little disdain.

Kalen leads me to the crowd, all of there attentions are focused upon Izzy and Jonas. He waves mockingly to them in a particular direction, Jonas’ hazel eyes point to something. Looking over I see a lone figure on a golden throne, a crown upon his brow decorated with moonstones and red rubies. Dressed in a long-tailed black suit, with a black shirt and blue tie, he wears a gold leaf wolf mask covering the top half of his face. The man’s gold eyes glare at Jonas with sinister intent, they then wander over to me. Something locks inside my chest, I gasp clutching my heart.

Kalen tucks me underneath his arm. My chest is on fire, the little ember is burning brightly it’s painful. He reaches into my mind. Trying to soothe the pain. Taking me to one side of the staircase, placing me on a chair.

It’s alright, it’s your bond recognising your mate. That little shard you have will only glow brighter during the night, especially when your him. Be careful.′ Kalen says soothingly, helping to ground my inner pain.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could see his long raven locks is combined back in loose waves with curly ends. A little bit of black stubble over his cheeks. Liam had changed so much, his muscles rippled underneath his suit as he got up from his throne. The music stopped playing, silence befell the ballroom as he walked towards Jonas and Izzy.

The pain struck against in my chest. ′Liam.′ I thought absentmindedly, my inner thoughts called out to him. The little ember wanted him nearby me. Longing for his golden eyes to be upon only me.

He pays no mind to me and Kalen. Taking off his mask, I see him in his full glory. My heart begins to pound, knowing I had seen him over a month ago. He’s the one who saved Natalie! Why didn’t I see this before?!

“Greetings brother.” Liam smiles as Jonas and Izzy bow before him. “I see you have company for tonight. Please introduce us, the word is you dumped that witch for a fresher flower.”

Jonas doesn’t glance my way. Izzy holds her cold, her brown eyes cold and her usual cold blunt self coming through. Jonas pulls Izzy slightly in front of him. Presenting her to Liam. “This is my mistress, Isis Lambert. My new mate.”

“A pleasure.” Liam offers his hand, Izzy doesn’t take it.

Instead, she stares right into his eyes. Challenging him. “I don’t touch Runt’s.” She says bluntly, insulting him.

Something pulsates from him, a darkness I’ve never felt before. He grabs her neck bringing her close to his face, his claws out digging into her soft flesh. I shot out of my seat wanting to help her, Kalen stops me. Holding me back. I’m sacred for Izzy right now. Everything inside of me is screaming at Liam to stop this.

He glares at her. His eyes changing, I couldn’t see the colours because he’s turned his back to us. “I’m merely exchanging pleasantries. Yet with your half-breed misteress needs some training of her own. For shame brother. I expected better from you.” Liam taunts him, he stares directly at Izzy. I’m struggling to get to her. He bringings her close to his face. Whispering something into her ear, so low we all couldn’t hear.

Liam casts her aside like she was nothing. “Be careful who you associate with Miss Lambert, I may find my claws into your chest next time. Only fools mess with me and my family.” His tone holds a hint of a threat. “They may find something to be unbearable. Know your place is beside my brother, not above him.”

She bows her head, her eyes no longer having fight in them. “Yes, my lord.”

He laughs mockingly at her. “You’re amusing. Keep her close Jonas. I might find a use for her yet. Have a pleasant evening.”

Liam walks away, Jonas helps Izzy up from the floor with a hand. He doesn’t spare us even a glance. Kalen lets me go.

His voice still inside of my mind. ′Best hold your tongue around him. Otherwise, you might end up like your friend only just to be his meal.′

What do you mean?′ I ask, dreading the answer I already knew.

Kalen shakes his head at me. ′He’s never eaten in front of you has he?

No. He never has.′ I say skimming over my memories of him. ‘He only drank.’

He eats human flesh.′ Kalen words make me sick to my stomach, he eats my own kind. ′Avoid him, because he likes the taste of Fae flesh and blood too.′

The night no longer held no glittering glamour anymore, it shattered at Kalen’s words. My stomach churns with unease, knowing its the horrifying truth. Looks like it wasn’t a Faery enchanting evening after all.

