Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 29: Each Other's Side

~Evie’s POV~

I didn’t want to say those dreaded words. He might think I’ll leave and he’ll lose his rag again. Liam surprises me by being eerily calm about our situation. He just frowns at me, disappointed by what I just said.

He pulls me close into his chest again. My heart soars at the close contact once more, it’s pounding happily away as butterflies begin to dance around in my belly. His golden eyes glow with warmth, care and something else I couldn’t recognise.

Being in his embrace made me want this to be my forever. With the familiar warm feelings, he brought out in me. It’s then I noticed something very off about him, a slight hint of red highlights his cheeks. The mad beast is blushing?!!!

Liam just smiles at me, his eyes going playful. He kisses my forehead. “You really need to put your shields up, little rabbit. I might get the wrong message.” He says playfully, now smirking with a hint of lust.

My face turns red from embarrassment. Shit. I forgot he could read my thoughts. My own cheeks flush a little.

“Don’t worry yourself about talking about us tonight. Just let me keep you here with me.” He says nuzzling my red cheek. “I’ve waited for what feels like a million lifetimes before I could see you again.”

“But-.” I object, only to be met with a staggering kiss from Liam.

“Just shut up.” He shushes me. “I want us to enjoy this moment, before-.”

A rapid state of rushed knocks came from the door. Someone calls out. “My lord, you are needed in the Grand Ballroom. That vile witch has come to begin the ritual.”

Liam growls deep in his chest, I could feel the vibrations. He reluctantly lets me go, picking up his golden wolf mask. Liam is about to say something to me but the servant at the doors is quite erratic. “I’ll be there in a few minutes, now leave!” He commands.

“My Lord?”

“Don’t question me you halfwit!” He warns, growling a little. “I have other business to attend too. Be sure the guests are entertained while I see to another matter.” Liam bites out ready to pound the man behind the door into oblivion. He looks at me, calming a little. “It’s more important.”

“Oh. Apologies your Highness, come down when you are ready.” The servant leaves us alone.

Liam takes my hand, he’s a little apologetic by what must come next. “I’m sorry about this Evie. But it must be done.”

Seeing his protruding canines, I knew straight away what his heart is set on. Backing away a few paces, I give some space between us. He drops the mask.

“Liam stop.” I plea desperately, growing sacred. Back further away, he stalks towards me.

His breathing turns heavy, I feel the air between us thicken. Sensing his beast was at the surface. Liam’s eyes are stormy filled with lust and desire for me. “I need to do this.”

“Not like this.” I say meekly, inching towards the window. Keeping my eyes locked with his, knowing If I ran now he would pounce.

Liam smirks at my thoughts. He’s amused by my plans of escape. “Don’t let your thoughts betray you, little rabbit. I know this place better than you.”

He takes a few more steps towards me, I put my mental shields up. His beast tries invading my mind, by pounding against them. One thing I’ve learnt about this is not to focus too hard, mental shields work better when you let them drift into your subconscious. I don’t know how I did this but it worked well last time.

I had to put on a fake weak maiden act, knowing if Liam thought I was submissive human he would be less alert. My hand goes into my pocket, I make it look like I’m clutching my dress nervously. Which I am, right now I’m downright scared of what he could possibly do to me. I had let my guard down just for a few minutes and forgot the most important defining fact about him. Lycans are still wild beasts, unpredictable by nature and can go feral when enraged.

Hoping he didn’t get wind of my fake act, Liam properly knew it already. He chuckles at me. “I’m not buying it mate.” His hands suddenly either side of my body pinning me to the wall.

He entraps me with his hands either side of my head, Liam’s eyes turn blood red. My heart thunder’s pounding like a mad drum.

“Wait.” I try to stall him, readying my knife.

Liam rolls his eyes at me, his hand grabbing my right wrist with my silver knife held tightly in my grasp. “I’m not falling for your tricks anymore Evie. Playtime is over, its time I claimed my prize.”

His strength is unfathomable, I struggle trying to pull out of his hold. “Let me go.” I order, glaring at him. The fire burning in my eyes.

“No.” He growls growing impatient, disarming me in milliseconds. The knife clatters to the floor, echoing throughout the room. “I’ve waited too long for this, to lose you again. I’m never letting you go, never. You...are...mine. Lucius claimed you. That c*** marked you as his all those months ago. I’m rectifying that mistake.”

Liam expression changed to a look of possession, his beast taking over. I could feel his aura change, darken into a black endless abyss where no light could be seen. He wraps his arms around me, ignoring my attempts at resistance.

There, I’m met with the eyes of a ravenous beast. No trace of his humanity upon his face, the beast is all-consuming his red eyes are a reflection of a creature forged in the pits of hell. A twisted sadistic smirk reveals new deadly rows of teeth dripping with silvery venom. This wasn’t Liam, it’s a sadistic creature...thing.

