Night of Liberation

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Chapter 6: Hell Comes Once Again


Jared is the culprit who’s attempting to rape Evie. Wanting to claim her as punishment for leaving work earlier that day to save Kyle’s scrawny arse. (She did quit just not formally, with a written notice). Now Jared’s ready to ‘enter’ her.

This chapter also contains sensitive content, if so please skip this chapter and I'll leave another summary at the top of the chapter.

Blood, Gore and assault warning!


My body stilled by this feeling, I screamed flaying around all I could to deter him. Fear had won. Jared fought back his shift and took my hips, his member ready to enter me. My struggles and screams falling upon deaf ears.


My wails are silenced by a savage kiss from Jared. His canines bite my lip in warning. Both our eyes meet gold clashing against turquoise, within his eyes, I see all manner of sick lingering thoughts behind them. His face pulls away from mine, he smiles at me with a hint of amusement behind his vile features. I felt his shaft drawing closer to my entrance, slowly inching closer. My body acts out of instinct at feeling such a foreign object, no man or wolf will ever have what’s mine... my virginity. I pray my hips away, Jared growls amused by my struggling attempts.

He chuckles, loving to draw out my suffering. Tugging my hips close again. “Come now Evie, I promise to be a good mate if you be a good little human whore.”

Jared begins to press his shaft at my entrance once again, the tip teasing my hole. He howls in excitement, growing crazed by how much I was fighting. One of his clawed hand grabs my plait, he twists it until I couldn’t move my head any further. Jared cannot contain his snarls, the beast growing in power. “Look at me Evie, look at what’s going to happen. Your gonna be mine...forever.”

I don’t say anything, my voice was locked away in the back of my throat. A nauseating sense of dread overcome me, what could I do? Giving up would mean he would get what he wants, tears of fear ran down my cheeks at the thought of this. I didn’t want to be my mother, weak and broken like she was by those creatures. No one could help her, it was that creature who did. I dear not speak that things name, he’s much more of a monster than Jared.

Yet I was still afraid, to Jared I was nothing more than a plaything. Another victim to add to his kill streak. I looked the other way, ready to accept what is about to happen. Jared’s psychotic smile is embedded into my brain. Common sense screaming at me to fight back, don’t be weak like her. While another part of me recoils in fear, dread and disgust, an awaiting fact that I was never willing to accept until now. I am just like her, my mother. She was inside of me, he will be inside of me. My own past always comes back to haunt me, mental and emotional scars I thought were healed aren’t. So I’ll admit defeat...

Jared still had that same craziness, the beast took full control of him. I could see it within his now fully black eyes, his eyes no longer glowed in the darkness. I took a deep breath, ready to take in what’s about to happen. His slimy fingers danced over my body. “Ready Evie?” He prodded his penis at my nether regions.

An ear-splitting scream echoed throughout the air, it’s shriek was one of pain, fear and one for help. Suddenly, the scream was silenced by a clawed hand slapping my face. It was me who screamed. Jared jolted away from me suddenly, one of his hands cradling his now pointed ears. I felt to the cold kiss of a tiled floor of my kitchen, when my legs dropped and were left splayed out in a v shape, Jared’s eyes had changed back to yellow. They glowed with a growing rage, no hint of arousal.

My cheek began to throb in pain, much like my ribs which already ached with my recent scream. Jared stalked over to my from, his towering frame outlined in the darkness. “You little bitch.” He sneered, his voice changing between human and animal. “You’ll pay for that stunt.”

Jared looked just like him from my earlier hallucination, only without those bloody red eyes I despised so much. His muscular form was highlighted by the approaching moonlight streaming from the window and glass pane kitchen door.

I could hardly take a breath with my bruised rib cage, my breathing grew into a little wheeze. Jared grabbed my hair once again. My brunette locks screaming at them being pulled so harshly. He forced my head to force his raging hard penis. I tried to move my head away. Jared stayed my head, holding it in an iron grip. “My cock ain’t good enough for your pussy, human?!” He snarled viciously. “Then I’ll make you suffer, let's see how your traitorous mouth takes it instead.”

I kept my lips sealed shut, no way I was I doing that! Jared yanked my hair harshly, hoping it would get me to yelp. It didn’t work, he poked his member again at me. “Answer me, little whore, you belong to me now.”

“She isn’t yours.” A scolding tone comes across from the hallway, this tone acts as if Jared is a toddler. Another being enters the kitchen. He flips on the light, my eyes squint at the lights sudden appearance. When they adjust, Lord Foster is standing in front of the door frame, his huge form fills it. Jared snarls at him in warning, his yellow eyes blazing as traces of red begin to form in his eyes.