A few minutes passed with an uneasy silence between us. Kalen decides to go and mingle. ′Be good Evie, enjoy yourself. Put your mind at ease. Enjoy yourself. The party has only just begun.′

That knifed eared prick leave me alone to fend for myself, I gather myself and try pushing my feelings deep down into my chest. Jonas and Izzy are busy chatting away with other guests. While Kalen has vanished into thin air.

Someone invades my sight, a young man about 20 years old with turquoise eyes matching my own and chestnut brown hair bows in front of me. He’s wearing something similar to Liam only he had a white dress shirt with a dark red bowtie. He’s slightly taller than me. Only about nearing 6ft. His short chestnut locks combed back in a gentlemanly manner. I see a little glimmer of red behind his turquoise eyes.

The vampire offers his pale hand to me. “May I have this dance, my fair Fae Maiden?”

He looks similar to me and Uncle Morgan only a mix between us two. I couldn’t believe who it was... I thought he was long dead.

“Elliot?” I ask in disbelief. My heart thundering away.

He gives me a confused expression. “I haven’t heard that name is a long time, be it what acquaintance are we?”

The way he spoke felt so foreign to my ears. Oh shit, I’m supposed to be someone else. Bad Evie, bad. I lied quickly covering my tracks. “I knew your sister, Evie. She was a good friend of mine. She was very kind in saving my life, your sister showed me photos of you when you were still younglings.”

“Oh.” He isn’t convinced. “My sister doesn’t associate anymore with any sort of non-mortal creatures.”

“You’d be surprised.” I counter taking his hand. “Let us dance.”

Being around Elliot brought some relief to me. Being around a family member I felt safe, but I knew he wasn’t human anymore, he’s a creature of the night. “You might want to sort out your wings first my lady. It might hinder you.”

“Oh.” I look back at them. “Give me a second.”

I think about shrinking them into the smallest possible molecule, to my utter shock it worked. They disappear in a glitter of dust. Elliot gives me a boyish cheeky smile. We go to the dance floor, awaiting the next song. It’s a waltz, he’s surprisingly good. Kalen’s little blessing gave me the muscle memory to easily follow with my brother.

We dance easily together, letting the flow of the music take us over. He spins me around, catching me moments later. All too soon the dance is done. Elliot and I head over to a buffet table, he kisses my hand. “It was a pleasure dancing with you?”

“Aurora, Lady Aurora of Twilight.” I introduce myself, getting caught up in the character I was playing.

Elliot nods at me. “A pleasure to meet your acquaintance. Be sure to send your father my regards.”

Other men and some women offer to dance with me, each one of them asking me to give there regards to Kalen. I was growing fed up with all of this nanby panbie bullshit. Heading over to the buffets table I grab a drink of champagne and down it in one go, this evening was getting too much.

I took another glass to take out into the vast gardens, its a little quieter out here. Such an enchanting night, the stars whisper to me but I blot them out wanting some time to think. How was I suppose to go and see Liam without anyone seeing me? I chung down the next glass and set it aside, the booze having no effect yet. I rest my hands on the stone wall, admiring the gardens before me. The fountains had all manner of statues, it looked like a river of fountains and statues. Along with the rarest plants from around the world.

Izzy is just outside the door, she’s looking around for someone. She slips into the crowd undetected by anyone else. I walk back into the ballroom searching for her, however, someone touches my arm. My heart shudders feeling a warm touch to my grey skin.

Looking up I see Jesse one of Liam’s guards escort me to the centre of the ballroom, other women and men are taken randomly from the masses.

“Now it’s time for the Lunas Nortunus Dance. All unmated are required to dance this, our wolf friends wear no blindfold.” The announcer says. “All non-wolves will wear a blindfold to be lead in the dance. We do this to honour the moon and her gifts to us. That sometimes we need blind faith and most of all trust to give in to our inner selves to show the truths.”

