Night of Liberation (ON HOLD)

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Chapter 31: Slap Back To Reality

As a thank you for all my wonderful readers who commented on the important update regarding the story. I’m dedicating this chapter to all of you. 🥰


~Evie POV~

The beast in his madness now has become the king. True terrors of the night now reign over all of us. I didn’t recognise Liam as my ‘husband’, all those empty words I said. My threats held no real meaning. Part of that night I enjoyed immensely, dancing with him. How he treated me, changed my perspective of him a little. Liam showed me a softer side, he was gentle, seductive yet dismissed me when we needed to talk about us.

His beast needed to be tamed. How I’m going to train him is still a mystery even to me. How does one tame a powerful king? The answer is simpler than I thought. Seduce him. Yet, the mere thought of it sends chills down my spine.

I’m a little apprehensive with being intimate with someone. My past experiences taught me to look for a good man. The moon pushed for Liam instead, the Lycan is a complete mystery to me. Only knowing a handful of things about him.

Oh for once Evie shut the hell up and give him, no what the both of you need. Get laid already, you stupid girl! An inner voice scolds me.

My world is spinning until I come snapping to reality. The premonition I had of our possible future together. If I said those words would’ve been a trigger point. Once again I’m back in Liam’s arms, after my long confession hours before the shit hit the fan in the possible future the Moon Goddess just showed me.

(A/N: Evie’s just seen a possible future for herself and Wilhelm, Where she didn’t accept him. Where he forces an unwanted marriage on her. We are near every end of chapter 28 before she says “We need to talk.”)

“What are you saying?” Liam asks thrown off guard.

About to say those dreaded words. ‘We need to talk.’ Throwing that future far into the deepest depths of my mind. This time I stop myself, shutting my trap for once. I’m going to let my actions speak for me for once. Wrapping my arms around Liam’s neck once more, I kiss him deeply throwing away my fears and doubts. Giving in to my bodies desire to jump more than his bones.

He kisses me back just as fierce, Liam tries talking but I don’t let him. I pull back starting to kiss his neck, teasing him. A low pleased rumble comes from deep within his chest. Unbuttoning a few top buttons from his shirt so I could taste him further. Liam lets me explore him, his taste is driving me insane! Salty caramel with a hint of whiskey has never tasted so good. Deeper I go, kissing him with light butterfly kisses. Hmm? It’s about time I leave a mark? Nibbling his skin, I feel his loins spring forth to life. A little smirk dances upon my own lips, enjoying it. I bite deeply into his salty skin. Liam gasps out not expecting it. He trips up, falling to the rug back first on the polished wooden floors.

“Evie.” He growls out, trying to contain himself. His eyes flashing between different colours.

I pull back, smirking at his lust-filled helpless expression. “I wanted to return the favour.” I say with a cheeky wink. Hovering over his lips, his eyes widen in amazement at my sudden change in character. My fingers trace around his face. “You are so cute from down there. I kind of like it when you’re a flustered schoolboy.”

“What’s gotten into you?” Liam tries to reason with me, only it falls upon deaf ears.

Leaning in further I give him a quick kiss. My eyes half-lidded, my voice breathy. “Sense, I’m seeing sense.”

Liam tries to reply, I cut him off with another deep kiss. Caressing his red cheek. “Just let my actions speak. I want to be with you. Give me a chance to get to know who my mate really is. That’s if you want too. I understand if you-.”

He shushes me with a finger. “Then let us be together. If you agree-.”

Pulling away from his finger, I blurt out. “Mark me.”

“Are you sure?” He asks, rising from the floor. His hand supporting my back.

His golden eyes make me swoon, I loved them. Yes. Love them. Plus his arse, by the stars he’s been driving me secretly crazy with it! My hairs rise on end, feeling my desire grow for him. I whisper low. “Let me be yours if you’ll be mine?”

Liam’s eyes sparkle with an unknown light. We kiss again, he’s very gentle and passionate. When we part he holds the back of my head to stop me from moving further away. Staring deeply into each other’s eyes. He confesses something. “You had me enraptured with your scent, six years ago. Lucius forced you into a sudden move. He held it over me for a year.”

“Tell me about it later. Just mark me...please.” I beg, lust filling me entirely. My body heat rises in anticipation and excitement, I accept the mating bond. Feeling all the emotions swam me. They weren’t mine though. These felt all-consuming, warm and deep. An endless beautiful night sky full of stars, glittering in hope to be loved deeply with someone else. The biggest star outshining them all. I realise these aren’t my emotions they are Liam’s and someone else’s. Another side of Liam. I’m left speechless.

His touch feels like dancing butterflies wings gently caressing my skin, both sensual and aspiring. Liam has his own teasing session, nuzzling into my neck. His kisses are torture, my heart shudders wanting to know the meaning of our repairing bond.

Liam nips at my skin, tasting me with his tongue. I let out a weak moan, falling into his marvellous kisses. His growing canines pinch at the base of my neck and shoulder.

“Just do it.” I moan louder, my senses going into overdrive at his touch.

He growls loud, sinking his teeth into my neck once more. This time, I feel no pain just pure joy and skyrocketing pleasure. My insides scream out in excitement, demanding more. Holy shit! I just... my first orgasm. “Holy...”

Liam pokes my backside with his raging hard-on. Growling in pleasure. He pulls his teeth out. Some of my blood staining his lips. For once I have no regrets. My fear of him has subsided. Sure he scares me when he loses it, but maybe we could learn to help each other instead. Bring out the best and the worst, learn our faults.

Seeing him now he’s nothing more than a man, a sexy man. One I’ve wanted to shag for a long time. For now, though, this is a better start to our new beginning. Our second chance.

He stares at me wondering what I am thinking about. I’m lost in my own little world. The bond delves deeper. Showing me flashes of Liam’s memories, what he felt when he thought I was dead.

Snapping out of my daze, I’m starting to see sense.

The same rapid state of rushed knocks came from the door. Someone calls out. “My lord, you are needed in the Grand Ballroom. That vile witch has come to begin the ritual.”

The servant opens the door, seeing the state we’re in. Liam shoots straight up me wrapped in his embrace. He growls possessively, the man’s brown eyes widen in horror seeing a fresh mating mark. “She’s my mate you fool. Lower your gaze before I remove your eyes. It’ll be an absolute pleasure doing so.”

“Forgive me, my lord. I didn’t mean to offend.” The servant begs, lowering his gaze from us. He’s just a young lad about 17, brown hair, bronze skin, dressed in a butlers uniform.

I tap Liam’s chest, he smiles at me. A playful gleam in his eyes. Tapping into our telepathic link, I scold him. ′Stop taunting the poor lad. He’s just a boy, let him be.′

He needs to learn. I’m not the one to share.′ Liam kisses my new claim. I jump out of my skin feeling the pleasure from it.

Damn it, Liam. Don’t do that. I don’t want-.′ A girlish squeak comes from me, Liam loving the newfound power he has over me. “Stop it.” I growl growing flustered, my cheeks aflame.

He chuckles low and hearty, kissing my forehead. “You know I could get used to this.”

“Wait till our honeymoon.” I blurt out. Oh crap. Too soon... too... bloody... soon.

Liam raises an eyebrow. Whispering into my ear. “I look forward to it.”


Sorry, it’s so short. I’ve wanted to write more but I think this is a better start to Evie’s and Liam’s romance.

Thank you all for your support. Comments. I just love reading them. Let me know what you think of this chapter. Any feedback is welcomed.

See you next chapter...

Melissa x

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