My fear of these creatures makes itself well known, it wraps its self around me. Shredding away all the courage I had before. I push my hands into his chest wanting some distance between us.

“Liam, stop!” I hiss at him, trying to slip out of his hold once more. Liam has other plans, hauling me over his shoulder. He doesn’t say anything.

My fists pound into his back, fuck my fear! I wanted out of this crazy situation and to knock some sense into this abomination’s brain. He needed another lesson in boundaries. Liam walks out of the room taking us gods knows where.

Without warning, he uses his unnatural speed to take us someplace else from a vast hallway to another section of the palace. My vision is distorted for a moment, my insides churn uneasily. Liam kicks the door open with his foot, resuming his normal pace I see where we are now. In a small chapel lit by candlelight.

This place had an eerie tranquillity to it, the old double doors shut quietly behind driven by an unseen force. The bolts lock firmly in place, meaning there’s no means of escape.

Liam keeps his hold on me, his claws digging into my skin in warning. A silent threat that if I tried anything, he wouldn’t spare me his wrath.

“Ophelia!” Liam calls out, his voice a mix between a man and beast. “Ophelia!”

Liam drops me from his shoulder, not being too gentle about it either. He wraps one of his steely arms around my waist keeping me glued to his side.

Before me, is a small chapel dedicated to the moon goddess, in five of the stain glass windows are the phases of the moon with the moon goddess standing tall and radiant in the centre panel dressed in a white gown the full moon glowing in the palms of her pale white skin. Her eyes are closed but she looks so serene and beautiful with raven locks cascading behind her. A small woman dressed in white silky robes prays before the altar with offerings to the moon. A few steps higher than her. The chapel is very old, the brickwork is crumbling and is in need of restoration.

The priestess leans up, her back towards us. “What is it now Wilhelm?” Her tone clipped. “Haven’t you bothered the moon enough already?”

“I have one more request.” Liam growls out.

She stands up, showing us her full height. She’s shorter than Izzy, long silvery blonde locks cascade down her back like the moon goddess. Her beauty is breathtaking, I hold in a breath for a few moments. She looks very young, innocent and full of youth but her deep dark blue crystal eyes say something else, full of aeons of wisdom and experience. This tells me she knows more than Liam.

Her thin blonde eyebrow arches, slightly curious. “Speak now, I need to finish fasting. The moon is reaching its pinnacle, I need to maintain contact with her during this time.”

“I want you to marry us, bond us together.” Liam grunts out, shaking me as I try to stab his arm with my nails.

“Marriage?!! Hold on one blasted second.” I protest, glaring at them both. “I never bloody agreed to this. Let me go now Liam, otherwise, you’ll live to regret this.”

Both of them ignore me. Ophelia shakes her at me, disapproving at my words. “She’s not willing. So no.”

“She already presented her self to me during the Lunas Nortunus Dance. By all rights, she’s already made her vows.” He snarls.

I stab a heel into his toes, hoping that would loosen his grip. Liam doesn’t bat an eyelid. Was this all a game to him?!! Ophelia sighs, seeing how much I hated being near him right now.

“Very well, I’ll be honoured to do this.” She’s reluctant in doing it.

“No! I don’t want to marry you.” I scream out, desperately trying to get out of his hold.

Liam stares at me, his eyes pin me for a moment while I feel a sting from my left hand. Ophelia is quick and drastic, cupping our left hands to together and binding them in a white cloth with golden markings. My feet a then glued to the ground at the sound of a gong.

I try moving my feet, Ophelia acknowledges me for the first time. “Quit your struggles, Genevieve Wright, the moon has seen your plight and will grant you your request. Nothing can stop this. So let us begin.”

She goes on about the moon, thanking her for her protection and gifts to all wolf-kind. I wanted to spit on the floor, the moon can go and screw over. I’m sick of it!

“Do you Prince soon-to-be-king Wilhelm Constantine Gotha-Foster take Genevieve Clarissa Wright as your mate, bride and wife, bound in life and death. Now and forever?” Ophelia asks him, a dagger dripping in our blood is sat before the altar. She places the blood in a golden cup with shimmering water.

Liam doesn’t hesitate. “I do. Forever.”

Ophelia turns towards me. “Do you vow to be his forever, under this blessed moon as our witness? He shall be your husband and fated, he shall take no other, be tempted not by flesh or lust save for his true and only fated mate. Be bound in this life and the next. Now and forever?”

“N-.” My words are cut straight from my voice, by someone. A presence I’ve never felt before, someone filled with warmth and love of a caring mother. She’s emitting a calm aura, alluring.

