Night of Liberation

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Chapter 4: Nightmares Do Come True

~Evie's POV~

A vast void of Darkness surrounded me, I couldn’t see any parts of my body.

“Evie...” A soft feminine voice pierced through the void. “Evie... Evie...”

My heart jolted suddenly. “Mum?!” I cried walking through the void.

“Evie, they’ll be inside you soon.” My mother’s voices echos.

“What?” I question, my voice quickly fading.

Something cold touches my shoulder, I shot around facing a grey pale fragile figure dressed in a long frilly white dress caked in mud and bloodstains.

Her head was hunched down gazing at a would-be floor. Her long blonde hair was a greasy lifeless mass shrouding her face in the vast void.

Yet as she moved closer something wet dripped on to my feet.

My eyes were instantly drawn to a growing pool of red blood. I looked up seeing it’s sourced. It was coming from with her abdomen, a long cut could be seen under the pooling mass of blood streaming from a crookedly cut abdomen.

The blood didn’t stop pouring from her already cut wrists. Her blackened nails grew longer tensing as she mutters the same thing over and over.

“There inside of you.” She whispers and repeats in an endless cycle, taking trembling steps towards me. Her head still downcast.

With every step she took I backed away instinctively, a sense of dread overcoming me.

Suddenly her head shot up, staring back at me was a set of eyeless sockets. Where my mother’s turquoise eyes once we’re. Her grey skin grew more aged with wrinkles as she approached me.

“Mum?” I cry, growing more scared as her voice rises.

“There inside of you!!” She shrieks, slashing her blackened talons across my belly. I wail in pain with each slash she shrieks those same words. “There inside of you!”

Her work is almost done, she cuts my wrists just like her wounds. I look up clutching my bloodied belly.

A shriek of my own escapes my lips.

No... No...

I realise what she’s done.

Mum smirks sinisterly at me. “I’m inside of you Evie.”


“No!” I scream, bolting upright. Everything around me spins into a grey and black whirlpool, inhuman voices are shrieking in my ears as I continue to scream bloody murder. I put my hands to my ears, hoping to block them out.

“Evie.” A voice calls through it all, catching me. “Evie, can you hear me?”

I face the person, screaming once again. It’s him! No... No... Please no. Anyone but him. I lash out at his attempts to bring me closer. His red devil eyes glaring into my soul.

Suddenly, everything comes crashing back into reality. I regain my sanity as a familiar set of green eyes filled with concern. My eyes widen. “Kyle?”

I’m an arms width away from him, both of his hands are on my shoulders. Worry mars his face. He gives me an unsure smile before asking “You alright?”

I nod, my voice feels strained from my recent screaming session. Kyle and me look directly at each other, he knows what the cause of my episode was. Both of us are unsure of what it means. That wasn’t the first time I had that dream, it haunts me almost every night since the... No, no do not think about that.

Kyle's breathes were uneasy. He keeps his voice low, whispering into my ear. So that no one else hears. “Another dream about your mother?”

A sad sigh escapes my lips. “Yes.” I croak.

He pats my back gently in comfort if he hugged me I bet Lord Foster would be livid and properly break his arms. Speaking of which, recent memories come surging back into my brain, using my right hand I feel either side of my neck where that blasted abomination tried to claim me. A great wave of relief floods me, making things a lot easier to process. An escape plan begins to form in my mind, without that claim I am still free. With the exception of a crazy Lycan hunting me down for the rest of my life. Great!

I look around gathering my thoughts, seeing we’re in a fortress muscles surrounded by Lord Foster’s black-suited guards, with their towering forms overshadowing me and Kyle. All of them flinch slightly nervously when one of them gazed upon us, it seemed there boss didn’t like someone.

He snarls in anger, his eyes glowing yellow. “Hands off mutt! Lord Foster doesn’t want your filthy scent tainting his mate!”

Kyle glares at the guard, he steadies me as I get onto my feet, still feeling a little shocked my earlier episode. I hold onto his arm for support, so I don’t go down like a drunkard.

“I am being a gentleman.” Kyle quips. “Unlike you useless fucks, I can tell when someone especially a lady needs help.”

The guard is shaking in anger. He growls deeply, both men glaring intensely at each other yellow against green clashing. “Shut it, runt.” The guard grumbles.

I roll my eyes at there pissing match. “Enough. Where is his highness?”

