Night of Liberation

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Chapter 5: A Whole New Hell


!!! Sensitive Content ahead !!!!!

This chapter contains themes of sexual assault, mentions of rape, and swearing. If you find this upsetting or sensitive. I will leave a summary in the next chapter.

Thank you...

Someone snatches my backpack and throws it towards the pantry, a dirty hand is placed across my mouth muffling my scream, the other pin’s my arms.

Someone's putrid alcoholic breath invades my nose. There gravely voice whispers in my ear. “Hello, Evie.”


My first instinct was to stab this bastard, I tried reaching for my silver knives attached to my arm, only they weren’t there. F*ck! Those blasted mongrel guards took them away from me. A tidal wave of thoughts swirled throughout my mind. My fingers brushed against his large meaty hand encompassing my wrists, I tried to jerk my hands away hoping it would give me a chance to slip out of his wretched hold.

With each passing moment fear took a hold of me, the bastard growled in my ear, his foul alcoholic breath making my stomach churn in disgust. I knew I wouldn’t get out of this situation so easily, the fear inside grew my limbs froze. That wasn’t a problem for my unwanted guest. He hauled me over like a rag doll, not being gentle about it either.

My face was met with the kitchen table, he casually slammed my upper body on to it, that would bruise later. His other hand was still over my mouth muffling my groans of pain. I felt my entire rib cage pulsating in pain and at the force, he was applying to my back with his own weight, the bones threatening to break.

Why didn’t I turn the light on?! Oh yeah, I was trying to escape. I fought against my growing fear willing my limbs to fight back. Unfortunately, my bum started to rub against his rock hard abodemen, I was unsure until something poked me. It was then, I knew what and who that bastard is.

He held back his growl, it coming out as a low grumble. “You left work without proper authorisation Evie."

I rolled my eyes, of all the arseholes to send, they sent Jared. My anger rose outweighing my fear, many times over the past five years he's been nothing but a massive thorn in my side. Old gorgon wanted to assign me to be under his supervision thankfully Mavis is still in charge of daily activities. Those who've been under his supervision were mostly girls, young teenagers and Jared trained them in the proper way. We had many girls raped and broken, those who resisted were found dead burnt alive in the incinerator at work. The only evidence he killed them was a few bones, however many turned a blind eye to it. He was a former Gamma, and no wolf truly cared unless a human mate was involved. Mavis did what she could to protect us, she only let human males work with Jared. I had a few run-ins with him, Jared always threatened every female with the same threats.

Jared growled at me lowly, applying pressure to my wrists. "Did you hear me, Evie."

I nodded, my reply muffled. He whispered low into my ear. "You scream I break it." Removing his hand from my mouth. "Answer the question, Evie."

Turning my head to one side, so I wouldn't be talking into a table. I feel his deep grumbles coming from his chest trying to reign in his wolf. I kept my answer short, "Personal reasons."

He pulled me up loosening my wrists, his big arms wrapped around my waist bringing flush against his chest. "Care to elaborate sweet lamb?" He purred, nibbling onto my earlobe. Toying with it with his tongue.

I gag at his attempts at seduction, rage flooded through my veins. My expression grew hard. "To get away from arseholes like you" I bit out in a harsh whisper.

Jared snarled at my comment, it growing a little loud. Damn it. I wanted him to be loud to alert the others to his presence. No, I wasn't being a coward, I just don't want my moneymakers aka my hands broke, alright. With dogs you have to think outside the box, I knew Jared could pin me to the floor in milliseconds and have his way with me like he did with those poor girls. I just needed to piss him off to get Lord Foster or his guards to subdue him and I could escape.

"Maybe you should be punished." He wondered, his tone had a hint of playfulness (not the good kind). "But in what way. Hmm."

I felt his lips kissing my neck, sucking hard onto my shoulder. I try to pull away, stopping when I felt a familiar pinch of his canines, ready to sink into my skin. His tongue traces over his mark, I try to push away from him. Jared chuckles, he's done pondering on whatever my punishment will be.