Two invisible hands are on my shoulders. Her voice is soft and gentle, she whispers into my ear. “Please don’t. He needs you more than you realise Evie. If you reject him now, he won’t survive past the night. Liam will be no more, only a tyrant beast hellbent on consuming our worlds. I swear to you Liam needs to be saved from himself, only you can do this. Please forgive my actions. I needed to protect both of you and your precious bond.”

Time has stopped before us, Liam and Ophelia are frozen. I know who is behind me. “Your that overzealous bitch. The moon.” I snap ready to punch her in the face.

She chuckles similar to Liam. “Mind your words Evie. I am a goddess.”

“A bitch more like. I’m so sick of all of your children. They need to be sorted out.” I grumble out, my body frozen in time save for my head.

The moon goddess shows her true divine beauty before me, she looks like how I painted her to be with my mother as the goddess. Only this powerful cosmic being is radiating eternal power. She’s saddened by my words, disappointed in me. “I cannot truly apologise for my children’s actions, it’s of their own freewill. I cannot intervene unless it’s not against divine law.”

I grew bitter at her words. “Divine law can kiss my arse. Where were you when my mother was raped by your ‘children’ those bastards destroyed my childhood. Ruined my mother! She lost herself when Dicklan came home with another bitch! My family was torn apart by this. Magnus should’ve never been mated to my mum, she deserved better.”

Her silvery eyes soften at me, listening to my little rant. “Magnus will be punished, he isn’t your mother’s true mate.”

“What?!” I gasp shocked. “Who is her fated?”

The goddess is silent, sombre even. “I cannot say, in time you will have your mother back. Daisy will heal from her traumas as you are now.”

An idea struck me, I gathered my courage and asked her. “Could you release Candace? Pardon her please, because she doesn’t deserve such a horrid eternity.”

She grows wide-eyed at my request. “This isn’t something that is easily done. Candace was judged fair-.”

“No, she wasn’t! Lucius fucked up not her. Like with Jonas, is his mate suffering the same way?! No one deserves that unless they are true vindictive people. It should be me there, not her.” I confess, realising somethings about myself. “Jonas and Candace need another chance. Sienna never had his best interests at heart same for Lucius with Candace. Let her rest in peace. Please?”

“These are big requests, Genevieve, I shall need payment of equal sort.” She says floating above me with her arms crossed.

“I am marrying a scary Lycan with as many issues as me. You bonded him to me, so as I’m going to be stuck with him forever. I guess my torment is only beginning.” I stare up at her, my eyes hard and determined. I then stop, memories play in my mind of when he shifted back into human form during a full moon. “He’s not just any Lycan is he?”

She nods. “He’s descended directly from me, all the royals were. Wilhelm is the only true pureblood royal left.”

“What about Magnus he has red eyes too.”

She comes down to my level. “You will come to learn in time. I’ll think about your requests if you agree to bonding with Wilhelm.”

My cheeks redden at the thought of having sex with him. “Erm... only if I feel ready to... you know.” My blush intensifies. “Have sex with him.”

She smiles at me with a knowing smile. “Of course, he did promise never to force you. Rest assured he will take you only when you are ready. Do you agree?”

“I do.” I confirm, only I notice the moon goddess has vanished into thin air. Time as resumed at its natural state. That bitch tricked me! “Wait, I-.”

“Silence! Once said your words are bound in contract. No taking them back. As High Priestess, the moon has blessed your union upon this blessed night. Forever you two are bound, in body, in mind and in soul.” Ophelia takes the chalice showing it’s true colour, the shimmering water is glowing gold with two specks of red flowing in the centre. She pours the water on to the cloth.

Liam keeps his face as hard as stone, while I feel the water burn my very skin. He tightens his hand, our blood mingling into one. My senses are set alight feeling his calm heartbeat against my own frightened one. Ophelia begins chanting, saying a prayer of sorts as the blood ties us together. The blood slithers it’s way up to our ring fingers, it burns etching something into my skin and his.

Ophelia rips the cloth apart with her dagger, her eyes now white. “I hereby pronounce you Husband and Wife. Claim your bride.”

Liam smiles at me. “Perfect.” He pulls me close, out left hands still interlocked. Our hands resting upon our hearts. His other arm keeps me locked in place. He readies his teeth snarling at me in a twisted smile. All I see is the beast before me. The thing is I wanted his own beautiful golden eyes to be the ones shining underneath the candlelight of the chapel. Not his beast, his human eyes called out to me more than his beasts.

My emotions are running thick, drowning me. But I knew I had to protect others, if what the moon goddess’ words hold any statement of truth. Humans could become extinct under further Lycan rule. I could feel the future laid out before me if I hadn’t fallen for the goddess’ trick. Liam would’ve snapped, a never-ending rampage of the beast. He would’ve chased me down and raped me, in my sorrow I would commit suicide the same way my mother tried all those years ago. The cycle would have come full circle.