Jesse gave me no choice, putting a blindfold over my eyes. “It’s enchanted so you cannot remove it until your partner chooses too. Good luck, my Lady.”

I tug at the blindfold trying to get it off. Others are trying to do the same thing. Someone clicks there fingers, the music starts up once again. This music enthralled you entirely, under the violins haunting tune we begin to dance. My body does what it wants my arms rise and I spin around the floor as if someone is leading me.

A voice begins to sing, I’m listening only to the music following its beat and sway. My other senses come to life, I could feel the air around me glowing even though I only could see darkness. My aunt’s dance routine played in my head, I somehow remembered it perfectly avoiding all who dared to touch me. Some hands recoiled away from my burning skin.

My nerves set alight searching for something for someone. Everything around me lit up, somehow I could see with my other senses. Lost on my own self for what seems like aeons I fall into the waiting arm of a strong male with darkness at his fingertips. For one moment he recoils at my touch, my skin burning him yet I felt the need to reach back into him. Two hands caress my hips, he pulls me close into his chest.

The little ember in my chest grew into a burning flame. I could feel his heavy breaths down my neck. He gasps at feeling my bare back against his chest. One of his massive arms locks around my waist. He growls seductively and low, his lips begin to kiss my neck. I gasp feeling the rush of blood going to my head, warmth feels me to no end. Somehow we continue to dance.

He spins me around, his lips away from my neck. Leading me through the crowds, keeping me locked in his embrace. We dance in sync. I leap out of his embrace wanting to getaway. Feeling like he’s a predator, feeling his foreboding dominating aura consume us. I focused on my feelings of love for myself and my family to get me through the darkness.

They lock around me once more, he leads us to the end. One of his arms locked around my waist, while the other holds my hand in a hold. We slow down, my senses returning to normal a little. He comes down to my ear, whispering into it. “You think you could fool me. Little Rabbit?”

My hairs stand up on end, a shiver goes down my spine. It feels like a nostalgic dream. My heart is pounding away, the ember burning into my soul recognising him. “Liam?” I gasp out, as he looms over me.

“Who else?” He chuckles, his nose touching mine. “I’ve been searching for you all night.”

“You-.” My lips are caught in his soft warm lips. He kisses me deeply with a burning passion I’ve never felt before. I didn’t fight back, I reacted out of instinct kissing him back. It felt so right, my mind screamed at me to see sense. Something wasn’t right. The kiss grows deeper, his tongue explores my mouth. Liam growls darkly, his one of his canines bits into my lip.

I recoil back. “Ow.”

Liam snarls at me, not satisfied with our kiss. He licks my wound clean, then kisses me again. His arms wrap around me, pulling me tight to him. He dominates the kiss. “Not enough.” He growls out wanting more.

“Liam?” I pull back, feeling the darkness consume me. He forces his lips on mine again. Being a little gentler than before. Our tongues dance, both of us being consumed with our bond.

I wrapped my arms around his neck, the warmth of his skin against mine. We fitted perfectly, kissing each other deeply. He pulls back, allows us some room to catch our breath. I then put my lips to his own, dying to feel him against me once more. His own heart pounded against mine. He let me lead the kiss, allowing me to explore him for once.

Our kiss is shorter this time. We pull back, this time I feel the world around us shift. He pulls off the blindfold. His golden eyes are lust-filled and glowing brightly wanting more under the mask he was wearing.

He drops me on to a loveseat in a massive office, the faint noises of the Gala going on in the background. My eyelids flutter trying to adjust to the dim lights. Liam stands above me, breathing heavily. He looks over me. “Good to see my real mate.” He smirks, his hands either side of my head. He’s got me pinned to the bottom of the loveseat.

His black claws dig into the fabric, I feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest. Liam’s golden eyes were different no longer a rose gold. His hair had grown longer, more dishevelled after our recent makeout session. “I’ve missed you so much, my mate.”

