Night of Liberation

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Chapter 3: An Eye for Eyes

~Present day...~

I didn’t need any of this crap, old Gorgon made me do her favourite job. Me cleaning out the mongrel's restrooms. The smell of sewage and heavenly bleach now clings to me. I sighed in relief glad that dreaded job was over with, my eyes scanned over to the sliver clock it reading almost noon. Looks like it took longer than I thought. Meh.

Walking over to Gorgon I smile sweetly my scent curling her sensitive nose. Ha! Rotten mongrel. Her puke green eyes narrowed harshly at me, “Be gone runt your scent offends me.”

“But Miss, what is my next task??” I pretend to act gormless, keeping my eyes downcast.

She snarls at me, old Gorgon doesn’t like repeating herself. “You are needed out front runt.”

I almost snigger at her, quickly I hold it in as my snigger turns into a snuffle. I bow slightly in respect to the bitch before heading out front for the rest of the day.

My best friend had it a lot easier, she recently got a new job. Becoming a pottery teacher, she now taught in all sorts of schools. Gaining her teaching degree thanks to her werewolf mate Kyle.

They didn’t want to have kids just yet, lucky gits had all the time in the world. All supernatural creatures don’t age after 25, some stop ageing at 35 depending upon there DNA. When a human fully mates with a werewolf, vampire etc, they also stop ageing. A nice perk for the human. It doesn’t sit well with me I don’t want to live with a possessive arse for the rest of my eternal life.

The hours swing by, yet we had the usual pedigree bitches in the store. I’m just tidying up a recent mess from a group of mongrels. There freakin’ lazy. It’s better than cleaning toilets anyways. After the whole alphas daughter crap, we had to up our market for higher individuals. I didn’t like it one bit because I had to deal with my worst fear on a daily basis, things worst than werewolves.

These creatures are the stuff of nightmares, why humans still continue to suffer on a daily basis. Lycans are the ones responsible for every human's suffering. They quickly lose their tempers with anyone, females are easier to handle since they all seem encoded with bitch into there DNA. Males, on the other hand, will scare a whole town off in a burst of rage, no werewolf or human can stop them. Even if we combined forces somehow, it wouldn’t be enough, werewolves are naturally subservient to these monsters and will always submit.

We humans have three unwritten rules to follow when dealing with Lycans, Rule One: don’t piss them off, hold your tongue and mind your manners. Rule Two: never look a Lycan in the eye it will be your end, and finally Rule Three: bow and always be respectful and courteous, listen to what they have to say and agree with them even if it emotionally kills you.

Why didn’t I quit? Not just paint for a living, it would seem too suspicious. A low human of my rank isn’t allowed to earn past a certain wage. Kyle had fiddled with his earnings to allow me to live a better life. Plus painting 24/7 would suck, I would grow easily bored, and it was my outlet. I needed some feelings to paint my frustration and sadness.

I quickly tidy up all the items, stacking the creased clothing in a neat pile, ready to take it up to the cleaners. While I put all the other items in their respective places, as they awaiting the next onslaught of bitches. As I’m just putting the last items away a young snobbish girl approaches me, she searches for someone higher than me. Her face consorts into one of disgust.

“Human,” she sneers, spitting at the word. I put down my items and turn to her then gently bow. “Where are the pre-season releases?”

‘Are you stupid?! follow the signs you fucktard.’ That’s what I wanted to say. I hold it in “Please follow the signs Miss, they shall lead you to your destination. Please excuse me I have duties to attend to.”

Just as she’s about to speak, we both hear ‘Who Let the Dogs Out’ blasting from my mobile phone. She growls in annoyance walking away.

“Hello, Kyle.” I answer, holding back my laughter.

“Evie!” Kyle panicked voice screams. “I need you right now.”

I snigger. “A bit early for a booty call.”

“Damn it, Evie.” His voice grows more unsettled with each word. “You need to come to the art gallery, now. It’s an emergency. I-”

Oh shit. “Is Nat alright?!! By the god's Kyle if you hurt her, I’ll-” I growl.

“NO! She’s fine, Evie I need you right now. It’s about Gwen, the council are here to see her.” He cuts me off.

Oh no, what am I going to do? The council want me, well Gwen. Oh shit.

“Please, they have sent an envoy wanting to meet Gwen. I’ve told them countless times but they won’t listen. They’ve said if I don’t get Gwen in the next five minutes they’ll kill me and Natalie. Please Evie.” Kyle pleas his voice breaking at the end.

I take a deep breath. “I’ll be there in 20.”

We both cut off, I rush to the changing rooms to grab my stuff. Old Gorgon growls at me when I bump into the bitch. “Sorry Gorgon, gotta run.”

I don’t bother looking back, knowing I’ve lost my job. I manage to avoid many mongrels, as soon as I feel the fresh air upon my face I look up not caring if I met eyes with a mongrel or several. Kyle needs me.

The towns a blur as I shot by shops, bars, cafes and many werewolves, each one of them snarls at me in disrespect while others have a quick grumble and leave me to it. My lungs are burning, I close my eyes for a second as I breathe in to get to the last push.