Lord Foster’s face is blank, his rose gold eyes hold no emotion. They glow with an unnatural aura, power emitting deeply within them. He smirks, his tone holds amusement. “You’ve been very naughty my sweet rabbit.”

Jared is distracted from me for a moment, his grip on my hair is gone and he faces Lord Foster. For once I’m happy to see a Lycan even if its Lord Foster. He cannot contain his anger any longer. Jared roars at Lord Foster, full canines bared, claws ready to strike. “Piss off. She’s mine!”

Lord Foster is faster, he moves out the way. He pinch’s the back of Jared’s neck, he tuts at him like a naughty puppy. “It seems you made the wrong choice mongrel.”

Jared snares at Lord Foster. “She’s my bitch, Evie is rightfully mine to claim as I see fit!”

Lord Foster keeps him in the puppy neck hold, dangling him from the floor as Jared throws his arms and legs around in a tantrum. Lord Foster raises an eyebrow, amused by Jared’s claim. “Yours? I dare say she already belongs to someone else. Only their mark isn’t upon her delicate skin as of yet.”

Jared tries to say something else but is muted by a greater degree of growing pressure upon his neck. He rolls his eyes at being treated like a child. Lord Foster discards of him, his motions are quick. I see a blurred figure being thrown into my rickety grey cabinets, his whole body crashes into them. Sounds of broken plates, pots and pans clanging are heard.

Lord Foster stands in front of me, shielding me from Jared’s death glare, he pulls off his long black coat and drapes it over my quivering naked form. Jared stands up a little dazed by Lord Foster’s strength, the former Gamma’s rage now a flame. His face is smoldering red. “She’s already been claimed, runt. Evie is MINE!” he snarls possessively.

His Lordship begins to laugh, antagonising Jared further. “Genevieve is mine, as it’s my right as her true and only mate.”

Without warning, something else dominates the air. An unnaturally powerful aura is unleashed, it pulses every moment forcing all to bow to its sheer raw power. Jared’s terrified by what he’s discovered, he turns into a spluttering mess and cowers before Lord Foster. His voice is incomprehensible to us all. Its a mixture of begging, pleas and helplessness. To Lord Foster he’s an insignificant wrenched bug ready to be stomped.

The smell of urine fills the air, yet the dominating aura distracts me. If I wasn’t so scared, I would be manically laughing at seeing Jared get a taste of his own medicine. Jared keeps his eyes downcast much like an Omega or a human does to someone who is above them. Lord Foster strolls over to Jared, his three-inch black talons protruding from his fingernails. The light glistens on them, shining with sinister intent.

Lord Foster sinks his talons into Jared’s adam’s apple like butter, he forces Jared up his whole hand choking him. His eyes now a sadistic silver with stilted pupils. Jared lets out a gargled cry of horror, his voice is cut off by Lord Foster. Blood spews from Jared’s whimpering lips.

“I’m sorry.” It comes out in a stutter, each word is too difficult for Jared to form.

Lord Foster continues to increase the pressure around Jared’s neck. “Spare your ineffectual ramblings mongrel.” He smashes Jared into the wall a lot harder than before enough to knock him out for a few moments.

The bastard scrambles up, ready to flee when Lord Foster’s sadistic eyes meet his. “Time to play Jared.” He chuckles maniacally. “You’re punishment awaits.”

Once again Jared is held in a puppy neck hold, making this situation more amusing to a certain person. In particular Lord Foster. Jared beg’s once again as he’s dragged alongside Lord Foster, I slowly get up my legs a little wobbly. I’m a little dazed still by what’s just happened. Wrapping Lord Foster’s black leathery coat around me, I follow them some part of me want’s to see Jared suffer for what he did, it seems justice is being served to that rapist murdering fuckwhad!

I hear my front door slam open, the panes of glass shatter into smithereens at such force. Lord Foster hurls Jared over to a nearby oak tree, his sadistic smirk is back. I try to follow behind them, leaning onto the hallway wall for support. Lord Foster raises a hand and gestures with his index and middle finger for his guards to come over.

The guards surge around Jared, one of them has a rope at the ready, they fling it up onto a strong sturdy branch of the old oak tree. A makeshift noose is tied, and draped over Jared’s neck, his skin hisses venomously when it comes into contact with the silver lining of the rope. It’s fastened tightly, while one hangs onto the tail.

Lord Foster struts over to Jared, his tall form only a head taller than Jared. I could still see his eyes were silver, not that icy blue or their normal rose gold. He whisper’s something into Jared’s ear, one which I cannot pick up only hushed voices.

Jared is hauled up by the guard hold the tail end of the rope. He begins to cough, choking on blood. His legs desperately dangling in the air wanting to touch the muddy ground and the autumn leaves. Lord Foster raises his hand, an order to lower Jared.