The Guard quickly averts his yellow eyes from Kyle to me, he cringes as if someone is shouting in his mind. “Apologies my lady, Lord Foster has been detained due to recent events. His Lordship is in another room for a private discussion. One incomprehensible for lower mutts or scum.”

My eyes narrow in disdain at his snide comment. All those mutts are the same, a breeding ground of arrogance and self-entitled twats. I just wanted to know so I could avoid that ignorant bastard. Better not utter his name three times.

Dread washes over me, I hear that arsehole’s obnoxious voice coming from the back room. Kyle tenses and recoils from me, the guards follow suit when Lord Foster opens the door. His foreboding presence is recognized in an instant. He struts in with his phone still to his ear, Lord Foster grinds his teeth in aggravation. “Just do it! Otherwise, I’ll send Lucius after you.”

Lord Foster shuts off the phone call, his footsteps loud alerting us all to his already known presence. We all bow our heads, well I avert my eyes to stare at the grey carpet because I didn’t want to look at that vile face. His black shiny shoes invade my sight. He grumbles at something, one of his hands make their way towards me.

I flinch away from them, his claws are still out. He warns me with a deep growl. “Come here sweet rabbit.”

His rose gold eyes glare intently at me. My heart races when he suddenly encloses me again in his arms. One of them wrapped around my waist, the other comes when I feel several light pinpricks under my chin. I resist slightly, hoping he would get the message, ‘I don’t want to look at him’. His index and thumb push my chin up suddenly to meet his. I keep my turquoise eyes downcast. Out the corner of my eye, I see his eyes twitch, his rage seems to only be growing.

He’s trying not to give in to his beast, although his anger seems unsettling to us all. Lord Foster tenses for a moment, a waft of an unsettling scent sends him into overdrive. He unleashes a roar making me quake in terror.

Lord Foster lets go of me, I look at him. His gaze cast upon Kyle, I back away seeing his canines once again. He abruptly grabs Kyle’s throat, Kyle chokes as he’s pinned to a nearby wall. Cracks begin to appear in the plasterwork as Kyle is pushed further into the wall. His eyes flash silver.

“Please forgive me, my lord.” Kyle struggles to say, choking the words out.

Lord Foster snarls at him, his full canines shown. “You had one order Mr Scott, what was it?”

Kyle splutters out. “ t...o t..o.uch...”

“Precisely, it seems you’ve forgotten your place.” He smirks, bringing Kyle closer to his face. Lord Foster tilts his head, whispering. “I’ll remind you.”

He grabs Kyle’s left wrist and twists it in an unnatural way, Kyle pleads for him to stop. His helpless begging irritates Lord Foster’s sensitive ears. Slowly Lord Foster twists Kyle’s arm, he cries grow into whimpers. His Lordship smiles at his pain, each cry making him turn Kyle’s hand more until he yanks it harder until we hear the revolting sounds of cracking bones. Kyle howls in pain, they echo throughout the gallery.

Without thinking, I run over to them before the guards catch me. I latch onto his arm, the one holding Kyle’s arm. My touch seems to distract him for a moment. He looks at me with those horrid arctic blue eyes. My instincts scream at me to run away from this monster, I try to hold my gaze with his, my entire body quivering in fear. Hoping my plead would be heard. I gulp afraid what I might say end my friend's life.

What could I say? Any words I would say could aggravate him even further. No words came to mind but one. “Please.” I plea.

His menacing gaze makes me want to recoil from this vile creature. Lord Foster lets go of Kyle’s arm. He doesn’t say anything, asking why. My mind is a total mess, I can only hope he spares Kyle.

“He’s my family, I’m begging you don’t...I...I cannot lose another brother.” I cry remembering the pain of losing one of my brothers, it strikes my heart in pain. “Please!” I implore him, holding his hot hand.

Lord Foster drops Kyle looking taken aback, he pulls me close into his chest. This time I’m looking directly at him, without trying not to piss myself in fear. My hands are pressed against his muscled chest. While his arms cradle my back. He blinks, his eyes no longer that horrid blue, back to their normal gold. They seem to hold a softer much more tender look, my heart seems to quieten down.

I desperately want to check if Kyle is okay, but my own fear is that abomination will go ape-shit. None of the guards go to check on him. They all hold back, keeping their distance from us. Lord Foster caresses my face, me being close to him is the only thing not sending him into a frenzy.

“Very well." He says to me, turning to face one of the dick of a guard from earlier and barks his orders. "Stanley! Quit Staring. Get the cars ready. I want to leave this despicable place."