He moves his lower body until I feel his raging hard-on. "Struggle all you want Evie, it only turns me on more."

That sick f*ck. He spins me around, forcing me to face his chest. "Look up." He whispers harshly. "It's rude not to look at a guest, dear rabbit."

I refuse to look up at him, he wasn't worth it. I rather have my eyes gouged out by Lord Foster. Jared tries all he can not to growl at me, instead I feel slight tingles running up and down my spine. Literally. One of his filthy paws with his claws protruding from the fingernails dancing up and down my spine.

His eyes narrowed, Jared's deep gravely voice changed into something harsher between animal and human. "Look up!"

Suddenly the cold air meets my skin, I jump up out of fright. With one swift movement, Jared had ripped off my shirt and had my face in his hand. He let me go, forcing me to stare directly into his glowing agitated grey eyes. "Now look at me mate, while I explore you."

I kept motionless, scared of those words. Everything within wanted to scream for help, I hated Lycans more than anything and I didn't want to rely on them for rescue. I went against my better instinct, my uncle Morgan taught me to rely only on myself, not others. My heart began to thump, feeling Jared's hands exploring me. He muttered something under his breath. I couldn't blink in time to feel my back slamming into the wall.

About to unleash a scream, Jared pinned my arms above my head. Smirking eerily at me, my eyes never leaving his grey ones. "Good girl." He whispers. I watch his eyes roam all over my exposed body, he admired my large breasts. Jared tilts his head, seeing how big my boobs really are.

My voice is silent, Jared chuckles low. "Such a beautiful human you are Evie, I'm glad you're going to be all mine."

I shudder in disgust at that last word. My eyes narrowing in anger, as his own lock with mine again. His eyes change into gold, meaning only one thing, he was more aroused than before.

He lowers his head to lay his head between my breasts. "All mine." Jared growls possessively.

No, I'm not, I scream mentally slamming my knee into his hard dick. He doesn't let me go the first time. I sneer at him, with each word I kick him. "!"

I take my chance, pulling my legs up and push with all of my strength into his precious area. Jared snarls at me, loosening his grip. I slam my right hand up to his nose using my palm. Jared stumbles back at the force of my punch, my lower palm had caused his nose to bleed. I run over to the back door my only means of escape, opening it with a slam. Jared roars at me, his claws piercing my skin.

I call out for help, screaming. Jared's hands latch around my neck, slamming me onto the table breaking it. It knocks the wind out of me. His eyes blazing with rage, old wolfy boy ain't happy.

Jared anger gets the better of him, he presses his hands hard around my windpipe. Making it extremely difficult for me to breathe. He snarls. "You...are...MINE!"

The whites of my eyes begin to redden, Jared's cold eyes glare at me full of malice and hate. I feel faint, my eyelids grow heavy and I go limp. Jared lets go, he chuckles. I felt faint hands stripping me of my remaining clothes. Leaving me only in my undergarments.

A harsh slap across my face wakes me up, Jared's chilling look sends me into a panic. His smile is creepy. "No one is coming to save you Evie. Be a good girl and watch, while I claim you as my whore."

He rips off my remaining underwear. Grabbing his 'toy' he begins to lubricate himself. Jared puts two of his talons within me, I scream. Jared silences me with a harsh and possessive kiss. "Naughty whore." He sneers, forcing all of his talons into me. Silencing me with another vile kiss, his abnormally large tongue seeps into my mouth without permission. I bite down hard, he yelps. My eyes glare with nasty thoughts lingering behind them. Take that you arsehole!

Jared snarls at me in rage, his full canines on display. Fear and anger were fighting within me, each of them wanting to win. My defiance was getting to this mongrel, he's shaking in anger. I then felt it a coldness seep into me making my hairs stand on end, that only meant one thing he was ready to shift.

My body stilled by this feeling, I screamed flaying around all I could to deter him. Fear had won. Jared fought back his shift and took my hips, his member ready to enter me. My struggles and screams falling upon deaf ears.


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