Fear strikes a chord in me, feeling his new aura. It’s different, darker and more powerful. My hand reaches out to his handsome face, moving the mask up to see his human face. He rips it off, reaching into my hand caressing his cheek. He gives my hand a light gentle kiss. Pulling me upright into his chest once more my hands pressed against his muscles.

I’m stuck under his gaze, those eyes of his never been so beautiful. Lust has filled my mind completely the fire wanting us to finish what we started.

The guilt of what I’ve done ruins the moment between us. I begin to choke up, a few tears weeping from my eyes. I wrap my arms around his neck, hiding my face in the crook of his neck.

He rubs my back, keeping me close. I let those words out. Ones that I’ve been holding in ever since I find out about Lucius. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry Liam.” I begin choking up. “I shouldn’t have rejected you.”

Liam lets me weep, stroking my hair and nuzzling me. He hasn’t said a word. I just hope he could forgive me. When I’m away from his face, he takes my face in his hands. Our gazes locked again, his eyes soft and filled with concern. “I should’ve done better to protect you. It’s my own fault for playing into Lucius’ hands.”

Shaking my head. “I should be the one at fault. Everything is so confusing right now. The guilt has been eating me up ever since I rejected you. By the gods, I’ve been such a fool.” I admit looking down at the floor. Liam presses me up to face him.

“You are no fool. You did what you could to protect yourself. Armed with nothing but a knife. Which cut quite deeply.” He says giving me a quick peck on the lips. “I’m proud of how you protected yourself. Lucius made us both fools. Now he’s gone from my mind and body. I won’t have him or anyone else, harm you again!”

His eyes flash changing colour. I swear they were...? No, they couldn’t be?! I back out of his hold, alarmed by what I’ve seen. His eyes were never that colour.

I begin to panic, my heart pounding in fear at the terror before me. Liam gets up from the loveseat. His eyes growing stormy. He tries touching me. I’m trembling, shaking knowing he’s not the same after all.

“Evie, what’s wrong?” He asks, taking my wrists. Trying to pull me closer to him.

Memories of the Night of Liberation drown me in a sea of terror and horror. His eyes, he’s got his eyes. I wrench my wrists out of his hold. Shaking my head. My eyes are puffy and red. More memories flash before my eyes of him... of Magnus. That monster who terrorised me and my family for years.

“Your... your him.” I back away further until my back pressed firmly against the wall. “You’re the monster from my dreams.”

Liam steadily approaches me, his eyes soft filled with hurt? No! No monsters can feel hurt. My chest tightens in fear. My eyes are wide and scared. I begin to hyperventilate. His arms wrap around me, pulling me close to him.

“I’m not Magnus, Evie. Look at me.” He says in a desperate tone, they don’t look the same but they have... that same ravenous bloodthirsty blood-red eyes. His hand strokes my hair. “I’m me now. Please look at me.”

I shake my head. He pulls me to his heart. “No, it’s too much.”

“It’s okay. It’ll be okay. You and Daisy are safe from him.” He says reassuringly.

My mum?! Looking up at him, I feel safer. My flashes stop. “She’s safe?”

Liam caresses my face. “She’s safe.”

That reaffirms me. Finally, she’s got an escape. He holds me for how long as I want. It was true, he wasn’t Magnus he was just Liam. Seeing his face again in such a different light. Liam is softer with me tonight. He feels more human than before. “You make me feel less of a beast. You are the one making me feel more human.” Liam confesses to me, kissing my forehead.

What I wanted to confess now more than ever. "I’m tired of all of this... So tired. All I want is to feel safe, not alone anymore. For the past five years, I’ve never felt so alone. Now in the last month, I’ve learnt not all Lycans are bad some have become my friends. One has become a close friend in a short amount of time. Izzy and Jonas have made me see just how similar we are yet how different we can be. I know things have never been easy from the start for us. We’ve had very few good moments."

"What are you saying?" Liam asks thrown off guard.

"We need to talk." I say those dreadful words. Now was the time we needed to sort our differences out. Both of us needed to hear each others side of the story.


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