Lord Foster then scowls at Kyle, his voice holding a sweet mocking tone. "Mr Scott, it's been a pleasure. Be sure to send Miss Wolfgang to my Manor when you recover."

He picks me up suddenly, cradling me like a baby in his muscular arms. His face presses into my hair, he inhales deeply taking in my scent. He sighs in content, my scent calming him. I raise my head on to his board shoulders. Peaking over, Kyle looks up and is about to open his mouth, I gave him a sad look. I mouth "I'm sorry."

He nods, watching a single tear come down my face. We both know this might be the last time we see each other. His eyes hold regret and pity, I don't know why. Maybe because I'm stuck with this abomination for the rest of my life. An unsure smile comes over his face. Before smirking. He mouths."Don't tell him yet."

A little confused, it makes sense moments later. I nod. Kyle stands up clutching his injured hand. "I shall see you later."

Lord Foster turns towards him both of us facing him. He dismisses him. "Begone."

With that we leave, two black Audis park out front. Lord Foster orders his men to grab my things before we go. I try to peer over his shoulder again, he growls softly at me lowering his hold. So I cannot see Kyle, his muscular chest blocking my view of him. Arsehole!

Lord Foster places me in the car in the middle backseat, he barks at me, ordering me to put on my set belt. Before we drive away from Kyle's art gallery.

Stanley the Dick takes his spot in the front of Lord Foster's car, while the other four guards are in the car in front. His Lordship keeps an arm locked around my waist, making it extremely uncomfortable for me.

He contemplates himself before talking. His voice calmer. "What's your name sweet rabbit?"

I look at him. He seems to like that a little too much. "Genevieve, I prefer Evie."

Lord Foster smiles sweetly, I try not to gag. "Genevieve. Where do you live?"

For a moment I look away to think, he pulls my face back. "Tell me now Genevieve." He scolds me like a toddler, I shudder, hating my full name coming out of his venomous mouth.

I quickly tell him, the driver inputs my address into his phone. 10 minutes later we're outside my house. During the trip Lord Foster made me stare into his rose gold eyes, at first I thought they were pretty, but now he seems to be a creep. Once the car stops, I mentally scream the hallelujah chorus. Everything inside of me was screaming at me to get away from this weirdo. In record time unbuckle my seat belt and slip out of his hold. The car door opens. Lord Foster stops me, grasping one of my arms.

"Where are you going rabbit?" He tuts, pulling me closer. Oh god, crazy creeps is back.

"Erm...home?" I say desperately, I want outta this car. Away from this fudge brain. This guy can't take a bloody hint.

Lord Foster chuckles, caressing my face with his talons again. "Pack everything sweet rabbit, you're coming with me."

My eyes narrow in discord. "What?"

"Take only what you need. I can't be bothered to buy you new clothes." He pushes me forward, I land on the dirty pavement, that arrogant bastard. He pushed me a 'little' too hard. That smug smirk crosses his vile lips again, he quickly wipes his tainted hands on his coat and crosses his arms. "I won't be wasting my hard-earned money on a human, even if you're my mate. You're no exception."

This time I hold my tongue, he snickers at me. Raising an eyebrow. "Question sweetheart?"

I ignore him, stupid ignorant arse. "One more thing sweet Rabbit, you're doing all the packing. Be quick."

"Why?" I ask quickly.

He laughs, it's emotionless tone sets me on edge. I look at him seeing that his beast is out. He spits at me. "I won't soil my best shoes with human trodden filth. Now get packing!"

Running up the steps up to my house, I grab my spare hidden key under the flower pot. One of the guards shouts impatiently to hurry up. They seem to forget I'm human, and we can only so fast. Stupid mongrels!

Entering my house, I shut the door behind me. I'm tempted to flip the bird at those bastards. If they want me to rush, let's give them a long wait. Heh-heh.

I make my way to my bedroom, this is my chance to escape. I don't dally, taking only the necessities; some stashed money, fake passport, toiletries, a set of new silver knives (those bastards took them away when I passed out before), a bottle of wolfsbane, and clothes. Placing them in a backpack, I head downstairs into the kitchen to the back door and unlock it. Only something seems off... It's already unlocked?!!

Someone snatches my backpack and throws it towards the pantry, a dirty hand is placed across my mouth muffling my scream, the other pin's my arms.

Someone's putrid alcoholic breath invades my nose. There gravely voice whispers in my ear. "Hello, Evie."


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