Come on not much longer. I smile pushing my body, opening my eyes once more I see Kyle’s gallery come into view. I push the glass door aside as I slow down my pace.

Oomph! The wind is suddenly knocked out of me when I bash into a firm black wall. I cannot see for a few moments until an annoyed growl comes from the black wall.

Slowly looking up I see Kyle sitting behind by his pine desk, glowering at me. It’s then I notice he’s not in his usual attire, his shirt and black jeans, no he’s wearing a dark blue monkey suit with a clean black tie and ironed white shirt. His once long hair now neatly cut, and loose short black hairs framed his handsome face.

However, my eyes wandered over to his guest is far more upmarket, snob. Snob guy clearly loved black, or he had no colour sense, from head to toe he wore black. His designer leather shoes gleamed in the gallery’s lights, black fitted jeans hugged his long powerful legs defining his muscles, his toned chest covered in a snug-fitting black turtle neck along with his coat with a red shield coat of arms pinned to the top right. Snobby worked out a lot, compared to Kyle’s short stature and lean figure, it seemed a shame not to show off his muscles.

Snobby’s face contorts into one of disgust, his baritone voice is filled with distaste. “You filthy human, how dare you taint me with your filth!” Snobby quickly brushes away where I just banged into him, his razor talons insight. He turns to me and waves his hand dismissing me. “Begone! No human scum is... allowed in my presence!”

Arrogant bastard, I hold back my tongue and quickly dust myself off.

“Whatever mutt.” I grumble back, I look around for the council envoy. I think I bumped into his guard. However... the bastard growls at my comment.

“Erm Evie...” Kyle squirms, his voice growing more high pitched “This is the Envoy from the high council, Lord Foster. He’s requested to meet Miss Wolfgang today.”

Lord Foster clears his voice. “Why is IT still here?” He points to me, insulted by my lowly presence “I’m expecting a she-wolf, not some lowly foul-smelling human.”

Kyle tenses up even more, bowing his head in submission as if the pressure in the room is getting to him. I don’t bat an eyelid, absent of the growing pressure. “Sir, Miss Wright here is Miss Wolfgang’s personal assistant. She may be able to book you in to see her straight away.”

Lord Foster growls at Kyle’s words. “That wasn’t agreed, you imbecile, you promised me her. The Artist... not some vulgar creature.”

“But sir I...” Kyle squirms as Lord Foster overshadowed his short frame with his great stature, his eyes glow in anger.

“If you don’t produce Gwen in the next five minutes, I shall destroy you and your mongrel humans.”

“Your highness,” I mock and bow to the bastard, he turns to face me snarling. “I’m so sorry for the inconvenience such as a lowly human as myself has caused. As you know Miss Wolfgang only does commissions through Mr Scott and myself. Since you think of us all as a mockery and unworthy of your time I suggest you find the nearest exit. Because I doubt Gwen will paint for an arrogant bastard such as yourself.”

I hear Kyle scramble from his seat, coming in between me and Lord Foster. “Sir she didn’t mean any of that.” Ow! I muffle a cry of pain, Kyle just elbowed me. “I sincerely apologise for this inconvenience, and for this human's foul manners.”

Lord Foster somehow seems much taller, I peak from behind Kyle seeing the towering giant growing? His black mop is hung low, he tenses up clenching his fists in anger, my eyes widened at his canines protruding through his once-perfect lips. Just as he looks up, I catch a glimpse of golden eyes, I cast my eyes down. Whew, that was close.

He struts up close to Kyle, growling at the lowly wolf. “Keep that thing on a leash. My expectations are lowering Mr Scott, I suggest you give me a discount for, the ‘recent’ inconveniences.”

Kyle bows low in submission. “Of course sir, 20% off the first commission?”

“No, I want 80% off on all commissions Mr Scott. Due to lack of professionalism,” he points to me “and it’s lack of manners.”

What?! No way is that happening, I’m not a charity. Rotten bastard. Kyle, on the other hand, is about to speak for me, I mean Gwen. “Yes sir.”

Jerkface seems to be happy his smug month smiles with glee, “Very good, I shall expect the prices to be perfectly adequate.”

Kyle keeps his head low after his bowing session. “Of course my lord, I shall notify Miss Wolfgang immediately.”

I don’t bother looking up, I see his lordships shadow waves Kyle and me off. “Good day Mr Scott.” Totally ignoring me.

I dare to look up, his back is turned to me and he stops by the glass pane door. Kyle rushes over to it to open the door for him. That bastard, he refuses to touch anything tainted by us vermin. My left-hand does a ‘wanker’ motion. “Prick.” I inadvertently mumble.

Suddenly, an enraged roar fills the gallery and my shoulders are pinned to a nearby grey wall. I feel several pricks unto my skin, my eyes widen when I see familiar black talons digging into my coat, stopping before they price my flesh.

“Leave!” He roars at Kyle, who’s gone in milliseconds. The glass door closing softly behind the place he once stood.

Lord Foster’s warm breath invades my ears, he breathes into my neck. Hairs standing on end. He growls grow deeper, sounding more animal. “Now little human, what does one rabbit say to the wolf?”

