Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 30: Tonight's Entertainment

~Evie's POV~

Moon help me, please.′ I pray to the moon, ready to escape my crazy fated. Picking up the front of my dress. The doors behind me open, I focus on my destination and hightail it out of there. Silver is behind me, snarling.

I don’t dare look back. My mind tries pinpointing the ballroom, only I’m surrounded by vast endless hallways. Come on, I needed a way out of here. My eyes catch the rising full moon out of the window. Oh yeah.

My legs stop, I dig my heels in to slow down. Pounding footsteps echo throughout the halls. Heading towards me. I remember that I could unleash a loud shriek to shatter the windows. His footsteps coming nearer, I focus on the sadness within me. Thinking about my mother, feeling betrayed.

I gather the air and let out a shriek shattering some of the windows in the hallway. Some shards of glass price my skin and dress, I didn’t care. Stepping on to the window ledge I climb through the glass, my wounds healing quickly. Shards of bloodied glass drop off me.

The cold night hair blows harshly, howling in rage. The sudden gust rips up my dress. I feel someone tug behind me, a loud growl comes from behind me. The claim burns knowing who put it there.

Without thinking I slice the dresses trail making him stumble back a little. My turquoise eyes meet his enraged bloody pits for a moment. I jump from the window, Liam chases after me howling out. “No!”

I give him my own smirk, Kalen’s information gives me the chance to summon the power of the Fae’s blessings. My wings appear once more. They grow to there original size, with them I could feel the winds currents urging me to fly away. With a flap, they take me quickly away from the crazy beast.

Silver falls face-first into the ground. He shifts in mere seconds. I focus on flying high into the night sky, somehow I can clearly see Liam’s human form replaced by his beast. The one I haven’t seen since our last challenge, the full moon rises high in the sky.

The great beast howls into the night, altering others to the ongoings. Below me, I hear terrified screams, as other Lycans and werewolves shift into there true skins. Shit!

Naughty, naughty.′ Kalen’s voice enters my mind. ′For it seems the real show has begun.′

Kalen.′ I feel a sense of relief. ′Where are you, Izzy and Jonas? We need to get out of here now.′

Oh, your new husband has them locked up in the dungeons. Best take the matter up with him. Ta-ta.′ He hangs up on me.

Kalen!′ I try calling out to him. That knife eared bastard. I notice something shooting towards me. Oh crap! Crap! I fly higher into the sky barely missing a Lycan’s claws.

I don’t know who it is, but I descend down to the palace my wings carry me swiftly. Wow. If I wasn’t scared senseless this would be cold. Landing on a high turret roof. Below me, guests are rounded up by savage beasts. A big brown wolf catches my eye. It’s my half-brother Theo.

People are screaming for help, as they are rounded up. The Fae flee with some people, teleporting to their homelands. Witches and Warlocks place barriers up to protect those more helpless. The vampires hide in the shadows hissing at the monsters.

A cold hand touches my shoulder, I jump out of my skin hovering away from them. Cold turquoise eyes which match my own stare back at me with disbelief. Elliot stares at me. “Evie?”

I maintain some distance between us, my last encounter with leeches didn’t end well. “Stay back.”

“Evie, I won’t hurt you.” He says trying to reassure me.

Something fluffy wraps itself around me, Elliot jumps out at the creature behind me slashing it with his small vampiric claws. The beast yelps out in pain, it uses its hind legs to send him crashing into the lead roof.

“Elli!” I cry out. The beast lands with ease, taking the impact of the landing. Trying to scream out, my mouth is muffled by a gag.

Sienna’s small from comes into view. We are back at the grand ballrooms entrance. Her ditzy smile comes out. She’s ecstatic. “Hiya Pixie. Congrats on the marriage. Old Willy will be please to see you haven’t fled after all. Take her to him. He’s missing his wife.”

I scream out, my legs flaying. I’m still in my human form. Sienna doesn’t seem to notice. The beast isn’t bothered by me, it throws me to the floor before a stage. Liam stands half-dressed, his chest bare with blood markings with the phases of the moon on his back and front. Only wearing black leather trousers, that golden wolf mask back upon his face. His feet bare. Silver’s blood-red eyes are dominant in him. He looks down at me with a sneer.

“My wife finally makes her appearance.” He laughs, mocking me. The unshifted guards pick me up by my arms. Liam gestured for them to bring me on to the stage. They haul me over the gathering crowds shoving me on to the stage. I’m thrown before his feet. He goes down, picking me up. Forcing me to stare at him. He whispers low into my ear. His voice is dangerous and dark. “You thought you could leave? Where’s your punishment for me? I was so looking forward to it. Don’t forget Little rabbit, you are officially mine now. My wife.”