I let my mental walls down, hiding the goddess’ visit from him. Using the bond to my advantage, I made him feel my emotions. How scared I am of him right now, feeling distrustful but also feeling calmer around the more human side of him. He halts, his eyes showing hints of gold.

“Evie?” He asks puzzled shocked to see where we are. As he looks around. Feeling as if he’s awakened from a dream Liam doesn’t look too happy with what’s happened. “Silver.” He growls low, eyes returning to their golden hue. “You bastard.”

“Liam?” I ask hopeful, his gold eyes capture my heart. Our bond strengthening, wrapping our souls together.

His eyes soften at seeing me. “I’m-.”

The beast launches itself at the surface eyes now half and half. Liam growls at me, his face a mix of the two sides of him. “I’ll be the one claiming you mate...” His voice grows softer at the last two words. “My fated.”

He strikes quickly, pulling my neck close to his canines. The beast teases me with his tongue licking my skin. He nibbles away at it, nuzzling into my neck. “Mine.” He growls into my skin, sinking his teeth over the black claim mark.

I hold in my scream. Holy moon that hurts! He keeps his teeth lodged into my neck, easing his teeth until they are fully in. Staring at the ceilings chapel, I see the legends of the moon painted beautifully on to the ceiling. Pain turns into pleasure, I close my eyes feeling the bliss of something flow into me. These feelings weren’t my own they are his.

Liam licks the claim clean. I shiver in response, my body responds instantly to his every touch. His teeth return to normal, my blood staining his lips. Although, his eyes are fully blood red. He smirks down at me. “Nowhere to run or hide now, little rabbit.”

His hot lips meet mine, claiming me in a savage kiss. I keep my jaw locked, not giving him any chance of deepening the kiss. The beast believes he’s getting what he desires, I pull out my left hand from his. The beast doesn’t take my hint, trying to probe my mouth with a slobbery tongue. I cringe, sensing how wrong it felt. He feels like an eel poking around. My free hand slips into my other pocket carefully, hopefully, he doesn’t feel...

Liam groans at my hand touching his neither regions. He tries forcing his way through my clenched teeth. I slip into my other dresses pocket, another surprise anxiously waiting to deal a little bit of payback. I grip my other silver blade tightly, traces of wolfsbane upon it.

It’s about time I trained this beast. Without warning, I stab him in the eye once more. Liam roars out in pain. This time I pull my blade out, escaping his hold. I take a few steps back, my eyes full of rage. The beast collapses to the floor, holding his seared eye.

Ophelia gasps out in shock. “How dare you-.”

I press the blade to her throat keeping tabs on both of them. Her skin hisses in response. My mental walls slam back up to there full defence. My tone is laced with rage and my own venom. “How dare I, how dare you? I may be human, but I’m no one’s toy not anymore.”

My face is hard, my gaze slicing through them harsher than my knives. The mark upon my back burning, warning me of something. Just for a moment, Liam’s aura changes to a darker one. Ophelia tries disarming me, I send a full-force punch her way knocking her out in a flash. She lands before the altar, covered by her white robes.

Liam’s one red eye glowered at me with a menacing look. I held back my emotions, focusing on my rage. The cauldron in my chest set ablaze by my feelings of betrayal, loss of safety and his humanity. “I’ll make you pay, human.” He spits at my feet.

Standing my own, I hold my own. If I am to tame this beast he needs to learn that a woman scorned is much scarier than a beast hell-bent on destroying all. “Shut up.” I command, my voice cold. “It’s time you learnt what a human can really do. Remember Silver, I am Liam’s mate first and never your toy. You went against my wishes, now you pay.”

He laughs at me. Standing up to his full height. “I’ll let you amuse me, little rabbit. Playing with you is fun.”

I scoff at his words. “It’s no game Silver. Bring Liam back or else.”

“Or else what?” He smirks, his full height trying to intimidate me. “You’re going to stick me with that pin again. Don’t make me laugh.” His voice grows darker, the darkness dominating the doom. Even the candles flicker some extinguish, they all blown out.

This power is all-consuming, the air growing heavier. My lungs grow weighty with each intake of breath. My eyes couldn't see in the dark, yet my other senses could pick up his movements. I feel him around me, my back feels heavy as he moves around me. I lower my blade to the side.

I let my other senses guide me, the mark burning as well. Silver's angry at my childish attempts at my challenge.

Feeling him behind me. He whispers low into my ear. "Make me proud."

He disappears into thin air, my ears can hear the motions around us. My back feels heavy again, the wings shudder in fright sensing something. I hear a sickening crack. My gut-punched me hard. Warning me to get the hell out of there, all hell is going to break loose!


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