Rolling my eyes, “Rabies?” By the gods, I can’t seem to stop myself. What the hell am I doing?!! My head screams but I seem to have no control of whatever I say.

He growls, his claws slowly piercing into my flesh. I ready my knife, I feel one of his clawed hands grab my left arm to his nether regions, towards something much warmer. His precious area. He whispers into my ear, biting my earlobe “Relieve me, wench.” Pushing his area towards me.

My eyes narrow disdain, he wants me to do what! Without even thinking my left-hand stabs my silver blade deep into his area. I hold back a scream of pain as his claws dig deeper into my shoulder blade. I push him away, only slightly.

“Get the hell away from me!” I scream, my vision turns red. Slashing my left arm upwards. My blade swishing over his ugly mug several times. “You flea-ridden mongrel!”

He roars in pain when I stab my blade into something soft, he lets me go. Warmblood gushes out, suddenly I no longer see red but the effects of my handiwork. Lord Foster calls in his men.

Pounding footsteps are heard as I’m pushed to the ground and my arms are restrained by two of sets of strong hands. They're pinned to my back and shoulders, making it impossible to move. Except for my neck.

I crank my neck up, his face has multiple cuts some light others deep, the skin sizzles in anger from being marred by silver. The beast looks up at me, my hair acting as a shroud hiding my turquoise eyes. I see his left eye is full of anger, while his right has my knife lodged deeply into his eye socket. I smirk. That bastard deserves it. Yet my victory doesn’t last, Lord Foster deep chuckle unsettles me.

“Silly girl, do you think your toy could hurt me?!” Taking the blade out of his eye blood spurts out landing on my face, I remain silent. Disgusted by these creeps actions. His men push me down further, I resist them. Groaning in pain, when one of them puts pressure on my injured shoulder. My head lowers.

He laughs at a sudden idea comes into mind, Lord Foster gestures his men to bring me up, they do so roughly not caring if I’m human. My head hangs low.

“Do you know what happens to you scum when you attack a Lycan sweet rabbit?” Lord Foster mutters toying with my blooded blade.

My heart stops, everything within me is scared. He smiles in delight, his eyes are filled with eager at his idea. My bravado has vanished, I find myself sinking into being a scared six-year-old girl once again. Lycans, there all Lycans. They're going to hurt mummy, there going to hurt me again. “They are punished.”

He chuckles again, similar to those bad men. He glides the blade over my eyes. “An eye for an eye rabbit.”

I try to push away, only to be stopped by his men. “Aahh.” Lord Foster tuts, swishing the blade back and forth. “In your case rabbit, it’s both of eyes.”

I scream, struggling against my bonds. They barely move as I struggle, they pin me to my knees making me bow in front of this pig. “Before your blinded sweet rabbit, I want your last sight is of me digging your blade into helpless eyes.” The guards force my head up, they steadily bring me up to face the monstrous creature. I keep my eyes closed afraid of what I have to face.

“Come now little rabbit, you don’t want to be rude now do you?” Lord Foster’s voice turns soft, mocking me as the cold blade caresses my cheek. I spit in his face. His laughter invades my ears.

“Open. Your. Eyes. Rabbit.” I refuse, shaking my head ‘no’.

Suddenly, my head is grasped harshly and my eyelids are ripped open. “Let’s see those pretty eyes.” He whispers, his warm breath tickling my ear. “One... last...time.”

He hearty chuckles, looking away. My eyes widen further as Lord Foster’s vile handsome face comes into view. Everything stops, he looks like a fallen angel with his lightly tanned skin, his kissable lips look as soft as a rose concealed with nasty thorns as he smirks in delightfully. A strong jawline compliments his already beautifully scared face, for some reason I feel bad about ruining his face... high cheekbones seem to caress his already stunning features, his face framed with long Raven black locks. But what caught my breath was a haunting golden rose eye, it’s partner mauled by me. However, those eyes melted into a murderous vile slit arctic blue eyes.

The eyes of a demon! His other eye healing immediately at the sight of me, recognising something. He stares in wonder and drops my knife as he approaches me. I try to scream only to have my voice lodged in my throat. I’m frozen by his eyes. A single word seals my fate


His eyes widen at his words, snatching me away a moment later. Lord Foster encases me in his steely muscular arms. His height is now more apparent to me. He snarls in warning at his guards, warding them away from us.

I’m no longer frozen by fear, as that dreaded word sinks in. Mate. I push against his chest with all my strength. He closes me in, I whimper as he moves one of his arms off me. My legs still kicking against his knees. I see him smile finally showing his full canines, growling at my helpless struggles.

He grabs the back of my head, quickly pecking my lips slicing my top lip with one of his canines. I feel his tongue lick away my blood. He angles my head into an uncomfortable position, making me see his vile face and bares my neck on full display just for him.

“Mine.” He growls as he moves his deadly canines to my neck. My eyes fill with tears at the reality, I’m his. If he marks me I’m no longer my own, I cannot seem to look away as his canines approach my neck awaiting to be marred by him.

Everything is spinning as he comes. It’s all too much. My vision grows distorted, white patches cloud my eyes. I hear a blood-curdling scream.


I realise it’s me. I scum to the darkness...


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