He whimper’s in pain, Lord Foster snigger’s at his pain. “It’s only just begun Jared, all of my toys don’t last long save for my mate.” Looking towards me, Lord Foster’s words seem to mock both me and Jared. “I left a perfectly good glass of Claret for this, but you know what this is so much more fun.”

His attention turns back towards Jared, he repeats to hang Jared over and over until he’s pleas turn into ones of desperation. I feel something dreadful swoop in, Lord Foster and his men are cackling, it’s tone sending a shiver down my spine. Sickening cracks are heard as all their forms begin to change except for Lord Foster, his form remains human only with his silver eyes blazing in anticipation of what he plans next.

“Run rabbit run.” Lord Foster chuckles, his voice growing animalistic. "RUN!"

Jared bolts up trying to escape, Lord Foster swiftly snaps one of his legs. He shoo's him away with a mere gesture. Five ravenous growls make me want to scream, I hold back knowing that I don't want five fully transformed Lycans attention upon me. Their clothes are in tatter's around them, each beast taking a different colour and form, some are smaller and skinnier, while the hulking beast bathed in pure black shaggy fur acts as their leader.

Lord Foster allows Jared to have a 5-second head start. Lord Foster snarls at his cronies to tear Jared apart. They all pounce on to him, only Jared's terror-filled screams echo into the night air. Lord Foster follows suit, leaving me behind still clinging to the wall.


~Lord Foster's POV~

That sniveling worm screams bring sweet joy to my ears. My guards have heeded to my orders. Jared must suffer for touching for what's mine. Genevieve belongs to me, she's mine to do with as I wish.

It seems he hasn't gotten far. He's a dribbling mess, unable to shift into his wolf form thanks to my venom. I don't ever fight fair, wheres the fun in that?

Jared squeals like a stuck pig, as he's surrounded by my men. Each one of them toys with Jared, slowly chewing away at his leg's until there nothing more than two dripping blood red stumps.

My men fight over Jared's legs, while I see to his end. My emotions swarm me, my beast wants to play. It paces around in my mind snapping at its shackles impatiently.

Patience my beast you'll soon have your fun.

I let Jared crawl through the mud, it coating his pale skin. Now he looks like those filthy human scum, it cakes him all over. I finally give in to my beast, allowing it to have some much-needed fun. My tall form begins to shift but not fully. My hands resemble my true skin's form, a small muzzle with snarling canines form, itching to bite into his flesh. My own voice grows deeper, more like an animals. I unleash a deep growl.

Jared still continues to crawl, he looks back at me. If his fear making his scent turn salty. Perfect.

My beast shows no mercy, slowly tears each of Jared's fingers. Tossing them away, a count down going through our mind. My beast invades Jared's scared mind.


He tears off one of Jared's finger, his screams are music to us.


Their goes another.




Halfway there...






Jared cries are silenced by my growl, I could feel my eyes swirling in pure contentment. Such sweet music and wetting my apatite with his salty scent.

Jared's mental cries are heard. Please! PLEASE! Stop.

I laugh into his mind, my senses are overwhelmed in such away. Not by his cries or petty pleas of me to stop but his terror. Lycans love fear, it fuels us, we dominate all be it human, werewolf, or other supernatural beings. It's within our nature, especially mine.

I slice off his penis with my talons, throwing that offensive appendage for my men to eat. Blood pours from the wound.

PLEASE... Jared whimpers, pleading to me.

Jared's eyes begin to water, he cries out as I slowly cut through his torso. The scent of him shitting himself puts me off. I growl at that repugnant stench, it offends my nose.

I lose interest. Transforming back into my human form, I turn around. "Finish him." I utter a quick command under my breath.

It's time to get Genevieve, I walk through the woods back to that hovel she calls home.

However, her small form wasn't standing in the shattered doorway. I smell the air, my anger turns towards my stupid human mate. A mixture of scents flow throughout the hallway, I enter her hovel once again. Flowing the mixture of scents, the back door is wide open. I continue to follow the trail, only it disappears when I reach the back garden trees.

I unleash an earth-shattering roar, it quakes in fear at my power. No longer I can hold onto myself, my beast takes full control. It breaks its shackles and forces it's way through my mind, urging me to shift. I give in to my baser instincts, my beast and me snarl in agreement. Genevieve won't escape us.


Hey guys, 😄

Thanks for reading.

I was wondering if any of you could give me some feedback on my story. Pretty please. I feel like its lacking in descriptive terms about the surroundings, emotions etc. Do you like the characters and what do you think of them?

Any sort of constructive feedback is welcomed. I really hope you liked this chapter. It was gruelling to write this chapter.

Stay safe.


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