He pulls back, I spit in his face disgusted by him. “Go to hell Silver.”

“We’re already here. Let me show you what happens when you cross me.” He threatens. His eyes glowing. “Bring forth the offerings and my former sister in law.”

The crowd departed opening up for the offerings, they came bound in heavy chains. All of them young and youthful, some were beaten. Sienna leads at the front she’s dressed in a black revealing robe. The offerings surround her in a circle, another thing is rolled out. All of them gather around a giant circle, the moon reaching its peak. The object in the centre is a mutilated black corpse, a low ba-bump coming from its chest. It grasps in heavy breath’s out trying to intake air.

Sienna bows to us. “My Lord, I hereby offer you 10 willing sacrifices to restore your beloved Candace. In return, you shall offer your own newly wedded bride in exchange.”

“Agreed. Begin.” Silver nods, keeping a painful grip on my arm.

Sienna begins to chant, her eyes completely black. The language is spoken in multiple tongues. She gets out two shining sacrificial blades, she chants deeply ready to strike the first offerings.

Liam smiles, knowing something. “Bind her!”

Suddenly, the glamour is dropped. It shatters revealing ten High Priestess dressed in white robes, their eyes completely white. Each of them ethereal creatures. Sienna stops dropping her blades, the priestesses unchain themselves creating a firey seal around Sienna and the black corpse. The full moon shines down upon them bathing them all in moonlight.

Sienna lets out a chilling scream, the black thing gasping, it lets out an agonised wail. The moonlight burns their very skin, turning it into ashy flakes. While the priestesses grow in strength reaching their zenith.

“Wilhelm, why?!” Sienna screams out.

He lets me go, two guards pin my arms forcing me to watch tonights entertainment. Liam is unphased by the powerful magic he steps over the firey magics. His clawed hand tears straight into her chest, ripping out her still-beating heart.

“You think you could fool me!?” He snarls, his bloodied hand squeezing the heart. “Your growing to pay for your treachery.”

Sienna cries out in pain. She chokes on her own blood, some blood weeping from her eyes. “”

Liam smirks at her, his eyes hard. Holding no emotion. “There are many things I know about witch. Including your so-called plans.” Liam leaves her heart out of her chest, turning his back to them both. “Set it alight, you need to be cleansed. Both of you.” His eyes wander over to the black corpse. “Goodbye Lucius.”

Many people gasp, shocked, startled and surprised by this. As Liam leaves the circle, the moonlight sets them both alight in white-hot flames. The light is so blinding and loud we couldn’t see or hear anything.

Liam stands before the crowd, pointing to the traitor’s circle. His presence commanding and dominating. “Be warned, if you ever cross me. I shall make an example of you, no matter who you are.” His eyes go to me for a second. “I am the Lycan King, ruler of all Werewolves and Lycans. None may stand against me, do so and die. No mercy will be shown. Only suffering.”

He kneels down before a priest this time, the man is dressed in a fully black wolf outfit with robes. A black Lunar staff in one hand the other holds a liquid of boiling blood.

The priest writes over Liam’s chest drawing blood as ancient writing is written upon his bare chest. I could feel the claws writing into my own skin.

In a tongue unknown to the common ears, Liam fluently speaks with an accent deep and foreboding. Repeating the same words. One vow after another. A golden crown with moonstones and rubies is placed upon Liam’s brow. He rises up, showing all his new savage tattoo’s. Two black Lycan’s come up behind him, slashing his back with there talons. Liam doesn’t blink embracing the pain. Ripping off his wolf mask, it clatters to the ground.

A white cloak is draped upon his shoulders the blood staining it. The priest bows, other’s follow suit. The guards try to force me down. I don’t bow in respect of a monster. My wings fade into nothing. I’m the only other one standing in the room.

Liam basks in his newfound power, growing drunk on it. Tonight, he’s been a freaking arsehole. “I am the King.” He laughs in glee. “Kneel before me.”

Time to teach him a lesson, with my knife in hand I throw it quick aiming at his crown. He catches it in his hand, the silver not burning his skin anymore. What the-?! Staring me down, Liam heads towards me. He drops the knife into my palm.

“Mine.” He growls possessively. Kissing me once more. The bond plays with my emotions, making me give in. It felt so good. It’s short and sweet. “Mine. My wife, my Queen.” He embraces me. "Now and Forever."

My heart thumped away, happily?! My mind screamed out at me. Something wasn't right. Why were his eyes still blood-red? Liam reads my thoughts.

"Full moon little rabbit-." His voice fades as I feel my energies drain from me completely.

I let myself fall into another sleep, my real nightmare might have just begun.


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